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Finally PS3 owners get the full trilogy on 3 separate discs, including the once elusive "Mass Effect" which cannot be purchased on disc outside of this boxset. Just sure make you're purchasing the British release with outer cardboard slip case which hold the 3x separate Blu Ray hard cases for each game in the trilogy, and not the awful flimsy American flip case release.Mass Effect 1:The story is well-told, with an extremely believable universe of space-travel. There are also many unique aliens introduced in this game,such as salarians, turians, asari, and many more. There are few good plot twists implemented in the story, which makes it even better.The conversations carry out a lot of in-depth explanation of the game's background story, such as the origins of an alien species, the results of one of your choices in the game, and many more. You can always talk to your squadmates or other NPCs for many more in-depth information of the Mass Effect universe. Most conversations in this game are fairly unique and nice to hear, thanks to the voice actors conniving ability to make the game's universe very believable to gamers. Not only this game, but other two Mass Effect games have excellent conversations and great in-depth telling of the Mass Effect universe.Before starting the game, you need to customise your Shepard, such as his/her appearance, first name, gender, class, and background history. Depending on your choices, conversations in the game may differ for each characters. You may also use the default Shepard in the game if you want to.As you play in the game, you will gain Levels by obtaining experience points (XP). XP can be obtained by defeating enemies, completing mission objectives, opening locked crates, or getting new Codex entries. As you gain a level, you will get Talent Points to be spent to learn or upgrade your Talent. Each class and squadmates have different Talents, and should be spent wisely. As you upgrade a Talent, you will learn more powerful skills called Power, and may also learn new Talents after spending a certain amount of points. There are two types of Talent categories, which are offensive Talents, defensive Talents and passive Talents. Offensive Talents allow you to use offensive Powers like Overload and Warp, defensive Talents allow you to boost your character's shields or barriers whereas passive Talents grant you health or shield increments.In this game, you may obtain pieces of equipment such as weapons, weapon mods, new armours, and etc. You will only get a certain equipment with certain levels depending on your current Level, such as obtaining a level 1 equipment if you are level 1 to 5. Each equipment may grant different bonuses to you and your squadmate, such as Heavy Armour grants you higher shield and damage reduction bonuses. Classes may also affect your character and squadmates ability to equip certain equipments, such as Soldier class is the only class can equip Heavy Armours.You may also use Credits (in-game money) to buy equipment. Credits can be obtained by killing enemies, opening locked crates, and etc. However, many powerful equipment are expensive, so it is recommendable for you to sell any unwanted equipment.The combat is third person shooter based, where you need to aim your weapons and shoot at enemies. All Classes can use all types of weapons, but not all Classes have weapon specialisations for weapon damage bonuses. For example, Soldier can learn all weapon specialisations whereas other Classes may learn only or none at all.You may also use Powers to defeat enemies quickly, or use it to increase your defenses. After using a Power, you may not be able to use it for a while until it fully charges. During the cooldown period, you are also not allowed to use any other Powers as well.There are few variety of enemies in this game, such as organic enemies like humans, krogans, etc and synthetic enemies like a variety of geth. Each enemy have different styles of attacking you and your party, as well as have different stats. For example, Overload can be used to damage a geth heavily or break an enemy's shields quickly.There are two modes of exploring, which is walking/running on foot and by driving Mako. In many indoor areas and explorable planets, you need to walk/run to your destinations. You also need to interact with certain objects to proceed, such as terminals or switches. In all explorable planets, you can drive Mako to your destinations. While driving it, you can also attack enemies to avoid getting your squad killed easily.While progressing in the game, you need to make decisions that can affect the game's story and future storyline in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 heavily. Paragon decisions are usually the 'good' person decisions where you can resolve the situations peacefully, whereas Renegade decisions are the 'evil' decisions, requiring you to do drastic actions like killing people. These decisions should be chosen carefully while playing the main Missions in the game, such as eradicating an extinct species or let it live. Paragon/Renegade options can be also chosen in normal conversations with NPCs, or during Assignments.There are two types of missions in this game, which are main Missions and Assignments. To proceed the game, you need to complete the main Missions, where you need to solve a number of objectives as well as fighting hordes of enemies on the way. Assignments are the side quests in this game, where many of them have different objectives to complete, such as talking to a person to change his mind, destroy an enemy base, and etc. Assignments are optional to do, but it is beneficial to do since it will reward you bonuses like XP, equipment, and money.The game has interesting gameplay, but some of it are rather mediocre, namely the Mako exploration and combat. The Mako is slow, and not easy to use. Not only that, it is boring to drive the vehicle itself to explore any areas in the game. The combat is decent, but not as intense as Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 combat, where the enemies are more strategic and aggressive. The conversation system in this game is well-implemented, with great conversations to listen. Overall, this game has average gameplay.Back in 2007, this game has already impressive graphics. Even now, the game still looks much better than the current games. Unfortunately, like the original release of the game, the PS3 version still has bugs and glitches present, as well as some framerate drops in certain areas in the game. Fortunately, they are not game-breaking.The music is pretty good, where