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I use these products for two main purposes - 1) as an energy boost for running and other activity and 2) as a source of emergency carbs when I have a hypoglycaemic episode due to my Type I diabetes. For running and activity, these are great as they are relatively small and easy to carry in a running belt, gel pocket, etc., provide a lot of carbs for the size, and most importantly are easy to get down when on the move. They're not too chewy, dry or sticky and wash down well with water, so they make an excellent solid alternative to energy gels when in the middle of a long run. Likewise, as a source of emergency carbs they are great as they absorb quickly without spiking my blood glucose levels.Most importantly, the chocolate fudge flavour tastes AMAZING!!
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These have been my core source of food when cycling as they are perfect for the job. Each bar is a perfect size and contains a good balance of complex and simple carbohydrates for cycling nutrition. They give me the quick energy I need combined with some gels, and the oats keep fueling you over a longer period of time.They are very soft and squishy so they are not a chore to eat. As others have mentioned in their reviews, they can be a little tricky to open the packet so you'll want to open a few in advance if you intend on eating them on the go. The taste is really quite nice and pleasant with no funny aftertaste. The expiry date was long enough that they wont be wasted,I had around 11 months on my box.
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Good enough for a marathon.Bought the chocolate fudge as it was the best testing one for me. Really makes a difference when you are running more than 2 hours.Start eating this 45-60 minute into the exercise in small bites and I feel less drained at the 1:45- 2 hours mark with energy to spare and ready for the second bar.It is chewy but eatable without water (definitely better with water though). Very sweet- but not too sickly.I normally tear just a bit of the plastic before the run to make it easier to open the packaging later on (can get frustratingly difficult with sweating fingers when you're on the move).


Bought this ones as an alternative to the Promax bars, which are more expensive.Honestly, I wasn't impressed by the taste, not very good.However, they do the job very well: I have one in the morning alongside with a banana, and I'm good to swim at least a couple of kilometers. Leave the pool withouth feeling hungry, got half of protein recovery bar (also from SIS) and good to go for at least another hour.Btw, the protein bars do taste really nice


I use these bars mainly when cycling. They're quite gooey without being messy which makes them - and this may sound odd - easy to swallow. I don't have any issues in the eating department but I did find some other energy bars to be quite dry when out cycling, and as result took longer to eat and less enjoyable than these. The flavour's good; the Chocolate Fudge is sweet but without being sickly. I'll be ordering more! Recommended


Use these for gym and cycling , well cycling really as all the gyms are closed , wasn't sure to start with if they made a difference but actually they do , you do feel an increase in energy good to have before a work out or half way through really do give you a boost . I made the mistake one night was feeling bit peckish ate one before bed time ( idiot) couldn't sleep and my legs twitched all night be warned


I have never been a SIS fan, but after looking for a good energy bar for cycling I decided to give them a go, first thoughts are they smelt and looked horrible, but once I bit in the blueberry flavour hits you and they are quite nice to be honest but give you a nice little energy burst, let me push out an extra 15 miles like it was no effort, ideal for energy sapping exercises.


You cannot go wrong with SIS. By far the best sports nutrition out there. By a mile. These bars are no exception. Easy to open while riding, easy to eat, easy to digest. They work too and help keep the Bonk at bay (I pair them with SIS gels). The chocolatey flavour is perfect - not too heavy. Only issue is that the packaging isn’t recyclable.


Package actually arrived a couple of days early which was good. Great taste and just about the right size. These bars are nice and moist so you won't choke as I did on a dry flapjack. If your going to use them in a race then I would pre open the packet as they're difficult to open. Great taste, moist and a great price too


I'm not into fruit and don't much like bananas, but these Banana Fudge mini bars from Science in Sport are great. A nice tasty snack, providing a little extra energy when I need it (particularly on days that I run). For me, it's the best tasting of all SiS Energy Bar.


Tastes pretty good, they can be quite gooey but not so that they stick to your fingers or break up, more that you have to peel the packet off it to reveal it if you get me? But I don't mind.I use a lot of other SiS products and I am pretty happy with this as well.


its not dry,its nice and soft.well packed and sealed so its keep bar nice soft.I can't really taste blueberry but i don't care.More important thing is that it is not dry and it doesn't not taste like a peace of wood....


I bought the SIS blind/ without ever trying them and I am really happy with the product. The bars themselves are a smaller than I expected, but overall the taste and quality is there. I will be ordering again!


Hardly got to eat any of these as once the Mrs tried one, I barely got a look in. We use them as a handy snack for during gym sessions to keep energy levels up. I also use them out on my bike on long rides.


Bought some individual ones of these to try, really nice flavour, easy to eat, moist. Not sure how good they are in terms of using whilst playing sport (tennis) but best tasting/texture bars I've tried yet.
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