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As soon as it arrived, I checked it out and loved it so much, I wanted to order another immediately. (But we were camping with 16 other people so there'd be plenty of stove tops so I didn't lol)It's brilliant because you can use any butane gas canister that can be ordered quite cheaply. We went through 2 gas canisters over the weekend but took 4 just in case.It's easy and quick to set up - literally takes seconds - and has an adjustable flame which goes from large to small - so we heated a great big pot of chilli for 15 people in no time at all,and it didn't burn the bottom because I could turn the flame down to simmer. Heated a 2 litre kettle of water in about 5 minutes.You need to buy a shield to stop the wind from blowing the flames out though and we also bought a small foldable metal fishing table to stand it on to raise it off the grass, and also so I could put it on our plastic camping table without worrying about it melting it. ('SunnCamp Small Multi Use Camping/Fishing Table - Grey' and 'Tatonka Windshield 8 Pc' ) the shield we bought is supposed to be for those little round stoves by campingaz etc but on our limited budget, it worked well for this stove, I just placed it around the back and sides.Great price this too!
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I have bought a second one of these for a present after a friend saw mine. I like the safety features where the cannister disengages from the unit internally when not in use, the firm latch to engage the cannister and the ignite switch. I would imagine though these may make if difficult for thse with less dexterity than me.My friend has also found that the electric cooker rings do not heat up quite enouggh for jam making but this howevernjust gets hat bit hotter.In terms of the length of tme the gas lasts,i use mine during our regular power cuts and have replaced the cannister twice a year on average, this is using the machine about once a month for several kettles of water each time and often heating soup etc so it's not too bad and reasonably cost effective. I bought a set of four cannisters as part of the gift which should do a couple of years, but think about where you store them and the one in the unit. I happen to have a large old fridge in an outhouse and in the summer they live there, probably not necessary but keeps me from worrying!
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There are loads of these types of grills around, this is one of the better examples I've used.We've been camping twice this summer and two of these grills have been used 2-3 time a day. The gas is cheap and available anywhere, most importantly it's safe too. Performance wise the gas get's tired quickly, so if you're wanting to boil a huge pan of water (or even a travel kettle) than you'll need a new cartridge, but for sizzling bacon and eggs or a burger etc it's ideal.To get the most our of this you'll need to think about where you're using it,a little bit of wind won't put the flames out but it will stop you pan / grill from getting hot! Find somewhere sheltered or put up a wind break (in the right place!) and you'll be cooking on gas!
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These are great, I really like the design of these new type of gas cookers, they're nice and low and wide so they're much much much more stable than the old campling gaz style cookers that need anchoring.The operation is simple and loading a cartridge is really simple, there is a lever that locks the cartridge into place and when you want to remove it, it self seals with no gas escaping - briliant!It has an electric ignition, so, with the low stable design it really is a camping essential.It also comes with a hard case that is a great little bonus, ensuring the cooker will stay in good working order next time I need it.Very Happy and it came within the stated time so all good.I may even buy another one next year so I have two.
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I must say that I am well pleased with my purchase.Yes, the plastic container that holds it is flimsy but it does do the job.The unit itself works extremely well and the flame ignition works faultlessly.The only comment I'd make is that the entire stove unit gets extremely hot when used and it does take time to cool down. Burnt fingertips are all too easily obtained, however this was also a defect with the very much more expensive Camping Gaz unit I owned previously.Plus points are that it happily takes,safely and correctly, the readily (and cheaply) available Marksman butane cartridges and they give a reasonable life - about 1.5 to 2 hours when the stove is used at maximum heat.At the price it's a fantastic bargain.
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Absolutely no complaints here. Works exactly as expected. Only thing to point out is there is a notch on the top of the gas bottles which needs lining up before locking into place.Like the gas bottles these design of stoves are honestly all identical. Just in different colours and different stickers on them. Going for a more expensive one that is this design is just wasting money. You won't be getting a better product, they're all the same.Use your common sense, read the instructions properly.Practice setting it up and using it in the garden first. Doesn't matter if you go through a bottle of gas whilst your getting confident. The gas it cheap as chips too.
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I just love this portable gas stove.I ordered it from amazon and received just a few days later.Its light, very portable and works extremely well, heats up anything very very fast...( much faster than a conventional kettle boils up water).Having owned this product for over a month now, I must say that i am very happy with this product as it is very good quality, i would recommend this particular model as it has good safety features, especially the gas can lock function.At the moment i have no issues with this product,brilliant simple effective and practical design !...5 stars :)Amazing products guys, thanks ;)max
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Near identical to the Campingaz model, that costs twice the price, but this performs to exactly the same standard. I was amazed how well it performed, the canisters (not included) last longer than I imagined, and I managed to cook breakfast for 4, 3 times, on the same canister. The heat it produces is spot on, it's no compromise at all, I expected it to be half as efficient as my hob at home, but as far as I can tell, my bacon, sausage and egg cooked just as well, in the same sort of time.Highly recommended. Is there a flaw? Well the plastic case it comes in is useless, so I keep it in a re-usable carrier bag instead!
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This stove was purchased as a cheap option until I could afford a bigger and fancier alternative. Used it for 2 camping trips, both with myself and 2 kids. It is fantastic!! After 10 full camping days, cooking at least 2 meals a day and brewing endless cups of tea, I have only used 3 canisters of gas and they are really cheap. I now have no intention of replacing this stove - bigger and fancier doesn't mean better. I would highly recommend this item to anyone who is looking for a stove.Will also be using it for picnics as it's so lightweight and easy to carry (it comes in a fantastic little carry case). Buy it!!
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Bought this cooker for fishing,am not disappointed.Have used it twice,both times quite windy.not gale force,but enough to blow a flame out,not on this tho.Has a wind break close to the flame.Good and stable,I put it on its carry case.Easy to light,turn knob till it clicks,turn back to set flame.Easy gas can change,lift lever to release cannister,push lever down to insert gas can.If you store it in case with gas cannister still inserted,lever will be lifted by case to release gas cannister.Verypowerful,I think very safe.This cooker is the same as the gaz cooker,basically just different color.
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