it is suitable to the game's space-adventure theme. Although, I don't remember much of the music since not many tracks stand out a lot itself, except the main theme where it is played when Shepard is first introduced in the game or during the ending of the game. The game also features a song by Faunts, an electronic rock band (also contirbuted a song in Mass Effect 3). The song is pretty good, and I highly recommend electronic rock fans to listen to it.The game also has excellent voice cast, such as Mark Meer, Jennifer Hale, Seth Green, Keith David, and many more. Like it's sequels, I love the voice acting, since they fit their roles perfectly in every Mass Effect game.The game has high replay value. You can always try out different decisions in your next playthrough using your old Shepard save file, or create a new one with different background and class to have different experience of playing the game. You may also complete all Assignments in the game, where it can benefits you such as credits or new equipment.Every Mass Effect game is awesome, with unique storytelling, great conversations, exceptional voice acting, and unique universe. Unlike it's sequels, this game has very average combat satisfaction due to some gameplay issues, as well as having a number of technical issues.For PS3 players, if you wish to import the completed game save file to Mass Effect 2, you need to download a patch for Mass Effect 2, so that Mass Effect: Genesis can be skipped and you can successfully import Mass Effect save file to the second game.Mass Effect 2:Probably one of the best Action RPG games that I have ever played. It was a vast improvement from the original game, Mass Effect.Each main characters have their own side missions which has something to do to affect their own personalities (except one or two) and their own histories. Each of it are beautifully told with emotional storytelling. This, in turn, gives us insight on how they become to be, giving them rather realistic personalities.The first Mass Effect has a great story. This one is no exception, except even better, in my opinion. As I said in above paragraph, your crew (Garrus, Jacob, Miranda, etc.) has their own stories to be told and own side mission to complete. I would dare say that by doing their side missions, the story felt more complete when you are finishing the game.However, there is one problem. With the freedom of choosing outcomes to affect the story, it is hard to guess which path that you take is canon to the Mass Effect universe. However, I can only say that there is only one ending is not canon, and other endings will lead to Mass Effect 3, eventually.Regardless, the story is well told, epic, awesome, and can be shaped by your own choices. Although different choices affect certain outcomes, the core of the story will remain unchanged, and this includes the ending. So, it is up to you to shape the game's story, and it is rather satisfying to do that.If you transferred the save file from the first Mass Effect game to this game, you will get various bonuses, like bonus credits, extra Paragon and Renegade points, etc. It is highly recommended that you transfer the save file, as it is to keep in continuity from the first game. However, one thing should be noted. If a certain member in the first game is already dead, he or she will stay dead in Mass Effect 2, and vice versa. If you feel that your Mass Effect save file is good enough, transfer it to the second game for a great gaming experience. You can also start a new game instead of transferring the first Mass Effect game if you wish to do that.Like the first game, this is an Action RPG, with some modifications from the first game.You don't have to wait for your weapons to cool down after firing. However, you must 'reload' with thermal clips. Thermal clips is used to cool down your weapons, and it can be considered as your 'ammo'. Most enemies drop it when they are killed, or certain places have it in the battlefield.Instead of using grenades, Shepard can use Heavy Weapons. Heavy weapons are devastating, and it is useful to take down a group of enemies or bosses. However, ammo for heavy weapons are scarce, so it would be best if you conserve it until you fight bosses or other difficult enemies.Another change is that you have self health regeneration. If you are damaged critically, you can sit in cover and wait for your health to recover itself. This also applies to your teammates. In the first game, medi-gel is used to heal yourself and your party. However, it is only needed to revive your party members if they are in KO status.The cover system is much simpler than the first game, just go to a wall, or a small one, press a button, then Shepard will be in cover, protecting him from most damage. Like any other games, covers are important for offense and defense, so use it wisely.You can also target enemy's body parts with varying damage. Shooting in the head can do major damage, shooting in the leg may cripple them, yet alive.There is no customization for your weapons unlike the first one. This is much better, as the first game's weapon system are rather confusing and messed up. However, you can change equipments for Shepard and other members, as well as their appearances.You can use powers like Unity as in the first game. However, powers in this game recharges faster than normal, making it more useful than the first game. You can also combine your power with your two squad members for maximum effect.Also, you do not need to use the Mako (a space tank car) to explore. Instead, you will be sent directly to any cities or dungeons in each planet. This actually saves a lot of frustration, unlike the first game.I like the new changes from the first game. This gives better gaming experience, in my opinion. The changes make this much more action paced, with better pacing.Like the first game, conversations play a major role in telling the game's story. Decisions will effectively affect most outcomes, and will decide whether you are a Paragon or Renegade. By choosing a positive choice/response, you can get Paragon points, and will also make you become more popular. If you make a negative choice/response, you will get Renegade points, and you will get more notoriety than usual.As the first game, Shepard has Paragon points and Renegade points. Doing good deeds will net you Paragon points, and doing evil deeds will net you Renegade points. By getting high Paragon or Renegade points, you have access to exclusive choices for certain conversations, which can be very important. For example, by getting high Renegade points, you can persuade someone in a shop to give you a