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This is a very high quality flexible silicone cup that has decent insulating qualities for both hot and cold drinks and even food. I purchased one of these for my son (in lime green) and he used it as both his cup and bowl on his Boy Scout troop's 50-mile, five-day trek in the middle of winter. Collapsed, it nestles easily in to many chow kits, or can fit in a cargo pocket.It beats carrying a stainless steel camp cup when you need to reduce weight and bulk.UPDATE (JULY 2012):I purchased one of these in blue for myself after my son raved about his. Just got back from a 12-day, 80-mile trek at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico and used the XMug several times when one of my crew members needed my stainless mug for his coffee.I had hot cider in it one night and the next day I went to have coffee in it and could still smell the cider. I had washed the mug out thoroughly. I had coffee a couple more times in the mug and found a trace of the cider scent still lingering. When I got home I washed-up all my gear, including the XMug. It retained the coffee scent.When you participate in a trek at Philmont, rangers warn of the need to keep "smellables" out of the reach of bears, squirrels, and chipmunks. He kept a hard plastic bowl with him and warned that the silicone dishes like the XMug would become a smellable and would have to go up in a bear bag. That turned out to be a bit of a pain after every dinner meal.I dropped the original 5-star rating down to a 4 because it seems to absorb some of the food odors. I will still keep this in my backpack for its compact design, but I'm going back to my stainless mug for my coffee.
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Purchased the Orange X - Mug because the price was right, £10.61; have used other mugs, for hiking, in the past, plastic, enamel and aluminium. I decided to give this a go because I liked the idea of a collapsible mug to put inside my cook kit. Sturdy design, had no issues with smells, as mentioned by other reviewers. 50+ trials, cups of tea later and very happy with my purchase. Only tested twice on wild camps, only four stars because this item should be cheaper.Low and behold ten days later saw a Lime X - Mug for £6, jumped at the chance of a second purchase, to use for cupa soups and ramen noodles.This second purchase, great price, but noticeable distinctive smell, after a while the taste wore off,probably because the Naked Noodles Vietnamese Vegetable Pho was stronger. ?Structurally I found this colour version different, less rigid and more suspectable to collapse, also hotter to the touch. Don't have a micrometer, but defiantly a thinner wall structure. I would be interested if other people have purchased different colours and have found a similar issue. Only three stars for the Lime X - Mug for me, even if it was cheaper; will update on both purchases after continual use! ?
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Having previously bought and been impressed my the x-plate I gave the mug to my girlfriend to complete her 'set'. As with the other items in the range the mug is well made and strong. In comparison to the plate and bowl the hard plastic is found on the rim rather than the base. This makes drinking from the mug easier than it other wise would be whilst sacrificing a small amount of stability, a full mug is still unlikely to fall over though. The silicon insulates well but if you are sensitive to particularly hot things in your hand do beware that it is only thin. The capacity of the mug is also greater than I expected it to be - hence the title.This is ideal for an evening soup or large warming cup of tea/coffee/cocoa etc but probably too much to fill for a quick brew. The measurements given on the side are also handy for cooking whilst out and about, taking guesswork out of just add water meals.All in all a good buy, especially for those who already have one of the other offerings.
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I finally gave these a try after my guyout squishy bowls left a horrible rubber taste in every meal. I was afraid these might do the same. However, after rinsing them out and letting them soak in warm water before my first use. I'm happy to say, these left no odd taste in my foods. I've poured boiling water from my backpack stove right into these with whatever meal I was eating (oatmeal, etc). They hold up great. They are pretty thin walled so it doesn't provide much heat insulation, so be careful, they will be hot. However, that thin walled design allows them to be collapsible and light weight.My X-Mug holds 2 cups of water, has graduation marks on the inside in cups, and weighs only 2.7 oz.The very top of the mug has an OD of just under 4.5". This allowed it to nest perfectly in the top pan of my Terra Weekender HE pot set. Which is awesome. I will probably buy the X-Cup to nest in this next
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This mug arrived 3 days earlier than the earliest expected date, very nice!The colour is great for wilderness, as it brightly contrasts with foliage and dirt, making it difficult to lose, but also makes it easy to spot stains while cleaning.I have a bushbuddy twig stove, which stores inside my toaks titanium pot, and this mug fits into the pot along with the stove perfectly.The stats indicated in the description are a bit off, but in a good way. Here are the details of the mug that I received:Diameter width: 4.25 inches or 11 cm (description states 6 inches)Unfolded height: 3.25 inches or 8.5 cmFolded height: 5/8 of an inch,or 1.5 cmWeight while empty: 65.5 g or 2.3 oz (description says 2.7 oz)Holding volume: 0.473176 L or 2 cups
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I bought 2 of these mugs after using a Sea to Summit Collapsible Plate for the past 2 years. While these are "cool" looking, light and collapse down really small, they are kind of squishy to hold and not the easiest to clean due to the ridges and the material (the rubber likes to hold on to things). It also is hard to hold if you are drinking hot liquids (no insulation, so wear gloves). All in all, they've served the purpose. They've come in really handy since I generally keep them in my pack and you don't always think of how useful a cup can be on a hiking trip. I've had to share due to buddies not having anything like this. All in all...a nice item to have in your pack.


