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I really wanted this stove, and sometimes it has worked well and almost won me over, but it is flawedGood things first, it is super light, fits in the bottom of my mini vango saucepan, and when its actually lit and primed properly it will take a pan sat on the integrated pan stand and boil water quite efficiently (for an alcohol stove)The bad points are that you have to overfill this stove by design to be able to get it to prime properly, and this takes a while for all the side jets to start burning well, I'm pretty sure you could set up a gas stove and boil a pint of water before the vargo had primedAll alcohol stoves are rubbish in wind and need a shield, so I won't hold this against the vargo,but you do need to make sure it is set up very level on flat ground which is fire retardant, as you can expect a few drops of burning fuel to spill on initial lightingOnce actually lit, the vargo burns bright blue flames from the side jets for 5 mins or so and seems well pressurised and is a pleasure to cook on, but then it seems to slow right down and cook at half the intensity, fine if you want to bring something to the boil and then simmer, but useless if you just to boil some waterI find that because I need loads of fuel for topping up, and because I need to put more fuel than I actually need in to get this going, its actually not very efficient at all, and my little triangia burner beats it hands downDon't get me wrong, I'll keep hold of this and still use it occasionally, but i couldn't possibly have it as my only stove
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Summary: Better stove than the Vargo Triad (more stable), really easy to fill up with alcoholThe Good:- This stove is LIGHT and STABLE, which is a huge win compared to the Vargo Triad- The base is wide and solidly affixed to the stove, it will not tip over if it is on solid ground- The stove is really easy to fill compared to the Vargo Triad, because of the huge well in the middle of the stoveThe Bad:- I have had issues with getting a consistent flame out of this stove, sometimes it flares up a bit sometimes the flame is all over the place when it is totally still -- not sure what this is a function of or if it will get better with time - part of me suspects it is due to the extra Ti dust thatI found in the center of the stove migrating out of the stove during the burning process.- The 3 high points on the rim of the stove are not quite high enough, when I have my haulite kettle on it the flame gets stuffed, though I use a piece of windscreen to set my kettle on to keep it chooching along as good as possible.Other Thoughts:- It would be nice the Vargo company would send these through some sort of compressed air or vacuum to get all of the dust from drilling out the holes in the product off of it.- The weld that mates the top of the stove with the bottom of the stove could be better - it almost looks like it was done by hand - I have a buddy that got one of these stoves and had a leak through the weld - I feel like Vargo needs to up their quality control on that part of this stove.
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I bought this stove because I would be traveling by air to get to my camping location and I needed a product that TSA wouldn't prohibit in my luggage. I was quite pleased, not only with the ability to fly with this stove but by its operation in general. It is simple--just one piece of metal with no moving parts--and it has worked reliably the dozen or so times I have used it so far while on two different camping trips. With a single fill of fuel, I can, for example, (1) heat water for hot tea and then cook instant oatmeal or (2) steam broccoli and then cook a pre-made soup. In other words, each simple meal can be prepared with one "round" of fuel.I have found that I get about 15 minutes of burn time after the stove had been primed with each use.As for the travel advantages, the fuel burns off completely each time, so I wasn't flying with hazardous materials. (Contrast what would be required if I wanted to fly with my other camp stove, which has a separate refillable fuel bottle that connects to the stove body. I realized I'd have to buy and then abandon the refillable fuel bottle, as I wouldn't be able to fly with it to or from my destination.) Also, denatured alcohol (the fuel) is widely available. (If you're using denatured alcohol for the first time, I'd recommend also buying a small funnel to reduce the mess you make when pouring the alcohol from the canister into the stove opening.)There's a great video on YouTube that demonstrates how the stove works.
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This Vargo Decagon alcohol stove is ultralight and sturdy, compared to my soda can stoves. As long as you follow the directions, it lights and blooms quickly, and has a longer burn time compared to other alcohol stoves. I've boiled a cup of water for tea (450ml Ti cup) using 0.7oz of denatured alcohol in about 5mins. Boiled two cups of water for a dehydrated food pack (700ml Ti pot) using 1.0oz in about 8mins, and cooked Ramen noodle meal (700ml Ti pot) using 1.5oz in about 15mins. Longest burn time, when boiling water using 1.7oz of alcohol, was 21mins. A windscreen is recommended outdoors. Nice stable base. Placing cup or pot on center of stove is important, as stove burner is small diameter.Cup/pot with larger base seems to heat better. When cooking is done, you can snuff out the flame and, once stove has cooled, pour unused alcohol back into your fuel container. Stove can pack inside pots with 4-3/8in inner diameter.
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This is a great stove. I needed a stove to pack with other camping gear in checked baggage and this stove fits the bill. The alcohol fuel leaves no residue or smell, good when packing for the trip home. (Just make sure you shake out any remaining droplets after its last use. Some fuel always remains, even after sitting overnight.) I bought 91% rubbing alcohol at the grocery store and it burned just fine. It boiled 2 cups of water and heated 16 ozs. of soup to almost-boiling in a few minutes. (I didn't time it exactly.)I filled it to overflowing and lit the outside so it warmed up faster. I used a windscreen as others recommended.Turn it upside-down and it fits neatly inside a Sierra cup,reducing packing space.
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After using the Vargo Decagon Alcohol Stove this last weekend I'm impressed with the fine performance. Using a windshield,to protect the flame from wind and retain heat, I was able to boil 2 cups of water to a rolling in 7 minutes. I used the Evernew .9 pot titanium potfor this test and the performance with the wider pot gave me stability on the stove. Overall, I'm very satisfied with usingthis stove for non-cooking since there is really no way to control the heat and flame. I did allow the stove to completelyburn out and the time for burn out was a little over 17 minutes. I would highly recommend this stove for minimalist users only seeking to heat water for coffee, tea of meals.


