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I regularly go to the gym and also do many dance and HIIT classes so often suffer from DOMS (those pesky post-exercise muscle aches). I was pleased to hear that these branched chain amino acids could help speed recovery and curb the aches.The supplement comes in a HUGE pot that's only about half full with the mixing powder. A little plastic serving scoop is provided in the tub and it's easy to dispense the product.It does advise you to mix 2 scoops in a shaker with 500-750ml of water which obviously works well, but I find that it's no problem just to drop it in a glass of water and stir it. It dissolves well into a radioactive looking orange drink.The taste is absolutely VILE!It's really artificial tasting and you can certainly taste the artificial sweetener Acesulfame K (which is a questionable and potentially dangerous ingredient for your health in any food or drink and one I'd prefer not to be ingesting - very similar to aspartame). Taste-wise I think if you were used to using artificial sweeteners you might not find it so bad, but as I actively avoid them it was a bit of a surprise to my poor tastebuds.If you are considering using this supplement in the long term you may want to look into this ingredient before continuing. It would be slightly ironic to try to improve your health and body with a product that could actually cause some serious health implications.On the plus side there are no added sugars or carbs and Vitamin B6 has been included to aid the uptake of the BCAAs in your body. This is also handy since I was taking B6 separately.Due to an absence of caffeine or other boosters this is not a fast acting pre-workout supplement, but that's certainly a bonus for me as I don't get on very well with products which are too stimulating as they keep me awake at night! This supplement seems to have no other immediate effects aside from improving my overall performance.I find that I can drink this once a day, whatever time, and it aids my performance in the gym and in any cardio activity. I feel like I can work out for the same period but pushing myself a bit harder without feeling prematurely fatigued, or workout at the same pace as usual but for a bit longer. It obviously doesn't make you into some kind of superhero (!!) but it certainly does help you reach your limits. I also don't feel the muscle aches that I used to have afterwards - amazing!There are 36 servings in the tub (unless you weigh over 85kg in which case it's half that amount as you're advised to take 4 scoops each time instead of 2).Would I buy it? Probably not, but only due to the fact I wouldn't choose to take the artificial sweetener. I shall certainly be seeking a BCAA product but an alternative one which doesn't have this questionable ingredient.
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Im not a huge fitness fanatic and go to the gym 2-3 times a week for a basic maintenance routine .This is mainly down to the fact I have arthritis and my physio and my body told me its better getting regular exercise , especially on my leg muscles .I have never really used any supplements for gym workouts- for a while I used to take some soya protein and someone told me beetroot juice helps with workout strength- but it had an adverse reaction to my bowels !So I was curious about trying this. Firstly it blends well enough , the taste is a bit bitter- not tongue scrapping awful but not so good I would sip it.You are meant to take it 2 teaspoons mixed together in a shaker or sometimes I just stir it in a glass as it does blend well.You take it during or after your workout .I sometimes feel a bit sluggish and my legs can ache if my arthritis is playing up , and also when I'm premenstrual. I'm trying to build my workout up more and doing activities like the trx classes but my legs have been very painful after in the past. Which usually ends up in me giving up classes !I haven't noticed any fatigue since using this product and have been able to gradually increase my routine- even when generally my legs would be aching they seem to be building up better.To be honest I was pretty surprised - its not a miracle solution but more a very subtle progress and I have been able to go a whole month gradually increasing my workout and not feel so fatigued . Its great because Im not expanding my routine to new classes and workouts that I wouldn't have tried before .At first I thought this was expensive but I haven't used a lot but for the relief of not feel sore and my health improving its definitely worth it.Even if you not a body builder or high fitness fanatics I would say consider this. If you genreally have any aches, fatigue or want to just increase your fitness I would suggest trying this.
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Although it's packaged looking a lot like an energy drink for pre-workout use the real benefit of taking BCAA's is to minimise the damage to your muscles while you workout and promote their repair afterwards. There's no caffeine or Beta Alanine in here either so if you need that pre-workout boost you need to get that from another product. This USN BCAA Power Punch comes in a big tub covered in tiny printing and when you open it you discover it's literally half-full of product - I know products settle in transit but I wish supplement companies either had better spatial awareness or, perhaps more importantly, more respect for their customers and delivered things in appropriately sized tubs instead of half-empty ones.But anyway...The powder smells a bit weird (like fruity beef) but actually tastes pretty good once you mix it with water in a shaker. It dissolves easily enough but the instructions (when you find your magnifying glass) say to shake it for 30 seconds. The tangerine flavour is totally fake but it masks or replaces any unpleasant taste the active ingredients may have well and this tastes like a drink you'd drink because you're thirsty and not a choke-it-down supplement. The amino profile seems good and there's no sugar or carb's in here, despite the sweet tangy flavour.Of course it's difficult to quantify what the effects are - unless you find, as some people do, that you ache less because of taking BCAA's - but it's a very palatable way to slake your thirst if nothing else and if it comes with some added muscle-boosting benefit then that's great. The only thing that isn't so great is the price, it seems very pricey to me. For most of us there are 36 servings in the tub -- the recommended dose is 2 scoops in 500ml of water -- but if you're over 85kg in weight it's suggested to double the dose and use 4 scoops, so that gets even pricier.
