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Bought a couple of these as stocking fillers for a niece and nephew but for the Christmas lunch to go alongside crackers. They were a huge hit and kept both entertained when they were beginning to get bored at the table. But it wasn't just them who were entertained. I suspected that the idea of putty would be a fun diversion for the adults as it would trigger their own childhood toy memories but this stuff is putty with a twist. There were a lot of "oohs" and "aahs" at the solid versus liquid properties. Everyone was desperate to hold the putty to see for themselves. I wish I'd bought some for everyone.As well as the fun and educational aspects of the putty it's also surprisingly therapeutic in the same way a stress ball might be.Would be great to keep some in the office.It would be helpful if you could choose a colour when you order if you're buying as gifts so people know which is theirs.If you like this review it would be great if you'd click 'yes' that it's been helpful. Many thanks.
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I got this for Christmas and i'm having executive fun with my executive black science putty. I keep it on my desk at work and it's great as something to mess around with when stuck on a problem, or on the phone with someone unhelpful. It's much more interesting than a normal stress reliever, as you try to break it, stretch it, bounce it shatter it twist it into smart shapes and then watch it melt into a shiny, slick black pool in its tin. Much more interactive fun than... most other things. The only similar item in terms of enjoyment and stress reduction was a magnetic pile of shapes that could be sculpted and arranged in an enjoyable manner. That was probably more artistically enjoyable but less scientifically engaging.Anyway,to sum up, if you are quite inquisitive, inclined to mess about, fiddle around while on the phone or need something to redirect your mind for a bit, this stuff is great. If you don't like making shapes and sculptures out of blu-tack, maybe this isn't for you...
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The qualities of this product are unique and interesting and as such held the attention of my children for around 30 minutes. Once the initial shock and awe phase of the opening was complete it wore off rapidly. Not that it did not peek an interest in the physics behind molecules in solids and liquids for the briefest of times (so definitely an educational score on that one..) it however took the long road of painful neglect and disinterest all quirky toys take to the shelf of loneliness. Where one rainy day it was rediscovered and guess what? When it is warm and takes the properties of a liquid... it is fun and if you leave it on a woven fabric for any period of time (say overnight)and you find it in the morning its hard and yep you guessed is 'bonded' the fabric for all time. No matter how ingenious the effort to warm and remove it! So buy enjoy, get the educational sound bite and then BIN IT before your kids see the dark side of science. "Destroyers of woven fabric we have become".
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The putty is possibly the greatest thing I've ever owned. I am currently studying physics at university and the science putty is the only science I understand. When I come back to my room sad... the putty is there for me. When an exam goes well, I'll return to my room... and the putty will be there for me. It is all I dreamed of and more in a putty. I couldn't imagine any other putty in my life right now. My only wish is that as an additional feature, the putty would be a bit more responsive when I talk to it. Sometimes I wonder if I've upset the putty and hurt it's feelings.There was one occasion when the putty slipped from my grasp and fell down to the ground.I was so fearful that this would scare the putty and it would flee from me. But being such a faithful companion, it leaped back into my arms.I fear the day that the putty will wobble out of my life, and I treasure it's presence every second of my life.I love you putty.#theputtylife
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We have loved this stuff in our house - but like many it is messy if you manage to get it stuck to anything. I'm only posting so i can share how i got it off a very fluffy cardigan where it (the WHOLE tub!) got stuck to the elbow. After pulling off what we could i tried a few things but then gave up and left it in the utility sink (still full of water) and forgot about it. A week later i remembered and took the cardigan out but saw how the putty that was on the cardi had gone sort of slimy. I used a kitchen paper towel to blot it off and left it to soak again. I did that for a couple of days and it all came off! This was the bright orange stuff. So forget all those chemicals and just soak it for a week and blot!(I was about to chuck it out! The cardi is knitted, very fluffy and with sparkly bits in it so a very tough challenge to remove putty off it. Hope this helps someone!
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I've only been in possession of this ball for a day or two, but it's so much fun. I find myself playing with it even when I'm idly watching TV! The physical properties of the putty is quite astounding - at times it acts like a sort of liquid and takes on the shape of whatever it's placed on top of or forms a 'pool of putty' when left to its own devices in the metal tin. And at other times if you try to punch it or put some kinetic force on it, it acts as a solid.I love watching it just slowly but surely change shape, and it's really fun when I squeeze it in my hands and let my body heat 'melt' it to kind of stick to my hands. And the putty is incredibly bouncy, the smaller the ball,the more bouncy it is! Overall I'd recommend this, as an inquisitive little wonder or even as a stress reliever.
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This stuff is great fun. Unlike a material such as playdoh or similar such substances, this science putty is infinitely more interesting.It exhibits the properties of both a solid and a liquid.Left on its own on a flat surface, it will flatten down and form a circular 'puddle'.If you hold it in your hand and very gently squeeze it, it will slowly flow between your fingers - very theraputic!If you roll it into a ball and throw it at a surface, it displays enormous bounce properties!You can hit it with a hammer and bits shatter and break off it. - You can also try snapping it in two, and it does indeed sheer off like a solid.Put it on top of an object and it will slowly 'consume' it,coalescing around the object and enveloping it. All good fun!
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this is really fun to play with nd isnt as sticky as every on says it is, i had droped it on the carpet and had made imprints from my jeans with it and it didnt stick to either. realy fun and provides hours of entertainment however, i got the putty wet and was playing around with it, filling it up with water and squeezing ing wich was great until it dryed and it has become extreamly sticky. it is a strugly to get it out of the tine and is stuk under all of my nails. it has totally changed. disapointed. might get another one and not get it wet because untill that point, it was fantastic. only buy if you plan on staying dry!