this stove is well built with a sturdey base and i would definetly buy it again. With that said it is not the fastest stove to boil water that i have, but there is a give and take. My fast stove will burn any food i put on it and will burn out sooner. This one burns a little slower and lasts a little longer. It does lite good if you prime it.Here is my take, get a couple differant stoves and of course make one or two yourself. One i made is my second fastest. All my stoves hold about 2oz of fuel and they all put out about the same amount of BTU’s just at differant speeds. I choose the stove to use by how fast i want something to cook.


I got two of these to use as the stove in our bus-conversion. At first I was unhappy because the flames weren't blue, and it was creating soot. I almost returned them, but then tried using a different kind of alcohol, and it burns perfectly! Ok then - I'm keeping it! Using Klean-Strip denatured alcohol (we found that not all denatured alcohol burns clean, but this one does), we can boil a small-to-medium pot of water in under 10 minutes. We retrofitted an old Coleman camping stove to fit these alcohol stoves so we can have a nice solid base to put them in and set a pot on top. Works brilliantly!


Great stove ! Used denatured alcohol and boiled water - 2 cups in 5 minutes and 25 seconds . I love my Soto Wind Master but there is something to be said about the simplicity and dependability about alcohol stoves the I really like . Update- after watching probably 7 or 8 videos on how to use this stove I realized that most people were not using it right. You have to fill this thing all the way up! Till its over flowing down the side walls and then it will bloom instantly and your good! Be careful not to do it on a flammable surface .


The Vargo Decagon is durable, light, and versatile. I use the Decagon in concert with a Vargo Hexagon Woodstove, using the Hexagon as a Windscreen for the Decagon. I use a Klean Kanteen 27 oz water bottle as a vessel to boil water, sliding it down into the Hexagon to rest on the Decagon, or I use a GSI Stainless Glacier Kettle set atop the Hexagon. With the fold-flat Hexagon and thinness of the Decagon, this makes a good lightweight hiking and backpacking setup for coffee, tea, cocoa, and broths on the trail.


The idea behind the stove is nice: it's a robust, self-contained, stable stove that you can rest a pot on directly. In fact, the kind of pots the stove can accommodate is somewhat larger than many other alcohol stoves. Priming the stove is tricky, however: you really have to fill the stove until it nearly overflows out of the side holes, and then it still takes longer to prime than other stoves. In addition, recovering fuel from the stove is a bit messy ("use the base plate as a spout").


I use this for making my lunch at work. It is a great design very light and sturdy. Primes very quickly and actualy burns for 20+ minutes like it advertises. I have a small backpack i carry to work everyday and i carry a quart of alcohol fuel and small pot with a latching lid. I can cook my lunch everyday for a month on 5 dollars of alcohol. Plus saves me alot of money bringing my lunch and cooking it. I eat very well at work using this little stove.


I have been a fuel canister guy for years. Jetboil, MSR Windboiler. I hiked the PCT with the Windboiler and loved it. But after hiking my first thru-hike, I knew it was time to try something a bit lighter. My next thru-hike (the PNT) will be with this. Yes it takes a little longer to get going, but in the long run if properly set up and time is properly used, this burner will be awesome. Weight saved, space saved!!!


no moving parts, indestructible, will not rust. Boils 2 cups of water in 7-8 minutes with minimal alcohol. I've tried and used soda can stoves and this is way more efficient with the fuel it burns, which means less weight in the fuel you have to carry. I highly recommend this for ultralight hiking.


Use a windscreen with it. 2- buy carbon felt an cut a 1/4” strip to weave thru the base around stove body. 3- use carbon felt with a few drops to prime stove. It will bloom in twenty seconds and boil 2 cups is water in 6-7 minutes using one ounce of fuel in 47 degree temp outside.
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