discount, which is a good deed. This also in turn, will net you bonus Paragon points. This also applies to Renegade points. Paragon and Renegade choices affect the outcome of the story heavily, so think wisely whether you should be in Paragon path or Renegade path. Before making any decisions/responses/choices, you can inquire from the person for further information which may relates to the game's story and universe.You can also do Paragon and Renegade interrupts. By doing one of this interrupts, you can get extra Paragon and Renegade points as well. This also affect certain outcomes in a mission. For example, by saving a certain someone using a Paragon interrupt, you will save that person's life from the eventual outcome of an event where he is supposed to be dead. This also applies to Renegade interrupt, so plan accordingly.Romance subplots are also available in this game. If you have romanced someone from the first game and you transferred the file to this game, the romance will remain. However, you can choose to romance another person to abandon the old one. In other words, being unfaithful, or cheating, as they say.You have character levels in this game as well. By gaining a level, you will receive points. The points are needed to learn new powers. As each characters have different sets of powers to learn, so it would be wise each character to learn a different one from another.In battle, there are many types of enemies. Organic, synthetic, different races play a part in this. For example, krogan enemies have self regeneration if they are still alive. Robots have high defense, and can only be brought down by hitting their critical points. You need different strategies to defeat each type of enemies. Your powers also useful on defeating them. For example, Incinerate works well on armored enemies. Some enemies have Barrier and Armor as their extra layer of health. You need to destroy either one of them (or both) to damage directly to their health. Using powers is essentially important to take down enemy Barriers and Armors. Bosses especially have both Armor and Barrier as their extra health, so use the right powers to defeat them.In this game, you will be doing Missions as well. Different missions have different objectives. However, most of the missions are involving recruiting someone, yet the process to do it are varied in a number of ways. As I said before, Paragon and Renegade choices can affect some outcomes in each missions. There is a lot of variety to the missions, which makes the game feel more fresh and non repetitive.However, traversing from a planet to another is cumbersome, and it is the same one like the first game. You can also get minerals from uninhabited planets to get upgrades for your squad, your ship, etc by scanning the planets. It is a rather tedious task to get the minerals for your upgrades, but it is still acceptable.Shops now sell a variety of items. You can buy weapon upgrades, personal armor upgrades, etc for your squad. Some characters have their own exclusive upgrades, which they can use it for better advantage. It is recommended you get those to increase your winning chances.The gameplay is a massive improvement than the first game. I love the new changes, and I loved how good it is. My only complaints are the tedious planet scannings, as well as some minor bugs and glitches. As in the first game, I always find myself addicted to this game's conversations as they are amazing, emotional, etc. Regardless, this is a great game.The graphics in this game are amazing. Perhaps one of the best looking games for the PS3 and one of the best looking Western games. With spectacular details on alien's facial and body structures, makes this game a great looking one, with extremely great visuals and beautifully made cities, dungeons, environments and last but not least, the universe.With excellent cast of voice actors like Mark Meer, Jennifer Hale, Martin Sheen, D.C. Douglas, Steven Blum, Seth Green, Carrie-Anne Moss, and other great voice actors did spectacular jobs on voicing each characters to their fullest, with emotion and authenticity. You won't be finding many games that have this kind of quality of voice acting. They really did a great job.The soundtrack is space inspired, making it rather futuristic and epic. The soundtrack is great to hear, especially with the game's main theme.The replay value of this game is quite high. You can do side missions to get extra levels, credits, etc. You can also load your completed Mass Effect 2 save file to take a different path. For example, if the Shepard in your first playthrough is a Paragon, try to make the Shepard in the second playthorugh as a Renegade. This will gives you a new experience, and you can check any missed conversations and stuff.It is also interesting if you choose a Shepard in a different gender. Different genders of Shepard allows different romance subplots, which are tend to be emotionally touching, and great. So far, I think the romance subplot with Jack is the most emotional one that I have encountered so far.An absolute purchase. If you have played Dragon Age: origins, then perhaps you will like this game. Any RPG fans should give this game a try, as this is one of the best made games ever.The vast improvements from the first game makes this sequel a winner. With great story, great characters, gameplay, voice acting, I highly recommend this game to anyone. Give it a try, and you may like the game.Mass Effect 3:This is the final Mass Effect game that concludes Commander Shepard's storyline. It is one of the best games I have ever played, albeit some flaws that prevented it from being a true masterpiece.The storyline is nearly perfect. Great character interactions, good story pacing, interesting character developments, good plot twists, and well written. Unfortunately, the game's three main endings are not that good and not satisfying. The three main endings are abrupt, not well developed and not well explained. The endings did not explain properly what are the consequences after certain actions being done in this game as well as previous Mass Effect games. This is a truly disappointment to many Mass Effect fans, including me as well.By importing your save file from Mass Effect 2 (in turn also importing Mass Effect save file), certain characters and story elements will be present in this game. Provided on what have you done in Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, previous characters will return in this game in some form of appearances. Characters from Mass Effect like Wrex, Ashley, or Kaidan may or may not return depending on what you have chosen in that game, and this