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Firstly i'd like to say a big thank you to all the other people that posted a review, 'Protein Shake' is a fairly all encompassing search term and i know from friends experiences that some of them are just evil! I wanted something i'd actually look forward too after a training session.I've only recently started getting serious about my exercise, i'm not hitting weights 24/7 and i don't want to swell to gargantuan proportions, i wanted to lose the middle aged spread through a carefully controlled diet whilst building healthy muscle with the variety of exercise and sports i now enjoy. I spent a lot of time trawling through amazon and the rest of the net looking for 'the right product'and was largely guided to this by the sheer bulk of positive reviews. Thought it was a little pricey initially, but now looking at it as a dietary supplemental its a whole lot cheaper than the food you'd have to buy to get the same nourishment.Couple of people recommended getting a shaker, sound advise i bought the USN shaker that was offered on the same page but any bottle/jar with a water tight lid would do, either way still a hundred times better than whisking with a fork, i want to get fit but not at the expense of RSI.Another tip was to use Milk instead of water, changes the properties but i've allowed for that in the rest of my diet, tastes so good i do genuinely look forward to drinking it, i went for Chocolate flavour and it does taste like a MaccyD's thick shake, without the head freeze. I also discovered adding powder to milk was a better mix than milk to powder.Too early to tell if the results are there but i feel much better the morning after a session, so it must be doing something.
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I've been training seriously with weights for around 30 years now (I'm 45) and since around age 32 I've seen a noticeable drop in both strength and stamina.  Around 6 months ago it occurred to me that I wasn't recovering well between workouts and my workout intensity had dropped.  As I started to think about the reasons for this, I realised that,  aside from expected age related performance loss, that I'd neglected my nutrition, so set about correcting this with supplementation. Having used many supplements in my former years, I knew that I wanted 1) a high protein to carb ratio,  so as not to encourage dead weight gain.  2) easy to mix,  as this usually means easy to drink,  3)good taste.  Having read the reviews I chose the USN GF1 and I have to say it was a good choice,  so I'm not planning to change.It mixes well in water,  although at the recommended quantities (56g to 300-350ml water),  it's a little too watery for my taste so I mix mine with skimmed milk and it tastes good that way (particularly the strawberry). Even mixed with milk,  it's light and pleasant to drink, unlike some cheaper brands I recall from years back that were like drinking wallpaper paste. I've found it to be light on the digestive system,  but most importantly I'm confident that my body is getting the nutrition it needs to repair itself as my aches/pains are much reduced and my workout intensity is more consistent. At 120kg I'm now leaner than I was at the same weight in my 20s and my strength is slowly increasing again.I'd recommend this to anyone who trains regularly with good intensity and wants to gain/maintain lean muscle.
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Great taste, smooth and chocolatey, easy to mix in a normal bottle, (don't need a branded shaker) and really works. Been upping the training now it's closed season and bulking up before specific training later in pre-season (rugby) and have gained almost 6kg within a couple of months training 3-4 times a week on major muscle groups without an increase in fat levels. Noticeably aids in speedy repair/recovery after very heavy sessions of 3RM strength work compared to some other products on the market with no 'wind' problems that have been associated with maximuscle products in the past.Update:Now on to the 3rd pack, you get 3 silver sealed bags in the larger 4kg bucket which is enough for a couple of months using it once daily and twice on days with very heavy sessions.Maintaining my weight well with continuing improvements in strength. Definitely helps recovery and improvements in musculature after the burn of in season muscular endurance circuit sessions. All measurements have increased, (except thankfully the waistline).
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I use this before bed every night and have been since November 30th I don't wake up feeling hungry like I used to, my muscles do seem to recover a little bit quicker than before, I have chocolate taste pretty decent a little sweet for my missus but I like it, it has a tendency to clump when shaking I have tried in smartshaker, Lonsdale shaker and maxi muscle shaker even with a fork , the best way to mix in my opinion is chuck it in a bullet style blender with approx 350 ml water , I'm guessing it's so thick because that's what keeps you full and helps release the protein slow ? Either way I will be getting a second tub when this runs out I hope this helps,I'm not biased I wasn't asked to reviewI Baugh the this with £5 off with amazon coupon for £30.95 I also use my protein banana impact whey, metrx creatine caps, my protein zma and NoXlode xe blue razz , ,, it's a winning combination if you ask me
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Love the creamy blend of this shake. I'm using it as a meal replacement shake for weight loss and also when I'm working out. Haven't tried any other flavours but the chocolate really is good. Used another made before this one and had to blend with skimmed milk to achieve the same creaminess.The protein content is really high and the carbs are the lowest I have found in a shake. I find that it really does fill you up and keep you going until the main meal in the evening. I have 2 - 3 shakes during the day and 1 main meal in which I try and incorportate a balanced meal with vegetables, protein and fruit/nuts.I don't have a lot of weight to lose - about 10lbs of good living in the last few monthsthat catch up on you - but this method usually gets me back on track!
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Contacted Amazon as the bottle that arrived does not look anything like the advertised item. The label states GF1 instead of IGF-1 and looks like a cheaper label. I've gave 1 star based on the fact I have doubts on the authenticity and this makes me uneasy.The product itself I'd give 5 stars based on the previous 10 bottles I've used, it has just the right consistency and isn't sickly sweet tasting like most proteins.Edit: Had confirmation from seller within the hour so top marks to them. USN is currently rebranding so this is the latest product. I have since returned to the USN website and they are slowly updating the pictures.Seems odd to drop the IGF-1 label but maybe the world is running out of the 'i'vowel.
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I ordered USN Pure Protein GF-1 2000 g Chocolate which was supposed to come together with shaker which I never received. However, I received the protein powder, which I wasn't going to keep because when placing an order it shows blue tub and once order is complete it shows white tub which we are not very keen. We liked protein powder which used to come in blue tub with better taste. White tub tasteless. I am not sure whether they discontinued the blue tub. Just awaiting to receive refund for the shake £5.15 which I never received it. I am hoping blue tub comes back in the market.


