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I have been using one of these models regularly since October 2011. For the price, I cannot fault it. Disregarding the price, there is still very little that can be faulted.I use this for a mixture of car camping, backpacking and cycle touring. My primary motivation in making the purchase was that I sought a remote cannister stove - having watched my pasta slide off a top-mounted stove only to fall about the grass (and similar) a few times over the years, I prefer a more stable, less precarious platform. Sometimes, no matter how much care one takes, it is simply difficult to get a nice flat bit and I feel this is where a remote cannister option comes into its own.This is something I especially like if cooking in my tent porch, as it gives a bit of comfort.Over the five years use, I have had no no defects to complain of. Recently, the hose unthreaded itself and needed to be screwed back on. Also, by now the articulated joints are becoming a bit loose and need a counterpunch taken to the rivets to re-expand them - this doesn't prevent a stable platform from being achieved but does mean, if I've moved it, that I need to check all legs are properly set. After five years, neither of these minor things are anything I have a quibble with. The pan arms are big enough to have at least as good a grip on pan-bottoms as any other stove I've used.If I was being fussy, I would say that the stove is a little on the heavy side compared to some options that are now available. This isn't anything huge in the grand scheme of things - and I was happy to buy this stove again for one of my teenage relatives. However, my most recent stove purchase (for another teenage relative, a firemaple titanium model) is near to half the weight and costs only ten pounds more. 100g here and there adds up over time, but so does £10 here and there - buyers should be guided by what constitutes value for them, neither option is more right.It's as clean a burn as just about any other stove. Only very very slightly sooty and only if you cook on dirty pans or let it build over time does it become any kind of issue (and then only a very minor one). I have cleaned the burner head recently, but this is the only occasion in its history of use and it was mainly from aesthetic motivations. I would prefer if the pan supports raised it a bit further above the burner as I suspect this would lead to more efficient heat transfer and avoid the (minor) hotspots I normally get when cooking. Again, though this is a very minor quibble and in comparison against a companion's stove, it is a little slower but not very significantly.If I was buying a new stove (which I won't be for a while, as this one just keeps going) I would look for one with a primer loop for winter use - if you invert your cannister when anything other than near empty you will get dramatic flaring, it's not really what this one is for. I also like the red box very much, the fit is neat the stove is well protected and, unlike another reviewer suggested, packing does not kink the hose if you're just slightly careful (easy, given I'm a clumsy oaf and it hasn't happened yet). There's room in there to slip in a lighter or a firestick (or both) and there's a drainage hole to release any moisture.I would recommend this stove to anyone who seeks the benefits of a sturdy remote canister stove, a proven performer, who is happier with a weight penalty of around 100-150g than a cost penalty of around £10-15. As an added bonus, this is one of the few pieces of kit that seems to get very slightly cheaper every year. I wouldn't recommend it for any very cold winter use, though, where an alternative fuel type or an option with a preheater may be preferable.
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Bought this to replace a cheap/tacky feeling SunnGas Alpine stove (also with a hose, not a fan of those that sit on-top of the gas canisters).Whilst it doesn't have any on-device ignition (such as piezo starter), the packed size of the stove more than makes up for this; simply carry a fire-steel for a dependable starting method in any weather which works great getting this stove going.All aspects of the hose/fittings feel well made and inspire confidence, meaning you're not worry about packing it into the small plastic box that houses the stove when not in use. I've found it also cools down quickly too,which is nice when you're in a hurry to get moving in the morning.Only downside to the stove initially is the stiffness of the fold out legs (when folding them away from the burner anti-clockwise; though I'm sure with use this will get easier so I don't see it anything to worry about.Cant fault it though, brilliant little stove that'll serve me well; the SunnGass Alpine stove was just too big due to the size/bulkiness of the hose and the lack of plastic box/housing to place it in to compact it. In comparison, this is a well made dependable yet compact stove of which I'm certain will serve me well.
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I have this and also the Douself version available on amazon. The build quality of this Vango one is noticeably better then the douself however the reason I give it 4 stars is that this version does not have an ignition button on it. The Douself one needed the legs adjusted and it was very stiff at start, however this Vango one was perfect right out of the box. Also the case it comes in is great, it will mean I can throw it into my tackle bag and not worry about it being bentPros:High build quality - good metal used on legsAll parts are smooth, not sticking and the pots sit nicely on itComes with the hard case which the Douself one doesntConsNo ignition buttonTwice the price of other versionsConclusionIf your on a budget go for the douself one,if your going to be using it alot go for the Vango one, I am sure it will take more of a beating. If you need one with a strong ignitor on it and high build quality go for the "hi gear inferno"
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I can't tell you if it works yet but for the purpose of a review at this stage, let's assume it does.The build quality is brilliant. It comes in an orange container and folds down nicely. It fits well into the orange container [slight squeeze]. It is light and hiking/backpacking friendly. It's better than I thought it would be and I'm looking forward to testing it out in Snowdonia.The orange lid can be taken off and it will fit neatly inside the smallest ICOCO cooking set pan along with the small spatular and ladle [This cooking pan set is a little larger than I'd wanted but the reviews were good. I have since bought the Stanley Cooking Pot so will update that when it arrives].The lead looks strong and sturdy.[ICOCO 9pcs Outdoor Camping Cookware Set £19.99]- Added for the purpose of showing which set it fits inside of.
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Had a lot of cookers, this is by far the best yet. if you want to run gas and not mfs, you cant go wrong with this, great price too. used for well over a week at loch sheil, no problems, boils my water very quick too, approx a pint for my big mug takes 2.5mins (no wind) not saying winds an issue, we got plenty wind, just took a little more time, didnt blow out though. great build quality too, easy to fold down and store in its own soft plastic box ! highly recommend. even if you are back packing, if you dont mind carrying the gas, its small and light...:)