also applies to Mass Effect 2 characters such as Legion, Tali, etc if they are alive or dead in the final mission of Mass Effect 2. Other minor things such as the results of completing side missions from the previous games will return as well, and may help you in fighting the Reapers.I am very satisfied with the storyline, complete with the decisions carried over from previous games. My main gripe with the story area is the weak, abrupt, and under-developed endings.As in Mass Effect 2, you can import your save file from Mass Effect 2 to carry over your decisions in the Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. Certain details such as gender, class, and personal history will not be changed in this game, but you have the option to carry over your imported face or create a new face for your own Shepard. Most major decisions made in Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 will be carried over to this game, showing continuation between each games and may bring major impacts to the storyline itself.For PS3 players, you do not have the luxury of playing the first Mass Effect game because it is a Microsoft exclusive game. The only way for you to carry over important decisions from the first Mass Effect game is to purchase and play Mass Effect: Genesis, an interactive comic that details significant events happened in the first game and allows you to choose important decisions to be carried over to Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3. New copies of the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2 will have the free download code for Mass Effect: Genesis, but if you are playing the second hand copies of Mass Effect 2, you need to purchase it from PlayStation Store.Exploration is similar to previous Mass Effect games, where you need to move your character from a location to another and talk to someone to progress in a Mission. While in the Normandy and the Citadel, you can move around and talk to people to initiate interesting and insightful conversations, or initiate side quests by talking to them.The Galaxy Map is the same as the previous games, but now you have Reapers invading in certain Systems in the galaxy. You can scan planets for War Assets, but by doing so, Reapers will be alarmed to your presence and will try to catch and destroy you if you use scan the planets too many times. If they have caught up to you, you will get a Game Over, and you need to restart your most recent save again.After finding planets that have War Assets, you can scan the planet and send a pod to retrieve it by following the pointer on your radar. It can be either Credits (in-game money), or War Assets that help you in the final battle against the Reapers.War Assets have their own Effective Military Strength (EMS). By completing missions and side missions, you will obtain War Assets that will boost your EMS to fight the Reapers. Provided that you do not have enough EMS when you are fighting the Reapers in the final battle, the consequences might be fatal. It is best if you complete side missions to achieve the minimum EMS to fight the Reapers.Each Missions have their own objectives, and you can only progress in the Mission by completing the require objectives. Some missions have Priority in the name, whereas some don't. By only completing the Priority missions that you are allowed to progress in the game. Completing missions that do not have Priority are optional, but it is best to complete them to obtain more War Assets.Side quests are obtained by hearing NPCs talking aloud in the Citadel. Most of it require you to scan a planet, and retrieve something from there. It is quite boring to do so, but most of the side quests offer you some good rewards such as War Assets and Credits. The method of retrieving something from a planet is the toned down version of Mass Effect 2's mineral scanning.The combat system is similar to Mass Effect 2 games, with certain refinements. This time, you can use heavy melee attacks that allows you to kill enemies close by easily. If you do not like to use it, you can use the normal melee attack for a quick kill. Pressing the melee button repeatedly will result into a combo melee attack.You have the ability to sprint infinitely, rolling to dodge attacks, and faster cover trekking. BioWare did a great job in improving both actions, since Shepard's movements are kind of limited in the previous game. Dodge rolling is an important feature in this game, since many enemies in this game are dangerous and relentless. The cover system is more faster and refined, as it allows you to quickly transition from one cover to another.This is the first Mass Effect game that features a multiplayer component, called Galaxy at War. The multiplayer matches consist of entirely fighting waves of enemies in a map area. There can be up to 4 players playing in the match. For an online match, you can customise the difficulty, map, and etc to your liking. You can also choose a random match and play, but it is not recommended since you might be thrust into a very difficult online match.The multiplayer does not feature competitive play with other players, but cooperative play with other players, meaning no friendly fire. In the online matches, you need to fights waves of enemies (Cerberus, Reapers, geth) in a map. There are 10 waves, but some waves require you to complete certain objectives, such as disabling a device, hacking a device. After surviving all 10 waves, you will need to go to an evacuation area, and you will need to wait until a time limit runs out to complete the match.Killing an enemy rewards you XP points to level up your multiplayer character. Depending on how much the health the enemy has, your XP gained will vary accordingly. Completing online matches will reward you Credits to purchase in-game equipments for your multiplayer characters, such as weapons, mods, power bonuses, etc.You can choose a different multiplayer character with different race and class. Each variation has different sets of Powers to be used. For example, an asari Vanguard has exclusive access to Lift Grenade, whereas the human Vanquard does not have it. However, human Vanguard has exclusive access to Nova but the asari Vanguard does not have it. Choose a proper Class and race to suit your own playstyle online. Be reminded that each multiplayer character in the game does not share levels, but individually.Your multiplayer character level's is capped at 20. Once your multiplayer character reached level 20, you can import the character to the single-player mode as a War Asset, boosting your EMS.The multiplayer mode is not essential to complete, but it is an incentive