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Works great. Fantastic having a small safe campfire without all the smoke. A clean and efficient burn produces a hot flame that can be controlled once burning by adding more or less wood.When lighting I use small fine tigs and gradually build up to small finger thick branches cut into 3" lengths that seem to work best when up and running.I use a cotton wool pad with a few drops of cooking oil to help get things going. Add the small twigs and build up as they catch. Once burning the stove heats up and the fire develops a kind of turbo effect drawing through additional heated air that combusts a second time and provide a clean smoke free flame.Works well with a ridgemonkey as well as other pots and pans,the trick being to add just enough wood to provide the required heat. On full burn it is pretty powerful.Nice to leave running after the cooking as a little campfire providing a nice centrepiece on a dark evening.Due to the efficient burn very little ash is left inside the stove at the end and the lower part of the stove is usually cool enough to protect the ground beneath it and allow you to are fully move or empty it when done.A favourite use of mine is to collect some beech branches cut them to save and allow to dry. I use these to add a lovely smoked beech flavour to foods cooked above the flame hand held on sticks. Toasted halumi in toasted flatbread, sausages etc. Just be careful not to drip too much fat or food into the stove as this will be difficult to clean afterwards.
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Having never used a solo stove before I went straight in with ordering the largest available, since there were a few of us going away. It arrived within a day and is a really well-made piece of kit. Looks like it could be a part to a rocket ship! It was very easy to light using a firelighter and a few small twigs, then within no time we had larger twigs seriously kicking out some heat and boiling a 3 litre pan of water (well, in our case - soup). This would have taken several times longer without the stove and would have been very messy too. Being so lightweight we also took it on a recent beach walk, during which we were delighted to discover we could buy fresh fish so a delicious lunch was quickly cooked up.Cleaning up afterwards was easier than I expected. You do get some black soot on the bottom but since the stove is so clean-burning this is a very fine dust that easily comes off.Overall a really great piece of kit and definitely worth the expensive-ish price tag. I’m sure we’ll use ours for years to come. Worth keeping one in the back of your car along with a few dry bits of wood and dried food. Then you can always stop off for a brew or quick meal!Not a fault of the stove but some campsites are pretty strict with their no-fires policy – so if you care about breaking rules you might need to check what your site’s policy is before going away. In our case we were able to cook our food before anyone could complain about us burning wood.
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Bought one of these in 2016 & the quality is tremendous.Also the physics of how the fire burns, the way that the rising heat draws in extra air at the top of the inside of the stove to initiate that "secondary burn", creates such an efficient burn that there's very little waste to clear away afterwards. That's good for you as the camper & great for the areas you're camping in as it's safe & clean.Also the fact that it burns so efficiently means there's also little or no smoke as well, which can be a real bonus.Well made, great finish, VERY effective & so safe that several US Forestry Agencies are allowing their use, when open campfires are banned as the risk for starting forest fire is negligible when used correctly.(Check before you go though, to be safe/legal).Plus you'll never run out of fuel, so long as you can find some kindling sized wood to burn.A+++ & highly recommended
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Have now used a couple of times. It is a very good product albeit a bit expensive though. Still well worth buying.The stove is easy to light (I have only done with firestarter, but would be easy with kindling as well I would say) and have a very effective burn. I would probably buy a some windscreen as well since wind can lessen the effectiveness of the burn.As a bonus it can also be used to get the campfire feel without loads of smoke and messing up the ground.Note that you can not burn it for longer than 2 hours according to manufacturer that answered my question regarding burntime.Bottom line: a fantastic stove


Been using this for years and live it. Low/no impact on the environment easy to maintain will probably last a lifetime. Expensive but very high quality product.Used for fires on the beach in woodland and grassland. No burn marks left after use, or awful gas cans left lying and great to get the kids involved in collecting firewood. Easy to carry lightweight it goes everywhere we do when going outdoors. Fantastic environmentally friendly product, super high reccomendation.


I love my stove..there is some smoke at first, but after a few minutes it burns clean, very impressed..its large enough to put in 5inch pieces, maybe 6 inch..burns the wood completely, nothing but power left...couldnt be happier.


Great addition to my camping kit. I have the solo for lightweight backpacking but this is great for family days out. Already cooked up a few great meals on it. Heats quickly and cools down v quickly.Awesome stuff


Stove is fine ,not sure it justify its price. Comes in a very cheap bag which does not add to a quality feel. If you use damp wood or overfill the chamber it will smoke, these all improve the hotter she gets.


Bought on a whim to see if it's all it's cracked up to be! Started fire using only tinder and damp twigs, 2ltrs of water rolling boil in 13mins!


Just amazing!!!! Used it many times, easy fire lighting and camping cooking.


Overpriced but nicely made
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