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Super impressed with this.Using an additional solo alcohol burner:https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B008VZ91WO/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o07_s02?ie=UTF8&psc=1Just 100ml of methylated spirit boiled about 2.5 litres of water or a cooking flame that will burn for 20-25mins, with 900ml (the supplied pots capacity) of water coming to a rolling boil in about 6-8mins depending on weather conditions, I would definitely recommend some kind of wind shield for best results and not wasting fuel.Once the gasification kicks in it really is a roaring little jet flame, so it is more suited to just boiling water in the supplied pot as you will only be able to have any kind of temperature control for food cooking by holding a cooking pot slightly off direct contact with the flame,otherwise food will burn very easily.For cooking of food I would seriously consider getting yourself an additional lower, wider pot, as the tall one that comes with the stove is really only suitable for having a ready supply of boiling water.I have also used it, albeit only twice, with dead wood and pine cones for fuel, and provided you follow the sensible, common sense way of getting such material burning, i.e starting with very small dry(ish) kindling and building up to thumb sized pieces of fuel, it's performance was every bit as good, even damp wood burnt without issue once the gasification process has started. The trick with using solid fuel is to prepare ahead, collect the fuel that you will need as you go during the day, and have some guaranteed way of getting the fire started, I take cotton balls smeared with Vaseline, which will get a flame going in even the wettest of conditions.But overall, any downsides are far outweighed by the performance of it when it gets going.For the coming zombie apocalypse, it's an essential 'off grid' piece of equipment :).
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I've just finished a seven-day trip through the lower parts of the Scottish Highlands using this stove for all my cooking. It performed superbly throughout the trip and the time taken in gathering wood and the slow boil time was a small price to pay for not having to carry meths, gas or solid fuel with me. I also like the principle of using naturally occurring fuel and not creating the waste disposal problems associated with yet more empty gas canisters.Thanks to the dual wall construction, the base of the stove remains cool, so, with care, you can use it in areas where open fires are forbidden due to fire risk. Of course, there is a small amount of ash produced,and you must ensure that this is completely cold before emptying it, in order to avoid the risk of starting a fire.It takes a little bit of practice to get the best performance out of this stove, and the quality and type of fuel available to you will determine how hot it gets. Soft woods burn fast, and produce less heat than hard woods. If you are using soft woods, then be prepared to spend much of your cooking time poking additional fuel in through the gap in the top ring.Be aware that this stove will take longer to boil water than a meths / alcohol stove, and much, much longer than a jetboil or other gas stove. You will also have to factor in the time taken to gather fuel as part of your evening routine, though if you are camping near forestry blocks and other wooded areas this is not too arduous.The stove can be top heavy so it pays to take a little extra time to make sure it is secure and level before starting.
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Purchased this when on sale at £49.99. as I like the concept of free fuel I usually carry an mkettle to boil water for a brew and rehydrating freeze dried meals. Wanting to cook on a wood stove I opted for this after watching reviews on youtube.The stove arrived in very strong packaging and when weighed including bag came out at 265 grams. I have twinned this with an Alpkit 900ml mytipot, 100 grams and £4.99 cheaper than the solo pot.In practical use the stove quickly boils a pot full of water (see youtube for top down burn and practice a few times to get the hang of it).The pot will soot despite the manufactures claim of a clean burn but if you use wood frequently as a fuel source this won't bother you.I also carry a Trail Designs alcohol stove (16 grams) and simmer ring (4 grams) which work fine sat inside the stove for bad weather or if I'm in a hurry.This stove is fantastic for cooking burning wood, a quality item that I would have been happy to pay full price for.If all you want to do however is boil water I would opt for the mkettle (418 grams with bag) as the soot is confined to the chimey and therefore less of a mess.If you use an alcohol stove as your primary cook method but like the idea of wood as a back up opt for the Vargo Hexagon Wood stove (137 grams with bag), this is a pot stand and wind shield with wood stove which flat packs.I have no connection to any business or supplier, these product reviews are based only on practical applications, the items being purchased with my own hard earned cash.I
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This works beautifully ON THE FLAT, but it's very 'tippy.'I'm working to come up with some sort of 'legs' that help to balance the stove and keep it from falling over on even slightly uneven ground. Put a kettle on top and you've really got a problem, as it's very top-heavy. Seems a no-brainer to include folding legs, or something to keep it upright in use.Aside from that, it works great. I've got it as an emergency stove, and used it to boil water in a well-ventilated conservatory during a power cut, and it worked fine. But that was on a floor, and even then I didn't trust it not to tip over.Major design flaw in an otherwise stellar product. Hmmm...


I've had this four months now and it is fab! I work as bushcraft and forest schools teacher, and used it on days and short stays in the woods and I has never let me down. I recently went camping for three weeks and took no stove other than this - it truly came into its own! We had freshly cooked trout, fresh veg curries, and many other cooked from scratch meals, not to mention copious cups of tea! I love that it's so eco friendly, no gas canisters or chemical fuels. Practice with it to truly become experienced with it. Love, love love it!


Nothing to fault, negligible size and weight, nice pouch, runs on nothing, I only wish it was a little bigger.The best money can buy in this category. Not really cheap but you want something that works. You also need a wind screen.Please, make a bigger one, 1.5-2x size! Wood is not scarce around here, this small size is perfect for arid and high altitude where fuel is small and scarce.


Takes a bit of practice but once you get it going very effective 2 man stove. Uses wood very efficiently. Nest comfortably within Zebra 12cm billy can. I still love my Honey stove but for situations where you need to avoid heating the ground or a pile of ash on the ground is an issue this is ideal. Works best with flat bottomed cookware. Heatsinks can cause ballance issues.


A fantastic stove for backpacking and cyclotouring, lightweight, small enough to fit inside many cooking pots and of course the biggest advantage is free fuel.This stove is extremely well made and should outlive me, a must buy for any outdoorsperson, prepper and will also be handy in a zombie apocalypse (well you never know ;o) ..... A much loved addition to my kit


Seems to work OK, depending on the wood used... surprisingly, it's possibly to part fill the tray at the base with meths as would be used in a trangia type spirit burner, the nichrome wire acts as a wick and it provides a stable flame.... Obviously take appropriate care.


excellent kit,light & durable comes in its own stuff sack, has worked well with wood and meth's ,used a wind sheild as well,might stick to using meth's,it fits inside an evernew pasta pot:M 1.0ltr easy to clean, ideal for fishing and back packing


As soon as you open the box you want to go and find some sticks and light up the fire. Boiling a kettle has never been so much fun. Very good quality product, and will be in my rucksack if only as an emergency item.


Works a treat. Alcohol works fine. It helps if you stir up the embers regularly with a stick. If it doesn't work first time, stick with it, and you'll learn the knack. Top notch!


Great bit of kit lightweight fits snug in my pan,boils water very fast(using the right twigs/small pieces of wood) I'll use this instead of a gas stove wherever possible


used this to boil kettles and also just as a little fire at night when camping - needs so little fuel to keep it going


Super little stove, haven't used it out in the field but tried it in the yard and it was amazing ,
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