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I am a Certified Personal Trainer for 21 years & I have many certification, one of which is a certification in supplementation, so because of my knowledge and dedication in helping people achieve healthier lives through exercise & nutrition, is why I do these reviewsin hopes I can help someone, even if that is just one. Both Whey & Casein Protein is extremely important & a huge part of my diet. Why? Protein is the building blocks of muscle. If you are dieting or looking to bulk up, Both Whey & Casein Protein should be your best friend. I personally look to buy the absolute BEST protein available today, which is why I buy Optimum Nutrition.Why?Glanbia is a global nutrition company with their own farms and supplies MANY protein companies BUT OWNS Optimum Nutrition. So that makes them the best for a reason! Why buy a protein from a secondary source when you can buy it direct?I use Whey a couple times per day most importantly, Post-Workout because it has approximately 95% absorption rate which is important right after you just broken down muscle tissue. Protein is the building blocks of muscle. Casein Protein is one of the best high quality sources of protein available. I use Casein Protein because of it’s timing. Casein has the ability to provide your bloodstream with a slow distribution of amino acids that could last for hours. For that reason I like to use Casein Protein as a meal replacement because I know I will get a steady flow of amino’s for a few hours feeding my body/muscles. I also take it before bed because muscle repair while we sleep and I know I will get steady Amino nutrients throughout the night & because it is in form of liquid (already broken down) the body uses less energy trying to break down solid food and can use that energy to help recovery!Optimum Nutrition is they ONLY Whey & Casein Protein I will ever BUY. They are not only the best, they are cost effective, loaded and own their own farm with MANY MANY flavors to chose from.Here is one of my breakfast shakes that are extremely healthy and delicious:In a blender:- 1 Scoop of Optimum Nutrition Casein Protein- 1 Scoop of Optimum Nutrition Whey Isolate (Whey Isolate of your choice)- 2 Scoops Raw Oatmeal (use scooper from your Casein Protein)- 1 large Tablespoon of all Natural peanut butter (optional)- 1 Banana (or fruit of your choice but must be skinless)- Dash of cinnamon (Optional)- 4 ice-cubes- 8 ounces of Vanilla Almond Milk (I use reduce sugar) or better yet, water. use more if you don't like your shake thickBlend & pour your healthy BANGING breakfast shake that will give you a distribution of Amino acids for hours to come & keep you full too.* For my shake before bed, I use 2 scoops of Casein Protein with ONLY WATER shaken in a shaker cup
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First off, the Chocolate Supreme taste is amazing. I mix 1 scoop with 12 ounces of 2% milk, and it tastes like a chocolate milkshake. Mixed with milk, the taste is a solid 5/5. However, I've also mixed it with water before and without the milk the taste score lessons to about a 3/5. If you are planning on buying this product, I would intend on drinking it with milk. That may be a problem for someone with lactose intolerance, or someone that just plain doesn't like milk, and I'd recommend finding a different flavor that mixes well with water in that case. Do not let that dissuade you though, this product has many more benefits then just taste.Casein is a slow digestive protein so consuming it will keep you full for several hours.I personally like to take it before bed so that it keeps me full while I sleep. This prevents waking during the night from hunger, and feeling starved in the morning from not eating for 6+ hours. It's also good to take before going out somewhere if you aren't going to be eating for a number of hours.Also, as a Type-1 diabetic, I've noticed that since I've been taking this supplement I haven't had any low blood sugars upon waking up in the morning. Anyone with diabetes can tell you that a low blood sugar level can be a serious issue, but since I've been taking casein before bed I find that my blood sugar levels are always at a healthy level when I wake up. I'm not 100% sure how it works, but I assume the slow digestion of the protein is to thank.The last point I'd like to make is about the potential as a supplement for helping build muscle. As far as protein supplements go this is easily the best I've ever taken. I started using this product in mid-August and since then I have put on 20 pounds of muscle. I realize there are other factors in play, such as, diet and exercise regimen, but I have used other protein supplements in the past, and I have never seen results as good as this before. Again, I believe taking casein at night, and keeping your body full as it rebuilds muscle is a contributing factor to the gains I've had.All in all, this is a fantastic product that I will continue to purchase time and time again. I reccommend to anyone that is looking for a great tasting protein supplement that will help you gain muscle. Also, to anyone that suffers from low morning blood sugar levels, this product really has completely stopped them for me.5/5
