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This stuff is unbelievable.Background: I used to leave for work in the morning without breakfast ona daily basis, had my first black coffee after reaching work, a fast food lunch (subway, sausage rolls, fried chicken or anything greasy etc) at 1:00, about 3 more black coffee and biscuits (rest of the day) and then a take away at night. My average weight at 5'10" was 112KG.-Decided to lose weight and improve my diet so started exrecise, did research on the internet and bought 100£ worth of suplements (Diet whey,Lcarnitine, CLA, Lglutamine, BCAAs etc all fat busters). Often missed the tablets which had to take at different times of the day and then lost interest. Joined Weight Watchers but was never confident with them as they just talked about points and not about the daily intake % of carbs, proteins and fats. Lost a little but was very difficult to stay under my points. I also found it too slow for losing weight. To be honest, I had cravings and often ended up ordering a takeaway.Home cooked healthy food didnt work as lack of time after work (laziness to be honest) didn't really allow me and if I cooked large amounts, it meant having the same stuff for days until it went bad. Was too much of a hassle plus making sure it was a well balanced diet was a headache. Started running (HIT setting) at the gym treadmill after work for 40 minute durations which brought me down to 106KG but my weight got stuck there due to lack of discipline for what I was eating. After the gym, I was too lazy to shop or prepare something and neeed food right away so would often end up with a takeaway etc.-Got this 1 week ago. I was 106kg then. Started having a shake (2 scoops) in the morning at 8:30 and afternoon at 1:30. I also took two capsules of 'Sci MX Pyro MX Leanburn' half an hour before each shake. After-work gym (on alternate days) at 6:30 and a normal but healthy dinner at home. I started feeling hungry 4 hrs after the shake (I smoke like a chimney which makes me very hungry) but ignoreed it by keeping myself busy, drinking water or lemon green tea (Stopped the black coffees completely now). Since gym is in the evening I am absolutely starving before exercise time so now have an oat bar and water before.- Results: Have increased my running HIT time to 1.5 hours and I can still continue. My weight today is 102KG from 106KG when I started this a week ago and I've had a mcdonalds double cheese once in the middle :).I love the taste!. Went for strawberry which is more like melted mcdonalds strawberry shake or melted icecream. Use a shaker with a spiral ball (a forcefull 30 second shaking) to get it whipped and filled with tiny bubbles.The only thing that is keeping me consistent and well discilplined is it's giving me results and no hassle of cooking well-balanced healthy food.Drawbacks- Last 3 days were a bit tough as I was hungry with stomach growls every 4 hours of the shake. So might change my intake times. Breakfast shake (8:30), normal but healthy lunch (1:30), evening shake before gym workout (6:30). No dinner. Any tummy growls will either be ignored or be quietened up with a fruit or lots of water/green tea. It did start making me fart and I mean big, long, loud ones but they have gone away now. Have had clear pee throughout the week and am feeling very good too. Am already looking into ordering another 2KG tub. Will update my weight results in a few more days.
