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At first I bought the strawberry flavour but it didn't taste nice and although I could smell it was meant to be strawberry, it also have a really horrible smell with it. Every time I went to take a mouthful and cought a wiff of it, I'd heave. Afterwards it kept repeating the taste every time I burped which also made me feel a bit sick. So I bought the Gourmet chocolate. This is much better and doesn't seem to have this other bad smell about it. It doesn't taste like the bars of chocolate, far from. But then most chocolate milkshakes don't either. It is way too sweet. I am convinced that they don't need as much artificial sweetener in there. So there is room for improvement.I will admit to feeling a bit sickly directly after drinking it (made with water) but that passed and it helped to brush my teeth to give a minty fresh taste instead of such sweetness. So that is my little tip for anyone finding it so sweet. I haven't tried this next tip but someone in a fitness group forum suggested getting the healthiest form of Cocao powder and adding a tiny amount of that to make it less sweet. (Not cocoa, two different things!) I have found some in a health food shop local to me and have purchased it but I am reluctant to give in and tey it as I am trying to lose weight as well as add muscle. But if weight is not an issue for you it might be worth a try. I may yet give in and put the bitter tasting cocao powder in. My 24 yr old son loves the taste just as it is. He has an incredibly sweet tooth though. He is also a diagnosed coeliac and this has not had any adverse reactions, so the claim of gluten free is good. I have IBS and so far have not had any reaction but I've only taken one scoop of the strawberry and two scoops of the chocolate so far. Will update if it triggers my IBS but that may not help others as IBS can be very individual and selective of what triggers it. For example, I can't eat cheese, watermelon and apple while I know someone else with IBS who can.
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I first bought the strawberry but it was so bad I threw it out. Jist could not drink that. So I saw a review saying chocolate is better. So I got that one. It doesn't really taste of chocolate. Plus is is so sweet it makes me feel sick. I tried making it with water at the amounts stated. But it was just too sweet for me so had to water it down more. It was still just as sweet but even less chocolatey. I tried counteracting the sweetness with unsweetened almond milk. This didn't change how sweet it was and just gave it a stranger taste. It wasn't the worst I've ever tasted. But I still kept feeling sickly directly as I drank or finished drinking it. I tried to mix it into zero fat greek yoghurt.But it tasted really bad! It was both bitter yoghurt tasting and overly sweet protein powder tasting at the same time. I had about 3 small spoonfulls and just could not carry on. It was also thick and gloopy to eat too.So I have ordered the vanilla one to try do a smoothy with frozen berries. But will also try it with water and maybe the almond milk.but not the yoghurt. It is just too thick.This is also used by a coeliac without any issues or problems.... apart from they find it too sweet and not tasting of chocolate.Someone suggested to me that unsweetened coacoa powder for baking can be added to it to make it taste better but surely that means more calories and macros etc on top of the protein powder! Not everyone wants to waste their daily allowances of chocolate powder! It would be good to see improvements on flavour for Chocolat at least. The strawberry gives the impression that it can't be helped, quick, burn it! Lol. I'm sure someone out there must like the strawberry, but it is the worst one out of the two I've tried so far.
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The makeup of this protein is fantastic (and I do know my supplements, ahem), but I should have chosen a safer flavour option (I chose fudge brownie) the taste of the fudge brownie isn’t that great and I mix it with water like suggested on the tub, it's not horrible, but most of the proteins I usually buy taste good, I think simple chocolate or vanilla, strawberry may have been a better choice, after saying all of that ive just ordered banana :) !!! so I'll leave a review for that - aside from the fudge brownie mix up, it’s a great product if you are dairy/lactose intolerant, it really is great stuff and much better price-wise than Hydrowhey from Optimum Nutrition which has the same makeup - it’s a YES from me but careful with the flavour choice!(P.S.like EVERYONE I rely on reviews and read loads before I buy anything from amazon - so I have decided to now review everything I buy, so I can help others choose better and save them from buying pure junk (we've all been there!) so all of you guys who read reviews but don’t leave any, go ahead and leave a review. please!!! you can save other people from buying stuff that may be an absolute waste of money (we've all been there too), and if something is great then people should know about it, so pass on the info!!!This will be my tag line so if it’s not at the bottom of each review, there's an evil imposter posing as me, like that evil blue woman in x-men who can change into anyone's shape and even has the same voice as them :)
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Just finished the tub of this Birthday Cake powder which I was lucky to pick it up for a bargain price from Amazon, even the current price is a bargain too. Even though Dymatize is a known brand, at first I was dubious as to whether it would be too sweet, tasted foul, or mixed badly which can be the case with certain flavours like this. The emptying of the tub in no time at all gives indication that it was enjoyed without being overly sweet or any rank taste.Two scoops in my post workout shaker with either water or milk and down it went. In a hand held shaker after a good shake there was no lumps or any grainy like texture.Unlike some powders I was able to take my time and enjoy the flavour and the consistent smooth mix.This particular brand is well known particularly across the waters in the US but for those needing a little reassurance it scores reasonably well on the Labdoor test charts. Labdoor are an independent testing company who give a ranking based on:Label AccuracyProduct PurityNutritional ValueIngredient SafetyProjected EfficacyAs a supplement to a balanced and goal specific diet, and for post work out recovery, I can't fault it especially with there being no GI issues that I sometimes manage to suffer with some powders.
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So, I'll start by saying that I absolutely hate the taste of protein powders. They are disgusting and disgustingly sweet.I've tried many flavours before this one and hated every single one of them, like Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate Fudge. The Chocolate and especially Chocolate Fudge were particularly bad, with the Vanilla not tasting anything like vanilla and the strawberry one making the acid in my stomach go nuts.Then I got the Chocolate Peanut one and.... it's bearable. I don't get as nauseaous trying to drink it. The peanut flavouring in the chocolate actually makes it not as bad, but it is still undeniably sweet, which I'll never understand why they keep making them so,they could tone them down a bit.So yes, if you're looking to buy any of the ISO100 and have trouble feeling sick while drinking this sort of stuff, try the chocolate peanut. While it's still pretty bad, it's bearable and doesn't make me feel sick.
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I'm nearly at the end of my first tub of this and about to order another. Hydrolyzed Whey Isolate so top stuff. I agree with others here that the gourmet chocolate does taste good, very easy to drink. I did find that putting it in a shaker didn't mix away all the particles, so I would find the last bit gritty. I cured that by adding some honey, which seemed to coat the particles and then they didn't feel gritty. I added 150ml of lactose free milk and a squirt of honey. I have now bought a Breville VBL062 Blend Active Personal Blender, which is very cheap and blends the powder to a very smooth liquid, there were no gritty bits without the honey, so I can drop the honey now.I'll buy it again because I can't see anything else available that's Hydrolyzed Whey Isolate around this price that also tastes good. According to Bodybuilding.com it's been Isolate of the Year for 5 years.
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I heard others say the banana isn't nice, it can't dissolve etc. For me, if you properly stir it gradually, adding the scoop slowly, it mixes perfectly. Overall the powder has a very nice texture, like its fresh, if you can say that for a powder, lol. The taste is very subjective, I personally like that it doesn't have a strong taste, it is smooth and present in your tongue as much as it should. This is the first time I take a supplement and I just started with 1 scoop a day, so I don't expect any fast results or gains suddenly, building up properly takes time, definately will go for the 2.2 Kg next time.