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Being someone who is a regular gym attendee and very health and fitness conscious I am regularly purchasing Whey protein to make sure i am meeting my protein goals.Why I bought Casein?...This is the first time I purchased casein protein. I was starting to fast and I thought it would be more effective for me to take Casein Protein rather than whey as my workouts would be much later during a 19 hour fast.Casein in made to be a slow digesting protein which would allow me to stay full and work throughout the night and morning.How was it?When having protein shakes I try them in so many different ways so that I can find the perfect flavour.I treat my protein shakes as treats which are beneficial to me.It is a good way to cover for a craving.I normally get my protein intake with whole foods which is the best way and is recommended.So my first ever taste and opinion of the Casein vanilla powder was that it tasted artificial it had the horrible after taste some protein powders have. This was with both water and milk.It really did not feel like a treat at the beginning. As time went on I tried it with peanut butter, strawberries and it got better. But peanut butter is not the best options when tracking macros.After roughly a month of having it I came to conclusion is was best flavoured with either almond milk or hazlenut milk which are both great for macros and good milk alternatives with less sugar. Also adding a couple of strawberries can definitely improve it. But with casein it seemed as though it is a flavour that you need to get used to. So don't be put off after your first taste.This was also tested by my sister, so from a female [perspective I was told that it tasted good and was not bad at all.Benefits?Casein definitely was beneficial during my fasts. It was very filling for starters. It kept me going throughout the day with a good amount of energy to work and workout.It is a perfect way to stay full before going to sleep preventing you from eating any late night snacks.Could be better?Well, I personally did not see it give me too much strength gains. I did not see any muscular advances but I didn't expect it to.Would I buy it again?I would probably stick to whey protein for now. It works better for me and tastes better.Casein in my opinion is only for certain occasion or for specific times to have, Not a pre workout or after workout supplement.
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ON and Legion Athletics are the best supplement companies out there.Recently switched to naturally sweetened protein powders because I was growing tired of consuming natural and artificially flavored products because of the growing evidence that regular consumption of artificial sweeteners and colors pose a hazard to our health.What's cool about this product is that it contains no artificial flavors or colors, it's naturally sweetened with stevia a zero calorie sweetener extracted from the stevia plant. Don't know why it gets so much negativity. Stevia is probably the best sweetener you can add to your drink besides lemon. This casein produces a thick and creamy texture when blended with milk or water.It's also versatile because I sometimes have casein protein pudding. The powder is chalky but that's to be expected with casein protein powder. If you have this as a drink, use an electric blender for 30 seconds, this reduces the chalkiness. Casein protein is ideal to have before bed to ensure the body has a steady supply of amino acids over the next 7-9 hours because that's where you go without food and want to keep your body in an anabolic state.Over the course of this year, I've probably put on about 10 lbs. of muscle because the more muscle you have the more calories they burn even at rest with Athlean-X, better nutrition and supplementation. Supplements aren't really necessary but they can fill potential gaps in your nutrition.Though I do have one problem. Optimum Nutrition, you should add more naturally flavored powders to your 100% micellar casein such as strawberry, peanut butter cup, etc. It may cost more to naturally sweeten them but they are better than artificial flavors and sweeteners or colors. The same goes for your 100% Gold Standard whey. Add more natural flavored powers besides vanilla, chocolate and strawberry which are the three classic flavors of any sweets.Overall, ON doesn't disappoint when it comes to their products. There is a reason why they've been around for 20 years.
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I buy this product for the benefits that casein protein offers (slower digestion, slower release - one serving of this is like a 10oz chicken breast.... I can't always take a hunk of chicken with me everywhere I go!). Therefore I use this (sort of) as a meal replacement/substitute when I cannot get to "real" food or when I'm simply trying to cut back on a few calories.I add whole-uncooked oatmeal (about 2/3 cup), one scoop of this and about 20oz of ice cold water for a quick easy meal that leaves me feeling satisfied for a few (3) hours. Simply combine the above ingredients into a shaker cup (oatmeal first, then protein powder... then water), and shake vigorously for a minute.Depending on how "chewy" or soft you want the oatmeal to be, you let it stand and soak up the water. I eat/drink this withing a couple minutes of mixing and enjoy the mastication(chewing) - which releases copious (I haven't used that word in a while) amounts of digestive enzymes into the mix for proper digestion and absorption of the ingested nutrients!The oatmeal is low on the glycemic index (55 - brown rice is 50) therefore it doesn't cause a blood-sugar peak... therefore no crash!We love the texture, mix-ability and taste!!! We don't have any gastrointestinal issues from the sucralose sweetener used (unlike products which use sugar-alcohols like Maltitol or Xylitol).We also love the value of this product being an Amazon Prime member. I get this shipped and delivered FREE in two days!.If you're looking for the best Whey (isolated) Protein, I HIGHLY suggest NOW Sports (or NOW Foods) Whey Protein Isolate (unflavored/unsweetened). I flavor it with vanilla extract or Hershey's Cocoa powder and sweeten it with powdered Stevia (a natural plant extract). NOW uses the best method for "isolating" the BCAAs by micro-filtering their product.Always remember, protein powders should be considered "supplements" to a proper, well-balanced nutritional diet which your body needs. Not a "substitute" thereof.