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What you get here is a BCAA mix of 2:1:1 ratio. If you're into your weight lifting then you'll know the benefits that these aminos bring. I've tried them in pill form and also powdered mix both from MyProtein. Many pre and intra workout mixes have them added too.This product is sugar free (sweetener used is sucralose). You mix two scoops with water and it turns bright tangerine orange. It tastes pleasant - like a diluted orange squash. It's something I quite enjoyed and could see me using as an intra workout. You get 72 scoops/36 servings in the tub and a serving comes in at 35 calories. It's a very pleasant way to take a dose of aminos.My only issues are that the packaging is a bit awkward.When you break the seal the outer cover keeps slipping off so you have to be careful not to lose it. It also doesn't say whether it's suitable for veggies or vegans. I've tweeted the company to ask but they haven't replied. I suspect it is okay for veggies but there's a chance the aminos are animal derived meaning not not suitable for vegans. There's lots of information on the packaging but it's difficult to read as the writing is tiny.One last thing - this is not a pre workout mix. There's no caffeine in it. Many pre and intra workout mixes will contain BCAAs but the buzz you get is mainly from the caffeine. So don't buy this thinking it'll will do a similar job to a strong caffeine mix.Overall a great product but with frustrating packaging with no veggie/vegan information provided.
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I've tried a few BCAA products recently including the revolting-flavoured Warrior Supplements 360 g Blue Raspberry Aminos BCAA Powder and the quite tasty but overly-tingly USN BCAA Amino Gro Supplement, Fruit Fusion - 300 g. I'm still not sold on the benefits of BCAA supplementation - the scientific literature isn't very conclusive about it. What I can say is that this tangerine flavour is very drinkable compared to many; it has too much sweetener for my liking but that is the norm in these products unfortunately. At least this one tastes good.There's a high dose of vitamin B6 to be aware of, glutamine and BCAAs in 2:1:1 ratio.Unlike USNs other BCAA supplement I've tried that gave me significant (and nearly immediate)paresthesia (pins & needles - more like a prickly tingling sensation), I believe this one has lower beta-alanine concentrations so I didn't notice much sensation. Again, I was also irritated by the partially-full tub (pictured when first opened) - sold by weight not volume, but still a bit misleading to the buyer.I train regularly but don't do body building / muscle isolation so I can't really justify the spend on this product myself. It's better value than some BCAA on the market and is very drinkable stuff during training - no issues of gastric distress or bad taste lingering. It's probably my favourite of these BCAA supplements but I'm not sold on these being a must-have part of my diet.
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First impressions: I found this was VERY difficult to open (and still do). It comes in a smooth round tub, which is uncomfortably large for my (small and feminine!) hands to grip. On top of that, the product information is printed on a loose plastic wraparound which just slides round and round when I try to take the lid off.Mixing: it mixes easily. Two scoops in 500ml of water is what they recommend, and I found it mixes in really easily (you don’t have to shake for 30 secs as it says in the instructions!).Colour: It is ORANGE! Really, really orange. It has even stained my water bottle orange! What’s this about then?You’d think that this would be a product aimed at people who are trying to stay healthy – so why all the extra colouring chemicals???Taste: This is where, for me, it starts to gain points. I quite like the taste (although I agree this is a very personal thing). At least it isn’t too sweet – which is a great relief.Does it work? Well, I have used it before and after a training run – and I definitely thought that I had more energy during the run and recovered quicker afterwards.I have also used it on a day long hill walk (I took two x 50ml bottles of water with me and made it up as I needed it); I found it refreshing to drink during the walk, and probably helpful in reducing tiredness – though it’s hard to say.Overall, I am quite impressed with it and intend to keep using it.
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Those who are used primarily to taking protein powder will perhaps be surprised at how small this tub of powder is. Do not be discouraged because the scoop inside is really small and you only need 2 in your drink bottle. I have been training hard for a few weeks and was feeling generally quite fatigued, so I thought it was a good time to try this. I can't say if this works or not, but only that after a workout I have sipped down a bottle and I do feel energised, and actually quite quickly. USN say it is proven, I think you will just have to see if it works for youThese type of products are notoriously bitter as opposed to the rancid cheesiness of protein powder. Given the bitterness,I think the choice of tangerine as a flavouring is inspired as it results in a quite authentic bitter orange sort of taste that works. I wouldn't go as far as USN and call it delicious but it is pleasant enough to sip, which as it is an advertised use during training isn't bad.All in all this is easy to mix, tastes quite nice, is easy to get down and makes you feel energised after exercise. Whether it helps you achieve your training goals is up to you, but it might help and therefore I can recommend it.
