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I have used this soy protein isolate for quite a while. I have not yet written a review as I am reluctant to promote what I imagine is a highly processed product, but after reading some of the negative reviews regarding taste and lumps I thought I would. It is a protein powder. It is meant to be taken for its ability to add protein in density above and beyond normal unprocessed foods. It's purpose is not to taste like Haagen daz. If you want to feel good, eat some doughnuts or something. Some reviewers really do need to man up.I find it a largely taste neutral product. It has no strong taste that takes enormous amounts of something else to disguise. It is not disgusting.I mix it in a blender which gets rid of the lumps. It you want a disproportionate unnatural amount of protein in one sitting and you want no animal products then this will do the trick. Blend it in soy milk with banana and or cacao. I cook porridge oats and mix it in after cooking. I have made homemade protein bars with it.I take one star off my rating because I would like to see some sort of evidence that this product is not genetically modified rather than just a claim. And also it would be better if it was organic and then we would know it had not been saturated with pesticides.One good thing is it does not spike blood glucose. In fact, I do a lot of postprandial (after eating) blood glucose testing. I am not diabetic, but there is a lot of evidence that sustained and regular high postprandial blood glucose causes infllammation and predict heart disease and diabetes later in life. By the time a GP or consultant makes a diagnosis the postprandials have probably been high for years or decades and significant irreversible damage has been done. High postprandials are a heads up while there is still time to do something about it. Protein, in studies and my own experience, especially soy protein powder (or Linda McCartney soy-based quarter pounders or silken tofu in blended soups) significantly lessen the glucose spike when eaten with a high carb meal.EDIT: I personally have stopped taking soy protein powder now because high protein diets in adults are strongly associated with decreased longevity, thought to accelerate the aging process (see work of Prof. Valter Longo), but I still do the Linda McCartney burgers (soy based) which are my favourite vegan junk food and well recommended to try. Nevertheless soy protein powder will dampen high blood glucose from high carb meals, like porridge for example.
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l have been suing protein supplements now for years and started to notice that the Whey products were affecting my stomach, due to lactose intolerance. I had read in the past that Whey protein isolate was good for the latter but even with perseverance I still had issues and was above all getting bored with the rush to the toilet on a daily basis, yeah gross but its a relative fact.So I started looking for a supplement that was made using decent ingredients that are going to suit my needs, you know, to stop me pooping so much.Upon finding this product I was delighted to find something that had just the core ingredients for body building that was suited for someone like myself,amino acids and a high protein percentage.So naturally I read some of the reviews and got excited and immediately bought the product. Once it arrived, at work, I opened it and everyone in the office around me was questioning its purpose. What will soy help you with they said, you need the real stuff like Whey, oooooh no you don't good sir, to be honest most of them are monkeys that don't do their research so I was not too bothered about their i'll backed advice.So the good stuff, does it taste good, well..... No in fact it offends the taste buds to a point where I wish I had bought something else. But hold the phone, what is real point of this product. Its purpose is to provide my body with the protein it requires for my high impact training schedule, without having to eat chicken all the time, which can get really boring.I have been using this product daily for the last two weeks and for my requirements its great. I personally put it into my morning shakes, I use this protein powder along with Almond milk, Blackberries, Blueberries, one banana, and one other product for my daily greens which I will not specify.The shake I make tastes great and fulfils my needs, so who needs a great tasting powder when you can simply make one with a blender right ? Doesn't take long and this way you can add whatever you want, like creatine for example, if you are a serious body builder, or maybe other fruit/Vegatables.If you are looking for a soy based product that packs all the right ingredients for your dietry needs then look no further.
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I stumbled across this powder about 6 months ago whilst trying to find a 'natural' alternative to all of those artificial chemical laden protein powders you find in most supplement stores. I'll admit I was dubious and I read a few of the reviews on here which convinced me to give it a go.TasteThe powder itself tastes rancid. You can imagine, it has nothing added so won't be sweet or at all palatable so you'll need to add it to something else, food or I have it morning and night in the form of a shake. I've found mixing it with water, one small banana and a spoonful of peanut butter counters the aftertaste and makes it taste quite nice.A note for the ladiesAfter drinking the powder for a few days,I noticed my skin (which has been oily and spot prone especially on the chin area) started clearing up. After a week my skin was the clearest it has been in years and my periods are a lot lot lighter. After doing a bit of research into soy, it's because soy mimics oestrogen in the body so essentially drinking this affects your hormone levels. As the title says, I couldn't live without this stuff, its a godsend. Very reasonably priced as well.
