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The reviews of this stove is what led me to it and I'm glad I listened to others. Out of the box it looks the part and the solid build of this reflects in the weight. Setting up is a breeze with just 3 clicks and you have a steady base and good steady stand for anything from a thin based cooking cup to a wide pot.The ignition system is a bonus but I would recommend not relying on it as seems flimsy.The flame even when on low is powerful and boiled water in a low wide pot in a little over 3 mins.There are slightly raised fins at each leg that provide some wind resistance but with the design of the head I don't think that even a stiff wind will put this stove out.Packed size is not the smallest but still very compact fitting inside my cup with space to spare on top. I have had smaller stoves but none have given me the confidence that it would last like this one.I purchased the c500 canisters for this and the gas flex is long enough to keep some distance between the 2. With the stove not being mounted directly on the canister it really helps with the stabilty.All in probably one of the best looking and performing stoves I've had. What you sacrifice in size and weight it more than makes up for in performance and reliability.Go buy this stove.
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Just used this throughout a three week camping trip in France and was very pleased with it. Having the stove and gas canister connected like this makes for a more stable set up, also easier to adjust the gas while cooking. Performed well in wind and economical on gas. I got this to replace a Jet Boil which was useless, it caught fire in wind and they require a lot of expensive accessories to use with a pan. Word of warning though if you are going abroad,I have never seen the screw fit gas canisters these require for sale in mainland Europe, all the small camping stoves there seem to be of the type that penetrate the container. I went by car and took plenty of spare gas with me, but if you fly you will be unable to do this, so it might be better to buy a stove in your country of destination.
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I have a safety concern after first use. Here's what happened.I connected the stove to a full Coleman C500 Performance cartridge, opened the gas control and pushed the piezoelectric starter. The gas ignited, with blue flames, and started to heat a saucepan full of water. After a minute or two, the noise made by the burning gas suddenly got a lot louder - I would say it started roaring; very scaryily. The blue flames were absent. I turned off the gas feed, and waited a minute or so, then restarted the burner.Again, blue flames for a tens of seconds, then the loud roaring noise and no blue flames.Is this normal? Do I have a defective item?Update: asked Amazon to replace the item with the same unit - which works fine (hence the higher rating).
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Butt kicking beauty!I've bought three smaller lighter and cheaper burners but now question my own logic. This is not the most compact but oh my... It's quick to heat water. I think it's 3800W. I've got one of those pans with the fins on the bottom and not much heat escapes out of the side and it's brutal! I. Looked at the flame and on the cheaper models noted that when you crank up the gas you get incomplete combustion (yellow tipped flames) but this bad-boy just gets more flame.I use those cheap converters from the official cylinder fitting to use the cheaper 220g long thin butane cylinders. Perfect for a cuppa lickerty split.
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Great little stove that packs away small, light weight and very sturdy. It is great having the electronic igniter that what first click every time. I use this camping away for motor racing weekends and the fact I travel on my motorbike with my son space saving is very important and this ticks all the boxes. Surprising how far the gas cylinder goes especially how hot this burns with the propane / butane mix therefore boils a small kettle in minutes. It also comes with a handy little carrier it folds away into.Would definitely recommend.
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As an ex squaddie I was used to hex blocks solid fuel. This Coleman unit is massively powerful and would easily smelt aluminium. For a swift brew up this is excellent. Likewise boil in the bag. You can turn it down but it is still fierce. Relatively light. Mine is for enduro motorcycle camping so weight is important but not crucial. I don't reckon I'd want it in a bergen though. If my kit was on my back I'd go solid fuel blocks over this.


Used this on Knoydart a few weeks ago. I have to say it was brilliant. Replaced a Karrimor stove, which fell apart after around a dozen uses, total rubbish. This stove however, although a bit heavy for lightwight trekking and doesnt pack as small as some other stoves, seems to be a quality piece of kit, built to last and take the knocks. Piezo lighter is super reliable as well, I didnt need to use the matches once!


I have a number of Coleman stoves as I am a fan and have been for many years. I had the old Apline stove from the '90s and loved it so was really pleased to see this new one. It looks quite different to the old version but I would say the performance is much better and it is lighter weight, the legs fold in easily and the gas hose is a good length so the stove doesnt move around.


Worked really well. Strong flame heats liquid quickly. Would be useful if the gas line was another 4 inches longer. Folds up nice and compact. Also i noticed some reviews said the ignition wasn't so good but mine started first time almost always and it was windy all week.


Just the power you need for the UK weather, though won't burn for too long at maximum power. Always use biggest container to allow for maximum gas take off.
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