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Good bowl at a good price. The lid is especially nice when making oatmeal or any other dehydrated food. It holds the heat in a little longer. And the price is right too.My only complaint is that the lid could use a little redesign. It tends to drop into the bowl when your trying to take it off (given, I'm not the most graceful person in the world). That usually results in the rim of the lid covered in oatmeal or soup or whatever is in the bowl.Giving it just a tiny bit of a lip might help with this.Otherwise it's been great.


The Sea to Summit Delta Bowl works very well. The lid attaches nice and firmly, although I have only used it for dry foods so I can't say how watertight the seal is. I use mine to make oatmeal and the bowl itself can get rather hot unless you use the supplied lid as a base.One thing to note is that the measurements are in milliliters, so if you are planning to use imperial measurements with this you will have to convert first. Not a big deal, but the units were not mentioned in the listing itself.


Unfortunately, the previous speaker has not rated the product but the shop. The bowl is great, has been in use for years, nothing breaks, easy to clean, good to hold and thanks to the floor you can almost always stand on your knees or lap ... what more could you want ?! The lid is a plate, practical, but I would not trust the tightness personally, but I did not try it. Even with the shop I've only had the best experience so far! We recommend!


Like it very much so far. It's lite weight enough for backpacking and camping. Allows me to use the bowl and or the plate and also it's great to store leftover in cooler. I also like the lil handle on the side which helps holding the bowl when handling bowl. Good size for one person.


Spent a month away and this was great - both for dinner and even when packing - could easily sneak a bra or two in the bowl with lid if you're trying to conserve space! Just make sure to clean the bowl before using as storage!


I bought two bowls, one with the lid and one without. They stack although they could nest together a bit more compactly than they do. One bowl fits about two-thirds of the way into the other one. The handle is a nice touch.


This is very well-made and sturdy, but I wish it was just a little deeper. Otherwise, very happy with my purchase! I recommend the Human Gear gobites to go with this! I bought them too, and they are fantastic!!


Very good bowl. The only thing is the lid is pretty difficult to close. My friends have the same bowl and the same problem


Really the perfect little bowl and imo the best designed one in its class. Highly recommend an would/will purchase again.


Nice feel and design. wish it had taller sides, but I like high sided bowls. will use for camping


Light weight, perfect size, durable. Worked great for my backpacking trip!


As expected. Well manufactured and do not have any minus point.


Purchased two for our camping trips...we love it..


love the bowl and lid. light weight and durable.


Good camping bowl, easy to clean, good seal
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