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I've been taking unflavoured BCAAs (this combines glutamine and citrulline malate too) pre-workout for some time. So I know how unpleasant the taste USN is trying to mask is and reckon they've done a good job with the flavouring, although it's not the nicest drink. Around a third of the protein in muscle is BCAAs which must come through diet, so they can only help when you're trying to add muscle mass (but will have no effect if you don't work hard at the gym). Glutamine is an amino acid that is broken down during a workout so supplementing on it can help protect gains made working out, but it more usual to take it after a workout to replace what you've used rather than pre-workout.Overall,this makes for a worthwhile pre-workout or intra-workout supplement, because while my weight remained stable (I wasn't trying to lose weight), I have noticed improved muscle definition. I suspect that may be down to the citrulline malate which can act as a diuretic, an effect I noticed in the early days of using this (even though I keep well hydrated and so don't suffer water retention issues).
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I'm just starting weight training again after having years off due to injury and soreness is immense. I'm hoping this this will help me in recovery. I was pleased to see that this includes Glutamine - something I was going to buy separately! I failed to note with when I bought it and was pleasantly surprised to read it on the label when it was delivered.Removing the lid, the smell isn't too pleasant. Mixing 2 scoops in a glass of water the Tangerine colour comes into play. The taste is good - like tangerines and very refreshing. I actually look forward to a glass. There's no bloat, nor wind, just a nice orange drink.It's very difficult to comment upon 'effects' as such, especially when we are talking amino acids,but I have every confidence that introducing this to my diet is doing more good than not having it at all.If you are looking for a good, cheap brand of BCAA that's nice tasing and has the bonus of Glutamine, I'd recommend this.
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USN are one of the market leaders in sports and fitness products and I have used many of their post workout products, which I find very effective. I thought I'd give this a try as a pre/mid workout energy drink. I usually just sip on water during my workout. I tried this drink, which comes in powder form in a large tub. I would prefer the tablet form or pre-mixed drinks in a small bottle. Sometimes I just rush out to the gym and don't have time to mix up this drink, so in that respect it's quite impractical. That said, it mixes together well. The taste is very artificial and it looks a toxic colour, but I did find I had more energy about 30 mins after taking this.I was definitely able to push myself more and felt better during and post workout. Would I recommend this? Yes, if you have the time to prepare it. As stated, the tablets you can buy are more convenient but work out more expensive. Overall though, a good product
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This product actually made me gain approx 6kg of pure unadulterated muscle in 12 hours.I went to the gym at 6am (as I do, Every. Single. Day. #doyouevenliftbro)By 6pm I had quite literally transformed into a beast, looking to lift things in all corners of the gym, whether it be weights, people, plant pots...etc! One slight downside was that I did however lose my job, as I didn't turn up that day and was on a final warning. Personally, I don't mind as it's all for the #gainz and as I have a holiday in IBIZA coming up, man's gotta get big! This product goes perfectly with my life of DJing, #beachlife, looking HUGE in shirts that are too small for me, skinny legs, flip flops and socks, deep house music,love island, man bags.. you get the picture! If this is you, then look no further my friend!Just don't drink too much or you may actually become too large and lets be honest, nobody wants to be too large do they.
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First day trying this I found myself being able to push myself that little further on my workouts. I'm unsure if it's the drink or just that day.I would feel fatigued after doing the free weights on the bench. But the day I brought this with me I felt like I had more energy left in my arms to do more sets.Now near the end of my first tub, I'm used to the routine of having this with me on the gym days.The taste is a little sweet for watermelon. But there's an odd aftertaste, even after 3 weeks you notice the odd taste. It's like pen ink is the best I can compare with. But just not as strong.I will try a different flavour the next time around.The water melon is sweet like the KA brand ofwatermelon.
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Love the taste of the watermelon flavour. It tastes more like the sugary watermelon candy than actual fresh watermelon but definitely still good for anyone who likes that type of flavour and has a bit of a sweet tooth!It keeps me energised throughout my workouts, even just a quick sip feels like it boosts my energy straight away.. and the sweet flavour helps suppress any hunger I might have had beforehand so that my belly is not aching as I try and work out. I feel like it's much better value for money than most other BCAAS I've seen out there, bought two so far and can't fault them as of yet.


I have now tried this a few times before and during exercise and it seems to work ok.I tried it as a pre-workout drink before hitting the gym (treadmills, bike and light weights) and to be honest it is slightly too much to drink pre-workout. It did seem to give me a little bit extra during the workout, but I am not sure if that was all in my head or an actual physical effect. normally with these type of powders you get a slight tingle from them and this does the same.The taste is not too strong (pleasant enough), but it does have a bit of colour to it so it did stain my bottle slightly.


I got back into weightlifting after a two year break and I've gained 4kg over the past six weeks using this BCAA stacked with USN Creatine. Chose the tangerine flavour and its really nice, tastes just like orange squash and mixes perfectly with no chalky residue left over unlike some supplements I've used over the years. I also like the fact that its only a 400g tub at a good price so I can change flavour more often which is always a bonus. Highly recommend it, I'll be buying more!
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