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Earlier I have used the following Whey Protein which used to give me constipation problem, severe headache, gastric problem, lose motion etc.1) Healthfit Whey Protein 90% Isolate Unflavored - 2lbs (907g)2) BOLDFIT Whey Protein FREE CYCLONE SHAKER, Made from Organic Grass Fed Whey from USA, Low Carb, Ideal for weight loss, Muscle gain and lean body. Keto Friendly (Vanilla Ice-Cream 1kg).Then I was thinking about Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein but there are lot of review available in Amazon where it was told that the Protein is fake etc.etc.Hence I contacted with Optimum Nutrition and they have provided the list of authorized sellers for Amazon and they are:1) Cloudtail India2) Active Lifestyle3) eHealthmart4) Best Online Retail5) Nutrabay.If you buy from above sellers, you will get Genuine product. As I bought Optimum Nutrition (ON) Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder from Cloudtail, my product was genuine and original.I am using this product since last several weeks and I really enjoyed with the product as I didn't experience any side effects like lose motion etc.Vanilla Ice-cream flavor is amazing and I loved it. Just mix it with chilled/cold/normal water and drink it after you finished your workout. It is best for muscle recovery.Thumbs up for this product. I would recommend this products to everyone.Packaging from Amazon is excellent. Go for it.
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As a girl I'll say go for it. For guys it's good and if you want to bulk up you should maybe look for additional supplent. I used the vanilla flavour. It's light, easy to digest and fantastic flavour. You can add fruits to enhance the flavour and to make a nice smoothie too... The product is genuine. I can feel the difference after working out for a month without it and then just 1 week on it... muscles repair and their endurance increases thus helping you workout more and lose more fat...keeps appetite in control... I'll say go for it...
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This is pretty good protein powder, I really notice the difference when I use it after a workout, less aches the next day!Flavour wise, it took me a while to figure it out, but I think the flavour reminds me of the strawberry angel's delight. Although, that's with milk, I tried it once with water, never again! With milk it's great, smooth, like strawberry milk, no lumps, great consistency.It's not my favourite flavour but I like it every so often. I'll probably buy another small tub again soon.


Bought the strawberry flavour to try. Pleased with it and will get a larger size one day. It tastes similar to nesquik to me :)Bonus is that compared to the other flavours I’ve tried (extreme milk choc & French vanilla creme) it had a bit more protein per serving (serving sizes differ for some reason — and also per 100g).


Ive been using it since i was pregnant and initially thought id hate the taste. “Protein powders, yuck!” I initially thought. But ive been having for months now and i cant seem to put it down. Its sooooo good! Especially because it thickens the milkshake instantly so its great for my daily banana mango milkshake!


This product tastes great, and leaves you feeling full without feeling heavy.In regards to supporting weight loss, if you take as advised alongside regular excercise it should help. Since I've started taking this product I have achieved considerable weight loss as and feel great..


Genuine product from cloudtail seller. Check ON US website which has Indian distributor and importer is listed which has cloudtail as one of the distributor listed.Always buy from authorised distributor /seller.Regarding the taste, I liked double chocolate better than vanilla.


This tastes so much better than any other protein powder I’ve had. I wanted to stop making smoothies because I’m lazy and this is perfect! I believe it’s my 5th different brand and the first time I could make it with just water. I will definitely buy again and try other flavors.


I am a regular user. This product ( particularly teh vanilla ice cream flavor ) is perfect in every way. As you can google , ON is worlds no. 1 supplement. Its slightly more expensive than others, but its highly safe and reliable. Hence , recommended by professionals.


i love the vanilla ice cream flavor , and it definately is a great whey protein , but it causes bloating and gas , if you are lactose intolerent , atleast for me it did.so consuming it with digestive enzymes or lactase tablets does the trick.
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