I sat down with 3 year old and a tin of this today and we spend a relaxing hour trying the different things this amazing stuff can do. In lieu of the warning on the back and inside of the tin we put down a messy mat and used a apron and a table to play on. Couple of instance where the putty bounced off to the other side of the room when hit (my partners contribution!). Recovered very quickly so no damage to the carpets, sofa etc. There was enough to have half each to play with.I won't be giving this to her to play with unsupervised which is actually really good as I thoroughly enjoyed playing with it!


I am really enjoying this product, I have read some reviews from angry parents and perhaps there review should be taken into account if you're buying this for your child, as it might well end up stuck on something valuable. For me however, as an adult I find this Science putty fascinating, it bounces, it stretches but it can still withstand stabs from a big kitchen knife. Going to test how strong it is .Vs an axe tomorrow. Lots of fun, this putty re-defines what you expect from a material.


This product is great, extremely cheap(the reason I got it, I thought "what the heck"). This item picks up dirt and hair VERY easily, so use it on a clean surface, it also can STAIN carpets, walls, pretty much anything(if in contact for too long). Also don't leave it lying on a surface, in a sense it melts(forms onto any surface) and is a torture to mould back into it's original shape without leaving bits or black(or whatever colour) substance everywhere. But as I said, very good product.


This is a really weird substance, I didn't buy it as a toy but rather as an aid to airbrushing as a mask.I have however been playing with it since I received it but still haven't figured out how to make it shatter- never mind as a cheaper alternative to Panzer Putty it serves well.Update! I have since seen my nephews science putty and his behaves exactly as I imagined mine would- shatters snaps etc.... I must have got a dodgy one, shame as this stuffs fun when it works!


This putty can be quite a bit of fun bouncing and shattering and watching it form "puddles" and can be slightly therapeutic squeezing and stretching it. I haven't got any of it on any clothes or fabrics after reading other reviews and product info I made sure to avoid this as the silicone based product can apparently be a nightmare on fabrics. All in all i've had lots of fun with this and would recommend it (as long as you avoid fabrics)


My son loves this!!! Drives me crazy with it! Be warned do not sit on it otherwise it will stick to your clothes! But it doesn't dry out or anything even when my son repeatedly forgets to put the lid back on it even though I've asked so many times! We've had hours of fun making stuff together and guessing what the other person has made. Good activity for when you are travelling.


A great buy for all children of all ages! You may think it is an unnecessary toy but it is great fun as you can do so many things with it. The packaging is good and the product is high quality and it is also fairly cheap on this website. It acts as a brilliant stress toy aswell, so buy it for older children with exams in sight. overall a great product worth a buy!

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