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Until getting the 'Chicco Polly Magic Relax Highchair' we had the most basic highchair available on the market. This did the job, but now we know that there are so many more bells and whistles that you can have. Our older child looks jealously across at her sibling who now sits in a throne that used to never be there. And this is throne like. The 'Chicco' comes in a large box that is a little unwieldy, but is great as there is not much to assemble. You can be up and running in moments.This is not just a highchair,but also a seat that a baby/toddler will just like to sit in. The seat itself is quite upright so you will have to make sure that they are tied in quickly. The table element can be slotted in and out of the front easily; when it is attached your baby is going nowhere, when it is out make sure your child is secure. One of many nice touches is how the table comes off and fits to the back of the highchair, some sort of magnet based wizardry means that it stays firm to to the rear legs and does not take up more space.This is a requirement as the 'Chicco' is a unit and takes up quite a lot of space. Despite being big, it is not hard to move as there are wheels on the bottom. You are able to roll it in and out of the corner to stop it getting in the way. Another nice feature is the bar that comes across, this is easy to move and comes with various toys for your baby to bat around. Lean the seat back and you have a tall play chair, forwards and it becomes a highchair to eat from.One thing we have noticed with the 'Chicco' is that the size and colour means it is not the nicest thing to look at. The look feels a little industrial and even the collection of colourful toys attached cannot really distract from the granite shade. We would just call it grey. In truth this is a relatively small matter as its functions brilliantly as a highchair and the padding makes it comfortable for my child, but with a tweak to the colour and perhaps a little refinement in the chunkiness of the legs this would be something that looks as good as it works.
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Comes in an enormous box but is mostly made up. However, it still took an hour to fit the chair together. Yes, the highchair takes up quite a bit of space its quite wide at the base, but then it probably has to be for safety. We are not concerned about the colour, the chair looks fine to us, although it may be nicer in white.This is a very versatile and sturdy chair the height of the seat goes up and down, the tilt can be altered and the footrest can be adjusted as baby grows.The highchair can be moved about easily as it has four wheels the two rear of these can be locked ensuring the chair does not move. The tray table is completely removable, and the top part of the tray which has a slot for a cup can be removed also with another functioning tray underneath. There are two lots of padding with the chair. One to use as a high chair the other for when the baby is younger and in a more reclined position. The padding is great and easily cleaned.
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I love love love this chair!We bought it for my daughter who went in it at 5 months, we did have to pad it out a little (it could do with an insert) but she wasn’t ever in it too long so it wasn’t a massive issue for us.She’s now 7 months and uses it for every meal. It’s very easy to clean and can be mostly set up/packed away one handed.This item isn’t cheap to purchase, but it’s very high quality. And it looks nice- we don’t have anywhere to store it away so I needed this item to look nice andfit in with the decor of the living room- I can happily say it works well!Easy to build and easy to clean.I would recommend this to any parent.
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This chair is great and it's easily folded and stored. The only bug bare I have is the table holder at the back where you store the table. It's quite literally a pain in the arse to clip the table onto it. You have to get it in just the right position for it to manage to lock in. I've lost count of how many times I've thought it was clipped on, only for it to fall off as soon as I'm storing the chair. This seriously needs redesigning. Other than that everything is very good. The height adjusts,it tilts forward and back, foot rest adjustment. They've thought of everything...except that table clip at the back.
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This is a great investment!!! I absolutely hate cloth high chairs and can’t understand why they are even a thing!!! A child is messy when learning to feed themselves and this high chair is very easy to clean! We were gifted a cloth high chair and I literally wanted to throw it off a cliff when it came to cleaning it!! After a month I told my husband that’s it’s I’m ordering this one!! Get this high chair, you won’t be disappointed! My main focus is feeding and cleaning it properly and this satisfies all my needs!!I’m going to order another for my new baby that’s due next month!!!
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Looks beautiful, play bar not very sturdy and tricky to attach claps seem cheaply made, straps could do with pads as there rough on the sides, just not as heavy sturdy or solid as I would of liked. Or maybe that's me., can't lie I don't think it's worth the money as there are alot cheaper chairs on the market... But I have only assembled it and lay my child in it twice... If you have a smaller kitchen I wouldn't recommend aS it's bulky.


I have large dogs and wanted somewhere I could put the baby down temporarily and safely. Purchasing this highchair has been a blessing as it adjusts from being high up enough the dogs don't pester her, then low down enough so she's level with me on the sofa. The fact it lies flat means she can sit comfortably too.Really impressed with and looking forward to using it for feeding and weaning as she gets bigger.


I bought this for my 3 month old baby to get her used to sitting at the table with us during meal times. It lies back flat, allowing her to use it from such a young age and has a great play arch to entertain her. The wheels are useful for manoeuvring it and the harness keeps my baby nice and safe. She looks comfortable in it and it looks a nice addition to my kitchen.


The toy bar could come down a tad bit more but perhaps my requirement stems from not reading instructions thoroughly. Easy to put together - Currently a single parent so this is vital! I love it for feeding times and after a hot milk during the day he can fall asleep in it without a single worry on comfort as it extends back flat enough. The two trays is wicked too.E


In really like this and love that I can have baby with me in the kitchen. It's easy to use and has lots of variable heights. What I would say though is that it is very bulky so you do need quite a bit of space for storage. With it fully operational it takes up a lot of floor space. The design is great and its very easy to clean.
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