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This is a great sleeping bag liner, and well worth the extra cost compared to a basic cotton or even more premium silk liner. I shopped around for a long time before making a purchase and am glad I did. I was largely using it as a stand alone item for a trip to Tanzania, with the intention to only couple it with a sleeping bag on the odd occasion. This liner is super soft and comfortable, and is not restricting- I know with some bags you can feel like they are too narrow and you get tangled up in them.There is a hood as it is a mummy liner, which is great for ensuring your mummy sleeping bag is protected, especially if you are traveling and your hair isn't the cleanest! It has a really long drawstring cord so you can have it really open or synch it in so only your face is exposed if you are worried about mosquitos or are a bit chilly. It also helps as it can keep your pillow in the right place by securing it more snuggly inside the hood area. I was in Tanzania so it was quite warm most of the time, and this really did have a cooling effect. I slept soundly most nights and didn't wake up from overheating. In fact, this would perhaps be the only negative as I spent a few nights in the foothills of Kili and it was notably cooler- the liner was not enough. But for most people this isn't an issue- you simply use your sleeping bag. It easily fits back into the little bag either by rolling or simply stuffing it, and is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. I also used the bag to keep essential items close by at night, like a head torch, bug spray and bite cream. It saved them all moving around and ended up under me or rolling away!My only niggle would be availability of the more superior version of this item- they do one with a built in insect repellent which would have been great given where I was traveling but this seems almost impossible to get hold of in the UK. If you get the chance to upgrade to that I would go for it.
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I live in Georgia, a state with a lot of humidity. I have a synthetic sleeping bag. I like the bag. It's light and compact. The only problem is that I always feel sticky (probably because I need a shower) and the inside of the sleeping bag is not very soft, something like the outside of a windbreaker.I didn't see a huge improvement in my clammy/sticky feeling as the advertisements and the reviews suggest. However, the bag liner was soft like a t shirt. I really like the feeling. Also,the bag liner didn't come off during the night. (Sometimes bag liner will end up around your ankles at the end of the night.)I am really on the fence about taking this liner with me. It adds weight to my pack and doesn't greatly improve the clammy/sticky feeling. The things that have really improved my sleeping experience on the trail thus far is getting a proper temperature sleeping bag (I get cold easily) and getting a good pad. I don't remember the pad name right now, but I got a less expensive inflatable pad from Amazon. I am still looking for a good camp pillow. However, I have been sleeping really well since making the two changes listed above. My husband, on the other hand, can sleep really well with a terrible sleeping pad. I don't know how he does it.
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T Bennett wrote everything I would have said but there are a couple of things I'd like to add to that review.1) If you wash it, it does indeed dry quickly. It starts to dry as soon as you hang it up.2) I have an expensive 3 season sleeping bag and it complments it very well - with a night time temperature of 5C I was very comfortable without being totally inside the sleeping bag.3) I haven't tried it in warm weather yet but what I can say is that it is very comfortable on the skinl.I'm a car camperbut the product would suit backpackers as it packs up very small and is very light.It is expensive but its versatilty is worth the price in my opinion.
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As soon as I purchased this I regretted it. I didn't feel I really needed it and only purchased on impulse. When I received it and pulled it out of its stuff sack that remorse was not lessened. It seems very thin and I couldn't see how it was going to add any warmth or provide any protection to the liner of my bag. However once I took it out backpacking my mind was completely changed. It added noticeably to the warmth of my sleeping bag on a colder than usual night and blocked some of the dirt that would have soiled my bag and I ended up washing this MUCH easier to wash liner.Totally worth the few ounces and small bit of bulk in my backpack.
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I took this on the Across Ohio Bicycle Adventure. It was too hot most nights to use my sleeping bag and this was a good substitute. The product is very light and stuffs into its small bag very easily. It is basically just a long tube with no side opening so you have to slide in and out of it. I will also use it on overnight cycling trips where I stay indoors but have to take my own bedding. It would be good for staying in hostels as well.


The bag liner performs exactly as described. On a night that started off warm, I unzipped my bag and stayed comfortable covered with this liner. When the temperature dropped I was easily able to fasten this around my head to stay totally covered inside my mummy bag. This does a great job keeping my bag clean and keeping sweat off my body. At Amazon's price and with free shipping this is a must-buy.


The sea to summit adapter liner, as with all sea to summit products, surely doesn't disappoint. It make a humid night a dry night, no matter how much you sweat, packs down very small and is lightweight. Great for backpacking. Stuff sack included is very cool also. It is also a great sleeping bag by itself during the hot summer months.


This little liner is enough to keep the breeze at bay and keep me happy on a warm night. I'm not a fan of the feel of the material as it snags on rough skin and in an ideal world it would zip open or some such along one side for those situations where slipping in through the top may prove difficult (try that in a hammock).


A must have for anyone that could use a few extra degrees when the temp drops. It light and works great for a summer bag too. Very happy with this product. I would recommend it for cool nights and as a boost for any sleeping bag for cold nights.


Excellent - small, lightweight, ideal for travelling in the hotter climates.
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