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I needed to lighten my sack for solo camping. Tried one alcohol stove and then this one, which arrived from Germany. I had checked them out on Youtube before buying. It works well, but don't expect a roaring flame and be patient. The first thing I noticed when testing it out in the back garden in about 5 degrees C was that it took a long time to actually bloom. I bought some small measuring spoons and used one as a priming source underneath the stove. I bent the handle three times to create 'v' shape in the handle to keep the spoon level. The bloom appeared in less than a minute. I boiled 300mm of water in about seven or eight minutes using a windshield from the outset. There is no way of controlling the flame,however, I experimented with a coke can top which I drilled about six evenly spaced 1mm holes around the circumference and dropped this on the top of the Vargo which meant that many of the burner's holes were sealed and reduced the heat output, so now I can simmer fairly well. Make sure you use the correct spirit with this burner. For what it is, it is very expensive. Look on You Tube for alcohol/spirit, burners. Would I recommend this. Yes definitely. Four stars because of price. One other thing, I used this with a titanium shield, which sprung inwards when I took the pot off and knocked it over on more than one occasion. If it is on soil the legs can be pushed into the soil to prevent this, butI now use the seven plate wind shield.
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Firstly, when purchased, I didn't give much thought to the legs. Turns out this was one major plus point in the outdoors - you sink the legs into the ground and the stove's stability is then so good, there is little worry of tipping, spilling or the stove moving about whilst cooking. No pot stand needed. This little stove has it all. Ok, so there is no remote feed. You put one and a half fluid ounces of meths in. You get to cook bacon, beans and one cup of water.Test was performed on a dry day in May. Temp aporox 65F.In no time at all I had mastered how to use one of its legs as a pouring spout and this allowed unused fuel to be returned to bottle.Wick stoves retain fuel and their only benefit is that spillage is minimised if the stove tips over, they do have a more controlled burn.But for a fast boil, Vargo have covered all bases, kept it lightweight, simple, robust and functional.One thing to note. The stove does not bloom through the holes for quite a time. Just use the hearty flame coming from the mddle. Whilst cooking it will bloom. No fuel wasted on priming. Stove lights easily.Can I say more? I carry two stoves now; the other one is a mini atomic by MBD.
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I really like the Triad, not only is is cute and ridiculously light, but it works. Stick it on a rock, put your pan on it and light it and you will be very disappointed. However, put a windshield round it and the game changes! you MUST USE A WINDSHIELD!. The Vargo fold out shield is good but a one made from layers of foil is even better. Make it close hugging with a gap or holes (use an office paper punch) at the bottom and a 5 to 10 mm gap at the top and it will boil a full MSR titan kettle. Put a circle of thick foil under it and, if the weather is very cold, soak a bit of toilet paper in meths and light it under the stove to prime it faster. As it doesn't use much fuel,keep a tiny fuel bottle in your pocket and it will light straight away. Have a realistic expectation, it boils water and, as it has no simmer control, pasta and the like are best cooked using a pot cosy (I actually wrap the boiled water and pasta in a woolly hat for 15 minutes).It is in my fast and light bivvy kit and is ideal for a quick brew on a day trip where carrying gas is really overkill.
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This vargo triad stove is better than the vargo triad xe.I use my vargo triad with an ALPKIT titanium 750 mil pot. It works well you still need a windshield. It uses 1.5 oz of me the you can blow it out and leave it too cool and pour what meths is left back into the fuel bottle.


Yes its expensive, and yes it can take a good 5 minutes to bloom, (if your meths is cold) . But it is stunningly small and light!!! the only stove for backpackers........this baby will pack INSIDE your mug. and is lighter than a box of matches (sic)Bloomin marvelous!!


Cracking bit of kit. Weighs next to nothing and even with sufficient maths for a couple of days in Snowdonia it still takes up less room than a normal gas stove.Recommend to anyone who needs to reduce pack and weight.


Cracking bit of kit, boiled 1.5Lt of water and an espresso pot in 10 minutes, okay it was under a Kelly Kettle but that aside, if you shield it from the wind it does exactly what it says and weighs next to nothing.


Very nice item, well worth the money!
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