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I'm a 24 year old female who was almost hitting the 15 stone mark, I've never tried anything like this before but have been struggling with my weight for a long time now, and a friend suggested this to me to try out. I've been eating better and exercising 4 times a week for a few months now and lost just over half a stone but felt I needed a little bit of extra help to shed those extra pounds. I've been using this for about a week now and found for me 350ml of water and two scoops from the scoop provided is the ideal consistency for me,as it's thick but not too thick. I use the MyProtein MP MAX Elle Mini Shaker Bottle to mix it; adding cold water first then the powder and shake for 30 seconds to get it all mixed together with no lumps or anything. If you put the powder in first then the water it does get lumpy so definitely put the water in first. I let it rest for 10 minutes in the fridge to thicken up a little more and to cool even further.The taste of the chocolate was a little funny at first but now I found that I actually really enjoy the taste, I don't dread taking it in the morning and for lunch and find it does fill me up until my next due meal. However I am not a fussy eater and can eat most things so I can see some people not enjoying the taste too much but even then I think the taste is still tolerable if you truly want to stick with this. I generally never have big portions of food for breakfast and lunch so I found these shakes do fill me up for a couple of hours with no need to snack except for maybe a few blueberries or grapes here and there. I already drink a lot of water which I think helps subdue cravings also. I don't feel dizzy or that I need to have something sugary, I feel very awake and with plenty of energy. The only side effect I've noticed is flatulence, not the best thing when you have to go places but I believe it'll pass the more I get used to drinking it and don't believe this will happen to everyone.In the week I've used this by replacing my breakfast and lunch with the shake and having a decent meal in the evening I've lost 5lbs and that's without my usual exercise routine that I was unable to do for this week. So with my routine of about 45 minutes of cardio and resistance 4 times a week no doubt I can lose even more with some help from this shake, which is exactly what I need. The price is decent, much cheaper to buy from Amazon than Holland & Barrett and with Amazon prime delivery you can get it the next day. It's not a miracle worker, I believe you definitely have to be disciplined and stick to it but it'll get easier over time. I have recently purchased my second tub, going to try the strawberry one and will likely update this after a few months to see if it truly helps in the long term.
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My wife bought this for the first time in July but kept it hidden as she thought I'd make disparaging comments about it as I'm a biomedical scientist (that's a Pathology Technician in old language). One day I found it and consequently we've both been using it continuously. I'm the unhealthiest of the pair, being type 2 diabetic (oh, I'm 60 by the way), WAS 18+ stone with Ulcerative Colitis, diverticular disease and fatty liver disease. Working in the lab I can keep close checks on my blood markers (yes,I show them to my GP !!). My Weight dropped from 18st 7lb to (currently) 16st 10lb, my HbA1c has dropped from 9.9 to 7.5, my Cholesterol from over 7 to 3.2 !!, and I've been able to significantly decrease my "gut" medication, and all within 2 months. Because I was a badly controlled diabetic (I don't smoke or drink to excess but I love my food), I'm also taking Insulin, which I've decreased to almost nothing (just the odd shot if I'm having a big meal (eg Sunday roast with pudding). Also, bizarrely we've got much more "go" than we've had for years. We've introduced it to family and many colleages at our respective works and all (except 2 who found it a bit sweet and thick) now order it online in bulk (that's at least 10 of us).We always have it for breakfast (keeps us going til at least 1pm), and 1 other meal, with 1 normal meal at lunchtime or dinner. I've tried one of the other USN products (Ultralean Diet Whey which is easily identifiable as it's 900gm not 1000gm) but it has no effect on me at all, which is rather strange, even when mixed with the one we're using it seems to negate the effect, not even making us feel vaguely satiated.Only 1 (very minor) criticism is that the Chocolate shake can make you a bit anti-social at work as it produces rather a lot of "wind". Also, most of us mix the flavours so a scoop of vanilla and a scoop of chocolate or strawberry is a pleasant variation. Yes, I have tried strawberry and chocolate mixed; it's surprisingly OK.I hope this rather long review is of help to people like myself.Just a couple of updates to the above:Still using it 6 months later.Am now using the 2kg tub. Wish they'd pack the contents a bit more; the tub is still half empty and takes up a lot of space. This is not due to "settling" as you can pour the whole contents of a 2kg tub into a 1kg tub, but I wouldn't recommend it unless you want yourself and the kitchen to be covered in a film of sticky powder.Although I use it twice a day, I know of people who make it their only food source for 2 days a week (eg 2 or 3 drinks only, on say Monday and Thursday of the week) This seems to work very well for weight loss.
