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I am a bit of a fitness freak, to be honest, and as a lot of my work either requires long hours of sitting down or good amounts of physical fitness (as I work between office and terrain at this point), it's not even just about me being a special kind of nutcase, but a real necessity to be fit. That said, my health condition causes hormonal imbalance, meaning I can gain both water and fat very easily but lose slowly, which messes with my fitness quite a lot (not water so much, but the fat? definitely...). I have tried many protein shakes through the years and thus far (until this one, which wins now), ironically, the best I have ever had was a DM (Drogerie Markt) own in neutral flavour.It was relatively cheap and quite efficient, and the carbs were quite good (if you know anything about this, you'll know that you NEED some carbs in your diet with every meal for a host of reasons, so that was good). Snag? They don't do online and they are only available in select countries in the EU. So that had me searching for a protein shake that was natural, didn't have a sweetener that I don't like (such as aspartame or acesulfam, which, even if you forget all other issues, aggravate my ibs something awful), had a decent price and a decent amount for that, and a good serving of protein per dose. With my protein shakes, I usually make smoothies, but I have expanded into energy bites and pancakes and whatnot of late, so that had to be taken into account too. Recently, I tried out Bulk, but it turned out to be a disappointment...after initial feeling that this might work, I ended up realising that it did nothing for my body, and that was not the only product of theirs that failed me (their joint supplement sucks, let me tell you!). So it took me a while to overcome the disappointment and go search again. I decided for this one because it seemed to have it all, and because I didn't want to be disappointed again, I only ordered a small amount (500g), which has been lasting us surprisingly well...why? Because with normal food, a good protein shake just adds a little...unlike Bulk, which had practically no effect whatsoever, and of which I would have to drink loads more than I usually do to even get a little efficacy. This protein shake (I have it in unflavoured, for better mixing with other flavours) is fabulous. Not only does it mix extremely well, it also gives you that pleasant feeling when you had it...if you exercise and you really know your body well, you know right now what I'm talking about. It has definitely impressed both my OH and myself, and we'll be coming back for more really soon - quite possibly via a subscription.
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If you are reading reviews for this product, you are no doubt after something that will help you pack on muscle. I've been in and out of gyms for many years and have learned via the long, sometimes hard way, how to build muscle. There's no real secret to getting results - you have to train strict, train regular, eat the correct balanced diet and get adequate rest/sleep to recover.The diet element obviously has to include sufficient quantities of protein, of which I prefer to obtain mine via natural sources - chicken, lean beef, fish, eggs, nuts etc. However, with the best will in the world, it is often difficult to ingest the ideal levels of protein due to lifestyle factors like busy work schedules,your social commitments and so forth. This is where a product like this comes into play. I've researched the market and believe this is definitely one of the best whey protein powders out there and its become my favoured choice. Just remember, this is a 'supplement' not a 'substitute' in your diet - so use it in conjunction with a sensible diet. I tend to mainly use this whey protein powder in a breakfast shake - I'll add one serving to 200ml of semi-skimmed milk with 3 egg whites, a tablespoonful of peanut butter, a teaspoon of organic maca powder, half a banana, a pinch of cinnamon and a teaspoonful of honey. I'll then eat a bowl of porridge topped with blueberries. After allowing an hour or so for digestion, I'm all set up for my early morning gym workout. This is a quality product which I unreservedly recommend.
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101 calories per serving for 20g of decent protein with only 1.5g of carbs in the same serving isn't bad in my book and will definitely be ordering this again. We've been using different brands and flavors of protein powders for years now and only came across this one more recently and decided to give it a go as we like to mix them up and alternate from month to month instead of sticking to the same one constantly. I'm so glad we did as this is one of the best we've tried yet and have been supplementing with protein powder successfully for a long time. have it on a rolling order from this seller on Amazon.Despite putting a lot of effort into maxing out on natural protein in our diet this makes a huge difference.I like my protein powders quite sweet and don't mind the additional sugar/sweeteners personally, my partner prefers as little sweetness as possible - so this is a great in between. It's not sickly like some powder, not too bland or chalky like others, and the chocolate flavour is subtle enough to not dominate and light enough to pimp up if you want to add some extra flavour in there. Also much prefer the seal bag this comes in for this larger 2kg rather than a huge tub which I find more hassle to store and access.
