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SanDisk Clip Sport Plus 16 GB Wearable, Bluetooth MP3 Player - BlackThis is a review of the SanDisk Clip Sport Plus 16 GB Wearable, Bluetooth MP3 Player – Black.All items below apart from the Teac and Powerbank are from Amazon, I’m a customer and they weren’t free.I have tried and returned the ‘ HccToo Music Player, Portable 8GB Bluetooth MP3 Player and Lossless Sound 70 Hours Continued Playtime Expandable MicroSD Slot Support 64GB’ because of bad menu and Bluetooth connection. Also the ‘Kubik Ray+ Bluetooth 8GB MP3 Player’ due to battery failure after 2 months.I have used the SanDisk with Koss "PORTA PRO" Stereo phones 3.5mm jack (very good) and Bluetooth earbuds by SoundPEATS and Tao Tronics both now updated to newer versions.And aTeac HiFi with Bluetooth.The SanDisk weighs a smidge more than x4 one pound coins and has 14.7 Gb free for your music etc. There is no SD card slot for expanding this memory but if only for MP3 music then 3500-4000 tracks should fit on that. Boot up is 5 seconds. Shut down 2 seconds.It has a 2 year warranty through SanDisk. See their website. It comes pre-loaded with 3 music and 4 ebook tracks which can be deleted.Charge time from empty to full is under 3 hrs with the TeckNet USB Plug Wall Charger 36W 4 Port Universal Mains Charger with BLUETEK Smart Charging (£9.95) and Premium High Speed Micro USB Cable pack by Macro.Supplier, both on Amazon.Regarding low volume problems that some reviews have mentioned. At initial setup opt for rest of world not EU. Also go to Settings – System Settings – Volume – set at High (not Normal).The volume controls on the MP3s left side will allow volume fine tuning with 8 vertical bars each with 5 levels. So 0-40 is the total range. Very easy to use and always remains where last set.With volume set at top of bar 4 and used with my Bluetooth buds the battery lasts 7.5 Hrs. Lower the volume and it lasts longer. Wired connection depends on size of buds/headphones & volume used but expect around 20 hrs.Bluetooth setup was really easy and straight range is 28 foot, walls & ceilings reduce this. As you come back into range it reconnects but if left out of range for too long it will switch off but reconnects as soon as turned back on.The really good news is that it plays while charging and this includes charging from a battery powerbank. I’ve used a Lidl Silvercrest 500mAh (£7.99, 3 yr warranty). I’ve used it to fully recharge the SanDisk 40 times and not hit the halfway mark on the powerbank. So if used with wired earbuds you can have literally hundreds of hours of continual playback time away from the mains electric. The other tested players would not do this on Bluetooth and one not even on wired buds.Also when in Bluetooth connection you have full access to all menus and can make items such as ebooks invisible so you have less to scroll through.The Graphic Equalizer has 10 pre-sets and one custom with a 5 bar user set equalizer. I found the pre-set Normal gave the very best for all types of music.You can stay in one album playing tracks in order or shuffled or you can shuffle between all music and folders which means no two days are the same. I also have over 250 tracks in one folder, 30 in another and so on with no problems and shuffles all over the place. Never boring and you can always jump off a track to the next with the Bluetooth earbud control without touching the MP3 player.You can change backlit brightness and time it’s on to save battery.It even lets you have Bluetooth and wired connection at the same time for that annoying person who keeps asking what you are listening to.And you can listen to the Radio on Bluetooth by plugging in a 3.5mm Male Jack to Female Socket Extension Cable, anything 50cm to 1m long which then acts as the aerial in place of the wired earbuds which would just waste extra battery.You can also put music into specific folders. I just drag & drop the folders into the music folder. To play a specific folder don't go to the music option on the menu unless you want Shuffle all, Album or Artist etc. The folders (be it with 5 songs or hundreds) are found in the menu -Folder Menu and music the then the first choice, then just pick the folder you want. As long as you name the folder before you drag & drop they are all there to be seen and played as an individual folders. And you can add or delete a single track from any folder. It is really easy. So don't look on the music menu, look on the folder menu. You can even use shuffle in a single folder.So for a little extra then those cheaper ones, you get a good warranty from a top company and it’s a really nice little MP3 bluetooth player. I just remembered it has three user playlists that you can add to from music on the player should you want certain tracks in a particular order (the Gym, gardening, sex). It has other things but look at the photos and then go get one yourself.I would also add to the above that it has a Lithium-ion polymer battery which comes half charged. The Sandisk home page says the user should fully charge and fully discharge the battery a couple of times before starting to charge from any point in the cycle. This is to improve the life and capacity of the battery. You paid for it so you may as well start by looking after it.Update on the above MP3 player. 28/8/18 (13 months old) One side of the hinge has broken, I contacted SanDisk by email with the Amazon order number and under the 2 year warranty they have provided a free UPS return to them and I am waiting for the new one to arrive.10/9/18 They informed me by email that they now have it and I will update with the final outcome and my thoughts on the process.11/9/18 This email arrived. "We have verified your warranty return, the estimated ship date for your replacement will be 09/11/2018. You will be notified with tracking information once your product ships". Now, 2 months for a replacement is just plain stupid but it may be a standard email for all eventualities. I will see how long it really takes and update this reviewd14/9/18 MP3 player arrived. New and boxed with ear buds etc as it would be if ordered as new from any outlet.All in all, a rather good service.
