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I travel with 2 small boys and my partner. Being away from home means who sleeps where depends on how confident the kids feel in the new environment, for those of you who have kids you'll know if you share a bed with them you get no covers! 2 nights before we flew I remembered so started looking at options. Very quickly I'd narrowed it down to silk and then I found these with both a pillow insert and stretch side panels. They have been absolutely brilliant, they are tiny so fitted well into our hand baggage allowance,they are both cool and warm when needed. They are expensive but for us the quality of sleep we've managed to get in our first 4 nights away outweighs this straight away!
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We used this sleeping bag liner while traveling throughout Indonesia, and it was great to have on hand. We used it on the flights, and also in our rented sleeping bags while hiking Mount Rinjani. We also used these on a backpacking trip on the Appalachian trail, and they worked perfect for nights when it was too muggy for an actual sleeping bag. We have found them to be both roomy and sturdy. We even used these in bed in a shady hotel our trekking group put us in before we climbed the volcano.Extremely small, pack ready, light weight option for traveling and trekking.
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I got this for my 21 yo daughter who was going to the southern tip of South American in their winter, and going camping, at that. The airline didn't deliver their luggage till about day 3 or day 4 of the trip, ARGH, this makes a mom mad. But once it arrived she said it was great. The color is lovely, the fabric feels really nice, and I wish I had one of my own! (I got the silk/cotton version without the stretchy panels a few years ago. I like it,but the stretchy panels and the silk look like a big jump up.)
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The liner is nice on its own as a lightweight sleeping cover in the heat, or in a sleeping bag. Given the price, I've always handwashed it after camping trips out of an abundance of caution, and it has held up perfectly. Dries quick, nearly weightless and packs really small. The one I bought is the mummy bag version which can fit a pillow, but I've found there is enough material to throw over your face to keep the mosquitos off


What a difference adding the stretch panels add to using these liners. I’ve used the travel one and now the double. Bought the double for two people and it’s great for budget travel for added comfort in dodgy places of stay. It’s feels great to the skin. It becomes easier to pack as time goes on. Only knocks are they are expensive for what they are. Also the ouch they come in for the price are cheap.


At first, I did not like this silk liner because it felt so thin and it made me feel sort of cold. However, I'm on a trip so I used it. It made me feel warm. I'm not sure if it's because of the temperature in the house or what. I guess you got to get use to it. I love that it stretches. I have plenty of room to toss and turn. I'm still trying it out, but so far so good now.


We bought this for a trip to India, as a just-in-case precaution. Both of us fit in fine, with plenty of room. The material is comfortable and easy to roll up to fit back in the travel case. I took off one star because there is no pillow cover. I'm 5'10 and my husband is 6'3. The sheet came just under our pillow; not enough room to pull it over the pillow. Slept well.


As we're travelling in SE Asia we were keen to have something to sleep in that could keep the bugs away and provided our own sheet! This does what it says on the tin! When this arrived it was a lot smaller than we imagined, which was great for travelling. The sheet was also a lot thinner than we imagined. I also soaked it in insect repellent before we went away.


I use these on top of a Klymit ultralite insulated pad with a quilt over top. Very comfortable but I wish they had a side opening to make getting in and out easier. I've a set of cotton travel sheets that fold back for the first 18" or so and that is so convenient.Oh well, can't have everything, where would you put it. These are light, compact, and comfy.


The stretchy sides really do make a difference. Surprisingly comfortable, luxuriously soft, packs to a small bundle in its own bag, and easy to wash and dry. What's not to like? Getting it back into the bag wasn't difficult, all it takes is careful folding and rolling. Worth every penny to be able to sleep in my own bedding without the cumbersome weight.
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