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This little camping system works great! Living in California, I've had a series of planned power outages and I had previously and had zero experience cooking with a camp stove. However, once I got over my trepidation, and purchased the branded accessories that go with this kit, I found that this was a very simple cooking solution to use outside during these outages, and it's very lightweight and tiny to store.I initially purchased a pot support and the jet boil pot, only to find out that I did not actually need the pot support with this model. This is clear on the product page now, but at the time it was not made clear. The jet boil pot did an amazing job of boiling water and cooking things with a high liquid content.It does create a significant hotspot so I found it less good for cooking thicker soups or things like tasty bite lentils. With those things, even with the flame turned down almost as far as it would go, I still got some things sticking to the (I believe anodized aluminum) surface.I also purchased the nonstick skillet from the brand, because I wanted to be sure that whatever I got was going to work with my stove and be the right size not to tip things over. The skillet also gets some significant hotspots, but by my second morning of cooking eggs, I was doing a much better job of making toast on the skillet and then making eggs to go with and not getting too many brown spots on the eggs.I purchased my fuel from the hardware store, where it was a much better price than purchasing it online. You do not need to use the branded fuel they sell, which is good because the branded fuel is extremely expensive, as is any fuel when purchased online given the shipping considerations and restrictions.In terms of setting up this unit, there is a support that holds the gas canister and makes the whole unit much more sturdy, yet the support itself pulls off of the canister and folds down into a tiny little triangle that goes in the palm of your hand. The actual stove also fits in the palm of your hand when all of the pieces are folded down and is this tiny little thing that does not look like it would support a whole cooking pot, but it does. When everything is unfolded perfectly, things do sit steadily on the unit. I found it very easy to twist the unit onto the gas canister, use the little twister to turn the fuel on, and then click the igniter to ignite the fuel and make a fire. Then it was a simple matter from their to cook my food, then turn the little twister again to turn off the fuel entirely. I did store the unit on the gas canister during the duration of the power outage, but disconnected it for storage.Even as a rookie user of such things, I found it fairly easy to get the hang of doing some good cooking on this thing and after the first power outage had tailored my food supply to things that this unit would cook well – either things that can be fried with the nonstick skillet, or things with a very high liquid content or that you add boiling water too.Overall I was really pleased with the whole array of accessories that go with this unit and I really appreciate the flux ring cooking pot in particular, which got my boiling water ready for tea in about two minutes. This was very much appreciated in the rain, when I was huddling under the eaves trying not to get wet while making my morning caffeine.
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The Jetboil MightyMo Stove is a solid choice for serious hikers. As with any other hiking or camping item, there are a few things to take into consideration before deciding on which stove to purchase. I'll break down the MightMo by weight, ease of use, flame integrity, ability to balance, and overall usage.Weight: The MightyMo clocks in at about 95 grams. There are cheaper models, such as the BRS -3000T that weigh much less, around 28 grams, that work just fine, but other factors give the MightMo an edge.Ease of Use: The MightyMo is extremely easy to use. It includes a stand that can be used to stabilize your fuel canister (but isn't necessary if weight is a concern),legs that fold out to support whatever you are cooking, and a push-button igniter and valve regulator to quickly light and control your flame. Compared to similar models, such as the MSR Pocket Rocket 2, the MightyMo doesn't have any real advantages or disadvantages other than the fact that it has an igniter. The MSR Pocket Rocket Deluxe also has an igniter, but I've never used that particular model.Flame integrity: The MightyMo's flame is beautiful and steady. Wind can diminish its overall integrity, but if you're careful with the burner, it shouldn't be a major factor in most conditions. Only MSR's Pocket Rocket Deluxe seems to be a better option flame-wise.Ability to Balance: Here's where the MightMo loses a star. While the legs on MightyMo are stable and strong, you'll be hard-pressed to use smaller cups and pots on it. You'll definitely need to carry along a pot with a wider base on it if you plan on successfully cooking with the MightyMo. Sure, JetBoil offers some add-ons to make balancing easier, but then weight becomes a factor once more.Overall usage: The MightyMo is definitely one of the easiest to use stoves out there. If weight isn't a concern, it's the go-to stove for shorter hikes of less than five days. It's also the most efficient burning stove that I've ever used, as there were no leaks and no excess burning of fuel. It's the fastest boiling burner that I've personally encountered as well.Bottom line: The price is great for what you get. You can spend a few more bucks for lighter stoves that perform better in windy conditions, or you can keep that extra money for something else. I highly recommend the JetBoil MightyMo as long as weight isn't an issue.
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This is an excellent stove for use backpacking. I recently took it on a overnight backpacking trip. The stove is light and works well. I really like the base for the fuel canister. Often, when taking a short trip, I prefer to take the smaller size fuel canister. The problem that this represents is that it creates a smaller base. But the MightyMo includes a plastic base to stabilize both sizes of canister. This is great.Its important to note that the MightyMo is the only JetBoil stove that doesn't require a "sold separately" pot ring, a product choice that I've never really taken the time to understand. This makes the MightyMo a good jetBoil choice in my opinion.The legs that fold out have a hex hole in them.And they probably fit the "Jetboil 1.5-Liter FluxRing Camping Cooking Pot" very nicely and provide a lot of stability. I used my "GSI Outdoors - Halulite Tea Kettle" which worked well but I have to admit I was worried that the pot would just "slide off". I think I'll buy the FluxRing and see how it does. It seems that it nests over the supports which means that it will be more difficult to knock over.I also own one of those cheap chinese $15 stoves. There really is no comparison. The jetBoil boiled water faster, had a superior "bunson burner" type design with good air intakes, the sparker was much higher quality, and the list just goes on and on. I will use the Jetboil "always" and keep the inferior stove for when my son goes with me and I have to loan him gear.For you gear hounds, i also own an older (and more expensive) MSR whisperlite stove, and I prefer the JetBoil to that as well, although both are superior products.Overall I would say this is a great addition to have.