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This is great stuff! I had been using a milk whey based protein shake and whilst I'm not fully lactose intolerant I don't so well with a lot of milk so I thought I'd give this a go and I'm really pleased with it. It is flavourless but smells kind of biscuity. It really does need to be added to something with flavour, adding it to soy milk alone does not taste very nice.I have been adding 50-60g of powder to 300ml of lactose free or soy milk with a shot of coffee, a couple of teaspoons of stevia and some ice for an iced-coffee shake in the morning. I usually have that at about 7.00 am as I'm running out the door and I'm finding that I'm not on the hunt for food until 12.00/12:30 which is a good 2 hours after when I am usually hungry again.I like that it is very low cal.but super high in protein, and that it can be added to any flavour you like so you're not limited to the the flavour you bought until the pack is finished.Great product, will definitely buy again.
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I really like this powder.At first my shake was a little hard to drink as i just used water and three spoons of peanut butter. But the shakes after that have been so tasty. I vary between different flavours and have a shake every other day.I have so far used whole earth peanut butter, cocao powder and alpro coconut milk which is lovely and chocolatey. I have also used mango, lime and alpro coconut milk which is so refreshing. And finally I have used strawberries and blueberries with fresh apple juice and that's so fruity and delicious.Another trick I do is add dates and/or nuts like almonds and cashews as I blend it to add a nutty or sweet taste.I always use a blender so I have no problem with any lumps.It's smooth and the taste is great. So I would advise that you experiment with your favourite flavours and add enough liquid, my shakes measure up to 750ml.Great source of protein and low in salt and sugar. Highly recommend.
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I can't write a full review yet because I've only been using it for less than a week so far, so I'll update in a month or so to comment on whether or not it's aided my lean muscle mass.I love this product so far in terms of taste, texture, blending capability and keeping me full.I am someone who likes the taste of soy on it's own so it's flavour doesn't bother me and I feel that it' a pretty neutral flavour. I use it for protein shakes after a weights session, I mix 30g (27g of protein roughly) with chia seeds, almond milk and some pre-blended greens and it's so good! (to me anyway). It's thick, but I like the consistency and you can always add water to thin it out.I also found that mixing it with oats or Weetabix kept me fuller for much longer.Usually when I have those, I'm hungry not even a couple of hours later, but with the added soy protein I stayed full for a good four hours I'd say.So yeah I'm quite pleased thus far.
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I have this with plain porridge every morning.Add too much water (I don't take milk with porridge),Cook it for 30 seconds longer,Add a handful of sultanasAnd then mix 1 spoonful (10g?) of this in, well, you need to mix it in a lot.I don't taste it, even if I left the sultanas out, soya doesn't really taste of anything to me.Even this morning I forgot and made perfect porridge so this didn't mix in as well and was lumpy but..it doesn't really taste of anything so I ate the lumps and all.I just take 1 spoonful/10g? a day in my porridge, that one spoonful is quite a lot, I've not worked out how I'd take another 2 yet.I don't do body building or anything but I must say I have had more energy since I started taking this,may be unrelated but it's the only thing that's changed. Will update this review.BEFORE YOU BUY THIS: Try something like soya milk in whatever you're doing to add this to, make sure you like the taste.
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I eat a lot of porridge during the work days and I realised I needed to add some protein (and fat in the form of almond butter) to make me properly full and make sure I got enough protein every day. I love products like this that only have one ingredient (that's when you know you're getting quality) and so far I'm very happy with the taste etc.The powder itself is a beige and pretty odourless. I mix it with oats before pouring on Oatly oat milk and microwaving it. The taste when the porridge is natural is...not too nice. Not even a banana and honey could hide it! But then I purchased powdered freeze dried fruit (blueberry, raspberry and strawberry) from a company that freeze dries fruit without adding anything (lio-licious)and half a tbsp of each of those powders are plenty to hide the soya protein taste. I will definitely repurchase, this, very happy with it!
