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This is a vegan protein blend that is dairy, lactose, wheat and gluten free and is also very low carb. It’s plant-based protein made from soya protein, hemp protein, sunflower protein, pea protein and brown rice protein. Nutritional info as stated on the label (per 30g scoop): 110 calories, 25g protein, 0.7g fat, 0.6g carbs (0g sugars).I was intrigued after reading The Protein Works’ bold claim that this is “the the world’s greatest-tasting vegan protein powder” and also a bit anxious having noticed so many reviews complaining about the taste and texture. I have to say that I’m actually very pleasantly surprised! I got the chocolate flavour and while taste is of course a subjective thing,this has to be the best-tasting vegan chocolate-flavoured protein powder I’ve tried so far (prior to this, my favourite vegan chocolate proteins were Vega and Phd Superfood). It tastes a bit like chocolate milk even when mixed with just water. It’s sweetened with steviol glycosides and it’s just the right amount of sweetness - doesn’t taste artificial or too sweet as if it’s masking all the plant proteins (as is sometimes the case with these powders).I’d also mention that the powder creates a very smooth shake - no grittiness whatsoever so it’s perfect for an instant shake made with water. If you follow the instructions, you’ll be mixing 1 scoop of powder with 150ml water but if you’re not too keen on the thickness or strength of flavour, try using 250ml-500ml water per scoop. The chocolate flavour also tastes great blended with banana or strawberries for a protein-packed shake or made into a protein porridge.My only criticism has to be that no scoop in included (I got the 1kg bag). Really not sure if this should have been included in the bag but it makes it very difficult to measure the protein without a scoop and I've never come across protein without a scoop supplied before!! You need a scoop that holds a level 30g of the powder and after a bit of experimenting, I found that a level 1/4 cup measuring spoon is just the right amount for this. Disappointed by the inconvenience of not being supplied with a scoop though as I have to weigh out the protein when I want a smaller portion.SUMMARYFrom my own experience, trying to find a good vegan protein powder can be difficult (and expensive!) as there’s usually some issue with taste or grittiness but this one has a superior flavour that’s comparable to any whey protein powder, in my opinion. You also get a lot of protein for your money (and for the calories per portion). I definitely recommend giving it a try - you don’t have much to lose with the smallest 500g bag and if you really don’t like it and you’ve got a food processor, the protein makes great raw vegan bliss balls made with dried fruit and nuts. Still disappointed about there being no scoop supplied in my bag, but it's a great tasting vegan protein powder nonetheless.
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Like all protein products one has to take a bit of a sharp intake when the cost is known. There have been countless online articles about protein pricing and I've seen TV programs about the same subject. Bottom line is that the profit margin would make an oil sheik tremble sometimes.So whenever I get this stuff to review I'll take it even if it tastes grim.However, Protein Works bag of protein powder is - compared to many brands - reasonable value. 2kg of protein powder is a good sized amount to be honest.In terms of protein its right up there with the best with 25g of protein per serving. That's the important bit and the amount of information about protein use if you are doing a lot of gym work is well known.Bottom line is that if you are putting in the effort you need plenty of protein and of course a shake is a good way of getting it. For me I use it as a meal replacement as well if I'm not having a full on day when I try to keep the calories down a bit.Like other vegan shakes I've tried you really have to put it with plenty of water otherwise it goes the consistency of wet concrete. I'd say you need to almost double the fluid amount compared to dairy based shakes.Taste? Okay I guess. I accept that its not the food of the Gods and that the reason I take it is for protein not because I'm after a gourmet dinner. That being said its okay. I use it with water not milk in order to keep the calories down and its perfectly drinkable.Speaking of calories, this is a great option if you are counting the calories because there is almost no fat at 0.6g per serving and zero - a big fat zero grams of sugar. And for me that's a huge plus as some time ago on an offshore medical the doctor told me to reduce my blood pressure which I did by cutting out sugar.So overall if you are looking for a high protein shake which is very low in fat and zero sugar then this is a great option. Flavour isn't fantastic but neither is a gagging as well. Overall, highly recommended if you fit that mould.
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Even though I'm mostly vegetarian I usually avoid vegetarian or vegan protein powders because they're usually soya-based and Soya offers an incomplete (or at least lacking) amino profile and even contains protease inhibitors which can inhibit protein absorption, which is obviously totally counter-productive. This vegan option from The Protein Works is a bit different and offers a blend of non-animal proteins including Soya, White Hemp, Sunflower, Pea and Brown Rice, so you're getting a more comprehensive range of amino acids and avoiding the bloated feeling Soya can give on its own.I got the Choc Silk variety and the powder itself is extra fine and mine has a lot of dark flecks through it whichturned out to be unblended cocoa powder - giving the bag a shake before you begin helps to blend them better. It mixes quite well but you will need a shaker or blender for best results, those granules of cocoa can survive a good mixing but they're kinda nice anyway. The chocolate flavour is quite grown-up, much more like cocoa than a candy bar, and isn't over-sweet - this is the first protein powder I ever tried that might be nice warmed up, although I haven't actually tried it that way yet. I've tried Hemp protein powder on its own before and although it offers a very good easily digested protein drink it does have a distinctive nutty earthy flavour which some people might find off-putting but this blended protein powder doesn't have that.There's a generous 25g of protein in each serving and you can use milk or water, although I find it a bit insipid mixed only with water. I don't get any bloated feeling afterwards and it seems to be easily digested. My only negative comment would be that it seems a bit expensive compared to standard dairy-based protein shakes and so strict vegetarians are paying a bit of a premium - on the plus side I think this is probably the best vegetarian protein shake I've tried, both from a nutritional and flavour point of view.