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It's....perfect.I've used this compared to a cheap...er, INEXPENSIVE backpacking stove and while the cheap one is good enough, this one is just good. It's lightweight, but the design and build are rock solid. It's not something that will disintegrate after two or three uses. Moreover, attention to detail on this stove is outstanding, from the flame control to, yes, support brackets for the fuel canister.It's that detail that has made this my go-to for the backcountry. When in the backcountry, finding a level spot on which to put a stove/fuel assembly is not 100% assured (I've taken to using my spade to leveling out some ground), so any help on that score is valuable.This stove offers enough support for not just my USGI canteen cup, BUT a USGI mess kit cover (yeah, I use it as a frying pan...sue me). Having a VERY well designed flame control is also a Big Deal(tm) - true, oftentimes I'm just boiling water for freeze dried meals (for extended hikes), though for 1-2 nights I'll bring along real food to cook, and this stove easily adapts.It's light and compact, so sacrificing precious space in my ruck is NOT an issue. It folds very nicely and really will fit in a shirt pocket.Durability, weight, and performance are all 100%. It's exactly what backcountry gear should be - easy to use and will last in a situation where you are hours or days away from any kind of help. The best one I've ever used.
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This is a folding camp stove suitable for backpacking. Folded, the stove measures 3” long by 1.75” in diameter. It comes with a fabric drawstring pouch and folding plastic canister base. The stove, pouch, and base together weigh 135 gm, or 4.7 oz. The stove has push-button spark ignition. It has 3 fold-out arms with a length of 4.5” across the surface, so they support a pot with a diameter of about 4-6”. The stove takes fuel cartridges with 80% propane/20% butane and a screw-top connection. The plastic foldout base has cutout to secure small and medium diameter fuel cartridges. The burner piece is all metal except for the casing for the push-button ignition. The product was made in China.I find this stove works well,either with Jetboil fuel or other brands of propane/butane screw-on cartridges. It doesn’t have a windscreen, so if you’re dealing with wind, you’ll get better results by placing the stove in some sort of fireproof shelter. I really like the compact size of the stove—it fits well in my daypack for ultra-light camping. I also like the way the base can attach to different sizes of fuel cartridges. Boiling time is about average for similar cartridge-fueled stoves. Overall, this stove is a good choice when you need a really small, ultra-light reliable way to cook food on the trail.
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The Jetboil MightyMo Camping Stove Cooking System is a smooth operating camp stove that is just the right size for camping.There is not much to describe: Small, foldable, one burner stove. However, on one point it works better than any I have tried: It comes on the first time and is hot! Yes, it will boil water in 3 minutes or so.Beside starting instantly, the other difference that I notice over the camp stove that I am replacing is the handle. It is large and enables one to adjust the flame to very small to very big, and get accurate in the middle. (The other ones I have had usually had a small knob that I had to guess how much gas I was using.)The stove comes with “legs” for the cannister,and supports to hold the pot, which makes it a very stable unit for my almost-a-quart camping pot. The company sells a pot support which would be important to have for their one-and-a-half quart pot or a skillet, etc.This summer I am going camping and the MightMo is going along!
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This is a review of Jetboil MightyMo Camping Stove Cooking SystemI have used this several times and like its operation. The piezo starter has worked well so far but to be honest, my impression is that the starter looks very fragile. If it holds up after using it more, I"ll revisit my review. For now, I'm leary of the starter being sturdy enough.The stove generates a lot of heat and the flame is extremely adjustable. No wind guard is included with this kit though so in windy conditions you can not expect this to hold a low flame. It will blow out. Under calm wind conditions it works very well.The folding pot holder arm pieces seem to work well. When under high flame they will glow with the heat.Brings a small pot of water to boil quickly,probably within 3 minutes, depending on how cold the water is to start with.The small fuel canisters don't last long. Unless I need to travel really light, I usually will get the larger fuel canisters.
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I love the compact nature of this product. I used a different Jetboil product that is an integrated unit that combines the burner with an integrated heating container and I love it. However, I needed to place a pan for cooking on the burner and needed a little more stability than the burner on the integrated unit. This one did the job and it is ridiculously compact and folds up to be even more compact. The 3 supporting arms on the burner, while compact, allowed me to cook with a 10" frying pan without issue. I actually liked having both this unit and the integrated boil unit on a recent camping trip so that i could cook while also boiling water.Both units are so compact you won't notice in your backpack.
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Love this. I have a regular Jetboil with the big mug for boiling water, but it finally wore out (5 years!). I got the might mo because it was smaller to carry, and with the old jet boil I had to buy the adapter to put a bigger pan on it, etc, so I thought I'd just get this one. Work as you'd expect. Recommend getting the "Toaks 750ml" cup to go with it... On lower flame, you can also boil water AND the stove fits inside of it -- very lightweight. I'm also considering the jetboil ring "pot" to go with it, but for $60 I'm holding off. When I hike, I basically just boil water anyway.