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I was looking for an MP3 player, and came across this little gem from SanDisk. It's very compact, and the clip is really versatile- I usually attach it to the front of my T-shirt neck opening, where I can easily access the buttons from the front. The controls are generally tactile & easy to use, although the menus are not always very intuitive- for example, pressing the 'back' button mid-play takes you right back to the main menu, rather than to the list of songs, so you have to press the 'select' button several times to get back to the song list. I find the volume control particularly irritating, as it's difficult to operate without using your fingernails. I would have preferred a slider or thumb wheel control,& ideally, a way of adjusting the left & right channels independently.The screen is fine, and isn't cluttered with a mass of fancy graphics- it just gives you the info you need to know, then quickly turns itself off to conserve battery power. The display defaults to the song name, and if this is quite long, it scrolls across the screen. Then it scrolls upwards to supposedly show you the artist & album name- but this never seems to work for me- it always says 'Unknown album/Artist'. This not a problem for me, as I already know who the artist is, and which album it came from!The battery capacity is fair, and will give you about 8 hours of play between charges. This is not bad- Ideally, I would have preferred a bit more play time, but realistically for a device of this size, it's pretty good, really. Maybe an interchangeable battery might have helped, so you could have a charged-up spare standing by? But again, you can just plug in the charger & listen while it charges. You can charge it up from your computer's USB port, or obtain an inexpensive mains or car micro-USB charger. Charge time is a couple of hours & there is a charge indicator.Transferring files to & from your computer is a doddle using Explorer. The player appears as a drive in the list, and if you have installed a micro- SD card, this appears as a separate drive. You can use Explorer to give you a pie-chart showing how much memory you have left in each drive & how many files there are. You can also edit file names & add or delete individual files. The player will take a card up to 32GB, which can be had for less than £10. The built-in memory & the SD drive (which combined give you 40GB) operate completely independently, so you have to select either one or the other from the main menu- you can't mix & match songs from the two drives. In both drives, the songs are stored in groups, alphabetically according to song title- so 01a, b, c, 02a,b, c etc. I'm not entirely sure how the songs get organised into groups, but it's not by album, or artist, nor is it related to when you added the files. Just-added music files can appear in any group. If it were up to me, I'd prefer a straight alphabetical list of all song titles..Music files can be transferred using drag & drop, and they copy over reasonably quickly- although this may have been faster if it had USB3 capability. The player comes with a short 24cm USB cable which is fine for charging & copying files. You can also play back your music through the computer's sound system whilst plugged in, using the player as an external drive, and copy music files from the player onto the computer drive.I didn't like the supplied foam-covered earphones at all, as they would not stay put in my ears! I quickly got myself a pair of Sony bud-type earphones, which fit inside the ear canal, and come with a choice of 3 bud sizes, to suit your individual ears. They are very comfortable with excellent sound, whilst still being able to hear some outside noise- say if some (rude!) person is trying to get your attention, or if there is a car approaching etc. There are a couple of short-cable bud earphones around (eg Short Buds) which do away with the problem of having a wire of over 1m flapping about & getting tangled up with your clothes.In addition to playing MP3 files, it will also play .wav, aac, & wma files. It will also play audiobooks. I havn't tried to use the go-list or figured out how to play a whole album- the player seems to work best for me in random shuffle mode, which is fine, as you can just skip or delete any songs which you don't particularly like. There is also a decent stereo FM tuner with presets, although I havn't used this much either.There is an equalisation function, to optimise the frequency curve for your earphones & musical preferences, which works ok. There is also a feature which is supposed to equalise the volume levels of different tracks, although I havn't figured this out yet.All in all, I'm delighted with my player, and the memory capacity is more than adequate for my needs. The sound quality is excellent and detailed, and will transport you to your own little world in no time. I'd recommend this player to anyone who wanted a compact, lightweight device to allow you to listen to your favourite tracks all day.
