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I love this stove!!I was looking for an extremely compact stove suitable for camping during multi-day hikes. This one looked like it would fit the bill so I decided to give it a go.My first few uses of it were up on the North York Moors in some pretty miserable weather. Initially I wasn't awfully confident that it would stay alight let alone manage to cook my meal and heat my water for a cuppa. However, I was pleasantly surprised.Even without using a windshield, this little stove never blew out. The raised metal parts dividing the burner into three really do work to stop the whole thing blowing out when there's wind from one direction. Basically,the one section might go out briefly but is quickly relit by the remaining sections of the stove. It makes for a good constant heat.The 'arms' of the stove actually open to a decent width and my cooking pot felt stable. I have used an 800ml pot and that was solid as a rock. I'm not sure how something like a frying pan would fare though - you might need to keep a hand on that.I had a little trouble lighting it the very first time as I couldn't seem to get the gas to flow. However, I soon learnt that you need to turn the gas up pretty high in order to light it, and then turn it down to your required level once it's alight.The box it comes in is not perfect. It just doesn't seem to be the right size for the stove. It just about fits but rattles around a little and is just a bit awkward, It's also a very cheap plastic and easily deforms slightly making it tricky fitting the lid and the base back together. However, it is helpful to have a box to protect it from damage (and probably more importantly from damaging your other kit).The other tiny gripe I have is in the position of the gas regulator. In order to stow the stove away in its most compact state, you actually have to twist the regulator so it is essentially slightly open. This means I have to remember to twist it back to closed before I attach it to the gas bottle again in order for it not to leak gas before I want to light it. It would really be more user-friendly if the regulator was closed in the position in which it is stowed.Overall, this is a fantastic bit of kit. The small issues I've mentioned don't really cause problems and its performance outweighs any negatives. What do you want from a compact camping stove? If, like me, you want something small, lightweight, and that gives a reliable burn, then this one fits the bill.
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I bought this for long distance hiking, and it works great.Obviously one of my main concerns when picking out a stove was the size and this is perfect, its incredibly small and fits in the palm of your hand, i now put this inside its box and then the box fits nicely inside my mini trangia tin, which i still have from my alcohol stove which i am never using again.The stove is very easy to use, just screw it on top of the canister, turn the valve, light it, and off you go. On this note though, make sure you get the Coleman gas canisters, i bought two of the campingaz canisters only to find that they don't have a screw thread to make it compatible with the stove,I think some campgingaz canisters may have this though.The flame on this is very powerful and completely disproportionate to its size, i actually thought it was going to just incinerate my tin at one point so turned it down a bit, but it boiled 600ml of water outside in mildly windy conditions in just under 3 min, which is just as good as the more expensive stoves on the market.Pros:Compact and lightweight, powerfulCons:Valve looks and feels very fragile, though if it broke it wouldn't write off the stove.Highly Recommended
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I've been getting interested in outdoor camping and survival topics lately and have watched many utube videos on the subject. I still cant fathom out why all these guys carry all these various fire starting kits ,tinder and accelerants etc. What could be simpler than screwing this little attachment on to a gas cylinder and lighting it with a BIC lighter?Upon receiving this little attachment (which wouldn't go through my letter box) I simply screwed it to my Coleman gas cylinder (received 2 days earlier), turned it on and lit it.SIMPLE! and obviously you have a ready source of fire to start a traditional campfire if needed.This is exactly as described by the seller and many of the customer reviews I have read on Amazon.A no brainer as far as I am concerned, just buy it!! unless you enjoy rubbing sticks together while others are having a cup of tea. LOL
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At My Age of 60 this year, the overall weight of my Camping Rucksack is getting more and more vital. But.. No-one can afford to go without some Basics. After receiving some rather HUGE packages from Amazon suppliers lately, often twice the size of the internal item, this little Chappy was just packed in a Postable Labeled plastic bag that would fit through the Letter Box. Inside which is a Small Plastic box containing the Smallest Lightest Gas Stove exactly as Pictured. It will fit in your camping Mug !!I use a 0.8L Kettle, and this boiled in under 3 mins. ... Stability has to come from the Gas Cylinder of which I used the Coleman c250 sold here Separately.The Whole experience of this product is almost too good to be true..But true it is,and I would recommend it to anyone looking for this kind of Stove.A Cracking Product at a Cracking Price.
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I've used this product on countless backpacking and cycling trips. I'd estimate that I've deployed it more than 100 times by now. It is a solid and reliable piece of bush-craft kit.The parts that could be susceptible to wear like the bottom gasket and the pin that releases the gas are all in excellent condition. Also, the case is hard wearing and in excellent condition.The only thing to be aware of is that this is a very small unit. While balancing your pot or pan is not necessarily difficult, it does require care. I've seen people with similar units that open a little bit more widely than this one. But I feel that the design and size of this unit is perfectly acceptable.Highly recommended.Very dependable and long lasting kit.
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I have owned two of these for about 3 months now and used them many times. The Pros: 3 solid prongs easy to sit your kettle on, and easy to flip in for storage.Mine came in a small handy orange plastic storage box. Good quality robust construction . Cons: The only negative is the rubber seal. It is either a little too thick or else slightly hard (or both). So you have to be careful to tighten the stove to the gas bottle or else the gas won't flow (the pin being prevented from sinking deep enough by the rubber seal). Warm the rubber seal for a minute or so in your pocket, and double check tightness during use and you''ll soon get the hang of it. I have tried other types of well known brand stoves,but this is my favourite.
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Like it because it boils my breakfast water for my tee and porridge in under 3 minutes. The storage is great in its own box and screws straight to self sealing gas canister. The aluminium pot resting brackets loose their heat fairly quickly ensuring you don't burn yourself after use when unscrewing the canister from the stove.Great for anyone wild camping or simply looking for a stove to heat a single pot. various size of canister put have found the cooper 200 suitable for one on weekend camping but again will depend on usage.Drawbacks are that it can be unstable in wind when using a large pot however this may be compensated if I was to obtain a stand however I am always trying to conserveweight.
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Just back from a week wild camping as I trekked Hadrian's Wall. This came through 100% for me: great weight and compact size for the backpacker, especially if using 100gm gas can. Use purifier tablets for water from streams & lakes, rather than hefting it on your back at 1Kg a litre, and eat fast cook meals like pot noodle. I've used this stove for more substantial stuff but it comes into its own when you need to keep going a week or more - morning coffees included! - with stove and gas combined below 8oz.I note a few reviews complaining that the gas canisters don't screw on as they should. So they obviously got defects. What's the problem? Send it back and get another.