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Seriously guys, if you dislike this because it tastes bad, you're an idiot. We take protein supplements to build muscle, not because it's some kind of dessert. Those who are really dedicated to achieving desired results know what needs to be done and just do what they gotta do. No matter what kind of protein supplement you take, it's probably not going to taste like a candy bar... nor should it because then it would probably be full of ingredients that are detrimental to your diet. i cant stand hearing people complain about the taste of supplements though. might as well complain about poop stinking too.I've been taking ON's whey protein supplement and casein protein supplement for about 10 months now and have seen some great results.no, i am not one of those guys who claims to have gained 20 lbs of muscle in that time (which is not realistic at all)-- if anything, i've gained maybe 3 lbs of lean muscle while maintaining 8% body fat, not to mention i got toned as f*k-- and me being a thin guy in the first place, you can really tell. 3 lbs may not sound like a lot, but with the compliments i've been getting, i almost feel like i did put on 20 lbs of muscle-- these supplements have been a big part of that. theyre are great because they are low cal and allow you to squeeze in 20-30 g of protein between meals without worrying that you're going to put on more body fat. The casein is perfect for just before bed so that you can keep your muscles building while you sleep.honestly, i don't mind the taste of this too much. that's probably because i know why i'm taking it. ive tried the vanilla one before, and i prefer that one-- but whatever. either one does the job. you have plenty of other opportunities throughout the day to eat and drink things with tastes that you enjoy. For the times that you're supplementing your diet with things like protein shakes, man up and get 'er done!
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I'm constantly tweaking my nutritional support and workouts to continue pushing forward, competing with previous and upcoming versions of myself and looking to keep improving wherever possible. I'd begun taking Casein protein initially as it seemed to make some sense to me in the conventional terms of keeping the body fed at all times; vs. Whey, this is a slower burning protein and is why it's most often used in the evening, taken before bed, where it will digest over several hours. When I've taken this, it's certainly eliminated the nighttime cravings to munch on food, minimizing the need to get out of bed at night hungry,while certainly providing a better and healthier option than some middle of the night snack.The formulations for casein proteins tends to be thicker and a bit smoother in consistency too, making it a great option for milk shakes, ice cream, and even brownies (video on my YouTube with personal recipe). It's not going to mix as quick and easy as whey protein, so always best to have a blender cup prefilled with milk or water (or combination of both) and add this last, before blending. If not, it will end up clumped on the sides and particularly on the bottom. The chocolate flavor is very tasty and filling.Lately, with an increased maniacal focus on ketogenic dieting, I've stepped back from night-time Casein consumption as actually became worried that I might be consuming *too much* protein, so have been experimenting with lower (.8-1.2 grams per pound of lean body mass) amounts, so will only take this on days when my macros for protein (and minimal carb cost) allow.I believe this helps me to sleep a little better too when I've taken it and continue to take notes, log every exercise and calorie in FitBit. It's wonderful to have so many sourced options for nutritional support and the ability to continuously experiment and figure out what works. Cheers!
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I have used Optimum Nutrition's Whey protein for years and love the product. I wanted to add a Casein protein to my regimen (right before bedtime) so I naturally thought of ON first. However, after reading some of the reviews, I was very concerned about the comments regarding awful taste and poor mixing (clumping). Having used the product for about a week I can assure you that my experience with it has not reflected either of these concerns.I mix the product in a 28 oz Blender Bottle with 8 ounces of fat free milk and about 6 ounces of water. I add one level scoop of the ON casein and shake well for about 20-30 seconds. I then like to put it in the refrigerator for an hour or so before consuming.A couple of quick shakes when I take it out of the fridge and it's perfect. No clumps, not overly thick!The flavor is a bit sweeter than I would prefer but certainly not bad. I think mixing it with fat free milk rather than just water helps to smooth out the flavor (I find the same is true with the whey proteins). As noted above, I also use a bit more liquid than the instructions require (the package instructions say 10-12 ounces and I use about 14). I think this also takes away some of the overly sweet taste.I have not used the product long enough to give good feedback regarding the effectiveness. However, after the first week I do notice a bit faster muscular recovery after workouts. We'll see if that continues.The key - get a larger (28oz) Blender Bottle! Not one of the crappy substitutes, but the real thing. You can get them on Amazon for $8 - well worth it! For the Casein protein I find the larger (28oz) size works much better than the smaller (20oz) size.
