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Arrived on time. Well packaged with a scoop inside.I thought I would update both my reviews for this product and the Optimum Nutrition gold standard 100% casein protein powders. To begin with I've tried a few different flavours and must admit they all taste quite good with water. Now many of you will be buying this product to help build muscle and tone up. First of all you might be asking yourself when do I take it? How much do I take? The answer to how much is dependant on your own personal workout regime and metabolic rate. If you have a intense workout regime and a high metabolic rate, then I would recommend that you could possibly take up to 4 servings in a day.The basic rule is 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight so someone weighing 180lbs would be taking 180 grams a day. This does not mean you should get all your protein intake from the protein powders, remember these are supplements to your diets not replacements to your dietary intake of protein. Some of you may need more or less than the 1 gram per pound, again depending on what your goals are. One easy way to know if you are overdoing your protein intake is if your pee suddenly smells VERY strongly of ammonia this could be a indicator that your body is flushing excess protein from your body, remember pee will normal smell slightly of ammonia only if the smell is stronger than usual after a increase in your protein intake can you attribute it to your body flushing the excess protein. So adjust your intake accordingly, my own intake is 3 servings on none training days and 4 servings on training days.As to the when? I can only give you my own example this may or may not work for you. I start my day with a Whey protein an hour before my morning workout, then breakfast after my workout. This allows the protein to absorb into your system so that after your workout the protein is already in your system ready to be used, whey protein can take between an hour to two hours to enter your system. Then a hour before lunch I'll have another whey protein. Then one hour before my evening workout I'll have another whey protein, then my evening meal after my workout. Then a hour before bed I'll have my casein protein. This is because casein is slow releasing so I know that while I sleep my body will have a constant source of protein. The key is to have a level amount of protein in your system throughout the day and night.You should only take whey with water because it will enter your system faster, taking it with milk will slow this process, however casein can be taken with milk as it is already a slow releasing protein.I could go further into depth on the types of foods you should be eating depending on what you wish to achieve and training regime to achieve realistic goals but I won't bore you anymore than I need to, If you do have any questions feel free to contact me and I will help you as much as I can.
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Although this product was really nice (Vanilla), I personally would avoid the "Cookies and Cream" flavour, it was sickening (i am a sweet toothed person) and was only drinkable while very diluted, I am finding it hard to finish the 908g i ordered unless it is in a cup of tea, which still tastes weird.The product is just whey protein so don't take it if you aren't doing extra exercise to use the protein, it won't magically make you stronger. It is just protein without the need for all the calories that meat and other high protein food has.With the protein I am finding a difference in my weight lifting, being able to not only lift more, but take less time in between my reps so it does work.If you have it with milk you do have to account for the extra calories.There is no residue if shaken properly, not with a spoon, with a proper shaker. Even if left for 5-10 minutes in the liquid without being shaken, after shaking there is no residue in my experience.
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Really nice whey,,,, it's definitely helping me improve on my gains,, helping me recover quicker too.What I really like is this is a quality product, and when mixing in water it's seems to be very thin,, this is not a thick drink,,, which is good as it makes it easier to drink and mixing it in water it desolve with ease..however I do use a mixer machine and add a banana as well.For the ppl who add whey every time they eat this is a good whey bcoz of the fact it's not a thick drink.I have this mayb 2 serving a week and it always help when I take it. I don't want to have this every time I go gym, I go gym 4 to 6 times a week.My body gets immune to these things and after a while the effects stop helping me.if I had a proper mental,crazy workout and my body is proper sore and weak. I would definitely turn to this
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I have been using optimum nutrition whey protein for a long time and i have no doubts on their quality. However, as a beginner you may not be sure what flavor you would like and might want to start small. This pack size would be ideal for you and the vanilla flavor was tasty as well. I have tried 3 other flavors (including both variants of chocolate and vanilla) for ON whey protein and this one is the best one. It also goes well with water, mixes easily and does not stick to the bottom.Buying at this size is not ideal if you are going to use long term, for that you can get the 2.27 kg pack (the one I am currently using). But for testing both the flavor and the brand itself, this will do the job.If my rating helped you further I would be happy if you rate them as useful! Many Thanks!
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My confidence was a bit shaken after reading so many Amazon reviews saying Amazon ON products are fake. I am new to using these products for weight management and my NHS obesity nurse said these shakes are a legitimate way of getting more protien in a daily basis. Scared of contamination, I contacted Optimum and using their online form stated my concerns and they have a Batch Number field to fill in as well. Considering I contacted them on a Friday, I got an answer the next Monday afternoon. They had checked the batch number and confirmed its authentic manufacture (date, description, time). Customer service said that Amazon is an authorized seller of their products.If you are uncertain I would use the manufacturer's Customer Service Dept to check.
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I had not tried this brand before but I was pleasantly surprised in that it tastes OK (you are not drinking this stuff for pleasure, but this is more than bearable) and it doesn't seem inclined to 'clump'. I have used other brands before and I can be a devil of a job to get rid of the lumps. I used a mixing cup with a ball in it to mix this and is worked fine.You have to be careful with some lesser known brands of protein powder as they don't always contain the percentage of protein that they claim. However, I did some brief research prior to buying this and it seems a decent brand and I couldn't find much in the way of negative comments.Overall, I would recommend this brand and flavour of powder,and I will be buying some more.
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I previously bought the 'french vanilla' flavour of this from the same brand a few years back. it didn't disolve well and tasted bad and put me off this stuff until i ordered this on the 5th march this year. This time i ordered the double rich chocolate flavour and i will never look back. this stuff disolves really well, is a fantastic source of whey protein isolate and tastes really good! i take a scoop at a time blended together with 400ml milk, 2 tbsp flaxseed and 2 bananas. it's a great way to pack in your needs before or after a workout


