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I do a lot of long distance running and need something I can have quickly after the run to fulfil my protein needs within those all important 30 minutes. By the time I've finished my run and stretched, it takes me about 15 minutes just to get in the door so this is ideal for making up and having immediately after that. It's also good for putting the right amount of powder into the shaker and taking to work with me where I can just add water before I run at lunchtime.The product itself I have to take it's word that it's doing what it's supposed to. It's not a miracle recovery solution that magically makes you able to do twice the distance, instead it's an aid to what has to already be a healthy well balanced routine.I have found slightly less fatigue since I've started using it around 2 weeks ago, particularly if I'm running two days in a row.The taste isn't horrible, but it isn't great either. I bought the strawberry one, it has that typical artificial nothing like strawberry, strawberry flavour, which is neither overly offensive nor particularly nice, but then, you're not exactly drinking these for their wonderful flavour. It is easy to drink which I think is about as much as you can ask for in a product like this, 500ml goes down no problem after a long run.My only minor issue with it is that it sticks to the corners of the shaker and takes some crazy shaking moves to get it all to mix. It recommends stirring with a spoon at first but that's even worse as all the powder sticks to the spoon and then you have to find a way to scrape it off that back into the shaker. I've found the best approach is to add some water first, then the 50g of powder then the rest of the water before putting the lid on the shaker.
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The SiS Rego Recovery drink is an excellent aid to your fitness regime. Whether it be after a long training ride on the bike, an intensive trail run or a long session in the gym your post exercise nutrition is essential in making the most out of exercise.The drink is palatable even when mixed with water which cannot be said for a lot of other recovery drinks on the market. A few other reviews note they found it un-drinkable when mixed with water however I've found that after a hard ride I can easily chug it down in a few seconds as I'm just wanting to quench my thirst. This isn't meant to be a delightful cocktail but I don't find it unpleasant either.Mixing with water also means that you canmix up a drink immediately after a gym session while on the go making sure that you consume within the 30 minutes post exercise for max effectiveness.In terms of seeing the benefits of the drink I find that I don't wake up the following day with sore, aching and stiff muscles instead I feel much more recharged and ready to go again. No more sessions or exercise plans are missed due to tiredness and I have been able to increase the workload I can put on myself yielding greater results in a much shorter time-frame.I would recommend SiS Rego to anyone undertaking intensive exercise sessions and struggling with fatigue in the days following exercise. This product is also credited by Informed Sport allowing for peace of mind of the consumer that there are no contaminants in the product and no illegal or banned substances added off-label.
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I felt compelled to write a review for this as I've noticed an immediate and beneficial difference to my training. I'm a distance runner and typically train 6 - 7 days a week. Before starting my 16 weeks marathon training (aiming for 2h 55 min) I was reading up about post run nutrition to try and improve recovery. I decided to try out this product. As soon as I get in the door after a session, I make up one of these shakes and drink it. The difference has been amazing. My legs feel fresher than they ever have in the midst of a training program. The biggest difference is Tuesday pm speed sessions. I used to finish these at 7.30 pm and then be up at 5 am the next morning for my recovery run,where my legs would be very stiff and sore. Since taking these shakes, I barely notice the previous days training! So if you're looking for that added boost to your training, I highly recommend this.
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As for the longterm effects of this shake I cannot comment, but after lifting on and off for 15 years I can tell you I've trid some "interesting" flavours. Strawberry that tastes like fart and banana that tastes well, nothing like banana.Anyway, to best describe the taste would be of Chocolate Wheatabix. I use 3x Scoops with 200ml water and 200ml semi skimmed.It goes down gentle, and doesn't cover your throat in grit. For those people who say this is gritty, well, you must be new to the protein shake world. This, is the smoothest I've ever had.Even after having 2-3 protein shakes per day I had grit with other brands, this one however, is like silk in comparison.If you're new to shakes,this will bed you in softly, if you're veteran, you'll be left wondering if this is going to work good what with how nice the shake is.Either way I currently recommend the chocolate one highly!
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Only had this delivered yesterday so can't comment on whether it works - but judging by other reviews it seems to do the trick. I've used protein shakes before so know what to expect from something like this so I'm hoping it'll aid in 'rapid recovery', given I'm running 10k every day.Previous protein shakes have also helped curb cravings for sugar and other stuff that's not good for you, hopefully this will do the same! additional weight-loss should come as a by-product of this.As for the flavour, I've mixed it with water and to be honest it tastes really nice, it's sort of like the leftover chocolate milk you get from coco-pops. Not too overpowering but then not too bland either.I'm trying it with water to help with digestion as milk tends to play up a little.In all, really happy so far and fingers crossed it does what it's supposed to do but flavour-wise I'm not complaining!
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I use the recovery shake after mountain biking and trail running. Look forward to getting back to the van and necking it in one! :)Find the vanilla excellent! Unlike other brands I've tried, which are OK at best... Most are only enjoyable when mixed with milk.This rego however is actually very nice with water. I mix with around 400ml of water and it has a lovely creamy milkshake consistency. Perfect.The best thing is, with vanilla at least, is it's subtle flavour. Slightly oaty, malty flavour. Bit like horlicks perhaps.A mild flavour is great for me, as after a tough session, a strong flavour is sometimes tough to stomach.I've tried the strawberry one before and was nice enough,but I'll be sticking to the vanilla.Mixes very easily in a shaker bottle. Decent value for money. Comes with a scoop (you may have to dig into the powder to find it).Highly recommended.
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I’ve never used a recovery drink before so I wasn’t sure what it should taste like or the impact it should have. I’ve been really happy with this product though and can’t recommend it enough. I cycle about 100 miles a week and, at 45, I have been struggling with muscle fatigue after the longer rides (those that are +25 miles). Having used this product, muscle fatigue is a thing of the past and I’m enjoying my rides much more.The consistency is that of a milkshake and the strawberry taste isn’t unpleasant at all. I make it up before I go cycling and pop it in the fridge so it’s nice and cold when I get back. I have a shaker bottle which has a metal device in it - this stops lumps when you add the powder to the water.As l in all,I’m glad I invested in this product and would recommend it to others.
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I really like this product. As I train for triathlon 6 days a week, eat clean but have allergies to eggs, fish and other things, I struggle to eat as much protein as I need, and generally replenish my stores of nutrition. While there is plenty of scope from the argument that I should get all I need from my food, health issues etc mean I just can't. So, I tried Rego - both Vanilla and Chocolate flavours, and I love them. I wouldn't do a hard training session without using them now. I make up before the session and store in the fridge so it's ready and waiting. I really have noticed a difference. I used to find that a swim following a run or bike session resulted in cramp - not with this.And on the whole, I have far less heaven legs days than I used to previously.
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I managed to get a discounted product out of a local super market as someone had taken the lid off.So I was able to test the Rego first time around at a low cost. (500gm £4).This is one of the only protein/after workout powders that has a great taste when mixed with water.I've tried PhD diet whey and gold standard whey powders. Both tasting really watery when mixed with water. The PhD tastes great with milk btw.The sis Rego has a slight odd taste, it mainly tastes like strawberry, but the texture is more like noodle soup (after eating the noodles of course).I will continue to stick with this product as I know there's a nice treaty/sweet taste for after a workout. Has all the right stuff for a burst of recovery,so it's a good bargain.
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I was new to recovery formulas and a bit sceptical to be honest but I read a load of other reviews on here before purchase. I wanted this product for after I had done my Insanity workout for the day.As I'm at home I saw no point mixing it in a special bottle. I started off mixing it in a pint glass with a fork but found it a bit lumpy at first. Then I tried mixing it in the measuring jug with a hand whisk and hey presto, this stuff mixes smooth as silk and I look forward to drinking it after my workout. Like another reviewer, I find mixing with 400ml of water better.The drink itself is like a malty chocolate nesquik and is better when its chilled in the fridge.I can recommend this product andwill be purchasing again.
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I never used to use any protein suplements following a run until I ran a multi-day mountain marathon. I was advised to buy a couple of sachets of this to have at the overnight camp following a tough 8 hour running day, and my legs felt great (relatively!) the next morning. Sure, it's difficult to put that down to the REGO, as you never really know how well it has worked compared to if you didn't have it, but at the very least it was a tasty!Since that race in 2014, I have started to use this a lot more frequently, and tend to use it after every run (from 1 hour runs, to 20 hour runs).I do notice a difference if I don't take it, especially after a hard training session.Great product, great taste,and quick to make.
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I love the flavour of the strawberry shake and intend to order a third tub soon to augment my indoor rowing training. After a really heavy endurance session, it is hard to move about the kitchen, but mixing this is a doddle. I tend to make it up with 1% skimmed milk and it tastes extra creamy then. If a long and hard session and I'm not eating anything in the hour after a workout, I'll have one almost immediately and another after about an hour. This feels about right, though I sometimes feel like just taking two in back to back.Great value and superb delivery with Amazon Prime, I don't feel the need to but any other product, I just wish the night recovery drink wasn't quite so expensive!


