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Trekkinn has 41 customer reviews and the average score is 4.8. Go to this seller.

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I paid such a ridiculously high price for this product that I am too ashamed and embarassed to admit it, to you. I did, however, decide to purchase it, anyway, despite the high premium. Here is why ...So, I have constructed a lightweight 3-season system, for Central Texas, which does get "very" cold, at unpredictable intervals, throughout the late-fall to early-spring "trimester".Central Texas is Hill-Country ... Lots of steep ridges and canyons, all bunched together and there is lots of climbing involved and major weather fronts converge,in this region, manifesting all sorts of conditions, sporadically and unpredictably.My sleep-system consists of ONE G.I. Gortex Bivy-Bag and one SnugPak compact and lightweight "JUNGLE" bag (with integral bug-net), ... In order to augment this basic system, I also carry a VERY light and VERY compact Adventure Medical ThermoLite 2.0 Reflective Emergency Bivy AND ... YES ... This (equally ultra-light and compact) ThermoLite Reactor Extreme Mummy Liner. In colder weather, I may carry an additional silk or fleece bag liner.*** COST JUSTIFICATION *** These augmentation components fit in your open hand, and are smaller than a standdard roll of toilet-paper (and are a little lighter.) This allows for a very light, compact, and highly mobile and flexible sleep system that can "stretch" your temperature tolerance by (very hopefully) 25 to 30 degrees, F.I also carry a Short RidgeRest (aluminized) closed-cell pad, which is shorter and narrower than most pads.To be honest, I do not believe that these (ThermoLite) ultralight options perform to their optimistic claims, of 15 degrees for the thermal bivy and 25 degrees for the Reactor-Extreme bag liner ... Again, used together, properly, ?? ... 30 degrees of boost is the most one could hope for, and is probably overly optimistic ... I would expect to get slightly better than 20 degrees using BOTH thermalite components, if the temps were below freezing.Anything that weighs less than a roll of toilet-paper and is smaller, that can boost my sleep comfort (and survival envelope) by ANY significant amount MUST be worth spending a bit "more". ... And ... I sure DID !Sorry ... no anecdotal gripes, as of yet ... I try not to use this resource any more than necessary. If I KNOW ... IN ADVANCE ... That it will be cold, then I will pack my USGI-ECWS-IMSS which is 12 pounds and will handle anything Texas can throw at me (any time).Hope this helps.
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I really appreciated this liner as the temp fell from 20 degrees to 3 degrees overnight this weekend in the Catskills. Normally I would be very uncomfortable in my 15 degree bag at these temps, but the liner made it noticeably warmer. One of the reasons is that is eliminated the natural cold spots you get in a bag when not occupied by your body while you sleep, so when you shift you normally feel the cold. With the liner, which was snugly wrapped all around my entire body all night,I slept very well with no cold spots. It is big enough to provide room to shift positions but stays with you all night.Is this liner (or any liner for that matter) perfect for every sleeper? Of course not, but with the right layering and a halfway decent bag it really does make a difference and keeps the bag much cleaner. Small and easy to pack. I will be taking this with my on all cold weather situations.My recommendation is give it a try and see if it works for you. Cold weather sleeping is all about finding a layering system that works for you. This is a great additional layer that worked very well for me.
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I bought this to add an extra few degrees tolerance to my winter sleep system wild camping. It does do this though I'm not sure it's to the degree they're stating. It's certainly nice to have something to line the bag with but I do find that due to the material and the materials generally used in sleeping bags that this bag tends to slide around, scrunch up or sink to the bottom of the bag quite easily and getting both to fit snugly at the same time is much like trying to wear two condoms; sure you're better protected in theory,but in practise the shuffling around to line yourself up and not feel like your somewhat helplessly tangled up kind of deflates my excitement for the product somewhat. Still, it's nice to have. Should really be cheaper than it is though for what it is. I can't imagine it cost much to manufacture
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I go hiking a lot and have resisted getting a liner due to the idea I would feel constricted in my sleeping bag.Well, my fears have been put to rest. Firstly, this liner is so soft and comfy it feels like a cost sheet wrapping around you. The material is smooth and light.Importantly, and this is why I got it - the liner adds a lot of warmth to my sleeping bag. I’d say a other season. I’ve seen claims that it adds 23 degrees C in warmth. Well I certainly don’t think that to be true,however it made a noticeable difference a couple of weekends ago in 1-2 degree overnight temperatures.It has a hood with a draw string to keep head warmth in.It is however expensive in my opinion, hence 4 stars for value for money. But having paid the money for it, I am so far happy with my purchase.
