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I use this with the Hot Logic Mini to heat meals and make oatmeal on the road in hotels and it works great. It's light and backs small. It cleans easy. There can be a lingering odor/taste if I reheat a greaser meal in it that has spicer foods and wash it by hand. Once I get home and wash it in the dishwasher though, it's back to new. Worth the money and pays for itself. I have several different sizes now and can carry them all together.


Unfortunately, it is "Made in China" and it shows: the bottom of the bowl (my particular one) isn't flat, it is curved. Enough to occupy a double space, when packed between txe X-plate and the X-bowl. Otherwise, it has all the qualities usually found on a Sea-to-Summit item.


Perfect big bowl. Lightweight, compact, hard plastic bottom cut resistant. Large, lightweight, folding bowl. It takes up very little space. Hard plastic bottom, resistant to cuts (the manufacturer recommends using as a cutting board).


Nice bowl for long trekking or alpinism. Lightweight, big capacity, takes no space in backpack. Convenient folding bowl. Very light, roomy, when folded does not take up space. The bottom can be used as a cutting board.


Bought for backpacking and motorcycle camping - it does as the one bowl for everything - breakfast cereal to our evening meal. Takes up minimal space and is light. I hope it lasts!


I use this bowl to water my dogs when in the field. It is lightweight and fits my fanny pack. It appears to be durable. After my dogs drink their water, I eat my cereal from it.


Preparing for a group backpacking trip - This is GREAT for packing into restricted weight/size allotment. Looking forward to using it.


Used this bowl on my 3 week road trip/backpacking trip and LOVED it. however, if it isn't washed well, food gets stuck in the ridges.


Nice bowl.. Thought it was bigger, being an XL. Bought for hiking to water the dog and it will work..


Good size collapsible bowl which will be good for camping/ hiking. Delivered on time.
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