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These are fairly thin to start with (they are plates after all), but have a lip like a shallow bowl. The lip collapses fairly easily (but also not TOO easily) to take up about half the space. The bottom is a hard plastic that I read could be used as a cutting board even. I was short on cutting boards on one campout, and I tried it (scared I would damage it). Not really. If you look closely, you can see slight cut marks (like on a regular plastic cutting board), but even after dicing up veggies for 2 meals, the plate still looks fine. The bright red color is a nice shade, and the silicone does not discolor with food stains. I have dishwashered them, and they come out fine (the silicone gets water spots on it if you do not wipe them dry,but that's a minor annoyance). These are kind of pricey, but I think they will be a good value that lasts a long time. They are definitely better than the cheap imports that you see at a much lower price point. I guess you do get what you pay for sometimes.
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The product received does not correspond to the measurements requested, on the product page it indicates that the diameter of the plate is 20 cm and the product that was sent to me measures 22 cm, this is important for me since I had to place it in a place that has that measure. On the other hand I already have a plate equal to 22 cm and therefore it does not serve me at all. Cheers.


Bought this for Girlfriend as I already own the plate (she loved it), & much else of Sea to Summit's X-series. A truly outstanding line of backpacking cooking & eating gear - the opinion of someone who backpacks constantly and has done so for years (and isn't all hung up over cutting every ounce at the expense of actually enjoying backpacking).


We use the sea to summit plates soup bowl and cups for years. Earlier in the tent, with the engine now in the caravan. Takes up little space. Eg folded a plate for breakfast and at night unfolded for macronie. So no more double crockery. We find it too tough, solid, colorful .overall very satisfied.


I already owned the bowls and goblets and now I have the whole assortment. A little heavy but at the space saving level in the saddlebags it is top. Pan, saucepan, 2 plates, 2 bowls and 2 cups from the X range from Sea-to-Summit and all that fits in 22 diameter x 7 high.


I have purchased the the Sea to Summit cup, bowl, pot and the 8 inch fry pan and it is great that they all fit into each other. What a space saver and good products.


A sturdy collapsible cup - fits easily into my running kit for distance runs where you need to take a cup.


These dishes are very different from the ones we've been spending now because they can fold and save space


Looking forward to using this on our upcoming safari. Feels nice and sturdy, should work just fine.


Perfect for camping. Easy to wash and can handle cutting food on it


Fantastic product. Does what it’s intended to do


Fantastic product. So small and compact


This and the X-Mug. Get them both.


perfect. well made fits anywhere!


Very good going to get one more
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