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Having had mp3 players from Archos and Apple, and disliked both, I bought a 8Gb Sandisk Clip some years ago, and have been a convert to Sandisk ever since. The ease of use and simplicity of design, plus reasonable price are factors which influence my choice. This new mp3 player from Sandisk is no exception. It arrived neatly packaged and with ear phones, a USB/microUSB charging cable and an instruction sheet which is little more than an explanation of the player's layout and controls. There is, however, a full user manual on the Sandisk website.The design is a classy combination of black gloss and matt with clearly marked controls which have a smooth velvety feel.The sockets for charging and ear/head phones are located either side of the unit and each have a little flip cover; the volume control is located on one side underneath the micro USB socket. Setting up is very easy: after charging the player switch it on, go to Settings and select the ones relevant to you – it is that easy.A complaint often heard with regard to these players is lack of volume – not so this one. The volume is really loud, quite bass-y, not at all tinny. The quality of ear or head phones will have a great effect on the quality of the sound, and I, personally, do not like the earphones supplied, mainly because I find them extremely uncomfortable. I have a good pair of Bose 'phones, and the sound is terrific. The Bluetooth capability is a really useful option; it's one I have yet to try but will do so in the next few days. I'm hoping – expecting – it to be as easy as the rest of it has been.The screen on this model is so much larger (2.5cms x 2.75cms) than my older, smaller, one, and it is coloured, which may sound a small detail but is particularly handy when checking battery level, which shows green on this model. The wide clip on the back is a good size and easy to use, and perhaps more importantly, is strong enough to clip securely to clothing.Okay – so how do you load it with songs etc? Dead easy – drag and drop. First connect the player to your computer, then just drag your files from your computer and drop them into the relevant file on the Sandisk. No need for iTunes or special programmes. And how does it sound? Good - it's clear and sharp, but as mentioned, good quality 'phones can affect your enjoyment.Weighing next to nothing, with fully rounded corners, no sharp edges and its bigger screen, it's hard to fault. My one criticism is the relatively small storage size; 16GB these days isn't a huge amount fro storage, and for the price I would have expected double that, or at the very least a slot for a micro SD card to enable expansion of the memory. Still, 16GB is no small memory, I can download most of my music onto it, but I admit I'm greedy – I want to put it all on there and have room left over.I absolutely love this but have given it four stars instead of five for the two reasons mentioned:* storage space limitation* dislike of earphones.Update 13 DecI've been using this player for a few days now and have noticed a rather annoying aspect of the earphones and socket. I'm using earphones with a similar design to those included, the only difference being the actual buds that fit into the ears. The right-angled jack is exactly the same. The little cap covering the 'phone socket is attached to the player by a small, flexible tag; when the 'phones are plugged in the cover tends to push the jack out of the socket, particularly if the jack is turned downwards. If the jack is swivelled upwards - i.e. with the cable coming out at the top - it's better, but it doesn't solve the problem completely. Why Sandisk have decided to provide covers for this and the charging socket is beyond me; well I know why, but it seems unnecessary.Obviously this wouldn't happen with Bluetooth 'phones, which I still haven't tried.
