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I have nothing bad to say about this sleeping bag liner. I have no way of proving the claims of the manufacturer as to adding degrees to your sleeping bag, however.I carry this with me on summer camping trips instead of a sleeping bag to save weight. I crawl into it while napping in the hammock sometimes. More than anything, however, I use it instead of renting sheets at hostels. I spent 30 nights in hostels in Iceland and the cost to rent sheets would have been well over $200 for that time. Yay! Chalk one up for the miser.This is also useful to carry if you're staying in actual hotels that provide their guests with linens albeit of questionable hygiene.The drawstring bag is well made andadequate but I often will just stuff the liner into my compression sack with clothes to save on bulk.The material is super comfortable and soft. It's nice to crawl into after a long day of hiking or even just car camping.
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After several holidays in this country and feeling cold at night (even in July/August!!) decided to buy the AREACTOR Reactor Thermolite Liner. One of the best decisions I have made. I have just been on a very wet!!!! two week cycle/camp holiday in South of England. This liner took the edge off the night time chill and I was not cold once. It also fitted easily into my sleeping bag and did not slip around and get tangled during the night. Trying to keep equipment dry was impossible with the weather we had so it was with relief, when we got a few hours of dry weather, that the liner dried out quickly. It packs away easily into its own pouch but I found it stayed so well inside the sleeping bag,that it was just as easy to leave it inside. It has a lovely soft feel to it and I would highly recommend this liner for anyone who feels chilly at night while camping.
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The Fleece Liner weighs 399g together with the stuff sack and packs at 22x13 cm. Bought as an add on to a 3 season sleeping bag in order to cope with winter conditions. It is made of a very good quality lightweight fleece. Bear in mind that the fabric is lighter and thinner than a type 100g fleece. It will help with heat retention in a sleeping bag, adding a few degrees to your sleeping bag, but definitely much less than 18C as stated ( tested in winter conditions - 2C ). Therefore if you are looking to a way to increase the warmth of your sleeping system do not consider the lighter versions offered by SeaToSummit. The hood helps a lot in heat retention and is also adjustable with an integrated cord.The 1/4 zip helps a lot in getting in it. In a few words, a light fleece premium quality liner that will add some degrees to your sleeping system.
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This was great for climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, my group got ahead of the schedule and ended up spending 2 nights at Barafu Camp (approx. 4500m) to allow us more time to acclimatise for the summit. Our tent wasn't put up very well and the moisture that leaked through turned to ice (so I can assure you it was cold!) but this liner, in combination with my Rab Ascent 700, kept me warm. Before buying I couldn't decide whether to get the liner or upgrade my sleeping bag, I decided to gamble and go for the cheaper option and it paid off. It's soft, light weight, compacts down well into its own little pouch and you could probably sleep in it on its own in warmer climates.


Tried it out with the Adventure Medical Kits SOL emergency Bivvy just to see what to expect. A nice addition in an emergency I would expect. However I also keep it in the car when a passenger needs a blanket for road trips, works good for a little warmth in the hammock, and could be used for some extra shade in a pinch. Just don't expect this to be like your fleece blanket at home. Its a lightweight blanket (you can see thru the fabric) that works fine as an add on or companion item in your pack. For what it is its great just don't expect it to be anything more then a giant scarf. :)


I bought this liner to use with my ageing Ajungilak Kompakt Super, for use whilst climbing Kilimanjaro last week (successfully!). It's super warm, and really helps out when you just need a little bit extra from your bag. Of course, an upgraded bag will perform better, but for flexibility to have a lighter bag for normal use and then an upgrade when things get chilly this is heartily recommended. Also, as I read somewhere else before buying, this also makes a great little pillow on those days when you don't need its warmth. Genuinely a great item and well recommended.


I crossed the Atlantic Ocean on a small sailing boat using this.It's perfect for warm environments and even when it's a bit chilly, it offers some protection and something to get cosy inside of. Feels lovely and soft. Rolls up easily and stuffs back into it's bag fairly quickly too - important when you're a yacht racer :) Washes easily.Useful if you want to sleep and protect yourself from lying straight onto a surface with no sheet.For colder environments you'd need a blanket or much something much thick. Anything under 15 degrees C and you'd be cold I think.


I bought this liner to go inside a Alpkit Skyehigh 1000 for a trip up Kilimanjaro in September. Temperatures went down to -15C and I was as warm as toast. I didn't need to use the liner until the last couple of nights when the temperatures were well below zero. The bag was advertised as being good to -12C, and it was but the liner just gave me an extra bit of warmth and comfort.It packs up very small inside the stuf sack and weighs next to nothing, so doesn't ake up any extra space in your rucksack.I'd recommend this product to prospective purchasers.


tested alone in summer, and with sleeping bag during the EBC in November (with negative temperatures down to -10 °), perfect. Soft, protects the inner membrane of the down sleeping bag, allows you to wrap yourself from head to toe with a small drawstring for the head, I also slipped my belongings, batteries, telephone etc. Brings real warmth, not really 11 ° C, but more than a simple sheet. Seems a bit small for someone tall (I am 1.60m tall and I sometimes felt like my feet were touching the end)


I use this for summer camping (in Texas!) as my only cover and in my sleeping bag in 20-30 degree weather to add insulation and improve the thermals of the bag. It is comfortable even on sticky, sweaty legs (took it to Philmont this summer - 2 showers in 10 days), and is all you need until the temps get down to make you a little chilly. Then I just crawl in the bag and am more than comfortable. It dries out and stuffs well in the mornings. It is now a must-have for my car-camping and backpacking.


Lightweight and rolls up tiny, keeps your sleeping bag clean and allows you to turn in the night without your bag turning with you. Easily washed and dries quickly- although watch it if you are drying over a fire or stove as the material melts easily. Nice feature of a light coloured band round the to so you can see how to get in even in low light and the drawstring does increase the warmth in icy conditions (it opens with a pull so no danger of strangling yourself with it). Very good.


I have just returned from a trip to Canada with a few subzero nights. I am not sure of the temperature it adds but certainly not 18C. This product was an excellent companion anyway and allowed me to sleep despite the temperatures. Note that it has practically the same compressed volume as my down. It is not nothing, but it is not excessive either. As for the size, I measure 1.90m and I felt at its limit but without it causing me any real discomfort. I do not regret this purchase.


Recently used for trip when temp dropped to mid 20's to supplement my 20 degree bag (clearly not a comfort rating). Made a difference from previous trips when I was chilly in the same bag at similar temperatures. Not sure I couldn't have achieved the same by layering up in clothing, but this was way more comfortable. Very light and small to pack, material is thin but must be a good insulator.


I actually have never used this inside a sleeping bag. On a couch, in an airplane, and in an SUV it works great as a light tube shaped blanket that packs very very small. Airplane blankets creep me out and always fall off, since I can never get them tucked in while sitting in economy. I know where this liner has been and since it is a tube it stays on. It's a red-eye essential for me now!


I used this recently on a quick one-night backpacking trip, and it works just as expected. I'd say that 8 degrees of additional warmth is the maximum you'll get from this but that's still a significant difference when it's under 20 degrees outside. Couple this with an insulated pad and you'll get a great sleep at really low temps, or without the sleeping bag at all on warmer nights.
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