I am a semi-professional football referee and I use this product after every training session and match. Along with the great diet I usually eat to keep myself in peak of physical condition. This product is great for eliminating cramp and really does allow you to start to training twice as quick after my matches. It's easy to mix up with the correct protein mixer bottle and usually lasts me 2 months. It's light on the stomach and doesn't leave any powdery residue like some other recovery shakes do.I would definitely recommend this product to other consumers and I would strongly recommend the other SIS products in there range which I also use.


Absolutely love this, strawberry flavour is my favourite, tastes like a regular milkshake. Mix with water, not watery at all just like a milky milkshake.I buy this monthly and have it everyday after my training rides. It's very good value and is the only one that agrees with me. Doesn't give me undesirable after effects !! Helps my recovery, which is what I need at my age training 6 days a week and working 24/7 shifts !The banana flavour wasn't quite right for me, not quite sweet enough. Going to try the malty chocolate with chilled coffee as a breakfast smoothie ! Caffeine and protein in a glass what can go wrong !


As per the title this is my favourite protein product. I find all the flavours delicious and look forward to drinking after a workout. Most protein shakes I find very hard to stomach and I am often left with an upset stomach, but not here. It mixes easily with water in a shaker and tastes amazing. I find it definitely helps with my recovery after workouts and I no longer have sore muscles the next day. The taste may not be to everyone's liking, but if you find other products to be distasteful then I would definitely recommend trying this. I can't recommend this product enough!
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