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I have used a number of protein powders since beginning to take interest in my health and fitness a couple of years ago.This month, I decided to look for a slightly cheaper alternative and found this product on offer in 'today's deals'.I have found that buying the simple flavours of protein powder is safest and often these extravagant sounding flavours disappoint or their taste grows old fairly quickly.With that in mind, I purchased the Chocolate Silk flavour.When it arrived the next day, the packaging said 'Chocolate Mint Brownie' and I quickly double checked my orders and saw that I had ordered the wrong one.I decided to embrace it,this turned out to be the greatest decision in recent memory.The Chocolate Mint Brownie flavour is utterly delicious.It is like drinking liquid Aero.I have given it a few extra tries to ensure my beliefs and I stand by it, it's great.As for the powder it mixes really well and comes with the measuring scoop and aesthetically pleasing packaging, not that these are my greatest concerns but thought it would be useful to note.My biggest regret was buying 1kg of the stuff while it was on offer, very gutted I didn't buy 2.5kg at this price.
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Cookies and creamThis is the best tasting protein powder I've ever had!I have long stuck too this brand's banana flavour for many years since i tried my brother's disgusting chocolate flavoured and stawberry flavoured shakes from other brands, until now...I mixed it with 350ml of semi skimmed milk and WOW I had drank it all in 30 secs without paying much attention (my focus was on dropping a no. 2).As per usual with this brand it mixes perfectly if you use a propper shaker with the mesh ball. But if you're cheap, just do what i do!I use usually use a lucozade bottle and it mixes it to near perfection.If you are one of these absolute spoon slappers that just slaps their spoon about in a glass then sorry pal...But 95% of protein shakes just won't mix right with that method, so just get a clean empty bottle and funnel and you'll be all set for a good shake!To me this supplier is premium and the best, you get more than your money's worth if you have 1 or 2 scoops a day and get most of your protein from meaty foods.
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I have bought many protein supplements over the last several years since joining the fitness industry as a trainer. From Optimum Nutrition, PHD, Sci-max, my protein etc. I ended up settling on MyProtein mostly for the price factors, although I always felt like it was sub par in quality in comparison to the other brands.I then heard about protein works, through uni-day deals and word of mouth and figured I would buy this as a taster so to speak.I ordered on wednesday around 3pm from here and did not pay for next day delivery, yet it came the next day which I was quite happy about. I was also thrown in a free shaker which is always needed - despite my personal hatred of blender balls.The protein itself tasted far better than most I had had previously - note I mixed with milk not water.It mixed in very well and was quite smooth. Not like other protein that clump or taste bit-ty (i know thats not a word) but this was smooth and tasty.Was very surprised and will be buying from them again - this time in larger quantites.
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I use these kind of drinks to prevent next day muscle soreness from agonising uphill and downhill runs.Previously, the "best" that I was using was another brand of recovery drink. By "best" I mean it stops the soreness and doesn't taste disgusting. However, the problem with the recovery drinks is that there are waaayyyy to many carbs for a long distance fat burning machine.I have tried multiple other protein drinks, but on the whole, though drinkable, they are not particularly enjoyable. Not even the chocolate ones. To be honest, part of the enjoyment of the pain of hill running is to be able to guzzle lots of chocolate drinks afterwards.This review is for the chocolate silk flavour version.In a drinks shaker it mixer very easily, leaving no floaty bits. It is a smooth, not to thick consistency (I use one scoop per 200 ml water). It tastes great! Several testes confirm it's doing it's job preventing muscle soreness.I can do no less than give it five stars. My search for the best recovery drink is over!
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I am not a massive expert in proteins. I used to prefer protein bars, but decided to switch to protein powder instead. I have bought Vanilla Cream as it's probably the most neutral taste which can be easily mixed. I have tried it with Almond milk/drink, cow milk (lactose free) and water. I find its taste reasonably good with all three. I don't like sweet drinks (I don't add sugar to tea, or coffee)... this one is a little bit too sweet for me, but not disgusting. Mixing it with warm (not boiling hot) water, or water/milk 50/50 is the best for me. I also tried adding raw cocoa powder and this makes this drink taste choco. In fact, it's pure raw cocoa without any sugars...which is probably better than if I buy choco taste of this protein. I am going to try to mix it with milk, banana and cocoa in a blender as well... I think taste will be good. If so, will add oats and that's going to be perfect breakfast combination :)
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This seems to be a good product. Delivered on time, and for once the ziplock actually works! As the picture suggests, there is a scoop included, which takes some of the guesswork out (surprisingly, not all sellers provide this).It's a bit more expensive than the brand I usually buy, but was out of stock. I noticed this brand mixes much more easily than the other one so I had a look at the ingredients -- and sure enough there's an agent in this that makes it mix more easily. I don't know what the effects of ingesting such a chemical over the long term are so I'm reluctant to stick to this brand. I'd much rather just have 100% whey concentrate and deal with the lumps,but that's just me being paranoid.Other than than that it seems to work fine. I've passed the peak of my marathon training without injury, sickness or burnout so all indications are that this did the job I bought it for.
