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For Sea to Summit X-Seal & Go X-Large, 15 customer reviews collected from 2 e-commerce sites, and the average score is 4.5.

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Amazon has 10 customer reviews and the average score is 4.2. Go to this seller.
Trekkinn has 5 customer reviews and the average score is 5. Go to this seller.

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The product is worth what it costs. Once you have it in your hand, you forget the price. The quality is palpable. Good silicone, hard, and the nylon fold is a pass. The lid has a seal so that, once it is tight, the contents are airtight. The lid closes something hard, which indicates its secrecy. The size XL is 850ml, it is like a large soup plate. Very very very happy with the product. I recommend it. The shipment, great. I ordered it Thursday morning, and Friday morning with DHL at home.


I have purchased in the past the small green mug but wanted something slightly bigger than 7.5 ounces so purchased this one. My mother and I walk every day at the mall and buy coffee once done This is perfect for putting in purse and kid helps to not spill when walking. Works well. The smaller one fits better in pants pocket if not carrying purse.


This is a nice variation on the collapsible container as it has a lid. Covering containers has always been the downside of cooking in the field. This style solves the problem. The bottom plastic makes a half decent cutting board so one less item to put in the gear bag. That is an option that plastic bags or eating too much do not offer.


I bought this for coffee on a trip. I chose the one with the lid and measurement lines so that I could produce a good cup of coffee on the road. I used it and a collapsible Melita like over the cup filter. It is easy to get hot water and easy to find a cup. I measured my water, used my filter and had perfect coffee.


We keep them in our luggage and use these everytime we travel. Very versatile and durable (for people and pets). Only downside is that they are not quite leakproof, but close enough. They are also graduated, so they double as measuring cups for the traveling cook.


I'm so glad of my purchase !!! Lightweight, waterproof, practical! The price is worth it, I recommend


Smaller than I’d thought it would be. But that’s on me. Husband uses mostly.


very good material, feels secure for travel use


Excellent quality price. Very practical.


Used for taking my lunch to work


Brilliant Nd really light


use tis at work as well


i love it


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