to play because completing online matches allow you to boost the Galactic Readiness in the singleplayer mode. Galactic Readiness acts as multipliers for EMS gained from the War Assets. Essentially, if your overall Galactic Readiness is high, your EMS points gained from the War Assets will increase as well. In short, you don't have to do a lot of side quests in order to get the minimum EMS requirement. It is noted that to to obtain a certain extra scene in one of the endings, you need to get more than 5000 EMS points. To obtain that extra scene, it would be best if you play the multiplayer component to boost your Galactic Readiness to get more EMS points.The multiplayer is good, and provides great incentive to play. Unfortunately, there is only one type of match to play, which is to survive enemy waves.I would like to say this is one of the best games I have ever played, and it beats most of the recent third person shooters for being much more in-depth in game content. This game has almost everything. Compelling storyline that can be affected by your past decisions in previous games, addictive and improved combat system, great music, stellar voice cast, and impressive looking graphics. The only major flaws I could seriously point out in this game are under-developed and poor endings, lack of boss fights, freezing issues, lack of types of online matches, etc.All three Mass Effect games are worth playing for any gamers who like good RPG games with deep storytelling, intense third person shooter combat, great voice acting, nice graphics and well-setup universe.This collection is worth purchasing since it includes three well-developed action RPG games, and I am very attached to all three games for having excellent storylines, great voice acting, intense combat (except the first game), nice visuals, and other reasons. Personally, the second game is the best overall. Any action RPG fans should try out this collection if you are very interested with space themed action RPG games.
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First I got the second game, then the third fairly soon after, now having completed the DLC release of the first game I can review this trilogy, so will some up each as best as I can:Mass Effect: This is arguably the best, for RPG fans like me. It's probably the largest in scale, the citadel is vast. It also has excellent character levelling up and weapon modification. The plot is flawless, tight and has the open ended paragon/renegade plot and character branches that have become a trademark of the series.The characters are all brilliant - you quickly warm to your team-mates, and all of the villains - Saren, Benezia and especially Sovereign - I love too. The game has so much depth and background, and though clearly influenced a lot by Starship Troopers and Aliens (notably in the rachni missions), as well as Blade Runner and the Star Wars series, this also makes me want to read less obvious literary influences on the concepts, which you can find under development and themes in the wikipedia article.Mass Effect 2 - Again, excellent adventure and exploration in this game. I am not sure if I could say this is less big than the first, maybe it's just a better executed RPG/adventure, if not that much bigger, as though individual worlds tend to be smaller, there is a greater variety, and four main city worlds - Citadel, Omega, Ilium and Tuchanka - rather than just the one. The side quests are many as well, and very varied. On the one hand I got fed up with repetitive vehicle exploration missions in the first game, but the vehicle missions are much better than in this game, which are a bit rubbish and frustrating, really. As for weapons and levelling up this is easily the worst of the series for this. Though a couple of really cool weapons stand out, there is no real weapon improvement or modification like in 1 and 3, you just (rarely) pick new ones up as you go along. That said, armour customization is the best in this game. The character levelling up is much more stripped down as well, and slower moving. As for the plot, again it is excellently written and equally dark, more attention is given to the (larger) crew as well, with the excellent loyalty missions, and all of the new characters I love, apart from Jack. Harbinger makes a very good protagonist, if more in the background than Sovereign was, and the Illusive Man, brilliantly voiced by Martin Sheen, makes a great mysterious and sinister figure who is hard to fathom for most of the game. The DLC missions and extras are great too - most free - like the Shadowbroker mission, the fantastic, creepy and rather moving Overlord mission which seems like a cross between Space Odyssee and sci fi horror like Event Horizon and Alien. The paid DLC mission Arrival is great too, offering some alternative stealth action, and more on the reapers, and leads directly into the events of mass effect 3 so definitely worth the extra purchase, not least to see Lance Henriksen's Admiral Hackett. Overall I'd probably still say this is my favourite, as much as I love Sovereign. Just generally fine-tuned and still a good balance between linearity and action and RPG and adventure elements.Mass Effect 3 - My least favourite, and I am not alone. Be prepared for an awful anti-climactic ending, and for no boss fight or anything. Such a shame. Anyway, the series comes in full circle in many ways with this, and so is a satisfying conclusion in some ways - you are re-united with the originally team, Wrex excluded along with either Ashley or Kaidan, and this game brings back the weapon modification and greater character levelling up options absent in ME2. As for the plot in general, everything meets its climax, the reapers invade the galaxy, you are reunited with Anderson and Hackett, and in the course of the game you visit all of the key homeworlds, which is a lovely touch, and a fitting closure. You face a couple of smaller reapers along the way, and when you finally get to the end - in an initially very promising end scenario reminiscent of the future in the first two Terminator films, you are short-changed...No final fight with Harbinger, which would have been fantastic, and the illusion of multiple endings which are really all the same. The game has basically no exploration as well, and to get anything extra you have to pay more for things like the Prothean expansion (which I got) and the more recent Leviathan DLC, which though interesting-sounding I have resisted. It's a shame that this game is so linear, as the action side of it is excellent, as a 3rd person shooter it works very well, it just feels like half a mass effect game...