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I bought this mp3 player because I sold my other one.I have done a review of this on youtube.Here is the link:https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KsQYQzpm4eII will set my review up in paragraphs each about different part of the product.Sound Quality: 5/5I used to listen to music from my phone. I didn't like it as I always had to turn it on to skip songs. Also worrying about battery life. This MP3 player produces the same quality from the headphones. The highest you can listen to or in other words;same as from the phone. The volume it outputs is also quite loud. I have chosen Europe as the region if you need to know.Build Quality: 4.5/5Others say it doesn't have a good build quality, I don't think so.I does feel a tiny bit cheap but overall it seems very sturdy and I don't think it will break from occasional drops.Operating System: 5/5Watch my review on Youtube. I go through the menu and all the options. The system is colourful and is nice to use. It looks good and runs well on this player.Size: 5/5I thought this player was going to be too small since my previous one was very very small. I compare my previous one(my brother's) to this one in my youtube review. It turns out this is the right size. The display is not too big but feels big enough for overall use. It isn't too small either. The buttons are big and nicely sized so they are easy to press.Controls: 5/5This player has simple controls just like the previous models. The volume rocker on the side, play/pause, menu, forward and backwards with an additional middle button(same operation as forward button). It is easy to navigate in the OS and the buttons feel nice to press.Music Equaliser: 5/5you don't really need many equaliser options when you have the custom option but they are there anyways which is a good thing. Lots of options from the equaliser to choose from as opposed to my previous player.Compatibility: 5/5This mp3 player can play most of the audio files formats including:-MP3-FLAC-WAV-AAC(itunes I think)-look in item description for all the formats or in my video review.If you are worried how it works with itunes and transferring your music to this - don't worry. Just drag and drop to the mp3 player and your done!Included Ear-buds: 5/5this item comes included with a pair of earbuds. Some people say the earbuds are not the best. They are wrong! These are exactly the same quality as the ones that you get with a new phone. I have had no problems with them at all and they produce amazing sound quality.Features: 5/5There is so much you can do in this mp3 player, I will list them down:-listen to music-listen to ratio-stopwatch-timer-long battery life-big clip on the back(so you can hook to clothes and such)-delete song-create playlists(pain)-file manager(browse through music)-multitasking(listen to radio or music while changing settings or browsing through folders)-lock the keys(like in previous models)[you guys were wondering init]Conclusion: 5/5Overall I think this is a great mp3 player you can buy. I got it for £34.?? And that is a great price for what it offers. £55 is the main and original price...(as in retail price) and I think it's just a little too much. Maybe maximum of £45 is best I think.Either way - recommend! Throw your ipod away and forget the fact that you have to use itunes to get music on the player.
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UPDATE 4 July 2020:In my initial review posted below, I was having nothing but trouble with my original MP3 player I purchased. I sent it back and requested a replacement. 6 months on with the replacement, it is working flawlessly - No problems whatsoever! Bluetooth works perfectly every time, the clip on the back hasn't broken and the device is easy to use.I'm very happy with my replacement - it's changed my opinion of this device 180!------------Original Review 20th January 2020------------As a veteran of Sandisks MP3 Players, I've previously owned the Clip Jam and Clip Sport and they were both very sturdy and very good players and lasted many, many years before being replaced.Sadly the newest generation, the Clip Sport Plus falls far short of my expectations.Start with the plus side first:- Standard Clip Sport look-and-feel to it and colourful.- Lightweight, small and unobtrusive.- Waterproof, rugged and shockproof. Great for sports and outdoor activities.- Choice of Bluetooth or 3.5mm jack for listening with.- Easy to transfer MP3 files from PC to MP3 player. Just navigate with Explorer and you're done. No special software needed here!Cons:- Marginally larger/ chunkier than the former Clip Sport. I recon this is due to it now being waterproof and more rugged for outdoor use. The connection ports have little covers to protect them from the elements.- Bluetooth! Bluetooth worked well the first few weeks, pairing to my earphones, car, phone flawlessly. Then suddenly it didn't want to know. Didn't want to connect. Tried resetting it, restart, updating firmware etc but to no avail.- The Clip on the back broke in the first week. My former Sandisk Sport and Jam both had clips, and both worked perfectly up until the end of their life and they were used on a very regular basis.- Buttons are harder to press. Recon this is due to the ruggedness and waterproof-ness of this new MP3 player.- Volume Restrictions. A lot of reviews complain about low volume. You can easily bypass this when you initially select your Region during setup. **DO NOT SELECT EUROPE!** Choose a different continent and you'll get full volume. The volume restriction is down to EU regulations, not SanDisk.In summary, I'm genuinely disappointed with Sandisks latest offering of their Clip Sport Mp3 player. Initially it's a great little thing, but the BT stopped working which was the reason I bought this MP3 player in the first place, so I could play my music through my wireless earbuds.Only after a mere 3 weeks, I've returned the MP3 player to Amazon for a replacement, and *touchwood* this new one might work better than the last one this time round. I'm willing to give Sandisk the benefit of the doubt but if this one also fails to work properly, it too will also go back for a refund and get a different brand of MP3 player all together.Time will tell.5/10
