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First of all, I did not purchase MM from Amazon UK but Amazon reviews and some other online reviews helped me make up my mind and take the plunge. I owe it to the online community to post my own review of the product.As it clearly states on the bag, this is a mass gainer, the 4 scoops serving is pretty standard, I am yet to find a mass gainer that has a serving below 250g. You can take two scoops twice a day or even one scoop four times a day. An electric blender is highly recommended.I have bought the 2.27kg chocolate peanut butter and the 6.8kg cookie and cream. Taste varies from one person to the other, both flavours tasted alright to me. It tastes very sweet but that was good for me as it satisfied my sweet tooth.Will this put mass on you?If you are training hard and eating well, this will definitely help you get bigger and will put mass on your frame. Please note that mass is a combination of muscle, water and fat. You can go on a cut to get rid of the latter two. If you put on weight easily, I would recommend having frequent cardio sessions.I used it post workout most of the time, but noticed that if I took it as a pre-workout, I could lift more weight and have better workouts in general. I think this is simply due to the fast acting carbs and the BCAAs.The only problem I had with this mass gainer is that it made me so bloated. I started calling it Mutant Gas, I have learned quickly not to take it on days when I was planning on being in the office or meeting people on social events, you will indeed -as the label states- leave humanity behind... One guy stated in an online review that he managed to empty a dance floor and a tube carriage while on this stuff and I can totally see why.Your partner will be within their right to refuse to sleep in the same room as you or even to ask you to stop taking this supplement all together. I was really disgusted with myself, but we weight lifters have this state of mind that allows us to keep going through hardship to achieve our goals. The spike in calories naturally translates to more trips to the restroom.Having said that, I have a mild case of lactose intolerance so that could be the problem, but I did not have this issue with any of the other popular mass gainers.This is a great mass gainer, you will be stronger, and will look bigger and your muscles will look fuller.
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Overall I would seriously rate this product, compared to other brands in this size the pricing is very reasonable, having been through many alternatives I definitely feel like I will be sticking with this for a while.In terms of taste it can be very sweet and I have used the suggestion another review made about adding olive oil and oats to take some of that away, works well. I know some people find these shakes very rich but I have to say it's not unique to this brand because I have had much worse you just get used to it really.On the subject of bloating; if you experience any bloating then why are you continuing to consume the full 4 scoops, to put it this way it is over 1000 calories which comparatively is an average fish and chips dinner,now imagine consuming that as a blended liquid of course it will bloat you, the reason you don't bloat on a dinner is because you eat slower. So do the same with your shake if you cannot handle it in one bash just take it easy or spread the 'dosage' out over the day.Results: I would also have to say this is why I have stuck with this brand and have now had this for several months. I'm making some great Gains and am up to near 15st (95kg) from roughly 13St (83kg), I have a pretty balanced well rounded diet with those occasional cheat days.Overall no matter what type of gainer you take if you want to look like a beast then act like it in the gym and make sure you eat like one (in a sensible healthy way). Ultimately this should only supplement a bulk not be the core of your calorie intake!Hope you find this helpfull
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Used mutant mass before, around 8 years ago maybe.I packed on so much size but also couldnt keep away from the toilet.Really it was quite savage.Keeping that in mind, i was willing to risk it again, but it turns out that this time everything was fine.It must be the so called new formula that they are now making, i dont know?I had the tripple chocolate one this time and i cant really fault it.Yes its very sweet, but its not worth crying over as long as you have a slight sweet tooth.I have used it on its own with whole milk aswell as mixing it in with my morning smoothie.I've gained 2.6kgs in 2 weeks and thats without going to the gym,as this time im only using it for the extra calories just to gain weight in general.I would definitely recommend this to anybody looking to gain some weight.This is apparently a new formula.I can honestly say that I've definitely had the "old formula"And excuse the details, but i haven't had one case of the runs since I've been consuming mutant mass this time around.For that reason I'm just about to buy some more.I'll stick to the same flavour though just because i do think the cost is a bit high to then find out that i dont like any other flavours.Chocolate is chocolate though.Its quite versatile in regards to what you can do with it.You can add desiccated coconut, peanut butter, bananas, or any fruit to change it up a bit.Its definitely worth a try.Just start with a small bag to see if you do get on with it.No big deal of you dont.Life goes on.Main thing is, you WILL gain weight.