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In 2007, Bioware released Mass Effect for the Xbox 360, its story telling and excellent RPG aspects made it a sure fire hit, roll on 2010, and ME2 was released, and then came the news PS3 fans had hoped for.ME2 was coming, and it came indeed. It included all the DLC packs made available at the time on disk free of charge (minus arrival which was released after the disk went to print) and PS3 players were overjoyed.As ME1 was originally a microsoft studios property fans were givin a motion comic to help bring over some of the choices that players had to make in the original,but soon enough fans realised that some of the more interesting sidequest characters were missing from their faithfull game and for years gamers wanted to see ME1 on their PS3.Cut to 2012, Mass Effect 3 came and passed, its amazing gameplay and lack of a better word... "ending" has been much discussed and i wont be getting into it, as i am quite happy with what we were supplied with, and to this day i STILL dont know which ending i want to have as cannon.But yes, 2012 came and out of the blue we were hit with an announcement that shook gamers to the core. Xbox and PC were getting a Trilogy box set, "where is the PS3 version" gamers cried out, and finally we got it. Mass Effect was coming to PS3, 5 years after it initially was released for the Xbox. Finally we were able to play the trilogy the way WE wanted and not how a motion comic made us pick some very linear choices.My only complaint was that the PS3 did not recieve the hyped "glossy cardboard box with exclusive art etc etc" style boxing, instead we recieved the 3 games in their own seperate PS3 cases, which while it is nice to be able to display ME in a PS3 box, it just doesnt have the same feel as a collectors item.Mass Effect has been ported in a very good and capable condition, it suffers from long autosave times which are not really that annoying, but does disrupt the flow of the game somewhat. The only DLC available is "Bring down the sky" which is on disk, and "pinaccle station" which is actually more like a beta to what became the ME3 multiplayer was unavailable as the original code for the DLC was corrupt and unable to be ported.The graphics are on par, and upon going back and playing ME i noticed how much the games have forgotten their roots and became more of a "gears of war" 3rd person rather than the amazing RPG the original had. It had charm and made you play multiple times if you wanted to unlock everything in the form of weapons and armour.Mass Effect 2 is unchanged, but i was a bit dismayed when i noticed that there was no cerberus code available in the box for the downloading of the DLCs.Mass Effect 3 is also unchanged except although minor, the game sleeve is no longer reversable, and hurrah, the Mass Effect 2 and 3 online passes where located on one sheet in the ME3 box. So all available DLC (minus arrival for ME2 and the ME 3 dlc character) are indeed available.Now the question asked is; "is this pack worth the money" when it is a collection of games for the ps3 which used can cost no more than £10 each. My answer is yes.Yes we can go onto the PSN store and buy Mass Effect for £15, but then it lives on our Hard Drives in obscurity, forgotten, lost. I am a firm believer in owning a physical copy of my games, and having all three amazing games in one box for £40 is worth it. Hell, the combined DLC price for ME2 i belive is over £20 is buying seperate.Yes it isnt the complete super dooper everything included definative mark 2 special edition that we had hoped for, but it is what it is. They have just released the last DLC for ME3 and it would have been nice for them to release the trilogy now so that those were included, but lets be honest, Bioware knew peoples interest in ME3 was waining due to the endings and they got the pack out in time for Christmas knowing people would want Mass Effect, the real reason we all bought this pack.I should note, shop around, the game varies in price everywhere, my local game has it for £39.99 and the resell value is unreal, as for some reason there was not alot of copies produced.