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Although its early days, I felt I had to post this review as soon as possible. I bought this player for audiobooks, both mp3 and Audible (aac) versions,which I listen to primarily at night Iin bed.a) setting up.... the unit worked straight out of the box. Controls are easy to get used to.... I can already operate mine in total darkness!b) display.... basic but perfectly OK for my purposes.c) operation... player is preloaded with folders for music, audiobooks, Audible etc. You select whether to access the internal 8gb of memory or the external memory you have inserted (I have put a 16gb memory card in because a lot of my material is Graphic Audio which is sampled at a high quality and thus makes each book over 700MB in size,but the 8 gb 7nternal memory alone would hold hundreds of hours of audiobooks at regular sample rates such as 64kbps mono). Use the supplied sync/data cable to connect the player to your computer and windows 10 recognised it immediately and presented it to me as a simple external drive. Audible manager also recognised it immediately. The player loaded with several GB of books in a few minutes.Playback is crisp and clear with several equaliser options. There is a sleep timer if you want, and the player resumes playback at the place you left it if you turn it off.You can elect to play by title, folder, or playlist....I only ever use folders for mp3 audiobooks so dont know how the other options work. As far as I can tell, tracks are played in numerical/alphabetical order and it looks like the player only uses a set number of characters in order to sort files. This is an issue for me adnd will affect how I name audiobook files from now on but the simple addition of a track number before each filename is a simple solution. Commercially purchased books will already sort with no problems, and Audible books sort themselves out!Finally, the unit is tiny with a good strong clip, but dont even think about buying this without a protective case. A good quality silicon rubber case will give the unit protection from drops and give it more weight. If you will be likely to use the player outdoors or where it could get splashed, I recommend you source a case with a flap for covering the data/charging port which looks very big on a unit this small!Overall, I reckon this player to be a great value purchase for a book listener and I am already considering buying a larger memory card that will hold my entire book collection! One last thing, the cable supplied is short, but if you own anything else that uses this size of USB port (such as samsung tablets and phones) then dont bother buying a seperate charger.....your existing one will fit. The unit charges quite quickly too. The supplied headphones are great quality but not small enough to sleep in.
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In some ways mp3 players are much of a muchness. I bought the SanDisk for a specific purpose i.e. to listen to French language “tapes” while driving the car to work. This review is my rating how the device meets that need.For those unfamiliar with audible – it is a company owned by amazon which sells audible books. I obtained the 3 months at half price package which means you get one credit a month to buy an audible book. This translates to a £25 language audible book for around £3.99. I am currently using Mark Frobose language books. The process is quite simple; you buy the book, download it to your pc (or laptop) using “audible manager” and transfer it to your SanDisk.As a prerequisite you have to download the SanDisk “driver” unto audible manager. Those who use audible will know it is best suited to the audible app on tablet or smartphone. However I didn’t want to use my smartphone to listen to the books in the car and a tablet was too big in the car. An MP3 player is perfect!My research before I bought the SanDisk is that very few mp3 players work with audible. You can use software to change the audible format for use on mp3 however that will create one big mp3 file which I believe is difficult to navigate as well as probably being piracy. While the latter might encourage some down that route – it is too much hassle for a poor solution.The transfer from the pc to SanDisk is relatively painless. The audible manager software is intuitive and easy to use. However I guess novice computer users may find the process challenging.Once the audible book is on the SanDisk it is relatively easy to locate the book and play it. Navigation on the SanDisk is relatively intuitive and simple.The audible format is not particularly suited to learning a language. If you put language CDs onto an mp3 