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I order this a few months back to help with healthy weight gain and have seen results, I don’t go to the gym and I’m not the biggest eater. My doctor told me I needed to put on more weight since I’m under what I need to be (I have a very fast metabolism), gyms aren’t really an option with corona right now so that was out an I have no weights for bulking up at home. I looked at a lot of gainers on amazon, Rivalus, GNC pro performance, Mammoth mass, All max nutrition, Optimum nutrition, Naked mass, Muscle tech, Six star to name a few, only a couple of them stood out from all the others mainly because of price for what you get and amount of sugar in them, I chose mutant mass since it was on sale (mammoth mass looks good too)and I’m not sorry, I have a single scoop shake in the morning and maybe one later at night if I’m feeling hungry but don’t want another meal and have added 13 pounds with out making any other adjustments to my diet or daily routine. This is a great gainer tastes good with water, better with milk tho (I had chocolate). Hope this helps people looking for gainers.
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Mainly for people who want to bulk up, if you take this without doing cardio, you are going to get a little puppy fat (unless you are lifting serious weights). If you are doing cardio 2-3 times a week for 30-60 minutes this should not be a problem. Use 2-3 scoops with water and it tastes like a chocolate milkshake, use it with milk and it tastes a little overwhelming. An extremeley enjoyable flavour, just make sure that you shake it in a good mixer for 20-30 seconds beforehand. It does not taste all that great with lumps in it, but then what does?I waited 4-5 months until reviewing this, I am not trying too hard to bodybuild, mainly using it for recovery and getting a little more muscle,so this review may not cater towards your needs. That aside, for what I want, this is a quality product.The only negative is the amount of sugar in each drink. I think (am not 100%) it equates to something like 29g of sugar per shake - less than a can of coca cola but still pretty high.
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This product is great for the price, but maaaaann does it taste sweet. I got the vanilla ice cream flavour and I get sick of it so quickly. I mix it with milk, banana, and fruits to make a smoothie bowl and it tastes fine, but drinking it on its own with milk or water was impossible for me lol. And I have a huge sweet tooth. I also don't use even close to the recommended portion size. I only use one scoop in my smoothies, which adds an extra 276 calories. So that, plus the milk, yogurt and fruits gives me approximately a 700cal shake. Sometimes I have another one at night with just milk and it's definitely helping me put on the weight. It doesn't upset my stomach at all like some people are saying,and I have a pretty sensitive stomach.If you're looking for something affordable then get this! It does the job, but be mindful of the flavor you choose.
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This product is for anyone who actively lifts weights and wants to put on body mass. I personally bought this product because I lift weights five times a week and want to gain weight. In a mass gainer I look for:• Reasonable price• High in calories• High in protein• Packed with BCAAI have a very high metabolism, so the 1,060 calories per serving help you quickly reach your desired calories for the day. I personally gained about 8 pounds my first month using it while consuming around 4,000 calories per day. The only downfall with the product is if you drink it on an empty stomach, you might find yourself in the bathroom shortly thereafter. I found that if you mix it with milk and drink it on a full stomach,your body accepts it better. Overall this is a great product for the money that will get you the results you are looking for.
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I only have half the serving size in my shake (which is 2 [giant] scoops, instead of the 4 they advise) as you would need a bigger than normal protein shaker to fit the 4 scoops (forget fitting any water in there as well). But I think this product has definitely helped with my recent gains in mass and it tastes great going in.Its just the coming out bit that bothers me. I normally spread my shake of an hour in the hope that more of it will be used by my body... then give it 3 hours and WOAH! Get to that bog quick!... and that’s just the first poo. Give it another half hour and the rest is coming out in the same form it went in.and this is all after spending the last 3 hours releasing the most deadly and toxic guffs any human has ever had the misfortune to tickle their nostrils.So yea its good… but you’ve been warned!!
