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Tastes OK when mixed in appropriate proportions. My pack said 1.25 scoops and 200-300ml, which made a thick paste (I had to eat it with a spoon like a disgusting angel delight). Weighed it on digital scales, though, and found 1 scoop to be the right size for 30g portion. That and 300ml water makes a good milkshake consistency to down. Much easier to digest than whey and a lot cheaper than the Maximuscle cyclone I used previously.Not used long enough to judge results yet. Nutritional content of the soya is impressive, though. I'm stacking it with the creatine from Iron Labs, plus their T5 extreme, as you don't get any of the extra things inside this basic powder.


I have tried chocolate and strawberry flavour and both are not very tasty. Maybe not enough sweetner I don't know. Tastes really good with soya milk though. I used to drink whey protein, but found out I am dairy intolerant. I have found the strength and muscle gains to be at least equal to whey. I also found I put quite a lot of fat on with whey where as with soy I'm just putting on lean muscle.


What I have been looking for as I noticed that other shakes make my stomach feel like digesting cement. It mixes quite pleasantly but I found you have to give it a better shake than other mixes that include diary base.DO NOT mix with soy milk!! It becomes thick as yogurt, unless you plan to eat it with a spoon!!


Best vegan protien I've found. Not at all gritty, nice and smooth to drink... some I've found to be like drinking sand and this is not at all like that! Also mixes well in a shaker and not a bad favour, even drinkable with water but better with a plant milk. Good macros, would recommend!


Tastes great. Sooooo much better than a load of other soy ones I've tried before, it's got no aftertaste and is actually really enjoyable. Really pleased I will order more for my office and leave the other stuff I bought for emergencies


Absolutely great taste, unlike other brands. I got plain flavour. I’m not vegetarian or vegan but I enjoy a soy shake every now and then. Good stuff!


Good stuff taste good and does a good job


Tastes good and easygoing on the bowels


Great product and good value for money
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