This mug is excellent, it fits perfectly in the bottom of my Toaks titanium 1100ml billy can.The only downside is that the base of the mug is quite narrow, so you have to be careful to make sure it's on a level surface when you put it down or it will tip over.It's insulated quite well, so you don't burn your hands when it's full of hot coffee/tea/hot chocolate etc and it it seems to keep your drinks warm for a good while.On this black version the measurement markings are quite hard to read in all but very bright daylight.It's not the lightest mug, but it seems to be sturdy and it's main advantage is how little space it takes up in your pack.


Bought it for Burning Man, kept using it when I got back to the city. Never again will you have to ask your friends for a glass at a party, or a bowl, or a plate. Write your name on the side and never forget which drink is yours. Rinse off, shake dry, collapse it and it fits in a pocket or bag. Also, if the drink machine is out of view of the counter at a fast-food place, free soda!Remember not to fidget with the fold/unfold mechanism. It's rubber, folks, it's only got a certain number of flexes in it before it tears. That number is high, but playing with it when you're bored will get there a lot quicker than just regular use.


I bought this cup as I was travelling on the Trans-Siberian railway at the start of a round the word trip and had a load of instant porridge with me which, i reasoned, I would need a cup for. However I used this 10001 times during the whole trip. It folds up small, has a large capacity so is big enough to be a bowl and I would recommend it to any backpacker. It looses a start because it holds on to smells a bit and my boyfriend's one split recently, but he employed it as a cup to have instant noodles in at work so not only used it almost every day on a year long trip but also every day in the three months after.


Very good, innovative and space-saving gadget. Slight initial plastic odour quickly disappeared on washing. The product has been used extensively when hiking and has proved to be a real asset. Much sturdier than I imagined and perfect for having a quick cup of tea when hiking or out for long walks.The mug has a volume scale embossed on the inside which is quite accurate and very useful. Stability is much better than anticipated and the silicone does provide a degree of insulation from hot contents.Considering buying another one for sharing.


Bought this to take along on hikes for a quick brew in the field. The mug itself is a thick rubbery material which weighs a bit more than my titanium mug but given the space saved in my pack it's worth it.The cup goes perfectly with my jetboil, it's the same diameter so fits just in the same bag and can even be used as a impromptu lidIn use the cup shows no sign of flex, the plastic rim at the top does a good job of maintianing it's shape, the cup insulates so you can hold on to it whilst you cup of steaming whatever is still steaming


Cup is great! However the design engineers let the product down in my opinion. Why you ask! Well there is no lid to keep cup clean in storage. I carry mine in my back pocket to save on the cost of beverages you would have to buy to take your medications. I have over come this problem by putting it in a sandwich bag to keep pocket lint and any other contaminates out. All other telescoping travel cups I have owned in the past have come with a cover for cleanliness. Perhaps the maker will take this under consideration.Joseph


In my opinion, the Sea to Summit X line of products (plates, bowls, cups, mugs) is a standard by which other similar products should be measured. These mugs take up almost no space in your pack. Although they are not ultra-lightweight, they aren't particularly heavy. They clean up fairly easily on the trail and, when you get back from your outing, you can toss them in the dishwasher with no fear of damage.Be sure to wash them in the dishwasher in their "expanded" state to get all the gunk out of the folds.


So neat! Packs away to almost nothing. When collapsed it is only 1.5cm thick, diameter of just under 11cm.The measures inside are easy to read - cups (1/3's and 1/4's) and millilitres (100's)When expanded it stands at 8.5cm tall, the base is 6.5cm diameter. It is very sturdy and the black plastic rim provides a comfortable surface to hold.I picked the orange one because if you get in to distress you can put a torch in the upturned cup and it makes a nifty warning beacon!


I bought this on a quest toward becoming an ultralight backpacker and am very satisfied I found it here. It compacts perfectly, has measuring lines for rehydrating my foods, is easily cleaned, super lightweight and totally silent in being carried. No clanking like the sierra cups!! You wont burn your lips either from hot fluids from the rim. Also, the bright color keeps me from losing it or worse - sitting on it around a campfire.I highly reccomend it!
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