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I bought this game after playing Mass Effect 2. ME2 was among the best games I have played in 15 years of gaming, so I wanted to try the prequel.As is often the case, this earlier game felt clunky in comparison. The interface was clumsy compared to ME2. The graphics were OK but the scenery was dull. The rooms were minimalist, to say the least, with bare concrete walls and floors.Until ME2 I had always lost my way on RPGs. The same was almost true of this game. I often had trouble locating my objective in the early stages.It was often off the map and I bumbled around until I found where to go.I hated the Mako missions. The bouncing about over barren terrain felt very retro.It appeared to be worth only two or maybe three stars, allowing for its age. I only persevered so I could import a Shepard with different background circumstances to the default character when starting from scratch in ME2.However, after the first essential missions, it suddenly came alive. I found myself sucked into the game. I became used to the interface and started to get the feel of where I had to go. I continued to ignore most of the side missions but I was riveted by the main story. I started to really enjoy upgrading my team. It just became better and better.The final part of the story was absolutely breathtaking. I hear they are going to make a film based to this version of Mass Effect. It should be stunning. It was time for bed but couldn't stop! It built up to a crescendo. I was glued to the conversations and cut scenes. I nearly forgot to create the different circumstances for ME2.I was so impressed, I've just started it again!I would be happy to award five stars for the story alone. It was brilliant. Sadly, I had to knock off a star because of very slow start.If you buy this game. Persevere! You won't regret it.PS. After running the configuration utility in ME2, I imported my character from ME. Yes...It made a difference!You need to run the configuration utility first (on the opening screen of ME2)
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This is one of the most addictive games I have ever played, and the harsh thing is...there are now three of them.But anyway, Mass Effect. This game has beautiful handling and the system used for controlling is excellent. A pause game HUD to select options for a three man team you control allows a great degree of flexibility, and the ability to pull off some awesome kill combos.The look around function while in the HUD doesn't work with all platforms seamlessly, as it won't function at all on trackpads,and when used on Windows 7 trackpad, it would only function if the letter 'i' was pressed. Weird. But apart from that, awesome.The Storyline (No spoilers). Oh word, don't get me started on the storyline, it's so good. Only Bioware has the capability to pull off writing a third of a story, and closing it in a sufficient way to make you feel happy its done, but still wanting more.The use of morality points also adds a great deal to the story, as you get to literally write half of it. Paragon for the good (e.g. saving someones life) or Renegade or the badass (e.g. knocking out a person you dislike).SO much backstory has gone into mass effect. No, seriously. There is a codex like the Encyclopaedia Britannica you can access and just look through the history about the galaxy (It's set over 100 years in the future).The Replay Factor. Mass Effect has one of the biggest on a smaller scale, as there are a potential of 36 different playthroughs (Not including gender differences), as there are 3 main morality paths, and 6 different classes.Overall, this game is the fist part of an incredible trilogy (And of the 3, it's the worst, even through it's incredible)Buy this game. Buy it now.
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Does it hold up to the graphics of today? No, of course not, but what makes a game "good"? The fact that I can see the freckles on the guy's face that is shooting at me? Sure, graphics are important, but the much more important part is the story and the character interaction, which makes you feel like you are a part of the game. Mass Effect has those things, and at the time that this games was released, the graphics were top notch.The freedom you have to explore planets,surpassed by the incredible range of conversation options, leading you down different decision paths is quite outstanding, for games in any era. The voice acting is well done and the writing intriguing, making you really feel you are Commander Shepard, out on a grand adventure.Highly recommended if you like games with good story lines and engaging characters.
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I used to go to bed at night dreaming of the universe the Mass Effect creators devised, its wonderful characters and species. The game has its flaws but it delivers an immense sci-fi experience and is improved in the sequel (although losing some of its RPG qualities).Totally recommended especially now at its bargain price.


I've played a great deal of games over the years and this is easily one of my favourite. Simply fantastic!
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