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**Review of Chocolate Cream**(helps others if you state which flavour you are reviewing)TASTE - you know when you make a chocolate cake batter and you taste it in the raw state (finger dip or lick of the spoon before it goes in the cake cases) Well that's how I can best describe it to you. Good thing or bad thing? That's entirely up to you. I enjoy it, however maybe I would have preferred the vanilla or strawberry variety for my morning breakfast replacement. Seems kinda strange having cake mix for brekky,but no complaints as I like chocolate and I like cake!CONSISTENCY - like chocolate cake batter!***TIPS!!!!!*** (based on my experience using almond milk) - Use no less than 400ml almond milk, but I'm sure it's the same with water or cows milk. You have been warned, no less, remember that! 300ml is waaaay too thick, think American fluffy pancake mix! Now you WILL GET LUMPS unless you either stick this in the blender or if using a shaker bottle with metal springy thing(technical term) you stir before shaking like crazy. Without stirring before, when you shake, the powder will hit the spout and lid and never dissolve. When you stir, you will see this powder just floats on top, with no intention of dissolving down. It's not like a protein shake powder when it dissolves easily. This powder likes to be your lumpy enemy! Hence why I gave it four stars. Once mixed or blended, then this is yummy.DOES IT FILL YOU UP? - strangely being a liquid it does, at least I think. What I mean is, I've been active lately- climbing hills and going for long walks after drinking this and not had any hunger pains. Not even thought of food and I'm a snacker. I've not yet tested it on a day I'm in the house and bored, to compare my hunger level to. So far so good.Pointless mentioning any weight loss, as replacing meals with a shake, will aid weight loss- regardless of brand. Simple case of eat less, burn more, weigh less.WHO CAN THIS HELP - if you're that person who is able to eat healthy in order to shed some weight but struggles with PORTION SIZE, then this is for you. I'm greedy, with bad food and the good. So yes I could eat healthy meals three times a day but still not lose weight due to the greedy person in me. This prevents me from consuming too many calories. The added benefit of this over eating other foods is the array of vitamins and minerals.Hope this review is of any help.4 stars instead of 5 only because this is lumpy without extra effect. So someone with no blender, or an arm strain would find it difficult to have it lump free. Otherwise great product.
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TOP TIP: Mix with 450ml of cold water rather than 200/300ml recommended in the instructions.This is a very good product, I've been using the chocolate shake as the foundation for a diet since the beginning of Feb this year and I've lost 19.5lbs in 12 weeks. This is with 2 hours exercise (generally once a week, sometimes twice). I wasn't massively overweight but over the autumn/winter (and also the last few years)my weight had crept up and my BMI had gone from a healthy range for my height to a bit overweight.In the first few days I found ultralean a bit sickly and after reading the reviews on here I wasn't sure how effective it would be and thought about stopping it. I then increased the amount of water that I add to the mix from 300ml to 450ml. For me this improved the shake massively and I quite enjoy it. It has stopped me feeling hungry and I haven't had any negative side effects.Routine:I've been having a shake for breakfast around 6.30am, which gets me through to lunchtime (12.30pm-ish). During the first weeks of the diet I also had a shake for lunch (in addition to the breakfast shake) and a normal meal in the evening. Some weeks in I switched to fruit or a 'berry-good bircher' from Starbucks for lunch. I've now refined this further and I'm making my own Bircher from a traditional German recipe. I've gone from 11st 10.5lbs to 10st 5.5lbs in 12 weeks which is an average of 1.6lbs a week (I've been aiming for 2lbs a week). I still eat a normal meal in the evening.As the diet has progressed and I've been looking to hit weekly targets, I've also reduced the amount I drink (alcohol wise). I'll maybe have a few beers or glasses of wine over the weekend, but I'm not drinking during the week now.For me the main takeaway is, just add more water to the shakemix - it does work well despite some of the other reviews. Motivation is key, I found a weight loss competition with a colleague from work has also helped massively. The great thing with using the shake is that it give you a system that you can just rinse and repeat, you always know how many calories that you've had. I'm looking to lose a few more pounds over the next week but I've already hit my target and I haven't been this weight since I was 22.
