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Personally I was never a fan of BCAAS because I never thought I needed it. Take what I say which a pinch of salt, this is my anecdotal experience.After taking a 2 year long break from working out due to injury, I decided to take some of these BCAA’s. I previously peaked at 200kg deadlift without the aid of any supplements.If you’re in need of sustained energy to get through your workout, BCAAS will help you achieve that goal. BCAA’s however don’t give you the same dramatic effects as a preworkout does because it lacks caffeine. Their main importance is preventing muscle breakdown and increasing protein synthesis.BCAAS are the essential amino acids your body requires for the maintenance andgrowth of muscle tissue and to prevent muscle break down.The prevention of muscle break down is important because it stops your body from tapping into its own muscle tissue for energy.This is why most people take BCAA’s during a workout rather than after it, since it supplies your muscles with building blocks it can use instead. This can also help with muscle soreness.Whey protein is taken after a workout since it contains BCAAS as well. Therefore, I like to take BCAA’s especially if I have missed a meal.Since incorporating BCAA’s into my diet, I have more energy, I have gained size and my muscle soreness subsides more quickly.The supplement is “gold standard” so you know you’re getting the ingredients listed on the tub.Since that you should be getting enough BCAA’s in your diet from food sources. I advise that instead of overusing and flushing your BCAA’s down the toilet, take them during your workout or when you have missed meals. Get yourself whey protein for after your workout.The passionfruit flavour also tastes pretty good, quite sweet and chemically but it doesn’t taste too bad, you get used to it.I highly recommend this.
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Been wanting to try some BCAA for a while but the price always puts me off, luckily this came on sale on one of the prime day deals, took a punt on it and the flavour. The only thing I've noticed is this is 10/1/1 unlike most other products which are 2/1/1.The overall flavour is nice and it mixes extremely well with no lumps or bits, I do take it to the gym in my shaker and always give it a quick shake before having a drink just to make sure it's not settled.I can definitely tell a difference while training, I can definitely train harder for longer and don't feel too beat up after leaving the gym.


Not really a big fan of the flavour. It tastes quite chemically to me.I also wasn't fully convinced that it was a genuine product however I emailed ON with the batch details and they confirmed it was a genuine product. I would strongly advise purchasing from Amazon direct rather than risking it with a 3rd party seller.The product itself works well. It definitely gives me a boost while working out and will be purchasing again but will try a different flavour.


Another quality product from a quality brand. The taste is so refreshing, it’s a pleasure to drink, especially if you use ice cold water. I’ve only tried the Strawberry & Kiwi flavour, however, will definitely be trying the other flavours.I’m not entirely sure it’s making me last longer in the gym, but I’ve only started using it. Looking forward to seeing the results.Honestly, just buy it. You won’t regret it!


I was told by my trainer to take BCAA’s for muscle recovery. I’ve done some research and after a recommendation I opted for these ones. The Pomegranate Flavour is super nice and very easy to drink. I definitely drink more with the BCAAs. In terms of muscle recovery I don’t feel as achy as I usually do but can’t quite tell whether it’s because of the BCAAs or whether I didn’t work as hard.


For anyone concerned about the authenticity of the product, I got concerned too because I have been buying for over a year and noticed some discrepancies in packaging and once in colour. I emailed OPTIMUM NUTRITION all the batch numbers for the products I had and was concerned about, they wrote me back and told me that the products were authentic and Amazon are their official distributor.


I really like this product, I haven't noticed a difference in DOMS, but I use this intra workout and feel like it gives me a bit of a boost. Strawberry and kiwi does taste artificial, but I really like the taste. The only poor quality of this is the mix-ability. You do kind of get some gritty bits which means you have to shake it throughout your workout to keep it mixed!


The flavour is actually quite nice but I dilute it in 400ml of water rather than the recommended 300ml, I find that a little over powering.I drink it as I'm working out and have noticed a big difference in the lack of muscle soreness the next day, just using whey protein alone.I also stack with the Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein.


To be honest not amazing tasting but I recommend if you get it and it's not to your liking wait till after your workout when your really thirsty and it goes down a treat. I've noticed some improvement in my size as well as my energy so I will but again. Also if you have prime get in on prime now for much faster delivery that's what I did


Best BCAAs I've tried for before and during training. All of the flavours are equally tasty and refreshing...so good - unreal with ice during the summer. Blends with no problems - just add water and shake. It definitely aids my recovery with the strong blend of leucine, valine, isoleucine, vit c & magnesium.


This seems to be a really good product. I'd never used BCAAs before but they do give a boost to your workout and the fatigue levels the next day are reduced. Contrary to a lot of reviews I actually like this flavour, I just put an extra 50 ml of water in than recommended and it's perfect


I am very sporty and I needed some thing to help me with muscle recovery but also quenching my thirst during gym time and I’ve tried many BCAA and I have to say this is one of the best as it doesn’t have any aftertaste, it’s lovely and fresh and tasty smooth I would totally recommend it


Received 2 servings of this in my Amazon Sports Nutrition box. I have BCAA powder every time I workout so was eager to give this one a try.It dissolves in my water nicely, and the taste was great! The only downside is the price, there is better value for money out there.


Absolutely the best bcaa for me. I tried several brands. I'm lifting heavy at gym and sometimes it's hard to push yourself but this bcaa makes impossible things possible. I can do cardio 1hour and up to 2 hours Weight lifting this products boosts my energy really well.


Solid packaging, solid product, not so solid taste. Tastes weird, but hey ho I have tasted worse and its Gold Standard so I know its decent stuff. Quick delivery and it's cheap so what more can I ask for. Definitely drinkable even though the flavour isn't the best.
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