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Bought Chocolate Supreme - taste rating 8.8I've tried Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Protein (Double Rich Chocolate) and could stand it, so I decided to give this a try. It has good reviews on here and on bodybuilding.com when you look up this product, currently it says 13432 members are taking it (Which means they listed it on their "bodyspace" as a supplement their taking) and it has a 8.7 rating out of 10. A lot of people take ON Protein compared to others, so it must be good.It ended up tasting better than Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Protein ((Double Rich Chocolate) in my opinion, only way I can explain it is it tasted more like chocolate than the whey I took did,which was both by water.The only problem I found with this is it leaves behind chuncks when shaking it with a "Blender Bottle" but its seems weird since my ON whey protein looks the same but doesn't leave chunks behind. I don't mind it though because I'm not taking protein because I like it, I take it to help me meet my 1 gram of protein per pound I weigh and to gain muscle.I don't know how effective this product is since its hard to tell when I also take whey and am a beginner to weight lifting (only started going to a gym in October 2011).I felt the need to review this because I was about to order some more but I'm sick of seeing the 1 star people who said the taste sucked, one its protein powder its not supposed to taste good, and secondly you should of sampled this product before you bought pounds of it and if you didn't like it try a different casein brand that you like the taste of, no need to shoot down the rating of this product because of the taste.
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If you're on a ketogenic diet, it can be difficult to find a good quality casein protein that isn't too high in carbs. Getting whey isolate is easy, if expensive, but Casein has its own special place for many trying to hack the science in Keto.Because Casein is a slower-absorbing protein, and it thickens up in the stomach, it's much better at handling satiety than whey, and it has a much lower glycemic index. This makes it much more useful for getting your protein macros up while cutting. If you're on Keto, you don't really have to worry as much about muscle catabolism during the night, because a Ketogenic diet, contrary to popular belief, is very muscle sparing.But taking a protein like this at night certainly doesn't hurt, and if you're not on keto, is pretty important.This only has three grams of carbs, one of which is fiber and only one of which is sugar. For a Casein protein, this is about the best-case scenario.Another feature that's very different about Caseins is that they blend thick. Whey proteins mixed with water are called 'shakes' because you shake them and the chocolate water drink results. This stuff ends up pretty thick when you mix it and is much more shake-like in the traditional sense. In fact, you may want to avoid shaking your blender bottle too much, lest it become too thick to get all of it out without using a spoon.The taste is actually pretty good, too. I'm using the Chocolate Supreme flavor, and while it isn't the best taste I've ever experienced, and no one should ever buy protein on taste alone, I really can't fault this protein for its taste palate. Give it a try!
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This is great casein - I've always been a bit skeptical after reading from a few places about how this can be a carcinogen, but the study it's taken from is massively biased and not really applicable to humans.If you're after a supplement to take at night just so your body doesn't starve itself of proteins during synthesis while you're asleep, this is what you need. A lot of people take just whey during the day which is fine, but this is making sure you are never low on protein during your whole day cycle. I recommend this 100% to everybody that is looking for high quality casein.Now, the truth about Casein itself is pretty straightforward. The study was done on mice - not humans.It's true that Casein is a slow release protein and it does sit in the colon for a while, but that's true for anything honestly. If you eat or drink late at night, it will sit in your stomach for a good 8 hours (minimum) until you wake up. There's nothing wrong with that because the body has a natural suppressive effect on its own digestive system which occurs around 2am every morning.Also, Casein is made by heating up milk into a powder. Using lower quality milk from questionable places during this process will probably come with some side-effects but this is Optimum Nutrition - as long as they keep using high-standard ingredients everything will be fine. That being said, I have only ever trusted Casein from ON themselves, I just don't see the strong track record with other brands.If you're thinking about getting this you probably should. Don't cheap out - get the good stuff.
