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This bowl is great, folds flat and is small enough to carry with you everywhere!* Flexible silicon is inevitably going to be pliable, so don't be put off by the previous comments - I'm not being contentious, just that I worried about when I read he reviews having in mind the floppiness of some silicon bakeware I have but this bowl is pretty rigid and I've not had to be particularly careful with it in use at all with hot or cold meals, but I guess piping hot straight off the stove may soften it? I was taken aback by the size as previous reviewers have been, but it's actually a perfect one portion size for most foods so although I'd have liked it to be maybe 2/3cms wider in diameter (which would have helped for bulk-heavy salad leaves)I have no qualms about purchasing it.*I take it everywhere, picnics on walks, hiking, camping and also to work with me - I freelance in a couple of companies that don't supply cutlery or dishware outside of the canteens so I use it for breakfast cereal in the morning and whatever I decide to have for lunch, hot and cold, it is ideal and one of the most useful purchases I've made in terms of usage!
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I bought a couple of these for trekking in Greenland so that we could have hot food at lunchtime.The bowels worked really well and have a large enough capacity for almost any meal.So why, I hear you ask, 4 stars and not the full 5 stars?There are two minor problems, not significant enough for me to not recommend this item, that we've found. First of all, they conduct heat really well. This means that they can be very hot to hold when filled. Secondly, as they are made of silicon, they do wobble a little bit, so you do have to be careful.I suppose if you were using on a table, then neither of these points would be an issue, but huddled behind a rock keeping out of the wind,then this is a slightly different matter.However, as these do the job; fold down to a flat disc; and are easy to clean out afterwards, I do recommend.(One bit of advice for taking out with you for lunch; do take a plastic bag to put the dirty dishes in; it will keep your rucksack much cleaner inside!)...maybe only 4 stars is a bit harsh, but you decide!
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A keen backpacker I'm always looking to reduce weight and volume.This bowl was bought to replace an old cheap rigid plastic one.I put it through its paces on a 3 day wildcamping trip in N. Wales.The bowl folds perfectly flat and slips easily into the pack without taking up much room. The sides rolled-up and down with no trouble. It seemed to keep the food warmer than my old plate and the stability of the bowl was not an issue as long as you balanced it on your knee/hand. The base sits perfectly in an average sized-hand but can get a little bit hot. I do not recommend trying to lift the plate by the sides when full. It was easy to wipe clean after use. I didn't try out the base as a cutting board but I am sure it would work perfectly.The bowl is a really clever design and seems robust. The volume is more than sufficient to hold an ample portion. It easily took half a boil in the bag rice portion along with a full boil-in-the-bag main course meal.It has been my best buy this year.
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I bought this as a general camping bowl and i have nothing but good things to say about it. I have two, and both are good quality outdoor dishes. They do well with hot food. You can feel the warm food (which is good on a cold day) but it isn't uncomfortably hot.The base is good cutting board, but i wouldn't cut too hard or you will make divots in the plastic. cleaning is a breeze and it doesn't seem to absorb any food odors.I have two of these bowls and two of the collapsible cups together with a bunch of other cooking stuff in an MSR stowaway pot. It makes the perfect higher end cook set up. The main advantage to these is definitely the size factor. They fold to about a half an inch thick,


In my opinion, the Sea to Summit X line of products (plates, bowls, cups, mugs) is a standard by which other similar products should be measured. These bowls take up almost no space in your pack. While they are not ultra-lightweight, they aren't particularly heavy. They clean up fairly easily on the trail and, when you get back from your outing, you can toss them in the dishwasher with no fear of damage.Be sure to wash them in the dishwasher in their "expanded" state to get all the gunk out of the folds.


I bought three of these and used them with my 2 boys during a 2 weeks trek. They were used daily at least three times with hot and cold food. Easy to clean, folds flat, easy to pack. Holds its shape, and it is pretty large for any meal breakfast, lunch or dinner. Holds liquids well but you have to keep your hand on the bottom, the walls are very soft. I would purchase again, even though it is pretty pricey. I did not need any other plate or bowl, but I did have use a cup for coffee and water


Haven't actually used it yet, but looks great and pops up and down like a champ. I didn't buy the product to eat from or chop food on. I bought it to throw in the suitcase when traveling to put things like my phone, wallet, etc in while avoiding these things touching yucky surfaces! Looks like it will work just fine. It's light weight and folds to a pankcake--who could ask for anything more!


Nearly a tenner for a bowl!!! Well yes, if its lightweight, packs down to nothing, hardwearing, multi-functional (!) as a chopping board, easy to clean and has a measuring guide marked on the inside... I've used this a lot on backpacking trips and more leisurely camping weekends and its always done well. Would recommend...


I was just at the Rainbow Gathering for 6 days and carried the bowl with me everywhere I went. It was cleaned with dirt, bleach, dirty t-shirts, and dogs tongues. For a while it was used by a giant. Through all this, it remained pristine, fun to look at, a conversation starter, and most importantly of all it was cool!


Bought to use in our campervan where storage space is at a premium. They are great. You have to hold the bowl from underneath but the base is thick enough to insulate from hot contents. The rubber came clean after tomatoey pasta sauce looked like it might stain it which I was delighted with. Would recommend.


I have several of these bowls for my dog and I love them! They are very light weight and easy to pack or store in tight places, like the seat pocket in my car. I've never used them for camping, but the hard bottom could be used as a cutting board. You could also collapse the bowl and use it as a plate.


On first inspection I thought the bowl was too small, but after using it, I found that it comfortably held a Bachelors ‘Beanfeast; Bolognese’ and also a Bachelors ‘Pasta; Ham & Leek’ at the same time. The bowl sides were sturdy enough when full of the hot food. A good purchase.


The bowl is small enough to fit inside a tranger kit which is fantastic as it means all cooking kit is together. The bottom is slightly too small to use a chopping board but still is OK for the odd item. I love this bowl and use it most times i camp or hike.


I keep one of these in the back of my wheelchair, and use it for my Assistance Dog on a daily basis for giving him water, and it doubles as a feed bowl when away from home. Only problem is everyone thinks I'm giving him coffee or Coke due to the black base


On a long trip and needed something to bring along to microwave meals. Sea to Summit's X-Bowl has been a lifesaver! I've used it as a bowl and a plate and even a cutting board. Can't go wrong with this one whether you're backpacking or traveling.
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