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The Mass Effect series, overall, is fun and highly entertaining.However, the real fun and entertainment didn't really start until ME2.Mass Effect 1, was , even at the time, a clunky controlled game with questionable gameplay decisions. It was a massively over rated game with multiple issues.One of those issues was the use of quick time events ( rapid button presses answering on screen prompts) to open chests and cabinets in the game. Just pointless and needless.Another was the inability to properly control your team in combat.Yet another the interminable planetary landing sections where you had to drive around the terrain of planets and asteroids looking for stuff. Thankfully , upon the beginning of my fourth play through of the ME series ( this time on PS3 for the first time , previously all on Xbox360 ), I knew what planets HAD to be visited to push the story forwards and what ones didn't. I completed the PS3 version of ME1 after 19 hours of gameplay on 18/4/2014. I'm now looking forward to the absolute pinnacle of the series, Mass Effect 2.However, some points about the PS3 conversion of MASS EFFECT 1 over to Playstation 3 need to be noted.It is, overall, a poor conversion. I believe it was converted to PS3 by a company called "Edge of Reality". They were obviously working under a tight budget and considerable time restraints. I'll just bullet point the issues with the poor conversion.:- Load times are very drawn out. Woe betide anyone who goes down the wrong elevator and has to come back up again.:- Speech drops out during cut scenes and during in game conversations regularly, often for the length of the entire scene.:- Texture loads on the PS3 are incredibly slow, be prepared to see the world drawn on screen in front of you many, many times.:- The game has a tendency to crash during the end boss fight ( I didn't experience this, but I've read of LOTS of people who did)My advice for ME1 on PS3 ? Put it on the easiest setting, and just force your way through the story. The game is simply not good enough to spend too much time with. It wasn't great on release, and it's certainly not got better with age. Play it quick and move on.The only way to play ME1 on PS3 is either download from the PSN store ( currently £14.39 for the trilogy with all DLC and Cerberus pass for PS plus users in the 2014 Easter sale ), or to buy the ridiculously over priced Mass Effect Trilogy physical edition. The price of which is a farce.Considering the price the trilogy is on the PSN shop, or the fact that you can buy Mass Effect 2 ( with all DLC except Arrival ) for £12.00 and Mass Effect 3 for £10.00 with the DLC also going cheap on the PSN store...the trilogy is really NOT the way forwards.It's just people profiteering.Frankly....I'd just buy the latter two games and use the decision application for ME1 that comes with ME2 to help define your game.You really are missing NOTHING with ME1.Also be aware people are selling, in some cases, the USA version of the trilogy...which also means your UK DLC won't work with the game...or vice versa.My Mass Effect Scores.MASS EFFECT 1 (ps3)= 4/10 (xbox) 6/10MASS EFFECT 2 (xbox ) 9/10 ( ps3) not played yet.MASS EFFECT 3 (xbox) 8/10 ( ps3) not played yet.MASS EFFECTS 2 & 3 are vastly superior in every way to MASS EFFECT 1. All the bad decisions that plagued ME1 are simply not present in ME 2 & 3. The latter two games are truly wonderful.Good luck and enjoy this great series...well great duo...Mass Effect 2 & 3. Did I say Mass Effect 1 really isn't very good and is massively over rated ?
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This had been a trilogy I had been considering getting into ever since Mass Effect 2 first launched on PS3, but was reluctant with the absence of the first installment. Now having all 3 available, this is a trilogy that most, if not all role playing game lovers should strongly consider purchasing.The trilogy begins with Mass Effect 1, and the game does admittedly feel rather dated. The controls are awkward at first, and yet the game still had an uncanny charm to it. From Mass Effect 2 onward however,the games become continually stronger, with Mass Effect 3 being potentially one of the best games I have played on the current generation of consoles. It also has a decent multiplayer feature open to it, encouraging players to stick with the game. Each game took me 70+ hours to complete, although that did include a lot of travelling back and forth, and it is likely that you could complete them at around the 40 - 60 hour mark per game. The visuals for all 3 games are stunning, hitting their peak with the final installment of the trilogy. The combat in the games also continually improves through the trilogy, with Mass Effect 2 and 3 feeling much more like a third person shooter than the first installment had done. Decisions made impact the following games, giving the trilogy more a feel of one long experience than 3 individual games.The trilogy isn't without fault however, with each game suffering from load times, as well as jarring frame rates. At the point of Mass Effect 3 especially, the game would lock up entirely and the console would need restarting. The trilogy does not include all the downloadable content packs either, which are necessary to completely enjoy the games entire storyline. The first game requires no extra content, but to get the full package for the final 2 games, you would need to spend somewhere in the region of £30 - £40 on the remaining packs.All being said however, the extra cost to get the full experiences is absolutely worth it, as it offers extra insight to the games story, or additional characters to aid you in your struggle.I would definitely recommend this game to anybody looking for a substantial series to get into, or simply anybody looking to get into a good series of video games.
