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I had the older model pump, which at long last broke after many mountain trips. I found out a few days before a hike down the Grand Canyon and just hoped this would fit and sure enough there are no issues what so ever. It is a little harder to get in and out of the bottle but once you have done it a few times you get into the flow


It's a bummer that these break from time to time, but okay, so be it. I carry a spare in case one breaks, which is okay since I also mostly carry two burners (car camping) and therefore can use two at the same time as well. Still I would love if these were less prone to breaking.


Got this on time, and it fit my MSR fuel canister just fine, and my dragonfly stove just fine. Kind of hate how just this part costs about as much as a budget pocket rocket, but kind of love how I always know how much fuel I have and that I can burn just about any fuel around.


After using my last pump for over 7 years this was a great idea. Keep in mind....MSR has a great warranty. If I wasn't in a pinch for time I should have sent my well used pump in for warranty. They would have probably sent me a new one.


Great replacement for my old pump, which had developed a small leak. Now my 15-year-old Dragonfly stove can keep going for many more years. The included windscreen and little tube of lubricant were a nice bonus.


Works as expected. The original pump that came with our Dragonfly stove cracked. This new one looks a bit different, so hopefully MSR has made some changes for the better.Of note, it comes with wind screens.


i wish i would have bought the replacement long ago. the original pump was flimsy and bad. this one is robust and good. must buy for anyone with one of these fantastic stoves.


Only 6 days but worked very well. My older one had a small flange snap off. I have nothing solid to base it on but this one feels better built.


I got this as a replacement part. This is much sturdier than the original -- clearly an improvement since the original broke so easily.


MSR is great!I bought this to replace a pump that had cracked that I purchased on eBay the pump worked great with my MSR Dragonfly.


The original I had cracked and gas would spray. This one is better than what came with the stove. Easy to put on bottle and take off.


the original pump failed miserably. this one is a very good and so far reliable improvement/replacement. so far no malfunctions


Great replacement for the original pump. Works perfect, still sounds like a jet taking off :-), but it works great.


Great replacement pump, works just as well as the original (housing cracked on the original after 10 or so years)


Compared to the older style pumpThis one is harder to place in the fuelBottle. Not a big fan, but it works.
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