player; you have a multiple cds and tracks. Audible on the mp3 will have a small number of chapters. In the case of the book I am currently using it has five chapters on an eight hour book. This makes winding back or locating particular sections difficult. The app is not much better and against the standard of CDs (multiple cds x tracks) where you can quickly locate a section – there is some work for audible to make language learning books more practical.However this is my method of choice to learn a language. The mp3 player plays in the car (via aux input) or as normal with headphones. I usually download the language pdf file and follow the audible book with the words on a tablet.All in all I am happy with my SanDisk as a vehicle to learn a language. Battery life on the SanDisk is good and it is simple and intuitive. Au revoir
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These are my experiences with the player from the past 1,5 months. It's decent. Sturdy enough for its light weight. Contrary to some reviews I read before ordering one myself, the volume is not too low. As long as you set your region as 'rest of the world', that is. 8gb of internal storage is plenty enough in my opinion. It has a lock-on function by holding the menu button for a brief moment. Although I still did prefer the button setup of a very old 2gb sansa player, combining the lock-on and power on/off button on the side. Having the power button where it is right now causes it to accidentally turn off in my pocket somewhat often. Haven't played around with the equalizer options (or radio,sports, etc.) to give any feedback on them. The player remembers where it was left off with a song, and even remembers whether it was paused or not, so I guess it could work pretty fine with audiobooks. So, overall not much to talk about, whether negative or positive.Except one thing: the shuffling.Everyone knows how a shuffling option should work: you get random songs after random songs. Simple. But not here. It's pretty hard to explain, but here's something: It's not random. At least not completely. There are batches of songs, usually consisting of 2-5 songs. Whenever one of these songs is played, the other songs in the batch are played back to back. The order may change however. But it does take the 'random shuffling' ability experience away if I know what the next 4 songs will be upon hearing one specific song. And there are even multiple of these song-batches. And I haven't found anything to fix it. Playing music from the 'folder' rather than the 'music' options doesn't change anything. Only the songs in the batches change, but the problem still exists. I do feel like some songs are played much less frequently than others, but this is only speculation. I also feel like the player kinda rewinds itself to a song it played approx. 30-60 minutes ago, and plays a lot of the songs from that time again, back to back. I don't know if listening to the songs full extent or skipping them have any effect to this. But the bottom line is, there is something very wrong with the shuffling ability. Makes me wonder how it was programmed. Because it's bad.Long story short: Decent player. Does well enough what an mp3 player should. The shuffling ability is terrible though, and gets on my nerves.
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Audio is very clear. plays mp3 and flac, which is what I wanted and as I mainly use it for Audiobooks in my car. It suits my requirements and it was £22, hence 4 stars.I also bought a 32Gb Sandisk microSD card; so now I can listen to Audiobooks frim Internal memory and Music from external memory.It's a bit smaller than I thougt it would be and it's very light, but it has a good wide clip so clips to clothing quite well.It remembers and resumes your Audiobooks from your last listening point, well, as long as you remember which file it was playing before you stopped listening and chose to listen to music (this becomes apparent when your audiobook is formatted ss 1 mp3 file per chapter).The screen is very easy to see and read.You can continue to listen whilst it's charging.File transfer is drag & drop (or you can sync with media player if you choose to)Somebody reviewed this and said there was a delay on pressing pause... I have not found this to be true, it pauses straight away. There is a slight delay on skipping songs though, and if you have a gapless album (that is supposed to play as if all songs are 1 {dream theater-scenes from a memory + the astonishing} there is a slight gap between songs.It forwards and rewinds at a decent rate, so if you do lose your place in an hour long audiobook chapter you can find it quick enough.I haven't managed to set up my own playlist yet, it keeps telling me it's an incompatible file..Annoyingly, in order to use playlists you must put all songs on a playlist in 1 folder, so, if you want certsin songs from 1 artist but different albums that you already have installed, you then have to have those songs again in their playlist folder; a waste of memory if you ask me. Oh and for some reason, it plays each folder in random order, not by filename order. I suspect this is an IDtag issue that I haven't worked out yet. If I could actually get playlists to work, then this wouldn't be an issue I guess.The earphones aren't very comfortable either.Well worth the money, if you want something cheap to play mp3 then it's fine with clear audio. If you want something perfect, pay more money for something else.
