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Ok I first used this last year @ a festival. I had no intention of eating anything I hadn't prepared. But it needed to be lightweight. This was ideal with Billy cans to cook with and eat out of.I took a fair supply of extra tabs. The tabs were difficult to light and I had a few burnt fingers until I crumbled one & added a couple of used matchsticks.I cooked everything on this for 2 persons. Boiling water takes time but DON'T chuck loads of tabs on. Just two at a time so no high flames an it will boil. If high winds you would need a wind shield for sure! While others in our group went off to buy coffee at stupid prices in the morning I had water boiling an was lounging with my cafeteria of coffee without having to queue up for ages.A boil in the bag, baked beans, scrambled eggs - no problem, plus a little warm water to wash my bleary face! But you MUST take sufficient fuel tabs.Top Tip take a tea candle and tip it to light the fuel tabs so you don't burn your fingers. Quick wipe fold away an back to rave to the music.Keep dry & clean in ziplock bag. I highly recommend.I MUST add...it is essential that the surface this is placed on is non flammable. Clear grass, turf soil to leave a depression in ground and have water to hand to put out any bits of grass that catch alight! I pour water in a circle around the stove so that the area is hopefully too damp to catch alight. Add pebbles, sand or stone around the Hexi stove as it really can be unsafe. Do NOT use more than two tablets at one time - utterly unnecessary to more thats when it becomes dangerous as flames leap out! Be safe with this stove.
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Tested this nifty bit of kit outside, damp but no rain and little wind, using 5 of the cubes it took about 5 mins to boil half-3/4 a mess tins worth of water.Good value for money, but a word of warning the fuel 'caps' last literally minutes, they are about the size of a coke lid).This product is good for a cup of tea or an egg or two but not a major meal or prolonged use, excellent back up if you take a fair ammount of fuel caps.Has two open positions, one at full for saucepans, and the second at around 45 degrees for frying pans etc (i tested this on the full extension).When shut it can hold 24 fuel caps which would keep it burning for around 25 mins worth of use.Folds down in such a way that the caps can be stored within the cooker,or you could sacrifice some of the caps to include room for a small box of matches, upto you.Very lightweight and takes up virtually no room, even if you dont use it for its primary use, it can be used for a stand for serving up food from your main cooker etc.The caps might be a problem to light, but as a short cut take a chunk out of one and crumble this in a heap on one of the caps and light this.Hope this was helpfull :).
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for those that dont know, this is a copy of the british army hexamine stove / tommy cooker / ration cooker that is issued to troops. you'll not boil spuds etc unless you have lots of spare fuel, but that aside, you can heat tinned foods / soups etc / make tea and hot drinks etc. they are really a throwaway item, or you could bag it and reuse a few times. get a few, and loads of spare fuel. these tablets are tiny compared to hexamine. you can get those or american gels online. i use this cooker and the others and mess tins to fry sausages, potato bread beans and soda bread. you are best having 3 lots of fuel a day for breakfast and lunch ( rations that just need reheated)i'd suggest and a lot of matches.use it out of the wind, ie dig in in a hole etc. i use them for the novelty, but they do eat fuel!! some have a shaped lid that holds the pattern 58 army mug safely in place. i have 6 of these and spare fuel for a few trips. suitable for hikers who need a ration heated and a hot mug, or get more fuel for camping for a few days. it does work well though when shielded from the wind.
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After a couple of years going without my morning coffee at a music festival (bizarrely no food facilities in VIP camping!), I bought this to save tramping to main arena to find someone open at 7-8am in the morning. Would agree with Hellblade that 4 caps do not quite cut mustard, I put on a travel size mug (400ml) worth of water into my little 1l kettle which covers the "cooking" area perfectly, but it went out just short of giving me that good morning whistle sound as it didn't (whistle that is) although the water was hot enough, but I don't think I'd have got 2 proper mugs out of it. Luckily my husband doesn't drink tea or coffee, otherwise I think I would have had to double up the amount of caps to get 2 cuppas out of it!But not a bad product nonetheless - one thought though, I did nearly burn my hand trying to get one of the caps lit with a lighter, may be easier with matches....
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When I went to Download recently, I purchased some boil in the bag meals, thinking that these would be quick and easy alternatives to overpriced burgers. I had intended to take a Trangia stove, however these were not permitted on the site, so I bought two of these instead (I decided to buy two as this was cheaper than one plus refills).The stoves were light weight, and easy to use for basic cooking with aluminium pans (not sure how well they would fare for cooking anything more serious). I found that the best way to use them was to start with one block, then a couple of minutes later, add another, and so on. This will allow the water to boil constantly for 5-10 minutes.I found that starting with 4 blocks meant that the water did not reach boiling before the blocks burnt out.
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Now, I would not want to be cooking a four course meal over multiple days on one of these but that is not the point. It is very small, clean and self contained. Folds flat and fits pretty much anywhere. Weighs next to nothing. In use you really need to use about 4 tabs of the hexamine fuel and have a pot that fits the stand (although the sides can be folded in a bit for smaller ones) - an army surplus mess tin is ideal. Perfect for heating a tin of something or a packet meal. Best in non-windy conditions. I always take one when motorcycle touring as a backup to not finding a restaurant, grab a can of 'something' from the supermarket, some bread and wine and you are good to go!For my needs these little things are perfect. Cheers, Horse27.
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This little burner is a gift when fast/backpacking. It's small, lightweight, self-contained and easy to use. As other reviewers have said, it takes around 5 mins to get a decent rolling boil. When outside and in windy conditions, I find 4 tabs are enough to achieve this.I like to bring the packets of pre-cooked rice from Tesco on my adventures. They cook in no time on these burners as they only require a few tablespoons of water. Job done and very filling.There will be a fair amount of soot from the fuel on your pots/pans, which can be slightly annoying. No big deal though.