As a lactose intolerant, finding a decent tasting protein powder has been a struggle that has lasted years.All the big name brands have made my insides... yeah.My partner (as well as the toilet) have had hell.Vegan protein powders are usually oversweet, thick and bitty disgusting.I resorted to making my own brown rice and pea protein smoothies, which are good, but they take time.Enter Dymatize.HALLELUJAH.This powder has changed my life. So good. So tasty. And no lactose in sight. Fudge Brownie is DELICIOUS (even with water).Great macros. Convenient. Changed my life.


IBS and a high-protein diet aren't things that go that well together, reason why I've tried a number of protein powder brands over the years. This Dymatize stuff is great primarily because I can digest it with absolutely 0 issues, something that I can say about only 1 other brand I've tried, i.e. Gold Standard.To my palate, though, the chocolate flavor is a lot better than the Gold Standard ones, hence why I stick with this. I've also tried the birthday cake flavor, but I really wouldn't recommend it: it's extremely sweet and chemical.


Great taste and quality. Mixed 2 scoops with almond milk and ice.To those worried about the pinhole in the seal, this is from Dymatize’s website in the FAQs:“The small hole in the white intermediate cover of our products is not a quality flaw – this hole (also called pinprick) is needed here. It ensures resistance of the seal towards high pressure differences (pressure equalisation). This prevents a contraction or bursting of the tub. Currently the pinprick is present in all Dymatize tubs.“


The only whey isolate I will use. I am a 23 female bikini athlete & I swear by this whey. Whey products effect my stomach negatively, this whey iso is really delicate & easy to digest. Gourmet chocolate is the BEST flavour, I mix it in with my oats & cream of rice. It’s expensive but worth it, especially when discounted to £50 from £60. The best quality whey iso currently on the market, The ingredients are second to none & many of my athlete friends swear by it, I wouldn’t use anything else.


I been bodybuilding for 6 years, and during this time tried many different brands and products. Once I Started using Dymatize ISO 100 I don't think I will ever use any other brand or product again !+First of all it's so easy to digest, never get any bloating like from other proteins !+It's lactose free, so it improved my skin quality, less acne !- Taste, it's not horrible but there are better tasting proteins on the market. Although if you all about performance it really does not matter.


Dymatize ISO 100 is by far the best protein I have ever used! I have chronic gastritis and all the proteins really make me sick and I was so pleasantly surprised when my husband researched and introduced to me Dymatize as a great keto-friendly option. I love the Chocolate Peanut taste and just ordered the Cookies and Cream so I'm excited if it also tastes good. I use it pre-workout or with my coffee as an afternoon snack combined with some coconut milk. I highly recommend this protein :)


Easily my favourite go to brand for whey isolate. Packed with 5.8g BCAAs (of which 2.7g leucine), 25g protein per rounded scoop. Each scoop will weigh roughly the same every serving as opposed to products such as ON whey which is a much more flakey texture that will always result in marginal weight differences in every rounded scoop.Dym always mixes well for whey isolate and never fails me in taste.As all isolate protein, great for dieting.


After starting the gym 2 months ago, after stopping for a while i wanted to get a good protein powder, after doing tonnes of research i went with this one. I got Goumet Chocolate, and even though I've nicer tasting protein powders in the past, for the amount of fat and sugar in it, it tasted very good.Made some very nice gains from taking 2 of these shakes a day combined with training 4 times a week. Highly recommend even with the price tag.
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