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I have tried alot of massgainer products. They were to expensive and had no effects or just tasted horrible.I have started training(fitness) and I wasnt sure which shake I should try out until USN Hyperbolic Mass gained my attention.I liked how the name sounded and also read some positive reviews on the internet, so I gave it a try.Before I began using USN Hyperbolic Mass Vanillie 6000g(13.2lbs), I weighed 64 Kilo(132 pounds). I am 1,82cm(0.71 inches) tall and have problems gaining weight.After 4 weeks of using USN Hyperbolic Mass I weighed 73 kilo(160.6 lbs). I gained 9 kilo(19.8 lbs) within 4 weeks. No joke!!!!I gained weight on my chest, shoulders, back and arms.Even I myself was shocked to see the results and till today I am still surprised how well the product worked well on me.For others it might work differently, but for me it worked perfertly well!!I find USN Hyperbolic Mass is suited for people who do fitness and like to gain weight like me.I like the taste of USN Hyperbolic Mass Vanillie which is also not that thick. I use milk to mix my shake instead of water. With milk you get more calories instead of using water.I hope this information was helpfulGreeting John
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This stuff is the bizz. I gained a stone of muscle in the first couple of months on just three scoops a day (I hadn't been to the gym for a year prior to that, so that might not be the case for all). My weight has been constant since on the half-rations.Don't drink coffee within about 3 hours of having it, or you'll see it again too soon, IF you know what I mean.Mixes well, even in my bad shaker, and tastes nice. Strawberry is nicer than vanilla in my opinion. I use 100ml water and 300ml semi-skimmed milk per three level scoops.On to my second big bucket, and will be upping my intake as I go for the next big gains. I'll let you know if it works!!October 2016 - So I've been taking this nearly daily now for about 6 months.I am bigger, stronger and a lot heavier than I was in April. I've gained almost 28lbs doing just 3 hours of work in the gym. I'm 82kg and 5'9". With great mass comes great hunger so be careful what you eat as this lad has a tonne of sugar in it (200g carbs per serving). If you can, avoid simple carbs in absolutely everything else you eat. Definitely the protein for gains. DON'T FORGET TO AVOID COFFEE
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This works really well for me. I have a very fast metabolism and struggle to put on weight. I'm 5'10", the heaviest I've been is 155lbs although I'm usually 150lbs. A few weeks ago I unintentionally lost a bit of weight (went down to 143lbs) so I decided to add this mass gainer to my gym plan. I put on a pound per day for the first week of using it, which then slowed to half a pound per day the next week. In two weeks I've gone from 143lbs to 151lbs and at this rate I expect to be exceeding my record of 155lbs within the next two weeks.But putting on weight isn't the only reason I chose this product over rivals, as it also has decent amounts of protein and creatine in it at a great price.I definitely feel as though I've put on some visible size. The vanilla flavour I bought tastes great too (although I use it with whole milk for added calories -- it tastes mediocre with water).I take 3 scoops as my breakfast and 3 scoops right after working out in the evening. I blend them in a Breville Blend-Active blender which I also recommend as it makes them very smooth and easy to digest.
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Decided to start trying to bulk myself up. I'm quite a skinny guy with a super high metabolism which makes it hard for me to put on weight, so I decided to buy this to see if it would help.I started off at ~63kg. I've been going to the gym 3 times a week doing mostly deads, squats and bench/press. I've been having 4 meals a day + one protein shake (3 scoops + Milk) each evening and within 1 week I'm already upto just over 66kg. Will certainly be sticking with this product.As others have said this product WILL cause excess gas and will probably make you need to go the toilet a bit more often! But after a few days your body will begin to get used to it.


Brilliant stuff. This is the first month Iv brought this second load on way before I brought this item I Weighed at 69.4kg I now weigh 74.7kg. I use twice a day 3 scoops In both 600ml I have one after my workout at midday and one with my dinner, (obviously eating meals inbetween carbs / protein ) I work out most days as I feel guilty if do not attend. I also think the shakes are sickly after having these most days twice a day but if you wanna see results you forget about that and drink them anyways, well I do, also work hard play hard as most you gym goers should know muscle doesn’t develop without hard graft determination motivation


I have tried many different gainers. I would put this on a par with Serious Mass in regargs to results. This is a much easier shake to mix and the portion size is more manageable. This is also the only shake I take. When taking serious mass I had to have a bigger stack to supplement it. This is an all in one. Only reasons I dropped a star are 1. limited flavours. I have strawberry cheesecake. Its fine, I haven't gotten sick of it after consuming 6kg of it. 2 Mixability. It mixes as well as any gainer. None of them are perfect in my experience.I would recommend it.


Strawberry flavour tastes great. It’s very difficult to consume the 6 servings they recommend so I went for 3 scoops twice a day (breakfast and after workout).I have noticed gains from taking his shake and it’s the only shake I have been able to make gains with. I put on about a stone in 2 months. It has a high sugar content and I have grown some love handles but anybody who knows how hard it is to put on weight won’t care.I’ll be buying this again to get the maximum gains out of it.Would definitely recommend for the hard gainer!!!!


After ordering and then reading the reviews, I was scepticle of the how the product would be!However the box came as expected, with three days of order, on normal delivery. Dissapointed with the serving size, however having half the amount will reduce potential unwanted fat!Happy with the actuall quantity, weighed it and it was over 6.4kg.Very surprised with it's taste, usually have chocolate products, but this one is quite enjoyable. Better then expected.


I was thin, I struggle with putting the weight on, in fact I cant put the weight on at all. This stuff does help. Lower the doses to just 2 full scoops in 65cl of full fat milk to avoid the bowel issues that this product 'will' cause. 2 is enough to start packing it on, meal in a bottle, very filling. UNBELIEVABLY nice tasting, the best I have tasted next to the Strawberry.


Was not aware you get 51g protein in 2servings (6scoops), whereas USN anabolic gives that in 1 serving (3scoops). Very sweet taste, good texture once mixed/blended. Slightly dissapointed, but results are similiar to USN anabolic, just more carbs. Will be going back to Anabolic as personal preference and 4year usage. Overall good stuff


Obviously I buy Weight and Muscle Gain shakes to gain weight; with 1610kcal per serving I was thus very satisfied.The price is unbeatable; I bought it previously for 1/3 of the price more at a retailer.I mix the powder with milk, the strawberry taste is as pretty good (for a protein shake!!).Will definetly buy it again.


Does what it says on the tin. Personally i'll stick to bulk powders in future..i hate the strawberry flavour and this stuff is so thick i had to really forced it down. Far too filling and i like to get a lot of food in besides so its not for me. It's effective though so if u can hack that..go with it


Nice, saw small results after the first couple weeks without a large amount of water retention....personally though next time I'm ordering a smaller tub in a few different flavours as the same flavour everyday becomes repetitive!!! But definitely one of the better shakes I've had


It's very good. Is it possible somehow to make that in that box you receive 2 packs of one taste and 2 packs of another taste? Othervise it;s really good. It helped me to gain weight. However, you have to remember, that you have to eat really well if you want gain muscle.


I am pleased with this priduct, follow the instructions on the product and you will see the diffirence within 2 week. You need to train 3-4 days a week to gain a healthy weight. The reason for 4 star the seal on the product was broken I wasn't too happy about tgat.
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