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I bought these on the Deal of the Day sales where it was priced at less than half price (~£13)As a 20 pack, this is a very competitive price and challenges my usual CNP protein bars.These have 20g of protein per bar and HALF of the carbs of the CNP bar which have 18g Protein.These also taste amazing (similar to snickers bars but the nuts are blended and only slightly crunchy)They are something between a Snickers and a Fudge bar.But regardless of how you describe them, I found them delicious.At the current selling price (£26.79 at time of review) I think these are a little expensive but still a bargain over most Protein bars you'd get in your local store (they usually cost £1.50-£2.50 each)I'llbuy my usual CNP flapjack type protein bar for now but if these go on sale again I'll be sure to snatch up a few boxes.
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These are too delicious and go down such a treat!I'm not a fan of protein bars, particularly the oat based ones. Its silly as I love porridge and flapjacks etc, but the structure in bar form when you're exhausted and its pouring with rain, and they disintegrate in your hands, followed by the coarse texture of powered protein just isn't all that appealing...Anyway, back to these bars! The flavor is too moreish, the texture is like toffee, and the result delivers the energy required with bonus placebo effect in uplifting your spirits.I won't be looking elsewhere in future even if they doubled the price! (Please don't! :P )


These are my favourite protein bars on the market - there's nothing worse than chowing down on a protein bar as a snack or pre/post work out and willing it to be over with as soon as possible due to the horrendous taste that comes with most products, but thankfully SiS Chocolate Peanut protein bars buck the trend. Close your eyes and you could even tell yourself that you're eating Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. If you like a sweet treat then this is the protein product for you.


Best tasting protein bar... I first tried this at our tiny local gym in Hathersage, Derbyshire. I forgot what brand it was until something clicked. Quite pricy but much nicer than Sci MX cookies and many other bars I have tried. They are great used before or after training, or can be taken as a early lunch with a low carb protein as a way to help lose fat while keeping muscle. Worth a go...


These are tasty but it's not surprising as they contain 18g of sugar which is quite high for a bar of this size. I wouldn't mind if it had been mentioned on the product page but I didn't find out until it arrived, which is minus a star for me. Still, they do have 20g of protein which is also high - would buy again as more of a treat than a healthy snack.


My favorite protein bars that also feels light on my stomach. If you are looking for a sugar-free protein bar, this certainly isn't it. I have tried them all and they don't feel light on my stomach. Therefore, I prefer to eat some extra sugar but at least my stomach won't explode after that.


Provides an easy alternative to having to make a shake, doesn't taste too dry and easy to eat. Packed with enough protein and supplements to make it beneficial. Much preferred to having to carry a shaker and water. Good value for money which you don't always get with bars.


I tried many others, but this one are the only good one I found accordingly to my criteria: limited carbs and high level of proteins.Recommend it absolutly. The price is not too bad neither for that kind of product. In addition, I received them witout delay.


First encountered these when attending a cycling camp in Majorca and seeing the professional cycling teams using them. Great taste, not too sweet, noticeable results - a must when out on long rides!


These have a really nice minty flavour and good texture for protein bars, which often tend towards waxy. They got the balance of sweetener just right so that it doesn't taste overly artificial.


These are the best tasting and easiest to chew protein bars I have ever tried. Check out my video review of the bars:[...]


Delicious, too delicious to be a protein bar. These are probably the nicest way of boosting your protein intake there is.


Great,high delicious portion of protein,highly recommended, quick delivery


These taste bloody amazing. Not like some other brands that taste awful


Perfect to help fuel the muscles. And and at a brilliant price ?
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