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Let me start off by saying I took a 43 degree bag with me and it ended up being about 10 degrees. Problematic? Slightly, but I brought this with me to make my twenty dollar bag warmer. As with most backpackers I like to have things that pack well and let me tell you this thing packs small and with my bag that is not so warm but packs well it is a winning combonation. I truly believe that this will make you warmer and it packs tight and light.Now for the downside.....it's expensive but let's face it sometimes the comfort is worth it. Something where the primary trade off is more money but adds little to no weight or room to your pack is totally worth it to most backpackers.Side note.... I've never been let down by a sea to summit product and this was no exception.
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Best purchase ever for outdoors, allows me to extend the life of my sleeping bag, keep the stink out, and go later into the shoulder seasons. I bought this because I am a cold sleeper, and my 25 degree bag would be uncomfortable even at 40 degrees. Now my sleeping bag is comfortable down to just below freezing, as long as I have a thick beanie. This is really not that much extra weight in your pack and is totally worth it. For toss and turn sleepers like me it keeps an extra warm area right around you,and I never wake up cold. If you were a warm sleeper on a warm night this would be the only sleeping bag you need, as long as you had a pad and wind protection, because this provides very little wind resistance. Can't recommend one of these more.
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Have the reactor and just upgraded to the extreme. This is a sleeping bag liner which helps to add warmth. I have used the old reactor about 50 times and it does in fact add a little warmth. I was never under any illusions that this is a substitution for a sleeping bag, (nor is it advertised as such). It is what it is, a light weight liner that does add warmth to your existing sleeping system. I also carry it in my ski BC Day pack along with a SOL bivy,,as a last resort survival system (yes I will be cold but it will keep me alive and is way better than nothing). If you are going for a day hike in the BC this is a good combo to carry. Obviously If I am planning on spending the night I bring my sleeping bag / pad as well.
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I wish I had found this sooner! I'm one of those women who is always cold. This bag liner is great! I got the warmest one I could find, and I use it every time I camp and its below 50 at night. It really makes a huge difference to me.The material is light weight and stretchy, like your old favorite t shirt. I can skip wearing socks, becuse it keeps my feet warm. Dirt and sticks do not stick to it.I was concerned that it might can tangled around me legs, but it doesn't. I even use it in a hammock,inside my sleeping bag, and no problems.I think its a good option to having to buy a warmer sleeping bag. It packs down to the size of a water bottle.I have even brought it on the airplane, and used it as a travel blanket.
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I was skeptical after first receiving this product. It is a stretchy, rather thin weave and I simply could not believe it would add warmth to my bag. So last night I slept outside in our open carport. My bag is rated at 30 degrees (which is a stretch). It was quite windy and dropped down to 27 degrees. I wore a light base layer and wool socks. In the middle of the night I woke up because my feet were too hot and had to remove my socks! My face was the only part of my body exposed to the outside but when I pulled the liner over my face I felt so much warmer.I found it rather easy to get into it and it was certainly not restrictive to sleep in. I'll be glad to have it along on my hike.
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I have an old Coleman sleeping bag which I think is actually colder sleeping inside of it. Anyway, I bought the Reactor Extreme bag and a Silk mummy bag to work in tandem with my old sleeping (is that then trandem when its three?) bag and so instead of spending many hundreds of dollars on a new sleeping bag I spent 100 dollars for both the silk and reactor bags. Worked great, I stay nice and warm in about 30ish weather in my hammock out in the woods, but I’m also wearing a bit of clothes,maybe either my silk or wool long underwear. Is that now Quondam? Whew, well all in all a well-made and warm product which is exactly what I wanted.
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