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Arrived on time. Well packaged with a scoop inside.I thought I would update both my reviews for this product and the Optimum Nutrition gold standard 100% whey protein powders. To begin with I've tried a few different flavours and must admit they all taste quite good with water. Now many of you will be buying this product to help build muscle and tone up. First of all you might be asking yourself when do I take it? How much do I take? The answer to how much is dependant on your own personal workout regime and metabolic rate. If you have a intense workout regime and a high metabolic rate, then I would recommend that you could possibly take up to 4 servings in a day.The basic rule is 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight so someone weighing 180lbs would be taking 180 grams a day. This does not mean you should get all your protein intake from the protein powders, remember these are supplements to your diets not replacements to your dietary intake of protein. Some of you may need more or less than the 1 gram per pound, again depending on what your goals are. One easy way to know if you are overdoing your protein intake is if your pee suddenly smells VERY strongly of ammonia this could be a indicator that your body is flushing excess protein from your body, remember pee will normal smell slightly of ammonia only if the smell is stronger than usual after a increase in your protein intake can you attribute it to your body flushing the excess protein. So adjust your intake accordingly, my own intake is 3 servings on none training days and 4 servings on training days.As to the when? I can only give you my own example this may or may not work for you. I start my day with a Whey protein an hour before my morning workout, then breakfast after my workout. This allows the protein to absorb into your system so that after your workout the protein is already in your system ready to be used, whey protein can take between an hour to two hours to enter your system. Then a hour before lunch I'll have another whey protein. Then one hour before my evening workout I'll have another whey protein, then my evening meal after my workout. Then a hour before bed I'll have my casein protein. This is because casein is slow releasing so I know that while I sleep my body will have a constant source of protein. The key is to have a level amount of protein in your system throughout the day and night.You should only take whey with water because it will enter your system faster, taking it with milk will slow this process, however casein can be taken with milk as it is already a slow releasing protein.I could go further into depth on the types of foods you should be eating depending on what you wish to achieve and training regime to achieve realistic goals but I won't bore you anymore than I need to, If you do have any questions feel free to contact me and I will help you as much as I can.
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Taste - OK. Casein in my experience doesn't taste nearly as nice as whey. It's perfectly drinkable though, flavour is fine and doesn't make me gag.Texture - casein has a tendency to leave lumps because it's thicker than whey. But to be honest I barely got any with this shake, broke up fine.Overall- does what it's supposed to do, definitely fills you up and curbs hunger, so good for weight cut. Maybe a bit on the expensive side but it is definitely higher quality than a lot of the cheaper ones, so fair play. 4/5.


I've used several of ON's powders and am generally a big fan. I do like this product, and have seen improvements, and would definitely recommend it. I would have to say though, that the chocolate flavour for me, is a little too sweet. It does make a great hot chocolate though - I have to admit, I drink it more often with warm water than cold. Unlike some of their other powders, this separates quite quickly, so if you don't drink it all within 5 minutes, you need to give it another shake.


Bought the small 13 serving size of this Optimum Nutrition Casein and I have no regrets. Price is reasonable for the size and lasted up to a month as I only drank a shake before bed on days that I would train.The chocolate supreme flavour tastes incredible. I have not tried other flavours and wouldn't feel the need to try anything else than this flavour.Worked best with milk, as usual and was nice and thick. Ratio used was one scoop of casein to about 250ml/300ml milk.


But this one hits the spot. You don't have to wait a few minutes for the initial nasty taste to disappear, you can pretty much chug it straight away. Its a good flavour when it has settled in to the water. Its good with milk too. I take it before bed up to 60g so that my growth hormone can utilise the protein as I sleep due to its slow release over said 6 hours.


I find that this is probably one of my favourite protein powders in terms of flavour. I always have the chocolate and find it tastes better than the chocolate Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein.It is more expensive but I like having this at night for the slow release of protein into my system while I sleep.


My first time trying Casein, and, only been using it for bout 7-10 days.Taste of this Chocolate version, as with ON's Gold Standard Whey Protein is very nice. With water.Cannot say yet whether helped my recoveries and growth, but shall certainly buy more after this bag is gone.


Researched different products and bought this one as it ranked high with me. I have never used a protein powder before.It didn’t disappoint. Mixes best with electric mixer / blender.The taste is good with no after taste. Has helped with weight loss.So impressed I bought more.


Nice flavour (chocolate) however I found it to be quite grainy and not as smooth as other brands. I like the ON products and same as the rest of their range it's a good product overall and I used this when training for a marathon to help recover from the long runs. Recommended


I get the 450g bags they are legit as far as i can tell.Mix with 400/500ml of water and shake ive found with casiens let it sit for 20/30 mins before consuming as give it a chance to fully mix in !


Good product, a little residue but effective and the taste is good.Wasn't sure about casein but have found that taking it at night after heavy days has helped me put on muscle


A bit grainy but hugely effective. I save some macros and mix with unsweetened almond milk to make it creamier. Is less grainy if you use a blender rather than a shaker.


Excellent tasting powder which mixes well and I recommend it, and if you want to add something special to the mixture try peanut butter!!


This makes a really smooth and thick shake, tastes good and doesn't have that chalkiness taste that some other brands have


Very good product to aid muscle growth and mass gain. Only wish it tasted better and had a nicer texture.
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