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This is my first ever protein shake and I am very pleased with it. I bought this for just over £11.00 on Amazon (BARGAIN!!!)Low in fat and sugar and packing more than 25g of protein per serving. Also love the fact this contains a very good blend of protein, i.e. Soya Protein, White Hemp Protein, Sunflower Protein, Pea Protein, Brown Rice Protein.I was worried about the powder not mixing well and leaving lumps. From my experience so far it all depends on what type of shaker you have. At first, I used my smoothie maker container to shake the powder in water and it did left a few lumps. But then I bought a proper protein shaker from my local Tescos (MaxiMuscle 700 ml shaker) for £3.50.This container comes with a mesh so as you shake your protein in water, it actually leaves no lumps at all!!Another tip is to add water first in your protein shaker then add the protein powder then mix it quickly - this avoids the powder sticking on the bottom of the shaker. This also gives a nice smooth texture.The Chocolate Silk taste is not too bad - it does have a slight chocolate flavour to it. As this is a protein powder and I take it for muscle mass I wasn't expecting a super taste anyways. For people who want an extra tasty protein shake, you can add a few drops of Vanilla essence or milk or sweetened non-dairy milk. Almond Milk tastes great with this protein powder.Another way to make it tastier is to make it as a proper smoothie - with banana, berries etc.I really don't have any cons therefore 5 stars! I will definitely buy this product again!
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The vanilla one had an unpleasant "fake sweetener" aftertaste that I hated at first. I've never liked stevia ! You get used to it pretty quickly though, so it doesn't bother me now. I mixed mine with water and it was fine. I tried it with cashew milk too, but had the most awful bloating and wind so I won't be using nut milk again !After what some other reviewer mentioned, I went to their website, where it turns out there are constantly big savings to be made, so I bought some of their other stuff there.The chocolate one is nice enough, no complaints. And the unsweetened version is good - that's the one I will stick to from now on I think.I put 300ml water in a jug, add the powder,stir with a spoon then transfer to a glass bottle with lid and give a good shake. Rarely any issues with clumpy bits so I don't really understand why others complain about this aspect - clearly you are not stirring/shaking enough people !Quite filling I think - I've had a bad habit for years of only eating a banana for brekkie as I've never been a breakfast person (trying to change this now I'm training). A bottle of this keeps me going for a couple of hours , whereas I might need 2-3 bananas to do the same.
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I bought this one directly from their site but keep checking on here for a better deal as I want it through prime!I’ve read some of the reviews on here and long and short of it, if you’re moving from a whey protein or have never ever tried a vegan protein before then you need to set expectations of what is possible without shoving a load of sugar, additives etc to mask the ‘organic’ taste of what is a natural product. Truth is, whey protein does taste better and mixes smoother because it’s not plant based. But you’re buying this because it IS plant based and the value both nutritionally and environmentally, that comes from that is insane!!But let’s get this straight, I’ve tried over 6 other vegan protein powders.Things like Vega, huel etc, and none of them taste close to what I would expect from a vegan product. This one though is outstanding. It mixes well, especially considering there’s a blend of plant proteins in there, the taste is really so good, mixed with almond milk would be a top tip from me and the texture is smooth not lumpy.It’s the best vegan protein you'll Find. Take it from someone who’s tried the lot!
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I ordered this for my girlfriend, who is both keener on exercise than I am and vegan. She generally has it once or twice a week during or after some kind of exercise session. We have also tried adding a little when making a smoothie, though with the other ingredients this wasn’t really noticeable (this could be useful for those who don't like the taste).She’s tried it mixed with both soya ‘milk’ and coconut ‘milk’. Normally she mixes it just by shaking it in a bottle, though this doesn’t give perfect results – there are normally some lumps that don’t fully dissolve, though these get caught in the filter on the shaker. She likes the taste, but then it’s hard to go wrong with chocolate in her book.The main thing of course is the effect.She hadn’t used protein powders before, but now she does think that she is recovering faster after exercise and less ravenously hungry too. She definitely intends to continue using protein powders once this packet runs out, though may try some other brands/flavours before settling on a favourite (this one would be a contender, but we haven’t tried others to compare it to yet).
