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Firstly, if not for the price i would mark this down purely because it's not as advertised... Sort it out Amazon.Now don't get me wrong, the product is top notch, more on that in a mo... But Amazon has two different Whey proteins in the various pictures, and what Amazon sent on this occasion matches neither of the products shown - It's not the all blue "protein premium" tub, and it's not the white with blue label "100% whey" tub, its USN's "Whey Protein Premium" in a white tub with blue label... as far as i can tell it's the exact same product that's in the all blue tube. I suspect the pictures need updating, but as it's essentially the same thing, brilliant price (3rd cheaper than most places!)and has a decent expiry date (exp 07/2017) i'll let it slide and not bump my rating down, after all the rating should reflect the product not Amazon's performance.I opted for the Vanilla and i don't regret it. I've tried a few other Vanillas in my time, and this is the best of the bunch. It's recommend to have 1 heaped scope with 200-300ml of water, this alone is really tasty, not overly sweet (i look forward to it!), it mixes perfectly in a shaker, no lumps or grittyness. I generally have one as my after workout shake to aid recovery, but if it's a late session and i'm hungry or if i'm feeling a little pekish when trying to stay lean i'll occasionally have a scope with 300ml organic milk and let me tell you it tastes 100% like a McDonalds Vanilla Milkshake! Winner.Obviously taste is subjective, so take from this what you will, but hopefully this helps some. Especially those new to these products this month! (the big January fitness boom and all that jazz)Update: ordered another, this time sent as per images (blue 100% core series), sadly it's not as good as tasty as the previous tub, this version is vanilla, the previous was vanilla cream. It's overly sweet, to the point that I've cut down to one post gym session only (was on two a day). Doh.
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Hi guy's, I'm going to give you a solid review on this product. I started using UNS's 100% Whey Protein around 3 months ago, I have upped my muscle mass considerably! my weekly routine consists of upper - body Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Lower - Wednesday and Sunday. You have to keep in mind; it's all about how much work you put in! honestly, make sure you wake up with aching muscles because that's when you know your getting the job done! It's important to rest for a day or two depending on how fast your muscles recover. I'm now at a set routine, my muscles will ache only for a day, the difference is outstanding. Also, it really depends on what you eat. I recommend a lot of eggs, steak,chicken, turkey, green vegetables, oats, lentils, fish and fruit. If you stick to this along with taking your protein 4 times a day you will be overwhelmed at the results. This biggest problem people have is not drinking enough water, make sure you at leased drink 2 liters a day. I go through a tub of USN every two weeks, it will be the same for you. Buy this product, train hard, give it a few months and I promise you will see the results. It tastes great too! dissolves easy with a shaker bottle. Good luck!
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I have tried a couple of different products by choice and necessity and this is easily the best. The ache the next day is much reduced and as a result the time between training sessions can be shortened. Flavour is good and it mixes well. I have also tried pistachio and vanilla. All taste how you would expect with no strong aftertaste. With all these shakes I would recommend using a mixer cup with a wire ball and more water or milk than directed. Check out how much you can take in relation to your lean muscle mass, (there are algorithms on the web) rather than cuffing it from the directions. Good value with subscribe and save and it would take a lot to get me to switch.Remember it is protein so don't be bone when it only does what protein is meant to. If you want something that does it all in one a. that's your choice but its suboptimal b. you are going to waste money. I also occassionally use the IGF for overnight recovery which is also good.
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Seriously.With milk or water, this stuff tastes great - there's no doubt about it. It does exactly what it says on the box: 24g of protein per serving with either milk or water before and after sessions and you're away. I could notice gains on parts of my body I was focusing most on after the first batch of this, and it's cheap stuff when compared to other leading products, too.I'd say take with water before gym, 200ml, and then take after gym with 200-300ml semi-skimmed milk, as the casein in the milk is absorbed slower into the body, and so your body is nourished with essential amino acids and longer chain proteins for a longer amount of time; this prevents muscle damage and stimulates muscle growth.Of course I'd also advise having a shake in the morning,as through sleeping your body's been through a long fasting period for 7-8 hours without any absorption of nutrients, so it's good to keep topped up.Good stuff, worth the money.
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As a newbie to weight training and using whey protein, I was hesitant at first as the sheer volume of choice for different powders was somewhat overwhelming. I decided to go for one of the cheapest options I could find, as I had read reviews of people complaining of stomach/wind problems after using similar products and I thought I'd try a cheaper one out before diving into the deep end.However, after tasting this whey protein, I don't think I will ever change. It blends well, it tastes fantastic, there is no bloated feeling or any other adverse events after taking it and most importantly, it seems to be actually helping.I've only used about half of my tub,but I have already subscribed to receive a new tub every month.I am 100% satisfied with this powder and would recommend it to newbies like myself, as well as others who may have been put off by other brands that weren't half as good as this.TL;DR: Bought it, loved it, buying more.
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this is delicious! and very versatile! I am going to be buying again! I always use a blender and it mixes very well. definitely not a meal substitute though as it can leave you feeling quite hungry. I mix it with water and it tastes like a delicious milkshake. you get 136cals per scoop containing 24g protein. I also blend it with blueberries which is delicious or use it to make protein brownies:300g lowest fat cream cheese25g canderal or other sweetener25g cocoa powder100g protein powder2 egg whites1/2 tsp bicarbmix all together and stick in the oven on about 180 for about 20mins-check and when fork comes out clean they are done. cut into 8 for 115cals and 10g protein per serving. delicious.they become quite sticky so consume in the first 2-3 days.
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Ordered this protein after using USN Hardcore mass gainer series due to me needing less protein intake as I had already bulked up pretty well. I can testify to the Vanilla flavor being great although in honesty I cannot even taste the protein powder when I blend it into a smoothie with some bananas and strawberries. Each serving is one scoop which is roughly 70% protein and the rest being a mix of the other ingredients. I've found that whilst using it I was no longer gaining any mass however my muscle was still growing and I was still gaining strength. I would definitely recommend this product to most people however there are better options for people who want to start going lean like 0 carbpowders.
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Been taking this for over 3 months now and it's brill.. The choc flavour is better than the vanilla flavour and the best bit is is that you don't get a mouthful of protein as it mixes well.. I use milk at night times as it takes longer to digest but during the day it's with water and it still tastes great.. Took me ages to find a protein that a) I liked b) wasn't expensive for what it was and c) it helped build and maintain all the hard work that I do in the gym. It also doesn't affect my tummy as other protein powders. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this and a couple of my mates have already switched and love it.