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I have now used three iterations of the Sansa clip. The first was quite well made except for a relatively weak clip design and the second was a better product mainly because the clip design was much improved plus an expandable memory. Both were musically more than acceptable and the firmware allowed me to play each track consecutively as well as individual albums so it suited my needs. The additional option of voice recording was also useful for me. The only downside on both was a limited battery life between charges.This latest version, the Sansa Clip Sport is slightly larger than the ones it is replacing but feels flimsy by comparison and operation is slightly clunky with fiddly controls.The screen is slightly larger so is more easily read. The player has the latest software so is lockable but it doesn’t always work as intended.The actual clip is larger, stronger, more effective than previous models and easy to operate.Instead of the consecutive play option I have to use the shuffle option which gives an unpredictable but still enjoyable playlist.The new clip has lost the voice option and replaced with a stopwatch and an elapsed timer. This option has yet to be used but seems functional. The FM radio is just about acceptable. A useful firmware addition is the ‘replay gain’ that is quite effective in compensating for recording differences. The biggest advance with the Clip sport is the extended battery life between charges. So far I have been unable to find a mains charger so I am stuck with the USB charging lead.The supplied in ear phones are not very good so it is recommended to replace with your preferred manufacture. I use Creative 830’s and give me a good quality sound reproduction.To sum up, the Clip Sport is a cute little MP3 player that overall more than does it’s job, Its expandable memory makes it effectively a two memory MP3 player that gives an option for easy storage of different music genres. The audiobook folder keeps all my speaking CD’s separate.The player has some minor hassles but it’s good points out way the hassles so I recommend it.
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We've had Sansa Clip music players for a few years and love them, especially for being so tiny. I particularly like the way I can control it by touch in a pocket as I walk along, especially next track and volume up/down. You can't do next track with my smartphone without taking it out of your pocket, firing it up and looking at it. One of our Clip + players has a battery that doesn't last as well as it did so I was delighted to get a new Sansa Clip Jam to review. I use my player more so we agreed I'd have the new one. I loaded 1000+ classical and rock/pop tracks onto it with no problems (just dragged them across from Win 8) then tried it out.It sounds good and is easy to control (once I sussed that the oval button is not a 5 way controller - you press the areas beside it for next track etc). One improvement over the Clip+ is that it charges and connects to the computer with a standard smartphone cable - one less cable to take on trips and I'll be able to charge it in the car too. The only downside vs the Clip + is that there is no longer a genre choice. I have all our mp3 files set to one of 3 genres: Rock, Classical or Audiobook. On the Clip+ I could select one of these via the genre menu choice and all the others would be ignored. Now that's disappeared I may have to just stick with having rock/pop tracks on it. The folders option doesn't do it because each work/album is in a separate folder when dragged across from the computer. One thing that is really important is being to use the player as our main music source on holiday, attached to a travel speaker set. The Clip Jam is around the same max volume as the Clip+, ie just enough. But if it stays really quiet and comes up with volume warnings, the solution is to go to Settings, System settings and choose Restore (factory reset). Then choose English and a non EU region (US works fine). That adds a Volume choice to the system settings menu and suppresses the spurious excessive volume warnings.
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In the box you get a small piece of paper as a quick start guide, USB cable, headphones and the unit. You don't need the quick start guide as it's self-explanatory with the possible exception of finding how to turn it on - it's the middle button but is not marked with anything.Plugged in and synced with Media Player. It's 8Gb but there are various files on it already so Media Player stated 7.7Gb free. I filled up leaving about 5Mb. Transfer took a while as it is a USB 2.0 device but went without hitch. Unfortunately when I disconnected and switched it on, a message appeared which stated it needs 20Mb free space and then switched itself off.I little irritating so plugged back in and removed some files.I was quite impressed with the sound quality, much better than the older Clip version and can handle bass better. There is an equalizer for you to fiddle with the settings and with decent headphones you can get a good sound. Clearly this is the cheaper end of the market so don't expect miracles.Menu system is largely easy to use. It has a return button which actually acts as a home button so sometimes you use that thinking you are going back a step but finding yourself digging through the menus again.The radio works well, seems to receive a good signal and easy to switch between the two.The device has an 18 hour battery life, I haven't tested this properly but it has been going a few hours without a problem.I recently had the older version of this which had issues with it's switches - first the volume control went and the replacement the on/off button went. I have no idea if they have changed the insides so for the benefit of the doubt I'll assume they have fixed this issue.Relatively cheap, good sound, easy to use. As long as they have improved the electronics then I can recommend this.