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A great way to get some extra protein for post workout recovery or boost a low protein diet. I am using the Vanilla flavour and it mixes really well in a regular shaker (I have a Sistema one). No lumps whatsoever in my experience. A 30g scoop contains 25g of protein and is a good mix of soy, hemp, sunflower, pea and brown rice protein. Sweetened with steviol which is a safe and natural calorie free sweetener but does have a slightly bitter aftertaste. I generally go for unsweetened, unflavoured versions of these products and either neck them ignoring the taste (it is what is in it that counts!) or mix with smoothies or porridge but I'd say this is pleasant enough to drink on its own.Didn't come with a scoop but I had one from another product and weighed that so I know 2 of them scoops = 30g! I'm a long time vegan and exercise a lot. I'm obsessed with protein as you need it for muscle repair. Mostly my diet covers this well but a quick boost is good particularly if you are out and about faced with nutritionally poor catering options. Pleased with it and a 2kg bag will last a long time!
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I take protein shakes after swimming and other exercises if the activity has been high intensity, so I don't take them every day. This one seems to do much the same job as any others I have tried, being a shake it is taken up faster and so it is somewhat advantageous over eating food to gain the same amount of protein. I don't take a large amount, just something supplementary so this ticks the boxes for me. It comes with a scoop so you can get the measurements right and the bag is resealable (1 scoop per 200-250 ml water).The only minor is that the taste is a little underwhelming. I didn't find it unpleasant, just a bit Meh, but I guess this isn't a milk shake for a sunny afternoon sipping.I gave this a good shaking and on drinking I felt a few lumps where it had clumped up. The next one I shook it so long and hard it was a work out of its own, it was a better, but I detected a few lumps here and there.The big plus for this is that this is all plant protein.
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(EDIT: added a star. I stand by my own opinion but my nephew took this to try and after initially sharing my opinion, he's now switching to it over his usual brand, despite the price difference - and he is TIGHT. He IS lactose intolerant and after using it a few times over a couple of weeks he says he feels a big difference. Whey protein supplements don't affect him as badly as less processed milk products but given a comparison he now feels like they were still bloating him up.)I'm remarkably easy going when it comes to supplements, but... apparently I've met my match.The actual nutritional information, and the fact it's lactose free,look good but the flavour is pretty awful with a really earthy aftertaste.If you have to go dairy free your options are a lot more limited but I'd want to do a as much research as possible before going with this.
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I've purchased this product (chocolate flavour) as a supplement to my diet. As I follow a mostly vegan diet, I was recommended this product to get proteins.To be honest, the first time I tried this product, I didn't like it at all. I used only water and the texture was very strange, I wasn't able to go over a few sips. Then with time it got better. I switched to milk (I tried semi-skimmed once, almond, hazelnut, coconut) and started to sieve the shake before drinking it.In my opinion, the best milk to mix it with is coconut. It doesn't cover the chocolate flavour. It doesn't even need to be sifted, the shaker that I bought the proteins with has a spring that mixes the product very well.Overall,despite the initial disappointment I am very happy with the product and I am looking forward to trying new flavours. I will definitely buy again!
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I normally take the chocolate vegan MyProtein soya isolate as my shake so was interested to compare them. Some observations about this Portein Works product include:-Ingredients: 5 different protein sources and very little added - impressed-Consistency: nice and smooth unlike some similar products that can be a bit grainy-Price: fairly typical priced but you can get cheaper products on MyProtein, Bulk Powders etc-Taste: it’s okay - neither pleasant or unpleasant. Not overly sweet for chocolate.As with all these shakes just add water (or plant milk) in a shakerOverall great ingredients and consistency, taste okay, price okay.Would happily use in future but I’m included to stick to MyProtein soya isolate for taste and price.
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I have been using this chocolate flavoured protein shake from Protein Works recently to help boost my protein intake due to a medical condition.I like the fact that it is Vegan and full of good quality plant based protein.I have to admit that I am not particularly a fan of chocolate flavoured drinks and this "Chocolate Silk" flavour hasn't changed my opinion at all on that but it's not totally unbearable, the important thing is what's in it.I mix it it in a blender rather than just the simple hand shaking to mix it that they suggest.A good product and I will definitely continue to use it, but in a different flavour.


Tastes fine, I'm not sure what everyone is complaining about on the reviews. It's protein, not a goo chocolate pot, but even so it's pretty tasty. I got the chocolate silk flavour and I don't make it into a shake. Instead I mix with about 100ml almond milk and have it in a bowl as a tasty dessert. If you ever tried Angel Delight, it's the exact same texture and similar taste.It's even nicer with a couple of spoons of soy Yoghurt added and some nuts, or fruit, or coconut, or chocolate sprinkled on top. Or my favourite, crumbled up biscuits :)Best vegan protein I have tried and highly recommend.


If you are serious about body building it's worth investing in some of this, I do not normally like chocolate flavours, but this is pleasant and not over powering! I've always found when I use these protein drinks I feel I can push harder in the gym, my muscles feel denser and more powerful! and for once (may be a one off) the usual gaseous issues were not a problem, so I will buy this again! so tastes great and certainly made me feel something positive was happening, my recovery times were better, I felt less sore the next days, despite pushing hard!
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