Great piece of kit. I purchased this on the recommendation of a friend who is a volunteer in the mountain rescue. My daughter needed a burner to take for overnight Duke of Edinburgh expeditions. It is small but powerful! I read the reviews on here and the ones that give it 1 star tend to have issues with the burner not working. I have to say when this first arrived I attached a Coleman cylinder to it that we had lying around and nothing happened, no gas would come out. I then bought a cylinder of Jetboil Jetpower fuel and hey presto it worked instantly. I would therefore conclude that perhaps the Coleman cylinder isn't compatible with it...but I'm no expert!


I decided to pay a few pounds more to buy this Vango-branded stove rather than an unknown one (even though they may all come from the same factories of course). I also decided against the lighter weight folding ones as they just seem to be more trouble for a slightly smaller pack size. I was also attracted by the wind-shields on the burners.I couldn't be happier with this. It packs to a nice size, it's got a real quality feel to the fittings, o-rings etc. It's dead easy to use, it has a really strong and nearly all blue flame, it works very well and so far hasn't blown out in the wind.Delighted....


Had this for a little while now, used in the New Forest, in the French Alps and slightly less exciting in the boot of my car when I've been working on site.It's really compact and light which is perfect for hiking and plenty powerful providing you have enough gas. It screws on to gas bottles with a small thread and 100grams of Coleman gas lasted approximately 2+ days worth of porridge and dinners for 3 guys. The arms also spread open to support larger pans although it's worth staying close by incase the water boils and causes it to topple over.Vango cooking pots also highly recommended!


This is a great little stove. It only weighs about a 100g and folds up very small. It is extremely powerful and cooks your food in no time at all. I have used many camping stoves over the years and this one is by far the best! Because of the powerful flame, the wind doesn't really affect it as much as with other stoves.I compared it to the MSR stove which costs twice as much and they look exactly the same and after trying one, do the same job. I would struggle to find a difference other than the name and price.I would definitely recommend this stove.


I use this on a Coleman cartridge and it needs to be screwed down very tightly to enable gas to travel through it properly. As long as it is screwed right down it works fine and the teeth on the pot supports really do a great job of preventing slippage. The gas / flame adjuster may appear to be a little flimsy but is well fixed and easy to adjust.The reason I as giving 4 stars is due to the issue with it needing to be (over)tightened to enable it to work properly - someone with a weak grip could easily slip and damage the flame adjuster.


I bought this stove to use at a recent music festival and it proved to be an excellent purchase. Compact and light, it boiled a 0.6L kettle of water in about 3-4 mins. Despite very strong winds sheltered in the porch of my tent the stove was easy to light and produced a consistent flame. Actually screwing directly onto the gas canister, a flat surface is needed for stability especially with a medium sized pan on it but overall a very good piece of kit. Highly recommended and a bargain at the price.


I've considered myself a 'trangia man' but I wanted a small gas stove for a while because of the size. This certainly hasn't disappointed, I timed it for boiling 500ml when I got it but I can't remember how long it took but I was happy enough at the time. I haven't had a gas stove for years so I can't fairly say like for like but the size/weight is negligible and I can see myself using this with a small can of gas for day walks etc when I can't justify lugging the trangia.
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