I use this with full fat milk after I've trained and it works really well. I'm quite skinny and struggle to build mass but I'm seeing some good results with this powder so far. It tastes nice but I don't like the taste when mixed with water (I don't like any protein shake made with water). Some of the ones I've tried gave me stomach ache but this stuff has never caused a problem.I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who needs a little help getting bigger, and at this price it won't break the bank either.


I am in my 40's and have not worked out using this kind of product for many years.I was however pretty fit and toned in my 20's and even 30's.I was locked down at my families farm and we have a full gym.I put a lot of muscle on very fast using this protein powder. My body weight went up from 10 stone to 13 stone in 6 weeks. I put so much bulk muscle on that my father actually started getting worried and my jacket size went from a 38 to a 42.Best protein powder I have used and the strawberry tastes really good.


I purchased the chocolate flavoured USN Whey protein and I am, as of yet, very happy with it. The delivery was fast, and it was well packaged. The protein has an enjoyable flavour, however, in my opinion, it tastes slightly different in comparison to other chocolate protein flavours. As I purchased this for £23.99, I believe this is amazing value for money and I would recommend it to anyone trying to step up their workout gains or simply to try out a new protein manufacturer. (The added BCAAS is a great bonus !!)


USN 100% Whey Protein Premium Muscle:Ive been using this product a while now and it's had amazing effects, it has great flavor and texture, easily mixed and come in just enough amounts.pros:Lasts longGreat texturegreat flavordoes what it sayscons:you might want to start adding different fruits and ingredients within this product because after time you can get bored of the same flavor.All in all i highly recommend this product, it has done it's job for me and i'm sure it can do the same for others.


Having used this protein previously and loving it I ordered it again this time in the Vanilla flavour! When arriving I noticed small differences in packaging.I had this shake 3 times and each time made me nausea, be sick and feel extremely unwell. Assuming I was reacting to a different ingredient in the flavour I sold to a work colleague who also uses this brand. He then informed me that he has then had extreme diarrhoea and nausea after consuming also.Either a dodgy batch or fake batch.Order elsewhere


Didn't know what to choose so checked the reviews and cost. Ordered this in banana flavour. Arrived very quickly and fully sealed. Clear instructions and scoop in there. Have to say I enjoy the taste, I bought a shaker and the powder dissolves really quickly.I don't know if it works as this is my first week of using it alongside a life diet, but I don't intend trying to look like some of the blokes in the pictures. I could if I wanted to though haha.Would recommend seller too, as delivered in 2 days.


So i bought some tesco nastly protien, should have known! But it actully dident say tesco anywhere on the product untill i looked very very close in small writting it said made for tesco stores.... ANyhow bought this as i was pissed off. This tastes very nice, when shaken in a shake cup with 250ml 1 scoop it turns out nice and froofy * spelling... I did feel an improvemtn in muscle size, this also did not send me to the toilet for a s***.... Like the tesco one. Deffo should get this is ur look for size
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