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I usually purchase Impact Whey from My Protein but tried this while on offer. The unflavoured tastes much the same (like watered down milk), blends easier in water – get a few small lumps on sides of a shaker, but nothing major. Noticed no digestion issues like other protein powders or bars.It is low in calories and has moderate protein per serving, so easy to fit into macro and calorie goals.In terms of flavours, also tried ‘Strawberries `n` Cream’ which is nice – fairly sweet but not sickly. I prefer unflavoured, you get more protein per serving and can change up the flavour when you want: flavour drops, chocolate powder, with bananas in a shake etc.Packaging is decent,the re-seal on the pouch works well.Overall, the quality is fairly good, and this regularly goes on offer – always paid less than £20 for 2kg.
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I have previously bought this on the protein works website and actually still have 2.4Kg left as bought the 4.8Kg back which comes in two 2.4kg Bags. The chocolate silk is absolutely amazing, this is probably the third time I have ordered the chocolate silk and I am yet to be sick of the flavour. I mix it with water, Almond milk and Milk and the only difference is the thickness. If you are a little sick of drinking the protein powder you can blend it with some frozen fruit and it mixes up the flavour, you can also put it with some greek yogurt or any other plain yogurt and it will taste like your being incredibly naughty but really you are getting 30 wish grams of protein,I usually use 300grams of yogurt with one scoop which will mix in well with no lumps and some blueberries on top to finish it off.
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Only just started using this, I'm on a restricted calorie keto diet so I struggle to reach protein goals even with plenty of salmon/meat.In terms of carbohydrates. I mix 300 ml WATER with 50 gams of product. I then add a few tiny drops of vanilla essence. It tastes just like milk. My bottle has shaker inside and so the consistency is smooth with no lumps. 50 grams of product contains only 3 grams of carbohydrates and 41.2 grams of protein!I hate flavoured protein shakes, especially as they often taste synthetic or chemically. This unflavoured product is perfect. I'm experimenting with other low calorie low carbohydrate flavour additions.Oh and the bag opens and seals very well!One scoop is exactly 25g although I always weight exactly. Bar code on the back inputs data into my fitness Pal.
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Great Product. Really good value for money (it was just over £20 for the 2kg bag when I purchased it). I went for the unflavoured version because I can mix it in with my own fruit smoothies that I make for breakfast. The product disolves/mixes really well with the liquid unlike other whey proteins I have purchased that are an effort to mix. I really do recommend this protein shake and specifically the unflavoured version since the unflavoured version does not contain any unwanted ingredients and also tastes great just mixed with milk on its own. This Protein shake is great for people who are training/building muscle but also wanting to loose weight (fat) since it contains next to no fat or carbs,you are basically just getting the 20g of protein per serving and that's it.
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I am so pleased with this product. I had been working out 4 x week for about 9 months and had shown very little improvement in terms of muscle gain or strength. I was using a protein supplement but it clearly wasn't working for me. After reading some of the reviews about the quality of this protein supplement I felt I had to give it a try. Well I couldn't be much happier with the results. I've been using it for a about 3 months now and I can see improvements in both my physique and my strength has also improved. I''m a 55 year old male so I don't expect to be like Mr Universe but it's good to see some improvements for all of my hard work even at my age.I highly recommend this product and I only wish that I had converted to using it a lot sooner. GH
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I have jumped around a lot of protein shakes over the last couple of years. Looking for protein to Kcal ratio. Whilst having the right formula. As well as the dosing. This wins on every count. I need 160g protein a day to maintain muscle mass and I have no interest in eating half a cow. With this I can get 100g easy for about 500kcal when I need to. My recovery has definitely improved after training also. These are genuine tangible results I haven't seen the like from other brands or at least not so prolific. The raspberry flavour was awesome but the wild strawberry does have a bit of an unpleasant sweetener aftertaste (Work on the formula PWorks).I am trying peanut butter next so will let you'll know what it's like.
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