good ingredients list, I prefer more natural products and this does not disappoint in that regard. Tastes great and unlike many others it doesn't actually make me feel sick, give me gas, or make me bloated nor do I have any other negative effects from use. This is the only one my body tolerates well and I get great results with this. I get most of my nutrients from whole foods but this supplement is a nice addition. I will not use any other brand but will definitely try other flavours of this one as this works for me so well.


This product is EXCELLENT!!!!!!The best tasting shake ive ever had! It mixes so well in a standard protein shaker with hardly any effort (Mixed with milk or water).. Its great after a hard workout. tbh, I spend the last half of the session thinking/getting excited about having this shake.... (Its a great reward)... Its defo working because im able to spend more time training due to better recovery. Less "rest days" and less "cba days".Will be getting more!!Oh, an the delivery/packaging was fantastic!!


Product was well packed and delivery timely, came with a spatula, and you could quite easily keep it in this bag, but i had a previous container. Only reason i give four stars is that , i feel the description is a bit mis leading, as it tastes exactly like chocolate mint , but without the mint, and so should be called chocolate instead of double chocolate, chocolate mint is alot nicer, it tastes like Aero chocolate bar, but i thought id try it.


I really like the OP GOLD powders, this is the first time I've tried this flavour and it's great, mixed with milk or soya, it really does taste like melted vanilla ice cream. Only comment I have is I've noticed the white powders, such as this one and the white chocolate and raspberry flavour, they seem to froth up more than the chocolate flavours, which doesn't bother me much just a note, but I really love the flavour, highly recommend.


Oh, wow. I bought the chocolate stuff and dear lord, it is delicious. Even if you're not some hardcore bodybuilder, this is an effective and enjoyable way to get extra protein into your diet, and actually enjoy it at the same time! I have to resist the urge to drink this just for pleasure.It just tastes like a really healthy milkshake. Although I admit I mixed mine with Innocent almond milk, not water. Do that. Trust me - it's lush.


All potein powders seem to say that they dissolve easily without clumps - this is the only one I've tried that actually does. You realy can mix it into a glass with a spoon.I found the taste palatable, but maybe a bit too sweet. It really does taste like vanilla ice-cream, of the cheapest possible artificial kind.I have finished the bag and now purchased a bigger tub.


I've been using this for just over a month, taking just over a scoop post workout. It tastes very nice with milk and peanut butter in my shake. Only problem so far is that it appears to have triggered the acne I thought I'd shaken, which makes me sad. Trying to work around this while still using the whey protein, but I may have to stop if it continues.


I really struggle to drink protein shakes as the generic whey protein taste makes me gag. However this masks it very well with a rich chocalate taste. Im no longer bulking but if you are I highly recommend trying the serious mass varient as this is the best tasting protein shake in my opinion, however this product is not far off.
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