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This is a really nice little device which clips firmly to my clothes when running or in the gym.The only problem I've had with it is that I can't get the folder to resort when I add new tracks, so all the new tracks (regardless of number are at the end of the track listing). They look like they're sorted correctly when I connect the device to my laptop, but when you go into folder mode on the player, they're all back to being right at the end. To change the order, I had to delete all the tracks and then re-add them. I don't want to do that every time I add new music to it, but I don't like having all the tracks from one album together (unless it's Talk Talk) as I like to get a variety of music played.ETA (01/01/18)So I have discovered that in order to get the tracks into the right order you have to a) make sure they are all numbered with two digits at the beginning (01, 02, 03 etc), b) ensure that this correlates with track tags (best done with Mp3tag), c) use a FAT sorter to reorganise the files on the device in the correct order. I have also discovered that this has been a known issue since the device was first released in 2014 but Sandisk haven't yet been able to sort it out.Had I known that loading music in the order I want it loaded would be such a pain, I'd probably have opted for another Sony.---27/05/18 - after 6 months of trying, I have given up and gone back to Sony. The sound quality is good but there are too many irritating features for me to be happy using it. It randomly restarts from the beginning in folder mode (which is what I usually use) - it seems to lose its place if you leave it a few days or when you charge it; the battery life is rubbish; having to re-sort the tracks every time new music is added is a pain.
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The Sandisk clip jam is a neat little MP3 player. Very small and lightweight with enough basic features to make it useful but not too much to over complicate or make it unsuccessfully expensive.Adding music is very simple. Having come from using Apple products it's great to be able to just plug the player into my laptop and drag music files across. I dragged over entire folders (albums) and individual songs. When I unplugged the player it spent a few seconds updating the media before everything sowed up. When it did it all worked flawlessly. Everything showed up as expected. As long as the correct information is in the file (title, artist, album etc.)then it's easy to find on the player.I've spent quite a bit of time using the radio too. Again very impressed. It has a few pre-sets which are easy to edit and select from. The reception is good, even when indoors. It uses the headphone cable as an antenna so if you do find reception problems, just make sure the headphone cable is stretched out a little.My only complaint with he radio is that it takes an awful long time to scan the frequencies. Even holding down the scan button for a long time just goes up the frequency in small steps. Not a huge issue, but annoying when your're first setting up presents and it puts you at the beginning of the frequency range.My only other complaint is when fast forwarding through songs. There is no sped up preview unlike my iPod. This makes it difficult to skip forward to a specific park of a track.Overall though it's a great little mp3 player. Basic, but does the basics well. It's great to not have to use any proprietary software.
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Bought this recently as a present for someone, but I had to set it up for them, plus put music, so I got to use it a good couple of hours.It's a very good player, lightweight, with good sound (on B&W P3), useful clip, useful bluetooth functionality, which worked first time with my Cambridge Audio Go, ideal for gym/exercise. It's bigger than the previous Sansa players, but I would say 2/3 the size of a credit card (height and width).Things I did not like about this (compared to Sansa Clip + and Creative Zen I usually use, I know those are ancient, but they work fine) is that due to the 'waterproofing' I cannot use my expensive headphones with 'larger' 3.5mm plugs, plus it takes some effort to push the buttons.The former is not a problem at all, if you intend to bluetooth it to your speakers/headphones, which is probably the best if you are doing exercise with them. No microSD slot, but I would guess for most people 16GB is enough.On setup I chose 'rest of the world' region, and the volume goes plenty loud, only needed 1/3 volume.It's laughable that there is a menu for 'books,' I'm not sure you would be able to read anything other than the song names, even the album art is a little fuzzy. Stopwatch and timer is a useful feature, although at least on timer, if time is up, sadly it does not give you a chime when you're listening music, you must look at the small screen.I guess this would be most people's 2nd mp3 player for exercise, and they would have a bigger 32GB + one for normal days, however if you intend to use this as your primary mp3 player, as long as 16GB is enough for you, I would thoroughly recommend it.
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