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I've had the cookies and cream and the vanilla ice cream and they both taste amazing. I only ever mix them with milk and they are so thick and nice.They take a lot of shaking but that's expected since you use a lot at once.Personally I use 3 scoops a day but it depends on how many extra calories you need.A brilliant price for such a massive amount. Don't think many other brands give as good value for money.I probably gain around 1 or 2 pounds a week using this so it's quite lean weight gain not like a gaining a stone in a week which would be all fat.Only thing I'd be careful with is having too much sugar in your diet. Mutant mass has a almost 10g of sugar per scoop,so just be careful.Overall a brilliant product I'm sure I'll order a lot of. Since this is my 4th bag already I know it's a perfect product for me.
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Very nice product for someone who wants to gain weight. Many ask if it builds muscle or something like that which is not actually how any food necessarily works. If you eat more calories than you burn only then can you gain weight, if its muscle or fat depends on how much more you eat and if you train your muscles. For me this product is a shortcut as otherwise I would need to be eating something all the time. Strawberry and banana is okay, but I think chocolate tastes better, others I have not tasted.Generally I think in field of sports nutritions the marketing is very aggressive and thus often misleading. I don't think this product gives you anything that normal food can't,but it's just so convenient to drink it after a workout and not having to spend next moments thinking and preparing food.
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I brought this mass gainer predominantly for the size of the bag and the price.I was pleasantly surprised by the taste and texture considering some of the proteins I've had before. Cookies and cream was great for me, although I can imagine it being a bit sweet for some people. Mixed perfectly using just a shaker which is great when you don't have access to a blender.Mass gaining aspect wasn't up there with Serious Mass by ON but considering you get more for a similar price it can't be knocked. No ill effects of gas or bloating which is a bonus. Highly recommended.The velcro opening at the top is a bit of a novelty but seems to do the job well enough,t hen again sitting in the cupboard it doesn't need to be all that good at keeping itself closed!
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would recommend this to everyone, try each flavour but don't just try it with milk or water (whichever your preference is) try one shake with water and one with milk and change milks (red green blue cap) each flavour is different, im a vanilla man myself! I normally take protein shakes with full fat milk, but with this weight gainer... milk for me personally was abit to sweet an filling! didn't even have half of the jug....mixed 4 scoops with 460 ML of water today and boom sweet tasting weight gainer :P for anyone that takes 3 shakes a day like myself I would highly recommend buying a cheap blender with a huge jug... you will soon find out theres no lumps in your shake,just make sure to put the powder in then add the liquid for no lumps!!!!
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Amazing product! I am 5 foot 10 inches and have gone from weighing 67kg to 80kg (+13kgs) in just over 12 weeks. I aim to take 2 a day, one after lunch and one after dinner. I tend to go into a bit of a daze after consumption purely because of the carb and calorie overload, however this soon wears off after 10 minutes or so. I wouldn't recommend taking before a meal as it will simply fill you up. I have just purchasd another bag to hit my 13 stone (83kg) target. I would say 90% of my gains have been muscle growth with the inevitable 10% fat. However I rarely exercise so this could be lower if I could be bothered to jump on the treadmill! Taste is very pleasant too which helps.


I started training again at the gym about a month ago, I have always struggled to put on weight as I have very fast metabolism and play a lot of sports, my aim in buying this protien was due to the high amount of carbs to help me bulk up a bit.Im not into all the measur myself to see how big I am getting etc, but I have to say that I have noticed a considerable mass gain in the month I have been using this powder.Although the shake when made tastes good, it is very filling and you do have to take like 4 big scoops in one shake but I tend to split it up through the day instead.Yeah overall I think it is decent compared to others I have tried and value for money is great!


A friend tipped me off about this so thought I'd give it a try. I don't tend to stick to any one particular product and look for offers and what results I'm looking for at the time. I was surprised by the sheer volume of powder you get for your money so thought it wouldn't harm to give this a go at that price and I can honestly say I have been very impressed with it in every way. It tastes great. It mixes better than any other powder I've had before and after a few weeks I'm starting to see impressive results too. Therefore it is a bargain too. Highly recommended.
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