This was yet another replacement for a trusty bit of similar kit that, whilst still in service ,is starting to show signs of wear,bit like myself, after many years of reliable service with me in the Royal Marines.I have used the new kit in similar all weather conditions and I am confident it will see me out. I have no problem recommending this stove,and again at a very reasonable price.These stoves can be life savers,just don't forget to pack your waterproof matches and fire steel, as previously mentioned it dosen't have integral ignition.


Have used one of these before purchasing so I knew exactly what I was getting for my money. Fantastic bit of kit, truly brilliant. Exceptionally light and can take large or small cannisters. The control nob is fine for my use. I tend to use it for long weekends away airsofting or camping. Paired with british army mess tins you can't go wrong. Yes there are jetboils etc out there but this is cracking for the price. If on an exposed mountain top you might suffer in heavy winds. It folds up tiny and fits in my bergen or even daysack. Love it.


I had been pining for a piped gas lightweight camping stove for about two years, having had my share of rough and wild-camping balancing nightmares with the more common affordable type that screw straight into gas supplies (not fun in woods on a slope), and had never gotten around to getting one due to the prohibitive cost of all the ones seen in stores. This is surprisingly affordable, tough, and, but for being slightly unpredictable or harder to regulate the gas, solves the problem. Now, if only I could deal with the wind.


I bought his as a cheaper alternative to the trangia burner, it's excellent sturdy well built and fits snugly in its plastic boxThese are very stable and kick out some real heat, boiling water in trangia pans in about 5 minutes, we used a small kitchen frypan 8-9" across and it worked perfectly..It is heavier than the variant which screws on top of the bottle, but this offers flexibility and wind resistance as you can have it low down out of the wind, it will scorch grass though so be carefull


This is a top little cooker.I love everything about it.The price is very good compared to other cookers.The power of the flame is something else.I was able to boil 2 ltr of water in strong winds with rain in about 6 minutes.It is so light and well sturdy it hold's big pot's and pan's.It is also great the way you can adjust the gas flame level. Comes with a nice case to protect it.Every one who works outside or love's camping and the outdoors should have one of these.A really top product.


Great little stove. I've taken it on a week long climbing trip (using it multiple times every day), it was very stable and seems very robust. It could boil a kettle of water in a few minutes and judging by the amount of gas I had left at the end of the trip, the stove is very efficient. The little box it comes in is also very tough. The seller also went out of their way to ensure I received the stove next day, despite a late order. I would definitely recommend this product/seller.


I bought the first of these stoves last year and used it on a hike around Edale. It's that good I bought another (this one) for my son to carry. What can I say? It's lightweight, though well made,very robust, and comes in its own carry case. It will also fit inside an OEX Brewsta backpacking kettle, without the case. Boil time is good and when used with a heat/wind shield (recommended for any stove) the flame is very stable producing lots of heat. Fits Coleman type gas cans.


Arrived on time, well boxed and packaged.Have taken this with me on several trips and it performs extremely well. It's small enough to just use a tiny part of the corner of my backpack, along with a small gas canister. Do yourself a favour and get a gas canister converter to allow you to use both types of canister, and this item rocks.Very pleased with it's build, weight and performance after several uses.


This little £20 stove is just about the best compact camping cooker I've ever used. The build quality is brilliant, as is its stability. But the best thing is its control from low simmer to high, very hot burn. This is not a turbo charged water boiler, its a proper little cooker. Its economical, easy to use, clean and maintain. If this stove was twice the price I would still be writing this same review.


Brilliant little stove. Bought to save space whilst camping - wish I’d descovered it sooner. Tiny size but will easily cope with a small pan or small frying pan. We used to lug a campingaz double camping stove with us but won’t be taking it any more as this little stove is all we need. Even took it to the beach and warmed up some hot dogs.Sturdy design. Easy to set up. Would definitely recommend.
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