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Look, lets be honest, this isn't a miracle fat loss or muscle building powder, what it is, is a great tool for helping both... Firstly, the calories in each serving that are being bounded around are misleading and in some cases incorrect. The exact amount of calories advertised of just under 200 kcal are right, IF, mixed with water. By mixing with milk, you obviously add 50 kcals for every 100ml of semi-skimmed milk you use - the shakes okay with water, but doesn't keep you filled from breakfast to lunch,so for this you need the milk - 400ml of milk with a standard serving kept me easily filled from 07:00 - 13:00, so pretty good, but this makes the whole shake around the 400 kal mark, which isn't too bad. You can do better though with something as simple as Beef Jerky, which is much tastier, has less kcals and a lot more protein, which in turn keeps you fuller for longer and builds muscle better, however, it does work out more expensive in the long run. The protein levels in this shake are not bad, they are not going to bulk you up, but they will help keep your protein levels up if part of a protein-rich diet. I have lost 2 stone 3lbs in 9 weeks (that 68 kg), I have done this very easily by counting calories (generally eating 750 - 1600 kcals a day, but averaging around the 1250 mark) and working out 3-4 days a week for around an hour, simply using the Wii Fit (jogging and hula-hoop are best) and Nike+ Trainer on the Xbox (25 mins at a time). I use this shake as and when I feel like it as part of a balanced diet... using it twice a day as most people seem to recommend gets boring - 5-7 times a week (usually for breakfast as its fast to make) is the average. If you want to use it this way, I would highly recommend it and am just purchasing my second box now, but do not buy thinking that you can swap for food and weight will just drop off or muscle will just build... THERE IS NO PRODUCT ON THE MARKET THAT DOES THIS!!! This product is good though, so if you have a common sense approach to weight loss, use it!!! I was delivered fast, tastes good (great with milk) and does work... Goodluck :)
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After struggling with my weight for a while now, and always hovering around the same weigh in result I honestly looked at something to help kick start a new epoch in the fight against the figure my scales were showing. I read numerous reviews and literature around a number of products and settled on trying Diet Fuel, of which I have been using throughout one week as of today (Wednesday 8th Feb 2017).Taste wise, its close to Angel Delight (I mix with water as directed not milk as I find milk causes a lot of air to get captured in it during the shaking up process)so that's all good for me. I haven't found it sickly or too sweet and out of all flavours this is still by far the one I always come back to.For the first couple of days I did feel mildly hungry but just kept focused and waited for the meal at dinner time (I only replaced two of the three meals), however the product is both filling and due to portion size the stomach will no doubt shrink back to normal size over time. At the end of week one, I have reached a state whereby with the shakes I don't have any real hunger pains at any time, just a full feeling. I however stick to routine to give the body consistency.Some reviews talk of toilet issues, I have not found this at all. Over time I do note that I do not go as much anymore, not through constipation but more through the fact that the body is better balancing what its receiving and not having to get rid of so much crap literally.All in all, I am very please with the product and in one week (measured this morning), I have dropped 4.5lb with no change in activity levels. I will eventually plateau and then have to supplement with further exercise but for week one of changing lifestyle, this product seems to have given me a major boost and if I can maintain, the losses over a month can be substantial. The feeling of being full is also helping me make better choices of portion sizes for the evening meal, so even when I drop down to one shake a day, I feel I will better maintain that as part of a healthy lifestyle.