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It's Mass Effect, plain and simple, nothing else really needs saying. What I'd like to say though is my copy arrived as advertised, Region 2 PAL versions in pristine condition - I actually had to re-check my order just to establish what I'd ordered as actually used. I couldn't tell from looking at it. Whoever had this before clearly valued it. I intend to show it no less respect.For whatever reason - and I shall never understand why - you can only get the first installment of Mass Effect for the PS3 via the trilogy box set.When you order - if you order - make sure you check the version you're ordering. A lot of people appear to have picked up US copies without realizing that's what they were buying and blaming the sellers. I'm not sure that's fair, I got exactly what I ordered. But I took the time to check first.Gamewise - this is the rest of your life on hold until you've played through it. I know there's a lot of fuss about the ending but what people miss is it's the journey. How you get there, how the story unfolds for you. That journey is yours and entirely down to you, just like life.Never had the chance to play the whole thing through from the start before, and now I do. One very happy bunny.And now, if you'll excuse me - the fate of the galaxy depends entirely on me and my chronically poor life choices.Buying this full box set however, really wasn't one of them... ciao : )
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The Mass Effect Trilogy has been a hugely influential & successful videogame series over the life of the Xbox 360 & PS3 consoles. The series which seamlessly blends hardcore RPG skill trees & questing with 3rd person shooting combat mechanics is finally in a single package, featuring the original game for the first time on the PS3.Commander Shepard, a character whom you customise to your liking, sees visions of a synthetic alien race known as Reapers destroying all sentient life in the galaxy.You must travel the galaxy in search of the most elite & unlikely people to assist you in saving not only the human race, but every other alien race in the galaxy from sure destruction.Mass Effect kicks the series off slowly, but in the correct way with some extremely tense & exciting moments, Mass Effect 2 is arguably the best game in the package with a non-stop action packed story & refined gameplay mechanics, with Mass Effect 3 rounding off the series with a climax bigger than anything you have seen before.This set includes: Mass Effect & Bring Down the Sky DLC, Mass Effect 2 & 4/5 DLC packs (Overlord, Kasumi: Stolen Memory & Lair of the Shadow Broker & Cerberus Network) and Mass Effect 3 each in individual cases.
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Mass Effect Trilogy.Three Games I wont even go into fully reviewing as several people's reviews can be found on each individual games page.This Trilogy Box set is a nifty and cost effective way of experiencing the Mass Effect Series whether or not you are a newcomer or someone who is lacking any of the entries in the Series.The Box itself is simple but nicely made in the style of a DVD series box set with nice a looking shine to it so this will look good wherever you decide to store it and its notthe type thats overly easy to damage.The contents of this trilogy Differ from the American version where they get all of the disc's in a fold out tray we get all 3 entries Mass Effect ' Mass Effect 2 And Mass Effect 3 all in their own individual game cases.Most notable is that this is the only way to get Mass effect 1 on a hard copy on PS3.*Those looking to just get Mass Effect 1 can purchase a digital copy from playstation store its "£12.99 I believe"*Also included is the "Mass Effect 2 Cerberus Network DLC" but no other DLC is included so that must be bought separately. *Sadly*Overall if you want to try a Damn good Game Trilogy and have a pretty cool box to contain the games I recommend this.
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With the exception of the Resident Evil games I'm not really very fond of shooters it was only because Mass Effect is developed by Bioware the developers of the awesome Dragon Age franchise that I gave it a try....I regret nothing.Unlike your typical sci-fi shooter which is more like 'blah blah blah shoot stuff blah blah' Mass Effect is a role-play game where you create your character, Shepard from scratch including background and service record which impacts your character's socialisation and like Dragon Age your choices have long term effects which run from game to game.The only thing I don't like is that none of the games are ever exactly the same. Sure it sounds like a little thing but first game you explore planets in a bouncy moon buggy, second you only scan the planet and fetch resources and occaisionally find something interesting and the third you have to randomly pick a spot a scan hoping Reapers don't start chasing you. Little things like that tend to be annoying but anyway all in all I'm totally blown away by the ME series it certainly wasn't at all what I was expecting.
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For anyone looking for a story, lovestory, warstory or whatever, look no further. Through these games I have laughed, cried, screemed, raged and felt heartfull joy. No other video game has awoken in me such responce as this game trilogy.I have played them all a few times, probably finished the series 5 times and everytime there is something new and wonderfull while the old is still exciting and heartwrenching. sigh.I wish I was you, having a chance to play it for the first time...Here's to you commander shepard.Exellent combat system,the powers system(used during combat) gets better with each game. The paragon\renegade morals system is excellent. Are you type that risks saveing allm whith a chance at loosing all and is super nice? or a ruthless hero that easely sacrifices 25 out of a 100 to save the rest?The characters are great, the voiceacting superb. all in all a 10\10 game that should leave you speechless and craving for more!The addons or dlcs are often worth it, some enriching the story a lot.
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