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This is a very good casein powder with a decent taste. The banana taste is not all natural, but it's not bad at all. Being prone to having frequent acid reflux especially whenever i consume dairy products,I was very surprised to see that my stomach could handle this protein without causing me any heartburn. Before that I had tried the vanilla cream flavor but it use to cause me a lot of heartburn. I would only be able to drink it by mixing it with probiotic yogurts. But surprisingly, I don't have to do this for the banana flavor. In terms of results, this casein protein will definitely reduce or prevent you from loosing some of your muscles when you sleep or when you miss some of your workout days.For example, because of my final exams, I missed a little more than two weeks of working out. Before my finals the highest weight I could bench was 135lbs (i know, i still have a long way to go). Because I still continued to drink this casein powder in the morning and before going to bed at night, I was still able to bench 120lbs after the two weeks when i started to work out again.With the amazon prime 2-day shipping, amazon.com is the cheapest place your gonna find this 5lb bottle for sale. The only problem is that the scoop inside the bottle will most likely get covered up by the powder; so when you start using the bottle you may have to look-around in the powder for it. Or a better option is to use another scoop from a previous bottle of ON casein protein bottle, then get the other scoop when you reach it.
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Optimum Nutrition seems to make high quality Whey and Casein. There are not a ton of choices when it comes to Casein, as Whey is completely dominant in any nutrition store. I'm not sure why, as Casein and Whey each have their advantages and disadvantages when compared with each other. There seems to be a lot of evidence that mixing Whey and Casein is the ideal solution, so why is it so hard to find Casein? Idiocracy I guess.Optimum Nutrition is on the expensive side of protein, but I think it is worth the few extra dollars to get a high quality product. When I was looking at protein mixes, I saw a comparative analysis that looked at toxic metals within the different brands.Optimum Nutrition was among the cleanest and safest of the 10 or so brands tested. It was definitely the best balance between cost, quality, and usefulness. After using it, I can say it mixes really well, tastes good (though quite subjective), and I feel good staying away from Muscle Milk, which contained 3-10x higher quantities of toxic metals. Most other brands were also bad.On a side note, a previous reviewer mentioned that Optimum Nutrition's Casein sucked because it didn't mix thick compared to other brands. From everything I have read, the Casein reacts with stomach acid and becomes thick once in the stomach. Therefore I assume his opinion is not valid on that subject.I will continue to buy Optimum Nutrition Casein and Whey proteins, and mix them together for my shakes.
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Well before you even think about buying this product I will say do your research! Why are you buying this product, because your buddy said it's amazing and you need more protein? Do you even know what Casein is? Why choose Optimum Nutrition Casein instead of other companies? If you do your research and educate yourself then the choice is clear, there is only one company that makes products that are truly above all others in my opinion. I use O.N. (Optimum Nutrition) everything. Whey, Casein, Fish Oil, Creatine. The quality of their products is unsurpassed from what I've seen. I decided to add Casein to my diet when I noticed that I started to plateau due to muscle fatigue and my muscles weren’t regenerating as fast as I was breaking them down.I always take my Whey before and after my workouts, for muscle growth and quick recovery. What happens when you sleep for 8 hours, are you eating during that time? No, your body is being starved of vital nutrients that are needed to re-build your muscles during your sleep cycle. That's when Casein comes into play; it is the slowest digesting form of Protein and feeds your muscles protein and nutrients throughout your sleep cycle. When I wake up in the morning, no matter what workout I did the day prior, I'm not as sore as I used to be because of Casein. It is truly a remarkable product and I recommend it to anyone who is serious about becoming a better athlete, bodybuilder, fitness guru.
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My first attempt to make a protein shake with this Casein powder wasn't very successful, as it doesn't dissolve as well as whey protein, even with a shaker (I found that mixing it first in a bowl/glass with a small amount of liquid then adding more liquid is easier to dissolve it properly.I actually took advantage of the thick-high absorbing properties to use it to make protein pudding, with the following proportions: 20g of casein powder, 70ml of unsweetened almond milk (or other milk), 50g of fat-free yogurt, 3g of unsweetened cocoa powder, 5g of peanut butter, mix well and chill in the fridge for 30min at least, it will get smoother and thicken even more resulting in a delicious chocolate peanut butter mousse/pudding.It tastes like an indulgent dessert for only150kcal : 21g protein, 6g carbs of which 3g of sugar, 4g of fat (good unsaturated fat from the peanut butter). Being low in sugar, it's healthier than most desserts and it has also replaced my usual chocolate fix!I agree with another customer on a kind of "cappuccino"-like smell of the dry powder, but once dissolved the chocolate taste is nice. I have also tried the vanilla as a sample, which tastes like vanilla ice cream. Both are properly sweetened for most people taste I think, however I have cut my sugar consumption for the past two months and being more sensitive to any sweetness, I now find it a bit too sweet to my taste, but I will keep buying it anyway.
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