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Let me be clear: this stuff is absolutely disgusting.I drink the cheapest, nastiest coffee without problems and regularly miss subtle tastes in food and drink, but can't stomach this. That doesn't make it a bad product, though!Versus a whey protein (I've been trying to reduce my dairy intake, but am not vegan) this is a much more efficient and healthy source of protein. The problem is the taste.In order to combat this, I add some soya milk, linseed and barley grass. This makes it taste better, as well as making it higher in protein and healthier.If taste is going to be an issue for you, there are flavoured soya proteins out there. I'd strongly suggest that you add something healthy and natural,though, or you may end up adding tons of sugar and reducing the benefits of this very healthy protein powder.
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Unfortunately, due to the medication I am taking my body loses a lot of lean protein. So, I researched frantically for a high protein powder, which was not animal base to help me build up muscle in conjunction with some weight training.At first I thought about the hemp powder, but changed my mind when I found it contained small amounts of protein. I chose this soya powder as it contains 9g of protein per 10g, which is very impressive; and I need all the amount of natural protein I can get.I just make a plain protein shake with unsweetened almond milk, little honey and 20-25g of soya powder. It has a mild sort of oaty flavour (reminds me of unflavoured slim fast).I am really happy with my purchase,and tend to buy more.
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This is a really versatile supplement. I bought it because I don’t eat animal products, and was struggling to easily meet my daily protein requirements without having to eat beans with every meal. I basically use this to make soya milk, which I then use to make porridge in the morning, and add to my coffee. It tastes much better (much milder) than the soya milk you buy in cartons, and making it yourself is cheaper than buying the carton one too. I also add this to fruit and ice and blend it together if I’ve had a particularly strenuous strength workout at the gym, which is several times a week, and it doesn’t add any strange flavour at all.So all in all an extremely versatile powder that I’ll be continuing to purchase.
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I tried several soy protein products and this is by far the best. I will buy this brand from now on. The taste is reasonably neutral, it mixes VERY easily (with other products I always had to use a blender), just add water or soy milk, mix with a spoon and your instant shake is ready to go. When I have more time I blend in a spoon of cocoa powder, or a banana, or any other fruit. It's very easy to digest too. As in results I can only say that I use it mainly as a meal substitute or during fitness and endurance training in conjunction with maltodextrin as a recovery and/or energy drink and at that it works very well. Anyway, it's 90% proteins so I'd imagine it's perfectly OK for mass-building too.Recommended!
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Flavour? Ugh, is my response to that question. I have tried to mask the awful taste by mixing it with strong tasting foods but once a clump touches the taste buds, game lost! It doesn't like being mixed with any form of liquid either. It can be achieved but not easily, in my opinion. However, I need protein and this product claims to be 90% protein therefore I will perservere. The packing is strong and is resealable. The packaging is strong enough to allow itself to stand on a countertop, for example. That makes it easy to remove a quantity of the powder soya protein. I suspect that I will pay more next time for a flavoured variety, however. I will purchase from the same supplier.


No lumps in my smoothie i just use blender to mix things up. Tastes amazing i.e blends well with whatever you throw it in and personally I dont notice aftertaste. Its kinda silky once mixed and slightly reninescent maybe of soy milk. I had a different brand of soy powder sime time back and it had very "gritty"texture not the case with this product. Im vegan and happy to drink both shop bought and home made soy milk so maybe ppl who notice aftertaste/weird taste are more used to cows milk. Anyhoo I got it offtk max rather than amazon but all i ll say is im coming back for more cause this will resolve me eating crap on some days hence not getting enough proteins nicely.


Looking at previous reviews I saw people found this product very bland (I struggled initially) so wanted to give some tips.Mixing with soup/ yogurt etc is fine but test smaller quantities first.Mixing in muesli is ok but I wouldn’t exceed 10g.I have it in a protein shake daily, 10-20g mixed with soya milk (tastes creamier than cows milk and low carb) and I add some cinnamon, turmeric and nutmeg which have other health benefits and I find this mix quite tasty and not bored after a few months of it.It’s worth experimenting as this product is good value compared to other protein powders and it’s vegan and lacks the potentially harmful additives of other powders.
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