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I started drinking this only a few days ago- so too soon to know impact it will have in terms of weight lossI am using it as a meal replacement and am having one for breakfast and one as a 'snack' with a calorie controlled lunch and calorie controlled dinner. I already like the flexibility of it as I can replace lunch with one and skip the snack shake and go out for dinner relatively guilt free. First two days of using this I just shook it in the flask for recommended 30 seconds and was mixing with water.The shake was very thick- even after I increased volume of water I mixed it with. Sometimes I found this made me feel a bit nauseous but I persevered. Having read other reviews over last few days this morning I've mixed my shake with fresh raspberries (I bought the strawberry shake) and used a hand held food processor to mix it all together. The result is a thousand times better than what I was drinking before! Using a blender makes it so much lighter and frothier and I found it so much nicer to drink. Adding raspberries also took off the edge of artificial sweetness the shake has and made it taste like a smoothie. So I really recommend people drink it like this unless you prefer a heavier consistency.The shake keeps me full for around 4 hours.Word of caution though- you'll need to increase your water intake when drinking this. I had dry lips and headaches by end of day 1 despite drinking my usual 1.5litres of water. It might depend on how much water you normally drink during the day before starting these shakes but I've had to up my intake by another 1-1.5 litres to stop dehydration. Apparently the body has to use more fluid to process protein so it makes sense that increasing protein intake will lead to body using more fluid and needing fluid levels to be topped up more!I'm excited to see my weight loss results using this.
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Note advice in the Q&A - one capful is enough!I actually first bought this in 2018, and didn't use it as I was 55kg (I'm very short). I have since ballooned during lockdown to 69kg.So I brought this badboy down from its dusty corner atop the cabinets and have been drinking for 5 days, 1 shake in the morning (1.5 capfuls in a 50:50 mix of 500ml water and skimmed milk). Then I have a "normal" meal in the evening, lots of veg, some sort of potato/rice, some sort of meat.Never count the calories in my evening meal and rarely snack (the odd Babybel).First, flavour - strawberry is delicious. I do like the vanilla that I bought, too, but the strawberry has to take the cake as I actually look forward to the taste of it, very milk-shake like and not too sweet or artificial-tasting.Second, ease of use - following regimen above, I have a shake ready in seconds. My advice is to add the water first, then the powder, then the milk, so the powder doesn't get stuck and the bottom when you blend it.Third, efficacy - After I drink this, I do not feel hungry at all. I would say the full feeling lasts around 4 hours, but by then I have another shake and it is back. I don't even think about food. I would advise having different flavour options to choose from as boredom is the only reason I can think of breaking the routine, not hunger. Will try chocolate next.Fourth, results - I have only been on the regimen for 5 days but I have lost 1.1 kg drinking 2 x 500ml shakes a day. I imagine if I was stricter about evening meals I could lose more.I will update this review in 2 months as my aim is to lose the 10 of the 14kg I gained during lockdown - at 1kg a week (I expect this to slow down), I could be down to target in 2 months, as I am also going to add some mild exercise into the mix.Stay tuned...!
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I knew nothing about protein rich diet shakes until very recently. As a type 2 diabetic, I am on the Newcastle diet, which means having 3 diet shakes a day and an extra 200 calories of veg, making 800 in total. The shake used in trials for this diet by Newcastle University isn't available in the UK, and they say any equivalent brand will do, even a supermarket one. So I started this after New Year and went straight into it using the one I know already, Slimfast. It works,but is slightly over 200 calories when made with skimmed milk, and strictly speaking, you are not meant to have any dairy products at at all. My wife then suggested protein rich shakes as the sugar content is lower.I started researching which was best, and the waters are really muddied by competitors sniping at each other in reviews. I now only trust verified purchase reviews, which this should also be because I have recently bought 2kg of Latte and Strawberry USN Diet Fuel from Amazon. I am convinced this one is the best for what I need, not body building, but weight loss without muscle loss. Of course it doesn't taste like a treat, what do people expect, but it is drinkable. The flavour is a little biscuity, so Strawberry is more like Strawberry shortcake and Latte coffee and biscuits! To make it best, I add ice cubes and use a hand blender. That gets rid of any stray powder and you end up with something approaching a McDonalds milk shake (well, if you use your imagination). There is no chemical taste, and anyone who says they can't physically drink it is just being silly. As for one comment about being packed with sugar, that simply isn't true, if you check the published breakdown. I specifically chose this because that wasn't the case. My only complaint is the high cost, but I suppose you get what you pay for.
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