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I use these to help keep hydrated during a long ride out on my bike and they are perfectly suited for the job. Of course you could use these for other sport such as running or gym where replacing lost fluids and hydration is important.If you're looking at these then you probably already know that keeping hydrated is not as simple as just consuming lots of water. Your body needs to replace lost minerals such as sodium as well as water in order to re-hydrate. That's where these come in.They contain a blend of electrolytes required to re-hydrate. The added caffeine is a great bonus too.They dissolve really well, and the tube is small enough to carry around in your saddle bag if you're using them for cycling. I typically use two in my 750ml bottle, this helps with the taste too as its quite weak. The taste is obviously not the point of these, but it helps when they taste nice. I've always used Cola and they taste just fine, a bit like diluted cola. If you use different size bottles it's important to note that they are easy to break up should you require one and a half or different amounts based on your bottle's capacity.
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I use the cola flavour.The first time I used this product I thought I was going to hurl. I thought it was disgusting, thought I'd wasted my money on 20 tablets I couldn't stomach.However, now I love it. I don't know if it's just getting used to drinking slightly salty water, but even as soon as the 2nd tablet I was actually starting to like it.If you're a heavy sweater then this is an ideal post gym product for you.It really helps fight off those post gym headaches you can get if you've really sweated hard that water alone doesn't do the job.Some of the stuff in the tablet doesn't suspend as well a you get a bit of solid laying at the bottom, I recommend you either drink this in a shaker so you can keep it in suspension or give your glass a good swirl when you get about half way through or your last swallow it's bound to be a bit bitter and unpleasant.
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A friend of mine told me about SiS products so I thought I would try it out. I bought a variety pack and the drink tabs at the same time so I could try different flavors, gels, bars, etc. So far, I like it. I've tried other products and didn't care for the taste as much as SiS. The lemon flavor is a bit tart tasting, but I think I was expecting it to taste like Gatorade. Comparing SiS to Gatorade, Gatorade seems like it's sugar water. I would say the lemon flavor tabs are similar tasting to a lemonade soda type drink but instead of being sugary,it seems like it rehydrates better than Gatorade or plain water.I had to order from the UK because it doesn't seem to be available in the States yet which is a bummer. There are other sport packets that are more widely available and thus easier to try different flavors but I would buy these again.
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This is actually great, like everyone else, the taste is a bit off - if you looking for JUST the benifits of this product, lemon is the best tasting one, it's not foul tasting nor is it something you have to force down your neck, it literally tastes like your drinking very weak lemon (in a 500ml pint glass).Cherry on the other hand, because the flavour is so weak, it gives off this weird fusion of nearly cherry. It tastes like someone cloned a cherry and only 5% of it fully functionally came out,but the residue of the cloning device left this weird tang to it where it's not offensive, but it's very hard to drink this casually or enjoy it in anyway.Again, Lemon is (in my opinion) the best tasting one because you can't go wrong with such a strong and common flavour in the first place.
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I follow a ketogenic lifestyle, and as such I like to top up my electrolytes to keep me feeling refreshed and clear headed. After trying many products on the market, some cheaper, some more expensive, I tried these after they were recommended to me by an ultra marathon runner.They are brilliant, taste is perfect (I use the Berry and Lemon ones), not chalky or powdery at all and they keep me hydrated and my electrolyte levels balanced. They are not full of crap that other cheaper brands are,and I am more than happy to sacrifice 1g of my daily carb limit on these. I do baulk at paying the £7 full price for them, so tend to stock up a bit when they are slightly cheaper, they have a good long date on them so no worries about storing them for a few months.
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I needed some rehydration to prevent the onset of muscle cramps during Half and Full Marathon training so decided to try these SIS Go Hydro tablets.Firstly, you get a good amount of the tablets for the price. The flavour vaguely matches the description of Red Berry and the mix does taste quite weak, but most of these types of product are designed to serve a purpose rather than be something you would consume for fun!I now take a 500ml water bottle to races with these tablets mixed with water and consume before and after.I've not suffered cramps during or after a race but I have got fitter so it's difficult to attribute all the credit to these tablets! Although I'm confident they do help maintain and replace vital minerals.
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These really do work. I find if I just drink water, it'll just go 'straight through', most of it. Whereas with the electrolytes added, the water is completely absorbed and also, of course, re-adds these essential lost electrolytes that you lose during intense sweating. However, my main gripe is that they contain some B vitamins, which is great. But the tube doesn't state how much, even under the heading 'vitamins and minerals' - it only states amounts of the minerals, not the B vitamins.This needs to be corrected for full transparency. Although most, if not all, B vitamins are water soluble, and if you have enough you'll just excrete them rather than store them, but this is a bit of a flaw by the manufacturers I believe.
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Perfect to help prevent hangovers and stomach bugs.If like me you occasionally drink to much, these tablets are perfect to prevent you being too sick.Before going to bed pop one of these in a pint of water, let it fizz away till it's all dissolved and then drink. The next morning you will fill much better than had you not taken one.As with all hydration salts they do have a slight salty taste to them but the salt is masked by the flavour of your choice so is palatable.I also use these hydration tablets for when me or my kids have a stomach bug or flu.These tablets ensure that any liquid you drink is absorbed by all the cells in your body to prevent you becoming dehydrated.
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First time buying from this brand and I am very satisfied with the results so far!These hydration tablets will not replace something like a sports drink that has amino acids, but they will help you a lot if you're dehydrating after an intense hour (or so) of work out.These tablets can be taken before or after a workout, I would not suggest drinking SiS Hydro more than once a day, your better option is to have it once and the rest should be limited to having a protein shake and lots of water.This is my personal opinion and it has worked so far for me. Do your own research if you wish to be 100% sure. :)NOTE: This is primarily targetted at people who exercise regularly.
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This is a great product and has actually helped with my dehydration headaches ( I do take another coconut electrolyte drink too) so I technically get 2 a day instead of the 1 and that helps me a lot. This product does take effect quite quickly and at less than £5 special price it's definitely worth the price, it arrived quickly too which was a nice surprise. My only downfall with this is the cola flavour, it smells just like cola and does taste of cola to some degree but very sickly and synthetic cola taste,( of course that's to be expected though) so I would personally recommend the citrus flavours, as those are way nicer in my opinion, but it's nice to try a new flavour.
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