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I have no idea why this supplement has so little rave reviews about it for one if you seek out reviews for thisfor this you will see it has rave reviews.I have used this since 2005 and decided around 2009 I was going tocut my calories down so opted for a protein shake and meal replacement shake.And I can tell you this my resultswent down the drain and two years later decided to go back onto this the gains I made through this where consistantwith smart training and decent diet same can be said when my diet was quite poor from years before.This uses premium blend of proteins casein(said to be the most expensive)and a whey blend for quick muscle replenismentafter work out with maltodextrin don't be put off by this as mct fats and the small serving off fibre slows downdigesting off this quick spiking carbohydrate.There is a very small amount of sugar in this compared to otherweight gainers and no aspartame or other nasty additives.which makes it a lean mass stimulator so the gains youmake should be more muscle and less fat taking into consideration your diet is fueled from the right sources and you do a moderate amount of cardio per week.you can take this however you like I have had six scoops of this givinga whooping 53grams of protein and 156grams of carbohydrates but I only did this after workouts and still gainedquality weight so if you find it hard to gain weight try this and be patient and you will be rewarded.The flavoursare all fine but I find strawberry,choclate,bannana and vanilla in this order the best tasting.beware if you takethis with milk you get much more servings but you better be in open air if you know what I'm saying mixed with water is a lot more easier on the belly but the tub will not last as long.not this is a very fulling shake and you will be satisfying until your next meal I have tried loads of supplements over the last 16 years and this not just weight gainers.but this is the one I have enjoyed most and cnp have improved the flavour so my advice if you needsomething to fill in the gaps or your not a big eater this in my opinion is one if not the best weight gaineron the market give it a go train,eat,recupperate,sleep,smart and use cardio sparingly and give this a 3 month trailyou be like me and be pleased you did.
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Item delivered in perfect condition and on time. I bought it for £25.95 which is very cheap. I can 100% confirm that the product is 2500g (2.5 kg) in weight. I understand it states in some part of the description that it is 908 grams but this is an error so do not be confused by this. As I have bought this product as a gift; I have not tried it so therefore cannot comment on taste etc. However, I have also bought the vanilla flavour of this and it tastes very nice and suttle with very good mixability features. It is very good at helping to maintain weight however I think that you will need to take it everyday and the max dosage (if not double) in order to gain weight in the shortest time possible.From experience, I would recommend this product as it is probably the cheapest and effective around.
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Product mixes really well with milk. I have not tried with water so cannot comment. The taste is very nice, subtle and not too sweet so is very easy to consume. You will not get any upset stomach or too much of a bloated feeling and is a great meal replacement. Product works well as you can easily maintain weight while consuming this daily. However, you will have to increase your intake of food in order to increase weight as consuming this product alone will not do this. I think there may be better mass shakes out there but for the quantity to value ratio then this product is one of the best out there by far. Would definitely recommend.


I've tried several of the major manufacturer's protein shakes and CNP's stood out as the best in terms of flavour. Beyond that, I cannot say whether it did indeed enable me to develop slabs of muscle or refine my ability to kick sand in the face of weaklings at the beach. I'll report back at the end of the summer.


My CNP Pro Mass ok, but delivery was not acceptable, box ripped open and left on door step all wet. 15 people in the office could of signed for the parcel and passed it on to me. Amazon 5 stars for crap delivery. M Tuck


I love using this supplement, I have the vanilla flavour and its one of the better tasting supplements out there for the flavour. I highly recommend this supplement if your wanting to gain mass.


Mixes well when using a blender and has a fairly reasonable taste to it when used with water.If you plan on mixing it with a spoon, forget it, it doesn't mix well and it'll be awful.


I have always raved about CNP and I am getting excellent weight gain results for my rugby, it's working! Second tub I have bought last me about 4 months, so good for the price!


Quality mass gainer. don't know why more people on amazon don't buy it or leave reviews.Lasts ages, only use one scoop a day and my gains were pretty damn good.


Perfectly fine. Great protein source. Works a treat. Almost at the end of my current box now. Will order again as the flavour is lovely! especially with milk!


Great product, the taste is not very nice with water but with milk it is very nice, the product is cheap compared to shop price and delivery was fast


CNP is the best protein product. Great value and works well for supplementing with extra protein for workouts


My grandson use to use to take it all the time but has stopped using it has it did what he wanted to do.


My trusted everyday protein powder.Tip: use with milk- I prefer to sive mine to make sure it's smooth.


One of my favourite protein flavoured shake, I've been taking it for past 13 years. That says it all ??
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