Have used these little stoves many times before (on excerise, ops etc), and you cant beat them for what they are. I would not buy this as your only means of cooking, but they are excellent for a emergency back-up. Generally find that 4 tabs will heat 500ml of water enough for a hot brew, should need about 6-8 to heat up a meal pouch or similar. 24 tabs is not really enough but as said they are only really suited for a back-up. Still i would defo recommend. Plus also good wee firelighters if all you have got is damp kindling etc.


Having used this type of burner in the army in the 60's and 70's and found them to be very reliable my last one fell apart(army issue)a couple of years ago i bought one to use when out hiking and havent been disapointed with it they still do the job they are made for,it is worth the money and is easy to stow away in my back pack.every time i use it brings back memories when i was in the army in all weathers, happy days lol.


I would definitely recommend buying this product for a festival. It's folds down to the size of a small box, lightweight so you can put it in your case etc. Stands up well on the grass and a perfect size for mess tins to sit on top of. The only thing I would say is the refills that come with it are rubbish! Really hard to light and run out pretty quick. I would recommend buying some extra, better ones to take with you.


Cheap & cheerful 'guaranteed' to work camping stove.Does the job and worked fine when it was needed in winter, when gas cartridge stoves were useless due to low temperatures which is exactly what i bought it for.I've had these before, and this is no different, except this one's fuel tablets seemed to blacken cookware more than expected?I'd happily buy again if i was stupid enough to camp in winter again....


Good as a back up in case we run out of gas. you soon learn how many blocks you need to boil the kettle.Careful of the wind as there is not much of a wind break effect. so heat can get "Blown" away!!Only used ours once so far this year but handy to have.If you're off to a festival with more than a tin of bean carry spare fuel blocks else you'll be whimpering for your cup of tea..


If people would lookup items they are wishing to buy.These things are not supposed to last any large amounts of time.. They are for boiling water (etc.) and thats it, it takes two tablets for that, and its jolly well good at it. Dont expect to make fresh soup or cook a broth with these, unless you want to keep piling them on.Great wee item to use!


Light & easy to pack.Purchased 2 for festivals this year. The fuel tabs with it are excellent, and i purchased more similar ones too - although not needed because I could actually cook a can of beans (and similar) on one tablet (max 2 if windy) (even though they are tiny).Kept and used again for 2nd festival this year.


Lite and compact .2 fuel blocks will boil 400ml of water in 3 mins while your faffing about looking for your mug.so compact that it makes no sence not to have it ,fold down to the size of a double cd box.But it has alot of sharp edges,and I could see this damaging a tent or ruck sack or pocket etc.So wrap it up then!
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