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I had a steel version of this with a round tray for the fuel tablet(s) for many years that I carried in my day pack, and would use for heating tea or coffee during those cold days. I also used it on a few ultra-light backpacking trips as my sole stove. This titanium version with a rectangular tray for the Esbit and similar fuel tablets is a nice upgrade, although the weight savings can't be more than an ounce or so.I usually use hexamine tablets for fuel, and have found that one tablet brings one cup of water just to a boil,so freeze-dried meals that requires 2 cups of water needs two tablets, which I stack before lighting them. Sometimes it takes part of a third tablet to fully boil 2 cups - I suppose I lose some heat to the larger pan required (I usually use it with a Sierra cup, which holds a cup, or just a bit more). A windscreen helps, too, but I typically don't carry one in my day pack, instead opting for a sheltered location. For a longer trip, a simple folding aluminum windscreen would be useful - maybe even a homemade version, from heavy duty foil.
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Light, this thing is about as light as it gets. You will need a windscreen, as do all other stoves if you want them to burn efficiently. It is beautifully made, very strong and does its job well. It held my Imusa pot just fine, also held my frying pan just as good. If you love the simplicity of esbit stoves and want something a little lighter I think you will be delighted with this guy. Warning, this stove is as bare bones as it looks. It is basically just a tablet holder with a potstand,no frills.loved it. gets the job done fast. I routinely light this baby up, put my windscreen around it and let it work while I go about other campsite chores. It takes me about 1/2 tablet or a little more to get my imusa pot full of water to a rolling boil. If you are just gonna make some tea or instant coffee you dont even need a rolling boil unless the water is contaminated. Easy to snuff out the esbit fuel.5 stars.
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Trying to cut more weight, I looked into this stove as a serious weight cutter. Granted I have the "cadillac" of stoves, the Jetboil, I didn't mind waiting longer for water to boil to cook my backwoods meals. I highly recommend making a little windscreen out of tin foil to use this and maximize the effectiveness of the tablets. In testing, I couldn't get a 3/4 full Snow Peak Titanium 600 to boil water (i even had a lid for my cup). However, after making a windscreen,I was able to get water to boil in about 10 minutes.If I were going on a trip where I'd need or want my food quickly, I'd take my Jetboil, but for trips where we'll have time to setup camp on the trail and lounge around, you can't beat this for weight! (well, other than taking food that doesn't require cooking, but who wants to do that??)
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I filled up an old school Coleman metal cup and attempted to boil water with this small stove. After 16 mins (during which the fuel burned well and consistently) I never got a boil going; a few bubbles rose but nothing more. I think I might have had 10-12 oz of water in the cup. If I had used less I probably would have had better results.Overall, probably want to only go with this guy as an emergency backup,not an ultralight replacement for a jetboil.--Edit: Feb 2105---In response to the comment about a wind shield: I have tried to use this tool several times now while it was shielded from the wind (using rocks, my backpack, my hands, and anything else available), but it will not effectively boil water. I usually get a few bubbles and water that is hot enough for tea.
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I love backpacking and camping, and this is yet another purchase for an emergency situation. I have heard many great things about Esbit, and it really does work. I can boiler a cup of water in a few minutes. The only problems with this set up, is that you can't control the temperature and how fast and how long you can cook/boil, AND that you can't cook/boil anything too big. The "stove" is too small for big pots, but then again, that's not what it's for.It folds into a very compact little bag and you can even let it hang outside your pack with the included bag (just wait for it to cool off a bit, so that it doesn't burn thought the net beg). Another must have for serious hikers.
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I use this in conjunction with a Vargo Titanium Hexagon Wood Stove used as a very effective wind shield and holder for boiling water in a 27oz Klean Kanteen stainless water bottle. Both the Vargo and this Esbit stove pack easily into a hiking waist pack to allow taking a break for hot coffee, tea, or cocoa along the way. Without a suitable wind shield and nice and flat surface this would be difficult to use effectively, but with a good system like the Vargo Hexagon and Stainless bottle,this is quite effective. (The 500mL or 750mL stainless bottle fits into a Titanium cup, both then fit into the waist pack bottle holder.)
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Wow, this lightweight esbit stove really impressed me. The quality is great for being so light wieght. At this price point, I was honestly expecting very poor quality. No, in fact the titanium feels very solid and seems to be very rugged. The included soft pouch is also good quality and will help keep it from snagging other items in your kit. The stability is actually better than the larger older version esbit stoves, which I also own, especially if you are using a cup or mug instead of a pan or pot.One thing I do recommend is a lid for your cup or mug to help speed up the heating or boiling process.
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This is a great little stove. I have used it on many backpacking trips. My concern was after a few uses it may warp or not work as it did when new but that is not the case. It has held up very well and holds my cookware well. The legs are very adjustable. It comes in a neat carry pouch. The fuel tabs can be hard to light but i usually carry some petroleum jelly soaked cotton balls and strike them with my ferrocerium rod. One spark gets the whole thing going.So far loving this stove for those quick situations where you need to heat something up and not have to worry about weight.
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hi. we were very impressed with this little guy. it is so light. we weighed it in at about half an ounce! we used two little round coughlan brand solid fuel tablets and put a trail designs skirt around an rei titanium pot. with all that, this little guy boiled a cup of water in 3 and a half minutes. however, this was done in georgia yesterday and it was 85 degrees. we were on a shaded patio though. anyway, so light and easy to use.i am switching from a pocket rocket to this due to the crazy light weight of it all for a boiled water cooking system using harmony house foods.
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Durable, ultralight, and it serves its purpose well. Due to its size you can pack it virtually anywhere without issue. I found that the tri-point serrated edge didn't hold containers very well on anything other than very flat surfaces. 4 point stability would have been better. After using this vs the traditional folding esbit cooking system I'll be going back to the traditional due to a partial built in wind screen and fuel cube storage. If you haven't used esbit before,the fuel tablets are very easily put out by small wind gusts so an accompanying wind screen is a must.
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