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The first one ordered was faulty so was sent back for a replacement (I also read another review which had this same problem)Although I did get a faulty one the replacement worked very nicely and was very small in comparison to my previous 15 year old "Coleman Mini Stove"I spent ages (and I mean ages) looking at the various types of stoves and comparing between the MSR pocket rocket, MSR micro rocket, Vango Compact Stove & Vango Ultra lite.In the end I decided on the "Vango Ultra Lite Stove" due to price, size and the main thing being the distribution of heat. If you look at the other stoves they don't have such a large surface area for cooking.My thoughts were they would allow better coverage on larger pans and would help cool down quicker. The build quality is good and it's extremely light (have attached some size comparison photos)I've knocked a star (Would actually only give 3.5) due to the faulty one I had and to be honest I wouldn't be too confident this may not break in the future (probably wouldn't take it on a advance exhibition) but a few days camping is fine (Only time will tell)All in all a great Gas burner and I would recommend! (Although
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This is an adorably tiny and compact stove. It fits in the plastic cup that came with the vango two person cooking set which is literally palm size.However the fire itself is really powerful and like it says the water can boil in no time. (Around 3 to 5 minutes) we had a 11 say cycling your around Germany and this stove worked perfectly fine for the 4 nights that we camped.The one small issue could be its balance but once you steady it at the right angle we could cook a standard pot of pasta just fine.It doesn't leave any soot on the pans either which was a great surprise.Over all great product. Definitely recommend it to anyone who needs to travel light.


I took this little stove on a six week hike across Spain while walking the Camino de Santiago and used it pretty much every day. It's small, light and incredibly fuel efficient to the point that I only needed one gas canister for my entire thru hike. Plus it was priceless to see the look on everyone's face as I crashed at the side of the trail and within a few minutes was sat sipping a hot brew or chomping on my morning porridge :DI couldn't recommend this more, like I said in the header this really is the best stove I've ever owned.


This is a great little stove for the money, tiny enough to fit inside my cookset with my cutlery and a small (100g) canister of gas. The boiltime for 500ml of tap water is under 3 minutes in a mess tin, I expect this could be improved on by using a round mug or pot.This stove feels well made and looks like it would stand up well to repeated use. As I intend to keep it in my car along with some cookware and emergency food over the winter, this the perfect little stove for that use, and will be a useful backup to my main cook system.


Unbelievable small, incredibly powerful.Sound like a little rocket and produces a lot of heat.Very quick to boil water when combined with a wind break.I have different size gas canisters depending on how much I'll need it.It is tiny, much smaller than the gas cans.It is perfect for small round pots but will hold mess tins if positioned correctly.I think this will get regular use.It also looks great and is a cool gadget and other people can't help but love it.5 stars


Very nice little stove, extremely lightweight and portable, packs down really small. Burn is good too, lots of heat. Had no problems with it wild camping in moderately extreme temperatures. Suitable for small pots and pans for 1 / 2 person meals. One thing to add is that I have to screw it very tightly onto the gas canister to get a good seal, not a problem but someone might think it's leaking if not done up tight enough.


this very light stove was with me on my last hiking and works perfectly. Adjustment is sturdy and gasflow is steady. Gives a good flame when open full. Also noticed that my Optimus cruz lite heater part fits with this, so i got sparepart to this Vango! Potstands legs could be just a bit tighter, but didn't much bother me. Nice little and powerful stove with small bag with it.


Another quality product from Vango. Complete with its own carry sac, it takes up little space in your rucksack.The stove is also very powerful, heating a litre of water in just minutes. If you're thinking of buying a portable stove to use on your adventures, buy this one! You will not be disappointed.


Perfect. Works like a charm. It is small enough to fit in the mug and light. Cools down quickly and can be packed away.Did have to screw it very tightly on the canister to get it working. However it didn't require any wrench, just hand tightened.Great for two people hiking or camping.


Amazing stove. Super small, very light, and comes with a great little stuff sack. I've seen other more expensive stoves that don't come close to this. The burner's nice and wide, and delivers a really good adjustable flame. At such a great price, don't even think twice !!!


This stove is very light and has a good flame spread, unlike some, which have a concentrated area in the middle of a pan and cause the contents to burn and stick. I see there are similar ones under a different brand with a piezo lighter attached, which may be even better?


The stove is perfect for my needs and is incredibly small. Will comfortably fit in to a mess tin along with a lot of other gear. Sturdy and very well made.Customer service was excellent from the supplier handling my comments in a very professional and timely manor.


The Vango Ultralite Gas Stove I bought is a fantastic bit of kit as it is so small and lightweight and sits perfect inside my optimus weekend he pot along with a gas canister and a fire steel and folding spork.


Just amazing! When I saw it I was so afraid that all my pans would have fell from the top but I was wrong. It's pretty stable and it's so small and light that you can easy carry it wherever you want


boils enough water for a brew stupidly quickly. only slight downside is no windshield as such, havent tried it in more than a faint breeze, but could be an issue. very controllable flame as well.
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