Great little stove! This is so small and compact, with a nice little carrying bag, that it's almost impossible to imagine a smaller one! It's pretty tough, though, given it's size. The little plastic feet give the setup a little more stability. The stove can boil water in any pan fast, although a heavier cast bottom will help spread the heat out if you're not using the expensive Jet Boil pans. The fuel canisters are almost universal now, so you can use different brands of fuel. We keep this as a back-up to our full sized JetBoil with the connecting cup.


I’ve had no issues with the Jetboil MightyMo stove. The built-in igniter has been helpful, but the igniter is going to be the failure point of the stove. At some point, it will fail just like a BBQ igniter.The MightyMo and PocketRocket are very similar stoves. The main difference between the stoves is the igniter. PocketRocket is 2.6 oz, and the MightyMo is 3.3 oz. The MightMo is about $5 more than the PocketRocket. You can’t go wrong with the MightMo stove and depending on your usage level you might get the value out of the igniter.


I’m not an expert at Jet Boils. My son’s scout troop carry them on hiking trips, but I hadn’t used them before. One thing, I’ll warn about is that it was hard for me figuring out which accessories here on Amazon were made for this particular model. I bought a pot adapter but it doesn’t appear to fit or maybe needs a special pot. Basically, I need clearer information.Other than that, it works well at producing heat with a wide range of output. And then it folds into a compact form into a small pouch for packing.


This is a simple and lightweight stove that packs a powerful punch while remaining extra tiny. These things can be hard to balance when it comes to output, size, and weight but I feel Jetboil nailed it with this.My only concern has been around durability. It looks more fragile than it is and, having had it out in the field a few times now, it sets to take more abuse than I originally gave it credit for.In all, a great device you'll be happy to have.


Just recently used this when it was 26 degrees out, and wanted to boil about 2L of water to make some coffee. Was worried this might take forever, but in just a few minutes this little stove cranked out some boiling water, quite impressive. It folds up really well, love that it has a piezo electric starter built into it, and like the little plastic folding ring that clips on the fuel canister for a little bit of extra stability.


We live out in the Deep Country, and go camping and hiking in the woods often. We brought this along one morning for breakfast and coffee, it works great. Boils water faster than some of my electric kettles in the kitchen do. It's really lightweight and easy to take around. We'll also be taking this with us when we go tailgating, when the college football season rolls back around. I recommend it.
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