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Not much more weight than the Titanium version, and works the same. I mostly use this as a wind shield in conjunction with Vargo's Decagon Titanium Alcohol burner, quickly boiling water in a Klean Canteen 27oz Stainless bottle for coffee, tea, or food prep; bottle slides right onto the Decagon and is held nicely by the Hexagon stove. The Hexagon folds flat quickly and pops into its nice slipcase; both then fit into a Cordura zip case with a carbon felt pad. Also have used this Hexagon with an Esbit Titanium Ultralite stove to do the same job. Good flexibility.Intend to use hardwood charcoal coals with this to do a breakfast on an 8" frypan soon.Also have the Titanium version which along with the Esbit Titanium Ultralite is part of a Day-Hike kit,adding very little weight to a waist pack to offer the possibility of a break for hot coffee, tea, or cocoa along the way.
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I tested mine outside in the garden it was little windy. It worked as it should. Up to 5 cm long bits of timber burned the best. Four eggs in 15 centimeter pot took about 25 minutes to boil hard. The stove is very stable with the pot on. The unfolded stove can be used as a windshield for other alcohol stove I have. I am considering to drill a couple of holes 10 mm diameter at the opposite sides of the door to add extra air to burn timber little quicker as some reviewers on youtube did but not as many holes, two or three holes max. Very happy with the stove.


Researched several backpacking wood stoves, and very happy with this one. Quality material (titanium) and build, and it folds flat and small; being one-piece, no loose parts, no tools needed, and very packable. I have used it as both a wood stove and an alcohol stove (using Trangia mini-burner), and both delivered a fast boil-water time. Supports any size cook pot. Excellent pouch included for stowing away. Highly recommended for backpacking and hike-thru (minimalist) trail cooking.


I have one of these and they are fantastic. It folds completely flat, doesn't warp and being made of titanium is incredibly strong for its weight. Can be used as a wood burning stove or makes a great windscreen and pot stand for a meths burning stove like a trangia.The only problem I have is that it costs £45 everywhere else and in my opinion the price being charged here takes the mick!Have a look at [...] for a sensible price on this.


Once you get this stove lit and going, she works quite well. I was in a moderate wet wind the first time I used this stove. It took about five minutes to bring 750ml titanium cup to a boil in 60 degree wet weather. I was under a lean-to at the time. I also used it as a heat source to warm up/dry out. After I let it burn out, it cooled quickly. I wiped it down to remove any acidic ash and packed it back up. Works great so far.


I have been a fuel canister guy for years. Jetboil, MSR Windboiler. I hiked the PCT with the Windboiler and loved it. But after hiking my first thru-hike, I knew it was time to try something a bit lighter. My next thru-hike (the PNT) will be with this. Yes it takes a little longer to get going, but in the long run if properly set up and time is properly used, this burner will be awesome. Weight saved, space saved!!!


Just got back from hiking the 33 mile Chilkoot trail in Alaska. I actually used the Vargo Ti Hexagon wood stove with an Esbit alcohol stove. I cooked all my meals this way. It worked great. The stove held together well and fit inside my cooking pot. I left the bag at home since I really didn't need it at all. No problems at all with it. I highly recommend it since it is easy to use, lightweight and well built.


I took this along with me on my last backpacking trip. I like to have a camp fire but don't want to scar the landscape with a burnt fire ring. This let me have a very small fire without any impact on the camping site. It only burns small twigs and branches (the size of my thumb) and once it gets going it really puts out some heat.


This stove is light and easy to use. You will want to use a safety pin or Bobby pin to hold it together. It can hold more weight then you would think this way. But without drilling holes in the side you won't get good air flow on any surface besides a rock.


This little wood stove is very compact and comes with a nice storage sleeve. There are several u-tube videos on modifying it by drilling more holes to help the wood burn better. I also use sterno when it is wet. The can fits perfectly.


I have used this stove with wood, sterno and a alcohol insert. All work well. My one suggeeis to place a paperclip into one of the tabs to help keep it from coming apart. Other than that it is very compact lightweight.


GREAT portable grill, light, and does not rust. This is a must item for any camper, and I recommend highly.


Solid product, easy to use and compact for travel.


Love this thing, I use it with an alcohol stove.


Light and easy to use.
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