I have tried many shakes in the past but this one definitely comes out top. For me who wants to get lean muscle and not put on too much size it's great. Low in carbs and tastes great. I bought the Chocolate one and it tastes just like a nice milk shake. I used to use maximuscle and tried different flavours, but always had to add sugar, as the taste was awful. Also the others were so bad that I used to have it with milk to make it bearable (ok I guess if you're putting on size). This one is great with water and a good old shake.


Quick delivery. Saw results for lean tonning with working out an hour for everyday of the week.not too much of heavy weights but the results were noticeable. Sometimes with extra scoops the powder doesn't mix that we'll. It does have an odd aftertaste with the chocolate one . But i was happy with the results. Don't expect to gain mass with this one because it's low carb . I will be trying out some of the other products for a putting on a bit mass.


I bought this product after looking for a robust protein source without putting lots of fat on.I haven't been using this for long enough to give a detailed review but I have noticed since I've been using it, my midriff has slimmer and I've gained two pounds in muscle.Also, it tastes great and makes a really nice chocolate milkshake (use electronic blender). It's so tasty that my partner regularly steals some to make shakes.


I bought this because of the low fat/carb profile and better taste and price than the Bio-Synergy Whey Better products I'd been using. The chocolate variety tastes very good - so much so that I occasionally worry that I've been sold 2.28Kg of chocolate cake mix! Mixes reasonably well once shook vigorously although small clumps remain. Does it work? I have no idea - we'd need a well formulated trial to know that.


In my personal opinion, this is one of the best on the market. I have been using continuously now for about 8 months and my body shape has improved massively. Of course, hard work at the gym is required, on it's own this will have no effect but I have been going to the gym for years and been reasonably fit and strong but combining this with the USN creatine powder, I have seen excellent lean muscle development.


As a guy in his 40's and getting back into training, using the bodylastics system also bought from Amazon, I thought I should take in some extra protein. Now 15 years ago was the last time I had a protein shake and I have to say they used to taste bloody awful, but this stuff is great it tastes amazing (chocolate) and mixes very easily. I will write another review on the benefits in a few weeks.


I really cant rate this highly enough ive tried many different brands and am over awed with this product. Taste is the best on the market barr none. The fact it has very low carbs is ideal for trimming and increasing just muscle. Used now for a year and ive gone from strength to endurance so that i can start running. This has helped massively and im now the best ive looked for years.


With most whey product you can over do it with the amount of water you put in not this it's quite rich but not sickly! With 2 large scoops ensure you put it enough water! Chocolate is great but the flavour is irrelevant what's important is the gain & you'll gain some good size with this plus it's filled with loads of vitamin! Go try it!
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